Gold is a bad elo in all servers. You get to gold even if you are really bad, just by playing a lot. People tend to just look at the minimap, where there are no Champs on Drake, and forget that Yorick can take it without being there TBH its normal, its probably the first time in the life of the 9 players here, where a Yorick takes drake with the minions. You dont see Yoricks, and you dont see Yoricks doing that


The reason that happens is because people check the minimap for champions. Yorick is just very unusual. If he had been there, they would have seen his icon and gone to take him out, but they saw everyone elsewhere on the minimap, so they never thought to look for the tiny dots in the dragon pit. If they don't expect it to happen, they won't see it happen.


Locked camera mfers


the wiki says NOTHING about having more than 4 ghouls at once. what is the deal with this? just be out of E activation range and press R while your ghouls are in combat to get 2 sets of pets?


Wiki is trash. in theory you could have 16 ghouls up. When you send ghouls to attack a lane or an epic monster like this they will fight it till it dies or they die, if in a lane they will keep pushing. Now they have a leash range, once you step outside that leash range you can summon more ghouls, and it won’t despawn the original ghouls. This is the trick to pushing multiple lanes. Set them on a wave by walking up to it, walk away. Go to another lane summon and repeat.


so then like what makes the difference between the ghouls following you or pushing the lane if you summon them in the lane? is there a certain amount of time where walking forward sends them down the lane? etc also if the ghouls finish the epic monster, do they just despawn afterwards? any kind of superguide to yorick AI would be cool too ♥


i'm pretty sure only 4 ghouls can be in a certain area at once. if you're pushing lane the ghouls that lock on to minions will continue down the lane until their death. Ghouls that finish jungle camps without you will start returning to you and will despawn if they enter the range of other ghouls and the 4-ghoul limit has been reached. it may be possible to have 4 ghouls on each lane, 4 on baron, and 4 on drake, as well as other camps, but i haven't tested it xD.


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true story Kappa


At what point in the game can i do this?


1 item and 3 ghouls, 4 ghouls will be faster though


Preferably eclipse/prowlers/grudge as that 1 item as the ghouls scale with lethality/armour pen


How would you rate prowlers overall? I fear that i will be too squishy then so i mostly go eclipse


Personally I've never ran it, but adding dashes to immobile champs is always powerful. It's especially strong versus champions with skill shots (like Irelia R/E) as you dash behind your target, causing them to whiff a vital spell. It's not only the highest possible damage for your Ghouls but when you use the active you do increased damage shortly (meaning you can 1shot that Aatrox as you dodge his Q3!) Following this comment I will definitely try running it a few times lol


Prowlers is fun but much higher risk