I'd probably guess the best build would be ravenous > prowlers > cleaver. Don't play any type of group until cleaver, hard split until then. Hard split and shred towers with a late game seryldas and whatever the game fits (DD/ga/etc)


Pokerick style: comet, first strike. I build grudge > ravenous > eclipse > collector (last items are situational) I’m livin slow so tier 1 boots or no boots + playing mostly mid


A build that really makes you ask what is life.


maaaan no way you play an immobile melee vs ranged champs with no boots. I can't imagine that. move speed is one of the strongest stats in the game, both w and e are way way easier to land if you have more movement speed. but hey you do you I guess, if it works it works


Listen mate. You may think it sounds stupid. Looking at it, it sounds stupid. Playing it you may feel stupid. But it is deadly serious. Yorick mid is actually a really good role for him and since you build basically all assassin items those ranged champs basically explode if you so much as look at them. Also keep in mind you aren't playing for mid. You are playing for the map. Everything is yours. Soak all that juicy gold in mid as fast as you can and move on to the side lanes when your teammates decide they can move in. If you don't believe it is possible just check out Pokerick on youtube.


yorick mid is pretty solid that's not what I have an issue with lol. boots op. but imo yorick mid is worse, the matchups are MUCH better and you can steamroll most mids super easily. the only issue is that yorick is pretty bad at doing what a midlaner needs to early game. he has a lot of trouble roaming to random skirmishes, because he can only be useful if he has ghouls. for the same reason his roams are pretty bad. midgame though you can sit side and play it exactly like top lane yorick.


You take boots rune for 10 extra ms and then approach velocity. Your E gives 20% ms and approach another 15% you never need to waste money on tier 2 boots


I'm very similar except I'll occasionally go Prowlers instead of eclipse. I also go Grudge before cleaver/hull in most cases.


Ravenous and Eclipse still just feel way too good. I think their nerfs were mostly directed at ranged champs yeah?


Im having fun building essence reaver navori eclipse collector ldr with ionian boots


same but I prefer to go rav -> hull -> eclipse