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They're still there. We just don't have a draft and are not fighting a massive war based on a lie. The American Conservative doesn't represent people who fight wars. It represents people who send the children of the poor and working class to die for them. And their stock portfolios in war contractors.


Opposing the war in Ukraine won’t get our troops out; they’re not there. Opposing the war in Ukraine won’t get Russia to retreat; even if they cared about American opinions, their invasion is already fully supported by the GOP. Opposing the war in the Ukraine won’t save a single life… except for perhaps the Russian invaders, who would now own Kiev and the Crimean peninsula, and would be holding public executions to “root out” any Ukraine opposition. The writer of this article doesn’t seem to have any valid reason why the “anti-war left” should be out protesting. But I guess this is on-brand for a right wing mouthpiece who decries the “unsavory aspects of Ukrainian nationalism”.


"...Opposing the war in the Ukraine won’t save a single life..." yes it will,Ukrainian lives, ​ remember Vietnam,Iraq,Libya,Afghanistan, they all ended well didn't they? nice humanitarian wars.


Explain how Americans protesting the war in the streets will save lives in Ukraine. I’ll wait.