You never heard acid rap or coloring book huh


This feels very stereotypical list Chance fell off but before the big day he was not “ass” and there are plenty that are worse KSI is a pop singer, so although some of his rapping is very average, putting him in a worst category is a bit unfair imo Nick Cannon, yeah fair enough Dax has a problem where he can spit but he can’t actually make a song, I would never listen to him but he’s not “one of the worst ever” Iggy Azalea is pop music all day long Island boys are dogshit Logic is good, may not be ur cup of tea but he is pretty decent Then the rest is fair enough


You put Logic & Chance in the same category as the rest of these guys?!? You, good sir, are TRIPPIN!!! They may not be your cup of tea, but to say they're the worst?? Naaah


KSI is YouTube pop rapper, I’m not really taking his music endeavors seriously. Chance was actually really good when he was good, he just fell off. Nick Cannon is very corny Dax is lyrical but that’s it. He annoys me because he does what every lyrical-miracle/eminem clone does: cram as many multi-syllabic rhymes into a sentence and whines about how hard it is for them to get respect and that every other rapper is trash. Iggy…yeah I agree Island boys are tik tokers. Any music they make is a meme and should never be taken seriously. Logic has some meaningful songs. It pains me to say this, but he *can* spit. I’ll never aux him, cuz he’s also very cheesy and let’s us know he’s mixed whenever he’s gets the chance. Chanel West Coast…. Timothy DeLaGhetto made music??? Tom MacDonald is so funny to me because he hates when people whine about politics and social issues and hates when people race bait, but he literally does ALL of the above. Plus he does the same thing I said dax does.


Bro has never heard chances first 3 albums lmaoooo and logics new shit is great and has some great old shit too and a Diamond record


These are some weird ass choices Like KSI ain’t even bad, he ain’t good but he ain’t bad. You really gotta be anti YouTube rapper or have something against him to put him here Logic? Really? There’s so many other white rappers you could place, but logic? I mean logic can actually rap, he can be corny sometimes and his discography is rather mixed but worst rappers ever? Nick cannon doesn’t even count why is he here? He barely had a rap career Chance shouldn’t be here at all, chance had 1 shit album and 2 good ones. You’re goofy


KSIs album “new age “ was decent but then he just became a pop singer


I’m just not a fan of British rappers in general


Calling KSI a British rapper feels insulting to our nation


One of the few things america does better than the uk


Eminem should be add to that list


New Eminem, hell yes I agree, old em, hell no


Add Luke gawne, crypt and NF


Chance the Rapper has a classic album under his belt, he doesn't belong. KSI is pretty good, especially for a youtuber