Wow chaos tree got nerfed so much haha. Good that others are buffed tho.


Wait, what really? I dunno chaos volley seems like it had a pretty small nerf. Still the highest damage option by quite a bit, at least in terms of raw DPS. ​ Not saying it needs more of a nerf or anything but its not a big nerf at least to volley.


I meant the chaos tree. All "good" chaos skills were nerfed. Most of the nerfs are from chaos tree as well


Well, if you only hit 1 shot in pvp 110% damage is pretty average. They also added a full extra second to the cooldown - that's bigger than you think. It loses out to sanguine coil now in PVE for most damage per charge, and likely most DPS due to the extra second cooldown. Scholar blood also got hit in a big way, which will lead the way for more rogue blood builds which I think is a good thing. I think the 1 second nerf on Axe's stun is huge and will cause people to choose other options in pvp. I love the frost buffs. Ice Lance now will be a PVE darling IMO. Great damage in crowds and CC. Will have to test unholy buffs but on paper it looks significant. Overall I think it's healthy for the game - but I gotta say it WILL make killing bosses with scholar blood and chaos volley/sanguine coil siginificantly more difficult.


My biggest concern is the added difficulty it brings to bosses. Some are already difficult enough.


I beat every boss in the game minus shard bosses solo. Sanguine coil and chaos made mechanics nearly irrelevant for many of them. It’s healthy for solo play. I know many people play this game and love the PVP aspect, but the populace that plays on private servers with friends like it’s terraria is significantly larger than us. It’s a game that’s made for you and your friends to explore and discover, not some min/max pvp game. Enjoy the difficulty. Fail a lot. That’s okay!


I made my way through a lot of bosses in a pve server as a solo, some time after the bear i picked up a duo (to make a trio) but the bear was the only boss I couldn't solo without skipping it and gaining better gear Tbf though I never used pure blood, just whatever I had just sucked down then went for whatever I found to be closest :D


i managed to beat both the chaos beast shard boss and the chaos forest one solo. and that was only because chaos volly + scholar blood melted the bosses. honestly kinda made me sad i was hoping they would be a bit hader. about to restart in a solo world to try a off "meta" build with other damage spells


Idk im a slayer player with only defensive spell (purgatory/shield of the damned) and it went pretty well.


And yet I know 1 person personally and spoke with someone in game who both hit a wall solo and lost interest. Your experience doesn’t speak for others who may find soloing a struggle. I also didn’t say impossible, my concern is an increase in difficulty for those who already find it challenging when soloing.


Their experience is also not unanimous. And if you face a wall, maybe change strategy. Change weapon/spell. If its still too hard, they can change setting. I've played my fair share of time on battlerite so obviously, im really confortable with the combat mechanic. But I just don't think this will make the boss way harder especially since they are also buffing other spell. For weapon, I kinda agree, but even then overall it's fine.


>1 shot in pvp 110% damage is pretty average Don't forget the extra 100% from the burn, so in total 210% from one hit. One chaos volley hit does more damage than Arctic Leap. It needed a much harder nerf than this and I'm willing to bet it will get another in the next balance patch.


It’s only a 70% burn, it has been tested, and the burns do not stack. You might get more damage, but you’re losing out on a lot of utility in other spells. AOE spells with slows, healing spells like sanguine that does plenty of DPS, spells that work with certain melee builds etc. I think it’s a solid nerf. Do keep in mind that arctic leap is a lot more than damage - it’s also a gap closer/escape and a long CC. Chaos volley isn’t that accurate in PVP. CC is king. Edit: Artic leap is also 220% damage to multiple targets in an very large area, and also a multi target CC. They’re not really comparable at all.


I don't think you've made a fair comparison to Sanguine Coil. As a disclaimer I think that the gap in damage output is fair due to SC's versatility and self heal, this is just a response to SC having more damage per charge and more DPS: Chaos Volley deals 110% spell damage per projectile and applies chaos burn, which I'll estimate at about 70% spell damage due to the jank nature of it. 180% spell damage is still significantly higher than most other spells for single targets and the total damage being 290% is pretty insane, while only being on an 8 second cooldown. Sanguine Coil deals 75% spell damage per charge, starting at 3 charges for 225% total, but each charge requires a 6 second cooldown so it's dealing 225% damage every 18 seconds. It does less damage than CV from the start and it doesn't even come close in terms of DPS. Both skills begin their cooldown after the first projectile is cast. At risk of making a wall of text, there's some other properties relevant to PvP that I think would still make CV a staple and comfort pick, if people don't stop using it just because it was nerfed: * I think CV being split into two shots is a net positive for PvP. It provides an extra fail state where the cooldown isn't wasted which still does more damage than most other skills would. * CV slows you down less than other spells. It's a bit of an abstract point, but during CV you move around the same speed as/a little faster than primary attacks with a sword, while Frost Bat is slower and SC is at a near stop. Their cast times are similar too, with CV at 0.6s per projectile, FB at 0.6s per charge and SC at 0.5s per charge. * It has a great range with no damage drop off. That said, the 1s cd nerf is likely to be more relevant in PvP due to barriers. Chaos and Frost Barrier have a 9s cd, so you'd need to cast CV immediately off cooldown to have a small window where the first projectile can't be blocked (and maybe the second depending on when the barrier was cast on reaction).


I’m more making the case that in pvp you don’t want to run both Sanguine and Chaos Volley, and that people may switch to Sanguine over CV as a long range option. I didn’t use CV in PVP because I used frost bats. My build focused on sustained CC in 1v1s as I played in a solo server. Frost bats, frost dash, axes, frost shield, for chain CC and survivability. Sanguine Coils heal offers a lot of utility, and has individual charges that you can bait shield with. I do think it’s very competitive now. Chaos Volley shouldn’t be nerfed again IMO. Damage and DOT with no real flexibility (being able to store a charge like bats or sanguine) and no real CC it SHOULD do the most damage. It’s also just a snoozer pick That’s always anticipated and easily shielded. I do think this nerf along with buffs to other spells will lead to experimentation and other builds.


There will always be an ability that deals the most dps. I'm this regard the Nerf was enough to keep it fair and allow other options to be viable. 220% on both hits isn't as crazy as you may think.


You still need to land both shots ppl just suck at timing their dodges and bitch


Yeah or dont realise when they're hit with one they can block/deflect the other one for free


Ya it's still mandatory for pvp lol .. it's ok I don't mind small changes instead of a nerf to oblivion and no one uses it change.


Well but if it's not enough they can still nerf it again on the next balance patch. I am much more for slight and frequent changes instead of a balance patch every 6 month with huge fat changes that might end up damaging the game too much. Change a little bit, see how it goes. If needed, keep changing. Good job Stunlock


As much as i love chaos it will for e me to use a new variety of skills.


THANK GOD THEY FIXED THE FLOOR DISMANTLE ISSUE. Having to remodel whole sections of wall because I wanted to test how a floor panel would look got really frustrating early on.


Omg this, I’m so happy that I can reorganize my base


You might already know this, but for anyone that doesn't, you could already replace a floor with another if you just wanted to test different ones without removing attached walls. This only fixed removing a floor entirely. A very welcome change though.


Really puzzled that they did not buff Chaos Aftershock... Only 100% damage with 12s cooldown? Really? Also, it appears that the bug with the Void's canceling of an existing chaos burn did not get fixed.


it's 100% + chaos burn, which is 100% dam, so it's 200%


But the chaos burn does not stack with itself, so what are you going to use with it instead of Chaos Volley? It's no good on almost all bosses, and its positioning requirements are very punishing since the damage is not instantaneous.


Well earthquake is an aoe so if you're using it on bosses that don't summon lots of enemies, you're kinda hurting yourself? Earthquake is specifically designed to be a large aoe and it does a wonderful job.


Love that spell vs the necros that summon minions.


this is a misconception someone did testing, and chaose burn is actually 70% damage, not 100%


Such abilities have way more damage output when you consider groups in PvE. Don't just look at it's raw 1v1 DPS.


Its much harder to balance mutli-hit spells its very strong in PvE at least. Its not likely you'd hit multiple people in PvP with it however.


1)It's only strong vs melee, since it's quite difficult to get all the ranged enemies lined up that nicely, and if you spend time lining them up let's say in a house, or in the narrow passages of Brighthaven's streets then you're losing DPS, and Void is simply far superior when you get to Brighthaven. 2)Corpse Explosion and Ice Nova have received a pretty big buff.


Horselord def took a hit. Scholar Blood will still be best in the game at 100%. #Weapons: - Axe nerfs are fine. Damage doesn't change all that much, but incap isn't as brutal, which is fine. - Spear Q was insane, it'll probably still be insane, but just not AS insane - Sword double nerf is kinda weird in my eyes. Not sure why you'd use it over Spear now (other than specifically forward moving gap close), since Harpoon now has the same cast time as Shockwave, and sword Q doesn't do nearly as much damage as Spear Q. I guess maybe to get around counters? - Mace buff is actually interesting, specifically with weapon swaps. Axe E -> Mace Q is actually insane damage in 2 abilities, so that might be worth exploring. - Slashers change is fine. Incap is crazy, and 2.5 is still enough to do basically anything you could ever want. #Spells - Power Surge is probably the biggest oof from all abilities, but Crimson Aegis didn't get touched, which means that will now probably have more favor (and it's already insanely good). - Chaos volley, Barrier, and Veil nerfs are expected. Indirect buff to frost builds though. Frost shield might actually be favored now, and Veil of Frost (while slightly nerfed) will be pushed up a bit in my eyes. Chaos Barrier definitely still serves its purpose of punishing harass and gap closing though. - The issue with veil of bones is it's insanely telegraphed, and unless you're using it at point blank, it's incredibly easy to dodge. Increased damage and bounce stuff is neat, but really doesn't affect it for what I see it as (amplify applier)... amplify is nuts though, so if you can get REALLY good with this, it might be worth? Not sure yet. - Ice Lance is just flat-out too slow. The cast time reduction may be good for REALLY long range shots in a frost build, so... maybe it's good in squads with someone using it from the back, but in 1v1s and duos, it's just can't compete with Frost Bat and Shields. - Artic leap fix removes that specific one-shot combo, but honestly you can probably still one shot someone with it... not sure yet. - Everything else is kinda meh. Not really sure who cares about corpse explosion, frost nova, or spectral wolf (though wolf is actually kinda nice in squad fights/close duos). Mosquito buff is neat I guess.


I made an easy to read UI for the patch if anyone wants it. https://vrising.wiki.spellsandguns.com/Patch\_0.5.42050\_Notes


Spectral wolf is amazing in PvE, especially when playing a casual server with friends. ..Not everyone is good at dodging!


Veil of bones is probably my favorite veil ability, glad that it got buffed for pvp.


veil was exclusivley PVE for me, or only a pvp ability in 4v4 fights now that might change, another 75% poke is huge


***Wow*** the Steam forums are a terrible, terrible place.


You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villiany


Fucking Twitter? Tumblr? Reddit?


imo twitter is the worst place on the internet


I don't really use Twitter so I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure Youtube comments as a whole is the worst place on the internet... Quora is a close second.


I'd agree, but I think the validation by celebrities and "professional" types makes twitter more damaging to *s***o**C~~i~~*e***T**y


Nah, truth social and any qanon social media sites are much much much worse.


Twitter has somewhere around 200 million daily users Truth social clocks in around 500 thousand I'd agree that truth social is probably a yuckier place, but it's reach is nowhere near twitters


Those are not the droids you're looking for.


Have you ever traversed the YouTube comments section? Be wary.


It's dangerous to go alone, take this ----E


Indeed, totally a shitshow.


>Players can now dismantle floors and borders that are next to walls/pillars without having to dismantle any wall/pillar first, as long as this does not leave any wall/pillar without a floor connection Thank god!


Glad that illusion got buffed. Some of my favorite abilities but they just didn't measure up to the others really. Spectral wolf was never useful even if you could get it early. ​ Sad that my Sword got nerfed into the ground. It was the best burst weapon true, but I feel like they took too much damage off of it.


In group Pvp the wolf is really good, but it's not about the damage, the Multitarget snare and the damage debuff is Gold


Sword is still fine Like the slashers, the utility was the main thing


I just wish they left sword Q's cast time alone. It was already slow enough that you couldn't use it to reaction i-frame anything except for maybe giant boss aoes in pve. A longer cast time means a nerf to survivability since you're rooted for longer


For those at work: A new update will be patched in today between 10:00 and 11:00 CEST (08:00 to 09:00 UTC). If you experience any bugs or issues after this patch, please report them HERE and include the patch number on the title. Example: (Patch 0.5.42050) My Game crashes after the new patch The following improvements will be added to V Rising with this patch: **NEW FEATURES** Players can now dismantle floors and borders that are next to walls/pillars without having to dismantle any wall/pillar first, as long as this does not leave any wall/pillar without a floor connection (#305517). Localization has been added for Arabic, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, and Turkish. The localization for Portuguese - Brazil, French, German, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish has been updated to be more accurate and up to date. **BUG FIXES** Fixed a bug where it was possible to jump over walls in certain cases. Fixed a crash that could occur when voice muting players. Fixed a bug that could sometimes cause players to not be able to connect to servers (related to #304262, but not expected to solve all reported cases). Improved error handling and error feedback when the server saves the game world (related to #304262 and #304381 but is not expected to solve all reported cases). Added more validation and safety checks to catch more types of rare errors while saving. If the server fails to save, all active players on the server now get a chat notification containing basic information about the type of error that was encountered. The server no longer uses the Windows temp folder while saving the world. It instead saves the temporary files to a neighbouring folder to the target save path. Fixed an issue where some font characters were displayed with the wrong font in Hungarian and French (among other languages). Fixed an issue where territory and buildings had a chance of not getting destroyed with their castle if they were constructed at a large enough distance from the Castle Heart (#306085, #305657). Fixed an issue where the screen could slowly turn dark (#304465, #304266). Fixed a crash that some players experienced when launching the game due to a video player crash. If you are experiencing a launch crash before the cinematic plays, you can turn videos off by entering -noVideo as a launch option to the game (related to #304250 but not expected to solve all reported cases).


**Balance Changes** General Vermin Salve is no longer interrupted by damage during the cast time (will still break during the buff duration if the player takes damage). Scholar Blood Spell Power bonus reduced to 10-20% from 12-25%.Free Cast chance reduced to 15% from 20%. Mounted Combat Melee damage done when mounted is reduced by 30%. Blood Veil of Blood Healing increased to 6% from 5%. Unholy Corpse Explosion Damage increased to 140% from 125%.Fading snare duration increased to 1.5s from 1s.Cooldown reduced to 10 seconds from 12 seconds. Unstable Mosquito Damage increased to 70% from 60%. Veil of Bones Initial projectile damage increased to 75% from 25%.Max bounces reduced to 3 from 4.Each bounce now reduces the damage of the next bounce by 25%. Illusion Spectral Wolf Damage increased to 125% from 100%. Cooldown increased to 8 seconds from 7 seconds. Mirror Strike Cast time reduced to 0.7 seconds from 1 second. Chaos Chaos Barrier Projectile damage reduced to 50% from 70%. Chaos Volley Cooldown increased to 8 seconds from 7 seconds. Projectile damage reduced to 110% from 125%. Power SurgeShield absorb reduced to 120% from 150%. Veil of ChaosCooldown increased to 9 seconds from 8 seconds. Illusion area damage reduced to 40% from 50%. Merciless Charge Cast time reduced to 0.7 seconds from 0.8 seconds. Fixed an issue where the player got locked in position for a short duration when the area effect triggered early during the dash. Frost Crystal Lance Projectile Damage increased to 190% from 150%.Cast time reduced to 1.2 seconds from 1.4 seconds. Cooldown reduced to 7 seconds from 8 seconds. Splinter damage reduced to 40% from 50%. Ice Nova Cooldown reduced to 10 seconds from 12 seconds. Veil of Frost Nova of frost damage reduced to 30% from 50%. Arctic Leap Fixed an issue where Arctic Leap could hit the same target twice. Damage reduced to 200% from 225%. Weapons Crossbow Crossbow bolts no longer deal less damage than a normal shot after using a Veil of Frost, Unholy, or Blood. Spear A Thousand Spears Damage per hit reduced to 25% from 30% (200% total damage from 240%). HarpoonCast time reduced to 0.7 seconds from 0.8 seconds. Damage increased to 90% from 70%. Axe X-Strike Incapacitate duration from intersecting hit reduced to 1 second from 2 seconds. Damage per axe hit reduced to 80% from 85%. Mace Crushing Blow Damage increased to 150% from 110%. Smack Cooldown reduced to 8 seconds from 9 seconds. Sword Whirlwind Damage per hit reduced to 30% from 35% (150% total from 175%). Shockwave Cast time increased to 0.7 seconds from 0.6 seconds. Damage per teleport strike reduced to 20% from 25% (60% total from 75%). Slashers Elusive Strike Damage per hit increased to 70% from 60%. Camouflage Incapacitate duration reduced to 2.5 seconds from 3 seconds.




You posted it all twice my dude, it would all fit in one reply.


ngl i kinda feel like i had a stroke reading through it all too. horrible to parse without any formatting past line breaks


Surprised they buffed mace. I found it a strong weapon already based on its utility alone. Steerable gap closer into knockback stun into guaranteed spell hit was already a powerful PvP combo that now just gets stronger.


There is no way you are landing that combo in group pvp. I always felt mace and melee in general is awful. Maybe this scholar blood nerd will help but idk melee will still be trash imo until they remove the move speed penalty while swinging.


Don't think of mace as melee weapon. It's actually an OP caster one. Apart from the combo mentioned above (which, again is not even about the DMG. So feel free to miss Q, but do hit E and spell), the abilities on their own are amazing for keeping distance. Treat Q as another travel skill, and use E if they're chasing.


Yeah, that's smart and all, but doesn't sound a bit like how a character with a gigantic 2 handed-mace would operate in combat, "lore-wise".


It would be a lot cooler if they did lorewise though


You realize axe does everything you just mentioned but better and at range? The mace just is not good for much other than hitting behind the reflect shield spells.


Lmfao, imagine, just fucking imagine swinging and moving while the other guy just moves.


How are People going to have a chance to create distance while a melee spams swings non stop? It was like that Just like battlerite


Nova, frost bat, axe slow, reaper knock back, mace incap, mace slow, use your dash, sword knock up....do I need to continue?


Incap weapons were super strong in coordinated PvP. They set up insane combos. These nerfs and buffs make a lot of sense and will add more diversity in the weapon choice. Axes were (well they still might be) the most damaging and highest CC weapons. Too much packed into one.


Mace crushing blow increased to 150%, wut?


mace was strong before, I don't know what they have done prepare to see your new nightmares bonking you in your sleep


I just think of Axe E+Mace Q Brutal


If you land it


It's not a big deal if you don't though. The thing that's so powerful about axes is they do good damage even if you miss the incap, and absolutely crazy damage if you land it, all while staying at a safe distance.


It's because mace crush was difficult to even land and then you do zero damage. Hardly anyone used it because you wind up just blowing the ability instead of something like sword spin which AoEs whole crowds in a big area easily.


Mace is very predictable vs good players. This type of buff incentivizes going in melee range more, which is a great thing. Most play styles revolve around kiting and slinging spells, so seeing them buff melee is a good thing


Oof lot of damage reductions game gonna be harder now


It's what several vocal players asked for in the official discord feedback and suggestions. Meanwhile I still have yet to beat the last 3 bosses solo


I've beaten one..........I'm taking a day off cause fuck was that a grind. Top level armor and weapons, amulet for the crit build, 100% rogue blood, and both the rage and witch's potion. Chimera ran me out of the arena 3 times before I killed it.


Congrats on getting him down. I got a bit of prep to do before giving it another shot. I need to fish for Swamp Dweller before I can make any more Witch Potions. I only ever caught 2. I wish they would rework fishing. You get trash loot more often than a fish. Fish spots are rare to find and only 1 item is given. It's an unfun grind for witch potions and prisoner misery.


Best solution I found to the prisoner issue is to have one servant constantly make the trek to Mosswick to grab fish each day as they usually return with at least 1 Rainbow Trout and 1 Sage Fish and then raid the docks in Brighthaven for fresh fish. Other than that the best luck I've found finding those fish is checking the rivers and lakes in the southern section of the Farmlands.


Really dislike the nerf to sword E cast time. They hit both the damage and the utility which is sad. Just damage alone would have been fine. Really like crystal lance and spectral wolf buffs. Crystal lance especially. It just went from F tier to probably like C tier. Things gonna HURT. Understand, but not personally happy with Spear Q nerf. In any situation that's not a 1v1, why use spear Q? You get safer and higher dps by using a primary followed by another weapon's Q, like scythe or slashers. Imo change should have been reduced each stab to 25%, but made the 8th stab (or second press of Q as the 8th stab) deal 70% damage. That makes it a nerf in most situations, but still relatively the same strength for landing all 8 thrusts.


Well, spear Q was used to extend combos. I imagine the nerf is to shave some damage off comboing it from an incap


Damn I like these changes


wtf why was sword nerfed


Looks like they may have nerfed the things used most and buffed things used the lease.


Reaper is unchanged though... I thought that was a very popular weapon? (At least for PvE)


Well yeah, most people use strong abilities and don't use weak ones. Odd way to look at it, like they have some nonsensical motivation behind buffs and nerfs lol.


Well they want things to be as balanced as possible so that fights are won by positioning, strategy, combos and aiming as opposed to just playing the numbers game, this is definitely a step in the right direction!


That's a terrible way to go about balance though.


Never said it was good. Just that's how it seems.


I wasn't implying you said it was good, just commenting on the devs' decision.


It's pretty useless as it was


Sword was incredibly strong. People just never used it in favor of using the axe incapacitate. Shockwave (E ability) made you untargetable while you were using it if you hit someone, and whirlwind was constant damage. PLUS the normal attack swung so fast. It was busted with the Warrior blood. ​ It's the only weapon that provided large burst damage. E on someone then you could immediately whirlwind on someone if they had used their mobility option already.


it's a small hitbox skillshot with a telegraphed animation - if you miss or it gets blocked you're left with no usable gap closers/poke most other weapons have some sort of aoe poke, scythes and maces can just knock you back when you spin that's like saying spears are incredibly strong if you hit with q, which is true if you actually get to hit with it


I did start out using it and continued to do so but switch to reaper due to my playstyle, which I found more managable. I just personally didn't like it and it felt weak. Maybe it needs a revisit.


Same with Mace Q -> E, no?


The vial of chaos increased cd duration is a stupid nerf.


Nerf fire archer.


Step in the right direction for sure. Not quite far enough in the direction, but one more patch like this will probably land us pretty close.


Chaos Volley not nerfed enough imo. Soooo glad horses got a very necessary nerf. People shut me down when I said it needed a nerf.


I'm glad Chaos Volley was only tweaked slightly. This way they can see how it plays out and tweak again if needed. Most developers seem to over-nerf most powerful abilities in games so they are never used again.


Overnerf? Path of exiles devs mostly annihilate stuff so bad that nerf is not applicable anymore xD


GGG will even nerf the horse the stuff came in on. Chaos Volley: You now take the same durability damage to your necklace as you do damage to others. Your necklace durability lowered to 400. Sword whirlwind renamed to Cyclone. Cyclone now does no damage for no reason.


and then claim that the original version was not working as intended and is now fixed


You forgot the secret nerfs.. * Generals Reaper now has a 0.5% drop rate (hidden) * all enemies now have +10% Chaos resistance (hidden) * holy enemies have +25% Chaos res and now properly use Cleanse during Chaos Burn. Caster holy enemies now have an AoE cleanse. (Hidden) (/s because all builds viable and totally not salty) For real, I'm glad to see some good changes in V rising. It's a good set overall, IMO. Scholar blood nerf will be a huge indirect buff to melee usage, too.


I agree with their approach, over nerfing is an issue till it gets buffed again, but just running the numbers, it's still on a while other level versus other abilities.


> This way they can see how it plays out and tweak again if needed. Most developers seem to over-nerf most powerful abilities in games so they are never used again. The fastest way to a result is to double or half your numbers until you get to the desired outcome. Small increments are almost always the longest way to get to a result. edit: You can downvote maths as much as you want. It's still true. I'm sorry that you all feel offended.


Whew. Thank God you aren't a dev and doing the balance changes.


My guy applying binary search to game balance lmaoooo


They buffed some other spells to be comparable in damage so I think you'll have a real choice now.


I'll let you suck my blood if people choose other abilities over chaos volley.


What? Your single digit Worker blood? Hard pass.


Shit. That hurt me just reading it


Don't hurt me like that baby...


Im sure you and your family are doing just fine on your farm- don’t listen to him- we all appreciate your contributions to our castles very much.


Who needs Chaos Volley when you have nukes like this.


Horses got the wrong nerf though. The strength of horselording is the speed. Bosses in this game are designed around players having normal movement speed, so that the player needs to use abilities to dodge and avoid certain attacks or attack chains. THe speed of horses completely negates that, making every boss in the game trivial and easy when horselording them. A level 0 player could (with some practise) horselord most bosses in the game.


Has there been any change to official server population? The server im playing on is dead. Theres nobody online ever. Ive spend a few hundred hours on that server. Are the developers attempting any kind of fix or solution when it comes to this problem? Have not played since the server went dead.


It's Early Access. Can't blame the developers if they refuse to spend their time & resources in fixing what is most definitely a symptom of the EA label, rather than focus on getting 1.0 out there. Yes, it sucks when your server dies, but it is a known problem on games built around servers - especially on EA titles. The hype dies out, people leave, wait for content patches and whatnot.


Nooooooooo, I literally just found my 100% scholar....


it's still really good imo. probably the best 100% blood still.


I need my 100% Brute crutch for killing bosses so I'm good.


lol why nerf sword instead of reaper


reaper is very easily countered and very difficult to get any value at all from compared to teh other abilities


Sword was strong in the right hands while reaper is strong mostly on PvE and less strong in PvP


ah ha they fixed the floor thing I complained about on here


Shame that there's no new hats


Hat gang rise up.


Anyone else preferring skill buff vs nerf in this game? I rather have lower ttk


no, the nerfed skills on this list (alongside horses) made bosses a joke in this game


Honestly they very likely still will be a joke other than Chaos Volley on early bosses.


God yes. But I only play PvE. I never touch PvP.


Skill buff only results in power leaps. An overall 30% damage reduction on a 350% damage spell over 9 seconds won't have a large noticeable impact on bosses.


The cooldown increases on the other hand.. 1s is a pretty large chunk of dps. It's a good thing, IMO. Still strong, less spammy. Plus a lot of other spells saw cooldown decreases, giving a similar dps buff. Volley still strong, just.. less out of line. A few more balance patches like this and the game will be in a really good spot.


Another game that will go through endless nerfs in order to balance around PvP while fucking over PvE. They never learn.


Trust me dude, the hardest 3 bosses are all soloable without any of the stuff that got nerfed. I soloed Solarus with both an illusions ranged build, and a counter/shield melee bruiser build. Both of these are untouched or even buffed by this patch. Also the buffs to bone dash and crystal lance are gonna open up more pve options now.


Agree, SLS sucks


I hope balancing things around PvP without caring how it effects PvE isn't going to be a habit.


gg pvp retards ruining the game -.-"


Oh no, is killing AI too difficult for you now?




Mace got buffed big time. And even Slashers got buffed, only their PvP incap got nerfed.


My server won't boot after the update - seems to hit a shader error and crash - any thoughts on how to fix this? I backed up my saves and settings and re-installed the server software - put my saves/settings back in place with no luck Edit: also tried to delete the last few auto-saves to see if that would make a difference - no dice...


I'll probably put the sword up and start using the mace, and just try to go the caster route.


mace gang rise up


What a bunch of nerds in here . Instead of nerfing weapons and abilities , buff the other abilities more because you still didn’t do that enough. Stupid company for submitting to the low iq Reddit crowd.


What a bunch of nerds in here . Instead of nerfing weapons and abilities , buff the other abilities more because you still didn’t do that enough. Stupid company for submitting to the low iq Reddit crowd.


Dead game.


But instead of needing random shit that doesn’t make sense, why not adjusting the amount of durability u lose when fighting pvp ?


that is a server option


amazing patch not sure why the employee prioritize translation information vs major balance changes i dont see any mistake, we ll discover how the new meta plays out


The people who program the game and implement balance changes are probably not the people who do the translations.


I expected a bit more, but this is a really good start.