Stick this up on Steam already.


yeah this game would actually hit 2-3 million easy like valheim/vrising if they put it on steam


For a second I thought this was Vagrant Story. Now I'm sad.




I honestly can't recommend it as whole heartily as you did. It is very grindy I played it for like 30-40 hours with a friend. And we stopped playing because we were so frustrated with the progress. Example metal tools. You need to get metal bits and smelt them. For that you need to make coal beforehand. So making a need set of tools is easy a whole gaming evening. It is a chore to make them, only for them to not last that long.( so i just use stone tools when i can, but everything is slow with stone tools) ) I bet the game is more fun with more ppl. So if you want Minecraft in a realism setting, vintage story is perfect. But it is slow .


Your example is a bit weird to me since that's also how it is in Minecraft? Gather metal bits, build a furnace, find or make fuel for furnace often coal until you can make kelp block farm. Then the tools break way too fast, even enchanted diamond tools don't feel like they last all that long before needing to repair. And Minecraft is mostly grinding to build stuff, or grinding to build automatic stuff that farms or generates resources so you have to grind less stuff.


It is a Minecraft clone. It's the same game. Just 10 times more grindey than Minecraft. Some of the processes to craft stuff is more "realistic" and more hardcore survival stuff is what sets vintage story apart. You can't strip mine in vintage story. You can't break stone with your bare hands. And your copper metal tools would last maybe 100 blocks. No repair. Just resmelting metal bits that you get when a tool gets destroyed.


I see, what a shame