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It takes a special kind of stupid to swing shit at a Dobermann.


I'm sure it's the last time he will try that.


Can't wait for the sequel titled: *Bro, should we try it with a Rottweiler?*




Doberman and rottweiler are essentially bred now to be guard dogs and attack people. Tbh I don't trust any German dogs, they will fuck you up


Belgian Malinois has entered the chat. Those things are terrifying.


Really? My buddy has one. Great dog. Insane energy but happy, friendly, will make you play with him no matter what. Super smart and trainable. I thought they were more working dog than attack dog.


My neighbor has two. Im not scared of them per say, but I’ve seen what those girls can do. They are trained protection dogs and they will fuck you up.


I saw one run into a house full of meth cooks once and in less than 30 seconds the house was EMPTY and everyone was outside desperately holding the doors shut. Looked up videos afterward and saw one pull a gunman out of a second story window (from the ground), jump clean over a minivan and take down another... Yeah they're ridiculous attack/defense dogs. And intelligent as all hell. So they can make good pets if you know what the hell you're doing and have the energy to keep up. Not recommended otherwise.


That was true, but they’re getting popular and thus overbred. Same sad story as GSDs a generation previously. Their over abundance of game makes them easy to ruin. I had a Belgian twenty years ago and she was one of the best dogs I’ve had, even though she had a hard start in life. All she wanted was attention, guidance and stuff to do, but that’s too much for a lot of people.


You can still get really good GSDs if you look hard enough. I have one. And it is an amazing dog. Good breeder, good lines, all working dogs in her pedigree. GOD'S got fucked up by showlines. They bred them for looks and fucked up their temperment in the process. In Germany even the showlines have to pass the S.V. but watching those dogs compared to the working dogs it is like a completely different breed altogether. You're right about mals as well. Lot of idiots breeding them for a quick buck and fucking with the breed standard without even knowing it.


Absolutely. My BIL has two GSDs and they are outstanding dogs. It’s a shame that there were so many troubled ones out there, and I’m glad to see them starting to make a proper comeback.


They’re very popular with police or military for their energy and ability to attack. Great dogs, but they do take a special owner


They are bred to be working dogs and as such need a "job" to keep them happy. They are also very smart and athletic AF. I've seen video of a trainer using his back as a springboard and the Belgian launching up a 20 foot stone wall. Unbelievable.


Guess they‘re like german shepherds, they use them as police dogs as far as I‘m aware


They are from Belgium


After all, they share a border with ... The Dutch.


There's two things I can't stand. People who are intolerant of other people's cultures.... and [the Dutch!](https://youtu.be/khUporxh9IU)


>There's two things I can't stand. People who are intolerant of other people's cultures.... and > >the Dutch! Nigel Powers has entered the chat.


My neighbor has three Dachshunds. When one barks they all bark. We call them "The Germans". They won't fuck up anything larger than a chipmunk.


I guess you never heard about the woman who was killed by a pack of seven Dachshunds? https://time.com/5280769/dog-attack-dachshund-woman-oklahoma-death/


I can just imagine what are the odds of getting attacked by a pack of sausage dogs and also dying from it?. What a way to go.


That's some fucked up darwinism there.


Yeah, not really. >Six of the dogs were likely dachshund-**terrier** mixes, and one was a **border collie** mix. Emphasis mine.


It literally means badger dog. They were bred to hunt badgers. I'm sure they could be trained to attack bigger things, if one were so inclined.


honey badger dont give a shit about no weiner dogs


Dachshunds we’re bred for hunting badgers. They can definitely mess up stuff bigger than a chipmunk.


Dachshunds were bred to fight badgers. They're tenacious little things. Even the miniature ones.


As a cable service tech turned electrician now over a decade, the only animal that has ever bitten me while on a job was a Dachshund.


You’ve clearly never seen a dachshund go up against a possum. Mine kept destroying them, nearly always a good bit larger than herself. She’s was cute but maybe a bit terrifying.


My first dog was a rottie and he was such a big baby. Sure miss him sometimes.


Better add Weimaraners to that list too, then.


I'm such an idiot and I always see "Weimaraners" and my brain reads it as "Weiner dogs" and let me tell you, that produced a very fun image here.


My brain reads it as weemer neemers even though it should know better


Dachshund’s -CAN- get feisty as well. But most I’ve met are dopey, long goobers.


I've had a weimaraner before and was not vicious at all, then again I didn't raise from a pup to be that way either


The dog is basically a dobermann in a dinner jacket. They are capable of wrecking you if they want to.


Sadly, I’m not.


While said dog is being held by spaghetti leash


I constantly see people with these giant dogs known for their strength with these tiny ass wet spaghetti noddle leashes while simultaneously seein people with lil teeny Chihuahuas on these big metal chain leashes like Fido’s gonna need all that. I’m sorry but if you can’t even buy your dog the right kind of leash then you don’t need a dog in the first place


One of my neighbors walks his two large lab mixes with those retractable leashes and it infuriates me to see it, considering one has already bitten a guy in the neighborhood.


"Look, spaghetti arms. This is my dance space. This is your dance space. I don't go into yours, you don't go into mine. You gotta hold the frame" 🎵With these, hungry eyes, one look at you and I can disguise!🎵


The leash got scared and ceased to exist.


Moreover, the dog already looked uncomfortable and distressed: look at how it has the tongue sticking out, and ears pointing backwards. The dog was not happy at all about the situation even before feeling assaulted. Like, was there another possible outcome? What were they expecting?


It probably was not the first time it was hit. It is highly likely, watching the dog, it had been hit several times before filming began. Sadly, that dog will most likely be put down for defending itself.


That's what I'm afraid of too. The moment the vid started I immediately thought poor dog...


They should put down the humans instead. :(


My friend has a Doberman. Sweetest, dumbest dog around. But sometimes, he'll remind me that yup, that's a goddamn Doberman.


Friend has a Doberman. Lovely dog. Its farts make me want to cry. It's farts add a weird humidity to the room that lingers thick, is unmovable, and make my skin bubble. To the point where he invites me over to watch a game or my wife and I for dinner and we have to ask if lou gonna be there?


I can confirm. Doberman farts are a crime against humanity


Yep. My German sheps are the same way. Can change from tongue lolling cuddle buddies to terrifying guard dogs in an instant.


Anyone else rooting for the dog?


Everybody is rooting for the dog. Even the leash was rooting for the dog.


The leash: oh no ^I’ve ^slipped


Neither of the guys in the video where rooting for the dog. Otherwise they wouldn’t have had a coordinated effort to hurt the dog.


The camera person clearly was; just sat there filming.


Exactly my point. Also a bit of a rhetorical question but apparently I’ve ruffled some feathers with my pre-coffee, morning shit comment.


Well, duh. People who tease animals gonna get chomped.


Maybe teasing by human standards. He actually hit the dog with whatever that was. To an animal, that's a direct threat.


*That's assault, brotha*.


Me. Animal abuse deserves what it gets.


Umm that’s the point of the post…?


Everyone is rooting for the dog silly


Can't help but think the gene pool is better off :-/


You mean the dog on the picture where it says BEWARE OF DOG?


Yeah, that one! The #symbol of canine danger


The only advantage we have is our brain. Swinging first definitely sacrifices that.


"One fight, please."


If grey shirt dude is the owner, he got bitten in the arm aswel. Black shirt dude got what he deserved.


Well deserved. He did jack shit to stop the man attacking the dog in the first place. It almost seems like he's on board with whatever the fuck they are doing to the dog.


Was wondering the same thing. Jury is out but we could be looking at two trash humans and a poor dog


I'm from Egypt, and these 2 spoke and looked like some of our shittiest segments of our youth. What they were doing is teasing the dog so he becomes more violent it's a known technique here that is heartbreaking in the methods they use. this one is actually a mild one. some of them include inflicting pain on the dog so he could get more aggressive quickly.


So these 2 fuckin assholes should be shot on sight, thats what you are saying.


I am all for some intense violence to people like this. Shitbags.


yep I wish all who do this would get shot tbh. the amount of cruelty they inflict is unimaginable


It was obvious to me that the owner was expecting to hold on to the dog but lost control. Totally felt like the owner was showing off his vicious dog. I felt like the dog is the victim here.


If anyone looks at this and thinks the dog is not the victim, they are wrong.


The jury is in session the owner is a dirtbag


I second this notion


I third this notion I also notion forward to the jury that the two men take the dogs punishment instead


Judge here and I find this man a shitstain on the underwear of justice and dog ownership


Appellate court Judge here, we've passed on appealing this case. The judgement stands


All in agreement say “aye.”


Dog acted like a dog and swift justice was served to both parties


Justice would be the dog being taken away from the shitty ass owner. The dog deserves better treatment. As for the two humans well I think the dog deserved to chew off a little more of them.


Doggo needs more justice, and some snacks for being good boi, or girl (couldn’t tell in the video) I can’t imagine what that doggos home life is like, poor buddy, he just wants to snuggle on the couch and get fast on treats, go for walks and car rides to the park and just do doggo things, but these two fuckwits gotta be utter trash




I don't think the jury is out, there's like 5 full seconds of asshole with stick lining up and taking test swings, owner does NOTHING to stop it. Everyone involved here is complicit unless there's someone out of frame holding dog owner at fucking gunpoint. These are shitheads that are perfectly fine with inflicting harm, they are shit, end of argument.


The most tragic thing is that dog will most likely be put down for that.


Maybe three trash humans. Cameraman may have been involved too since it all looks staged…of course, it didn’t seems to go as planned.


It’s super obvious that the owner was a part of this and this was planned/both of their idea/he allowed it/this is both of their idea of a funny joke.


Some people have really backward ideas on training a dog, but shit like this used to be recommended. My great grandfather had a book on training dogs, and there was a section in there how you should arrange for a stranger (to the dog) to come over and hit him with a stick. This was supposed to teach the dog not to trust strangers. This was literally in a published book.


My father was a trainer for the k9 academy in the early seventies. And I can confirm that yes this is a real thing. It's exactly like the other poster said, is to get the dog to not trust other ppl. For the record, the way my father did it, he didn't have anybody smack the dog really, but he talked someone into sneaking around windows and peeking around and acting all around suspicious, and swing at the dog, but not actually hit it cuz he didn't want the dog to lose any confidence in itself, but still could put suspicion into them.


>but he talked someone into sneaking around windows and peeking around and acting all around suspicious, and swing at the dog, but not actually hit it cuz he didn't want the dog to lose any confidence in itself, but still could put suspicion into them. Damn that is good thinking on your Dad's part. Training a partner instead of an aggresive pile of teeth covered in muscle and fur.


My dog busted up a break and enter and that experience may have been why he had anxiety at night. A behaviour therapist had me reenact the scene over and over till he was cool with me coming in the window at all hours. Protecting the house and lady of the house were pre installed features. It's a good sleep that we had to work on.


Good for you putting in the time for your pup's peace of mind. Sorry for the trauma both of you went through. Hopefully they're doing better now!


Things like this remind me of why it bothers me so much when people act like you’re the crazy one for wanting them to keep their pit bull away from you. Motherfucker, I don’t trust any dog, and any owner, cause I don’t know what the fuck goes on in your house. I certainly dont trust a pit bull without a leash, gtfo. Edit: leash not lease


I love dogs, but any dog that I don't know and especially one big enough to hurt me or my kid is not welcome without careful introduction. Dogs are still animals and can do unpredictable shit, especially in new situations. A lot of people anthropomorphise the shit out of animals and expect them to think like humans.


Exactly, and they all say the same thing, “my dog would never do anything like that.” Until they do.


And then after they do it's "oh he didn't mean it, it wasn't that bad". Happened to me. A few years later their dogs tore up an old lady and got put down. Only for them to get 4 new dogs.


I've got a GSD and she is ridiculously friendly, but also very excitable. She could easily hurt a kid by complete accident, so having her close and under control is definitely needed around kids or unsure people.


He could be one of those dumbasses who gets a Dobermann/Rottweiler/Pitbull to "look fierce" and is getting his friend to "train" his dog to be wary of strangers.


Looks like a tik tok or something......he definitely seems down with whatever is happening


Was looking for this comment, seems like he's in on it, allowing tho other one to hit the dog and looking for the dog's reaction.


It looks like the grey shirt guy was in on this fiasco.


GreyShirt was trying to stop (his own) Dog from biting BlackShirt... ...and Dog took that personally..."the friend of my enemy is my enemy", or however that phrase went


Also.. "Hey motherfucker, you let him hit me."


Well, he sure did find out...


Kind of annoyed at the cameraman, least he could’ve done was pour BBQ sauce on the guy’s leg


And some steak earrings


What's steak earrings, precious?


As in made of meat 🥩 so the dog eats them then these cruel idiots


They are all pieces of complete shit, except the poor pup


People who think animals are dumb, are usually dumber than animals.


Lesson learned


I doubt he learned anything. There's a weird relationship between learning and common sense with someone who decides to mess with an animal. The lack of one reinforces the lack of the other.


on a nature tour in CA a park ranger told us that snake bite victims are primarily intoxicated white males with tattoos. Thought it was funny. then end of the tour saw two surfer dudes matching that description jabbing a stick at something in the bushes.


This is how good dogs get labeled as vicious.


Unfortunately. Stupid should be more painful, and attacked, defensive animals more forgiven.


Good dog 🐶


Thats the dumbest possible thing to do. Agitating a calm dog which is known to defend on instinct is..darwinian stupid.


I think we're all in agreement matey was a cunt


Not just matey the owner was holding the dog in place for the fucking guy, hope this dog gets a better home


I just thought about the possibility that the owner had his friend hold him, or neither own him


I was assuming it was a stolen dog


Smack an animal with a stick and get attacked. What a surprise. What sucks is I bet you the dog somehow got blamed for this


Not with the video evidence.


Maybe don’t do that


Hit the big fuzzy thing that has sharp teeth and claws? #SOUNDS LIKE A GOOD IDEA TO ME!


A better idea #wearing a meat dress next time


Hope the dog was ok after bitting a piece of shit like that




If this is the US, and it was reported, that dog is likely dead. Aggressive animals, *even if provoked,* are often euthanized after attacking a human. Which just ups the asshole quotient on these fucking idiots.


Not as often as you might think. My neighbors Pitt bit me and then a week later went after my daughter while she was standing on our own porch, my wife got our daughter in the house fast but as they ran in our front door the dog bit my wife's leg and shook but quickly let go as the owner came running. You could see individual teeth marks and her entire calf was bruised for 2 or 3 weeks. Called animal control both times, even got video of it and animal control did next to nothing. They got a warning and supposedly have to pay for some extra insurance in case he bites again. Also, now the dog is required to wear a muzzle if out on walks. I asked animal control "so what happens if next time he bites my daughter in the face" and his response was "well then they have to pay more for insurance"


That is bullshit it would not fly when I was an officer.


Wtf did he even expect to happen?


He'd smack the dog, the dog owner apologizes, then 12 sexy women come out of the bushes to give him a million dollars and blowjobs.


If I had a nickel for everytime that happened to me I would have 2 nickels which isn't a lot but it's weird it happened twice


They're "training" the dog to not react. I assume that's his friend hitting the dog while he tries to hold it


Dobie even bit the owner for pulling him off the douche bag. 😂😂😂


Owner deserved it too.


Looks like he got mixed up and went back to bitting the other guy


Good boy😀


I love a happy ending!


What Disney movie is this?




Bahhahahaha good one *wipes tear


This bloke deserves some metal.


I'll pay for that dog's defense in court!


Dog’s just lucky nobody stuck a finger in its ass


Neither of these people should be allowed to own a dog.


Thank you to the camera man that continued filming this satisfying justice.


it would have been so easy to just… not intentionally aggravate a dog??? wild concept ik


Wtf is goong on in this video?


Unclear, but my suspicion is that these two jackasses are involved in dog fighting and are trying to “train” their dog to be aggressive. Dog fighting breeders frequently abuse dogs to make them more aggressive.


I saw it more as they are training a guard dog and he was trying to show that the dog isn’t reactive to anything unless given a voice command. If you’ve seen any training videos for guard dogs, they always pull this type of shit to show how obedient the dog is.


Good. Fuck both of these people, keep biting little guy!


Those people shouldn’t be allowed to have or be near any canine. In fact I think reproducing shouldn’t be allowed for them as well…


Well he smacked the dog so it's his fault


Why the fuck would you do that to a dog? Especially to a doberman...


If you did that to another person, what would happen? Don’t blame the dog.


Hope the dog is okay. Love dobermans


They certainly are beautiful dogs, Germany has some incredible dog breeds.


Yes, Dobermanns function like this. Try to hurt my humans... I attack. Try to hurt me... I attack. In sum... you cross the line... I attack. Simple and pragmatic creatures, right?


Correct, they are very protective of their homes and owners, but they will not do this unless they feel the danger is too much. My female doberman will change her bark to a deeper tone to let you know she means business, but she will still stay back and not approach who/whatever she's barking at. We haven't been put in a position like this, but I'm sure she would do the same. Only difference from this kid is I know how to control her.


That poor dog is probably gonna be put down now because it is seen as aggressive and attacked humans. Damn, people are just awful. That guy had it coming.


Most likely. And the video won’t help because the owner couldn’t pull him off. And it’s partially his fault, too, for letting that little shit hit the dog. 🤬🤬🤬


Partially?? This is 💯 the fault of both of these idiots.


So partially the idiot owner and partially his idiot friend? 🧐


Fr. If someone treated my dog like that, you would have to restrain me instead of my good boy.


It's not just partially his fault. Notice the dog attacked both of them.


It's his fault anyway but that happens. It's hard for the dog to figure out whose arm is whose in the middle of it all.


I hope this video can be used to prove the dog was provoked. That guy deserved it.


Something about the way the asshole holding the dog (knowingly holding in target position for being hit) says that this is a trained attack dog to me. I don’t know if it would be put down.


A trained attack dog has recall drilled into it to break off the attack. This dog clearly doesn’t.


Either way these guys are shitbags for intentionally hitting the dog with a stick.


While that's true, plenty of trained dogs ignore recalls after they bite someone and get their adrenaline pumping


Do these guys look competend to you? They were trying to train an attack dog. They are too stupid to foresee that the dog would attack.


Works for me. You smack a dog in the face like that you fuckin learn quickly


Problem is the Dog will now be worse off. I hope the Dog doesn’t get put down. Stupid owner too. Ridiculous people


To the dumb boy I ask, "what was your endgame" ?


Poor dog. Owner is a lowlife animal abusing sack of shit, too. Hope they both get an infection without a cure.


Lessons learned. This dog didn't deserve this crap.




Good dog...




It's like sticking a fork in a light socket.


Good dog


If the owner lets his friend smack his dog in the face for fun, I’d hate to see how he treats it when he’s being naughty😟


You hit the dog, the dog attacks you. Sounds fair to me. Edit: almost forgot, you and your friends are assholes for doing this, from planning to execution.


He deserved every last bite. And don't you dare do anything to that dog!


Good doggo !!!




Risk: HIGH Reward: ???


Good dobie, shit owner


This is a glimpse of natural selection operating in front of our eyes.


I feel bad for watching the abuse of which a gorgeous a dog! These fuckers got what they deserved. I hope the poor dog lives through this and doesn’t get put down.


Play stupid games win stupid prizes. Wish to dog went after both thier nut sacks. These idiots shouldnt breed.