**RIP Brain** He was lucky to have died by Cocytus' hands, an honorable individual who did not look down on him and even honored his death. Someone like Shalltear or Albedo would have mocked his resolve and effort by laughing or toying with him Also, Iri was adorable, at least poor ~~Godzilla~~ Tyrannus Basileus wasn't beaten by the other beasts for being too loud like in the LN


IIRC, Cocytus only uses that specific sword when he faces an opponent he respects.


Exactly, that's why this scene is so incredibly touching to me,I cried when I read the LN for the first time because of that beauty


>!He walked around his body after killing him. True warrior respect.!<


Can you go into more detail about that? I was confused when he did that. As there been accounts of that being done in the past as another form of honor IRL?




My interpretation is: Cocytus was walking in the middle of the street, and Brain also was in there (before and after dead). So, Cocytus had some options: move aside and pass Brain, which as commander is unforgivable; or moving Brain but this would be disrespectful for a warrior. So, the only option was, detour a little from the main street. But any reason Cocytus had, they showed due respect.


In the LN he went a bit further, deliberately taking the long way around to make sure the entire street Brain was protecting wasn't passed by him or the Virgins. To directly quote the book >Just as Cocytus was about to step over Brain, he stopped himself again. He looked towards the castle behind Brain. "..." Cocytus turned his head around while deep in thought. He turned right and walked into a path that narrower than the one before. He walked down the path until he emerged onto the main street again, after which he took another right turn. He walked along while confirming the castle's position, taking every right turn detour that he saw which brought him back to the main street. Cocytus looked towards his right. Brain's remains were now quite a distance away. Cocytus then silently walked towards his left - towards the castle.


In the LN it just said that he didn't want to step over his body. It made more sense when I was reading it because I had assumed Brain fell prone after dying instead of being on his knees.


From Cocytus's perspective, Brain is there to protect that street with the resolve to die. To pay his respect, Cocytus took a detour so in a sense, Brain protected that area.


Yep, literally the best ending for Brain, no other NPC would have given him so much respect, it's funny how he escaped 2 times from Shalltear by sheer luck only to die honorably at the hands of Cocytus.


I'm curious on how the outcome would've been had it been Sebas tbh. Like I know man would've punched a hole through his stomach, but I wonder if he would have respected him as much as Cocytus.


I think sebas would've tried bringing him to ainz rather than killing him. If brain refused, it would've likely gone about the same way as with Cocytus.


I think that's pretty fair tbh, seems in line with his personality. Even Cocytus may petition for Brain's resurrection in the future like the Lizard brothers. And tbh Cocytus was right, Brain would've made a great asset for Nazarick being a lvl 30+ human able to kamikaze to around 40 is unique among NW humans. Only regular humans in that range would be Fluder and BS members iirc.


They might not understand why someone as strong and righteous as Sebas serves Ainz at all. It could be like Momon and Evileye, except worse because Sebas has served Ainz all along whereas as far as anyone knows Momon only served him recently and out of necessity. Brain reached pseudo-40? That's absolutely nuts. I don't even count Fluder and BS as regular, they're complete anomalies, even Clementine called herself inhuman.


Just like his benefactor Gazef, Brain *never* would have even considered working for Nazarick -- as an aside, that's why I'm pretty sure that Brain is gone for good. As with Gazef, Ainz will respect Brain's warrior's death and let him rest.


Only? A warrior would not ask for a better death than Brain's.


Nah, I'm with Tyrion Lannister on that one. Warrior or not, best death is at the age of 80, in your own bed, with a belly full of wine and a woman's mouth around your ... But it was probably the best end someone who stood against Nazarick could ever hope for.


He got the death Zanac deserved.


Yeah, I said it wrong, it was definitely the best possible death for Brain.


Specially shalltear since brain even named his ultimate move "true nail clipper" or something


Lmao he's got to report to her room once a week to give her a manicure


“Nail Clipper”. He even named his greatest ability after Shalltear


Thing is, Sebas still owns an unpaid debt. He said one day he’ll return it. Probably by asking Ainz to revive Unglaus, because i can’t imagine other ways.


but why froze him, maybe he have plan to revive him? or maybe he's not dead yet and just gravely wounded?


Maybe he plans to collect him and bring him to the 5th floor and have a collection of honored warriors frozen on display? or it was just to show any who would look the final resting place of a warrior who stood his ground in the face of death and didn't back down to hold his ground.


ala Trazyn "gotta catch em all" the infinite.


Like a Yuki-Onna in japanese legends


Don't quote me but I think the LN stated that he was going to take him to his floor, not as a trophy but because he respected so much the resolve that he wanted to have him there. I'm assuming like a "Hall of Warriors" type of thing. I think I'm misremembering but I'm sure somebody will correct me.


If he wasn't dead before the ice coffin, he definitely was after.


The move being called "True Nail Cutter" made it so so good and so sad at the same time...


I love that he upgraded it from just "Nail Clipper" which he got from fighting Shalltear, to "True Nail Clipper" after training.


The number of slashes each time he uses the technique also increase, so it's great attention to detail


How many slashes did he achieve in his final move? I counted 6 but might've missed one. If it's 6 that means he really did copy Gazef's unique move, add it to his own, then surpass him in terms of levels.




Oh shit, nvm guess I did miscount.


In the light novel it is described as Brain attains the realm of heros in the moment of his attack. Only to be defeated in the next line of text.


Brain freeze


Slow clap 👏👏👏


Cute little goats move closer noticing your slow clapping.


You've been waiting the entire season for that one, haven't you?


Funnily enough i wrote it on my notes the day I read it like almost 2 years ago, and completely forgot about it until this morning when I watched the episode


A well earned Sasuga! to you!


The culmination of your two year plan. Sasuga


I wish it were 10,000 years


*Badum tiss*


Wow, Lakyus’ scene was way more brutal than I recalled. I just remembered they stabbed her first, then a punch from Gagaran before Evil Eye cast Charm Person. The anime just kept going on and on, which makes sense given who they’re trying to take down. Brains scene was also very well done, and the eastern sounding music to end the episode nailed the kind of bushido honor that Cocyutus felt Brain deserved.


>Wow, Lakyus’ scene was way more brutal than I recalled. I just remembered they stabbed her first, then a punch from Gagaran before Evil Eye cast Charm Person. The anime just kept going on and on, which makes sense given who they’re trying to take down. I just looked it up, the scene is actually (shockingly) faithful to the LN.


Might also be that we can also hear all of Lakyus’ screams and groans with each attack. Really helps sell the idea that you can’t just chop the neck or put a sedative in the tea to knock out Adventurers of her caliber, and in a way makes it worse for them since they have to be awake for all of it.


Bitch wouldn't stay down lol


So, the streets are empty because everybody either fled or are hiding inside the houses?


Most of the people could not escape, they are just locked in their houses hoping not to die, not that they could do much more.


True, they can't defeat Cocytus & Co. But it's just really sad that Brain is basically the only one fighting.


To be fair, the army Zanac led numbered over 400,000, and they were swept off-screen by Cocytus and Mare. Those who remained in the city were just a small group of soldiers and even so they decided to face the enemy that was coming, quite brave I would say but they all died frozen by Cocytus' ability or crushed by Not-Godzilla.


Most of the men are already dead.


Pretty much everyone who wished to fight already joined the army which was wiped out at the start. The rest tried to run away our baricaded themselves which was not really displayed in the anime. The built there own coffins like children hoping the monster will go away if you put your head under the blanket. Also a lot of sucides


Well, brain said most of the civilians couldn't escape, so I guess they're all just hiding. I mean, most countries wouldn't commit genocide of an entire country, so maybe they figured they'd just be conquered.


Cocytus going around Brain's dead body as a sign of respect. And on top of that, freezing him as a way of giving a burial with honor.


what happened to brain after our favorite nudist finished up with the capital? did he leave him there or move his frozen body back to his floor in the tomb


I think he's in the tomb.


that's what i like to think too


I love the ridiculous "overbuffing" moments that reference how these fights would look like in a real MMO, it never fails to get a chuckle out of me


I've seen this exact thing happen in elden ring posts lol, man buffs for 30 seconds then gets blitz instantly.


My man, Brain, really used Perfume Bottles and a Physic. Definitely, buffed his ATK, ATK buff for consecutive attacks, and Fervour self buff. All he was missing was, Flame grant me strength and Golden Vow.


How nice of the princess to feed the orphans :3


Now they can at least die with a full belly ;)


And a woman’s mouth over their… Wait sorry that was a comment further up




I don't like the sound of that O_O


Am I missing something or did she do something to the food?


>!She got a race change item from Albedo, and said she had no problem meeting the conditions. Poisoning a bunch of orphans seems like a good way to literally turn into a demon.!<


Gotta get that karma negative somehow! Orphan grinding must give you a hell of a lot of it. Pro gamer move on Renner's part.


I'm now just hoping it's a peaceful poisoning and not barfing blood and scream as your guts feel like they're on fire poisoning.


I havent gotten to that part of the LN yet, but given what she wants to become the worse the pain the better her chances. As a princess working with Albedo and the 8 fingers she probably had access to some really horrific stuff.


yeah.... this is sort of a spoiler for next episode. Please mark this as such for those that aren't LN readers.


haha very nice indeed


Brain Unglaus The Gigachad


The "duel" at the end shows why Cocytus is my favorite Floor Guardian. Just like in season 2 with the Lizardmen, here he also shown respect towards Brain Unglaus. Brain knew he had no chance against someone like Cocytus, yet he still tried to attack him. It was in vain, but in the eyes of Cocytus it was honorable.


Indeed If you notice Brain smiled a little when Cocytus showed him the posture he was going to use to attack him. Like : Here try it. I’ll give you a chance to survive and prove yourself.


RIP brain! It's tea time lol Also I feel that Godzilla was not bullied enough - they didn't get the comedic note that LN gave.


I seem to remember that the bullying he received was more violent lol, poor Not-Godzilla, he didn't deserve that.


How was he bullied in the LN?


I believe he was ganged up by the other monsters (which were described as smaller than Iri - gap moe-ish) this is due to them getting annoyed by him screaming. Then was described as he was begging for pity to Aura (description that it was pathetic despite it's appearance) - then the commands were same from what I remembered - stomp people then they went separate ways (Aura on special mission).


God damn cocytus is intimidating. He walked through an armored city gate and just blew it out of the way like it was balsa wood, froze everyone around just by being near them and kept walking turning the area into Ice Age 2. Dude is a force of nature


lol thats just his passive aura


Cocytus confirmed Holy Freeze Zealot Paladin from Diablo 2


You get the opposite in the movie where a certain demon lord's swagger stroll in the park brought fire and death to all those around him.


A great episode without a doubt, the part of Blue Rose and Brain's last battle was well adapted for the most part IMO, although I feel it's a shame that the anime left out the detail that Brain was fighting in the exact same place where Gazef found him. Literally facing the same alley, which makes his last stand there more meaningful, even more so considering he got Cocytus to swerve out of the way out of respect seeing Brain guard that part so hard. In the same way it would have been cool if Cocytus mentioned that it was a level 40 attack, basically saying that for a moment Brain entered the Hero Realm with his last attack. Also, I seem to recall that Not-Godzilla received more aggressive bullying from Aura's other pets but maybe it's just my imagination. Not-Godzilla-kun doesn't deserve to be treated like this!


Press F to pay respect. Will miss you Brian 🫡




X to doubt cause it’s spelt Brain
























Did Mad house make a change? correct me if i'm wrong: Ainz talking about Six Gods/8GKs dies, they must be players like him and he confirmed NPCs can come back to life in the NW. isn't this supposed to be a convos with all Guardians who is presented in that room and i remember albedo said that Ainz should never leave Nazarick .


Yeah originally he said that stuff out loud but I'm guessing they decided to portray it that way to get the point across without having to spend more screentime in the rest of the conversation


more time to talk about tea :P


Renner giving chills. Shes really freaky, the way she just casually acts like she knows what is happening before it happens. Looking at her, it feels like she is watching a movie that she's seen 20 times. Its all just a play, barely anything interesting enough to get her to tilt her head.


it was really cool that they switched Ainz's dialogue about his doubt whether or not he could resurrect to an internal monologue, to me it makes more sense than him speaking openly.


Though it did cause us to lose the floor guardians thinking into overdrive trying to figure out what the hell he's talking about, which is sad. That was a fantastic scene in the LN.


Could you post the scene here?


Here you go. > “We have already confirmed that you all and the inhabitants of this world could be resurrected — but what about me? While we do not have solid proof of this, the Six Great Gods and Eight Greed Kings of yore were probably beings similar to what I am. Their legends concluded with their deaths, so it is likely that they could not be resurrected. We have no choice but to assume that to be the truth when carrying out these operations. To put it simply, in order to avoid my death, the worst form of defeat, we have no option but to accept other forms of defeat.” > “—Ainz-sama.” > “What’s wrong, Albedo?” > “Ainz-sama, what you have just said made a lot of sense. So would it not be better for you to stay within the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick, rather than leave for excursions?” > A perfectly logical conclusion. If there was a possibility that their master could not be revived, then having him stay where it was safest for him and not step out of that place would be best. > “…Indeed. I have thought of that too, but surely you could understand it too. Especially you all?” > His brain went into overdrive in an attempt to understand what his master was talking about, but nothing came to mind. > Ooooh, how depressing was that? > As one of the foremost intellectuals in Nazarick, he still could not immediately grasp his master’s thoughts. > Pandora’s Actor racked his brain until a strange liquid almost began to seep out of it. It was the same for Demiurge and Albedo, one could see it on their faces. Shalltear, on the other hand, looked like she was not thinking at all. > Do not think about the others. Pandora’s Actor forced his attention away from them. > Silence fell upon the group for quite a while, only to be broken by their master’s disappointed sigh. > Pandora’s Actor felt unbearable shame and so did Demiurge. While he could not see Albedo, who was behind him, she was surely the same. > “What’s wrong? Raise your heads.” > He spoke with such a harsh tone, yet Pandora’s Actor could not allow himself to disobey a direct order from his master. > He raised his head.


so far i didn't read the LN but the more i read from your posts guys the more i want to read it. first thing to do after watching the movie


You have a lot more self control than me, I made it about 4 episodes into season 1 before I tracked down and read every Overlord novel that was translated The novels are really good


I made to season 4 episode like 3 before I was like "Damn I kinda want to read the novels too" now I'm 7 novels deep and loving all of it


Oooh what chapter was this in the LN? Makes me wanna read it!


Volume 14 Chapter 4. I posted [an excerpt of the specific moment as requested here](https://www.reddit.com/r/overlord/comments/xjb02u/overlord_iv_episode_12_invasion_of_the_royal/ip7kefm/?context=3), but that whole chapter is great, especially when read in contrast with its parts together, showing the differences and similarities between Ainz and PDL.


those hiding residents must be in mixed laughter , confusion and hopelessness after hearing some guy outside yelling his attack "True Nail clipper !!"


And at that moment,Brain has surpassed Gazeff in power


Not just Gazef, but pretty much every other human without YGGDRASIL influences.


>without YGGDRASIL influences Right? All Brain has is some buffing potions, a well-made, a warrior-related Talent, and a very sharp katana. Dude doesn't have any legendary items or YGGDRASIL gear, no Player bloodline, etc.


For the anime only folks, Brain's talent literally breaks the rules. Normally you can only use a finite number of martial skills at once, but Brain doesn't have that limit. However it burns through his HP (or maybe exp, it's a little unclear). In that one moment, he literally surpassed what anyone else can physically do. In a sense, in that moment, Brain was the single greatest warrior of all time. Still not enough to overcome a 60 level difference along with a gap in gear quality.


Man the tea scene was awesome, really fluid and visceral, could almost feel Lakyus' pain.


NGL; I shed a tear when Brain got into stance.


>!Could anyone fill in the details about albedo and princess rennar and what that box she was holding in episode 2? and why does her eyes show like she mind controlled in that episode?!< >!Also how does that correlate with her in this episode?!<


>!She got a seed to turn herself into a imp as a reward for helping nazarick, it has a cost to activate, the food for the kids at th orphanage its poisoned, she killed them to became an imp.!< >!Shes gonna live in nazarick as an imp, fu....g climb everyday!<


Thanks 😁 Also put that in spoiler tag so the mod doesn't come after u


>!is that why she tested out the sword? with the levels(i assume) she got from killing lots of kids?!<


I'm not too sure on this but her killing the kids is just to lower her karma value in order to meet the requirements to active the cube. As for how renner can swing a sword quite well is that she have a really rare class called genius where it's levels can interchange to other common classes. She has 5 points in genius so I assume that at that point she use them for a bit of warrior class


oh cool i didnt know that, i got a bit confused how she got so much power in the swing.


Heavy spoiler: >!She is going to use that to kill her father, then fakes it as if she is mind-controled to force Climb shows off, showcasing Climb as a valuable asset so he will have the Imp seed as well.!<


I think you mean climb


Apparently her "Genius" levels are a wildcard that let her use any moves from any class at will.


>!The box is a racial change item but it is rumored that it requires karma change to work. She poisoned the orphans and we know it's working. She is feeling the change and asked for the sword to test her new strength.!<


Your last sentence is just a speculation based on hints, the other speculation seems more logical to me IMO, especially in the Novel >!She has the job class genius (5 levels) and can freely use them to temporaly gain levels of other classes. The speculation is that she used those levels to gain warrior levels. The hint is that Climb mentions the way she uses the sword would suggest that she had sword training before, which is impossible!<


This is the good part about Overlord. No absolutes... You could read all available content but there will be so much to speculate...


Just wait till next week, dude. They will explain pretty much all of it.


But next week is sooooooooooo long. Classroom of the elite and overlord are the only anime I watched this season.


so true, I just started parallel pharmacy and my god I slept on that. Sadly, I binged all the episodes last night due to a damn mosquito.


What happend to blue rose after this arc?


IIrc >! There's no more mention of them!<


So thats the last time well see blue rose?


Unless they show up in the final volumes, yes! But it seems fairly likely they will, given how those final volumes will basically be humanity's last stand.




>!Goodbye sexy ninja twins!< :(


That part with Lakyus forced to retreat was kinda confusing in the LN because the dialogue transition was quite abrupt, I figured the anime would depict that scene more clearly. I'm super satisfied with how they animated Brain's last stand with Cocyutus, it was quite a plain picture in my head based on the LN. Also if I'm not mistaken, wasn't Brain supposed to be sliced in half or something? Finally, I hope they skip the ED for the last episode >!so that they can use the screentime to show the aftermath of Re-estize with Marquis Raeven along with Philip and the Human Forest!<


>!Renner swinging sword: "Immortality, increased strength and UNLIMITED STAMINA!


[Lakyus vs Blue Roses.mp3](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yl5I0tDwBOg)


Is this the first time ainz mentions sgg and egk?


In the anime, yes I believe it’s the first time Ainz himself mentioned those names. They were used a lot more in the novel


Remember never to drink tea


I mean it's great that Cocytus gave Brain a quick and honorable death. But that's just an embarrassing display that his sword never even reached Cocytus. Also they did a great job depicting Lakyus's pacification. My goodness that beatdown was so brutal. Sadly this will be the last time we'll see Blue Rose. Shame, they were the one of the non-Nazarick-aligned party that I was actually routing with. I really enjoyed their characters, but they were gone too quickly before they even peak. Especially Lakyus, I really would have wanted to see more of her in action.


This is the difference between Nazarick & the new world. Brain, right before that strike had reached level 40 which is almost unheard of for a human being. He is stronger than Gazef, almost as strong as Fluder & evil eye for about a minute, he reached the realms of heroes. Without any gear from Yggdrasil like Black scripture, without an undead body like evil eye, without 200+ years of lifespan like Fluder, he stepped into realms of heroes just by sheer determination & hard work ( His talent helps too ). Oh & he would have basically destroyed himself in about a minute using all those martial arts all at once even if he didn't get killed with 1st strike. That was how much he was pushing himself.


His sword reached Cocytus (Cocytus let him). It just didn't penetrate through.


Well at least you can argue that the way it was depicted fits with both how Cocytus could simply not be hurt by Brain for even at his strongest he was merely level 40 and Cocytus cannot be damaged by anyone below 60, but also fits as an end note for Brain's entire struggle of reaching an impossible level. Furthermore he is probably fast enough to block Brain even at his fastest and in fact in the LN he is after all the one who swings first and Brain apparently doesn't even respond fast enough to block. But this depiction arguably does it more respectfully to Brain in that it's clearly a clash of their attacks and Cocytus wins. Which of course he does. But this actual interception gives Brain's growth a greater ending arguably than possible alternatives. This is considering that as far as anime is concerned, the last time someone impressive in spirit as a warrior fought Cocytus, he merely took a step. Here he actually raises a blade with two arms and intercepts an attack with his blade, implying that even if for a moment, Brain is considered to be someone worthy of such a strike. Brain dies happy knowing that he has reached a level where someone per his own assumptions on par with Shalltear, deems it worthy to actually intercept his attack and strike him with a true killing blow. I would argue Brain striking and hitting Cocytus and being repelled by his shield would arguably make Brain seem less impressive and undermine such a moment IMO.


I will never get tired of Cocytus’ warrior pride. Even if the result is obvious, this is the best way it could have gone for Brain. Any other guardian would have simply swatted him aside without further thought. But with Cocytus he was treated honorably and with respect. Idk why but I absolutely love this warrior pride archetype.




I feel like Brain's death lost something from the books. But Blue Roses' exit was given something in return so you know, half'n'half episode for me. The importance of that street, Cocytus' decision to move around him, these things were given a lot of gravitas in the appropriate book chapters that I miss. I liked those chapters.


Im quite happy with the way it was portrayed, tbh. Feels like it still has the cold sadness and futility of his effort, and I really appreciated how they included Cocytus stepping around his body as opposed to over it. That seems like something they could have very well excluded for budgetary reasons.


I think his death seemed more epic in the book because of the narrator hyping him up and going into detail about how he pushed himself beyond his limit.


Not just beyond his limit, but beyond Gazef, the unconquerable mountain that had been in front of him all this time. He didn't give up Razor's Edge because he still felt he was unworthy of it, but because he was worthy of his own sword. Brain finally surpassed Gazef in the end, stepped foot into the realm of heroes, and died an honorable death against the world's strongest warrior. He couldn't have gotten a better end than that.


Thats what the nose bleed means, right? That he pushed his limit.


Yes. I think they did a decent job of showing in the anime what the novel was telling the reader.


yeah, you can see they veins strain in his eyes, he was basically killing himself to even do this and I loved the name he gave for his final strike, true nail clipper


He was one of my favorite characters. Sad to see him go, but I don't think he could have had a better send off than this.


That too, definitely. It was the same for the first fight with Shalltear. In the book it is all given a lot of Gravitas, poor guy basically has his world flipped upside down. But we don't see than in the anime. Poor Brain seems to have a habit of losing a bit of himself for the purpose of other scenes. :p


the episode was fast who put a time warp?


Cash shop item


Anyone knows where to pick up in the LN after this ep?


Vol. 14 Chapter 4. The Middle of Part 9. Brain was killed at the end of Part 8.


Volume 1


I occasionally wonder what the others think about Cocytus' honor. I think Sebas would get it on some level but I'm not sure about the others. Ainz would appreciate it because it would remind him of his creator even if Ainz himself is more utilitarian when it comes to valuing others that are non-Nazarick.


There's no reason they should mind if it doesn't prevent him from doing his job. Cocytus is arguably closest with *Demiurge* of all people, as the latter once made mentioned he'd refer to work with Cocytus above anyone else.


So what was up with Cocytus’ 720 spin around brain? I assume he had some kind of bushido reason for it but it was lost on me


Since Brain was defending that path he decided to go around him as a sign of respect


He wanted to respect Brain's last stand. It shows that Brain defended the spot or something like that.


He saved 120 rocks from a frozen death a true hero indead


>!To be fair that street is the only thing left after Mare completely obliterates that entire city. !< >!So Brain genuinely achieved something no other force on the side of the Kingdom could during that siege, he managed to protect a part of the capital, as tiny as it was. !<


Wonder if we're going to see that in the anime. There hasnt been any impressive magic for ages


I remembered it was explained in WN that Cocytus purposely delayed his advance by walking around the town as a sign of respect for Brain.


so what will the last episode be about next week ?


>!The fate of renner and her dog, plus a scene with some Nobel's who were spared looking at the aftermath of the destruction.!< Be interesting to see if they mention the events of the movie to set it up as a flashback.


>!Not to forget Albedo punishing we know who!<


In a perfect world we'd get a 30min ep based entirely on that scene


>!so vesture and aura part get skip?!<


>!They might do that part but wouldn't be surprised if it gets cut, its not super important storywise and the focus will be on wrapping up renner/climb as they are the only 2 remaining main characters outside of nazarick !< But who knows


Rest in peace my blue-haired king.


Sad that it's only one more episode left, great season!


Why did Cocytus move around the buildings ?




To not trample Brain out of respect


To respect Brain's last stand. Basically Cocytus doing this says two things: A) Cocytus most likely assumes, correctly, that Brain has some sentimental or other value in that street or part of said street. Which he does kinda, it's explained in LN. So as a sign of respect to where Brain took his last stand, Cocytus does not march through that street. B) Some have also argued that by going around Cocytus also slows down his advance, therefore implying that Brain was a great enough warrior by the standards of this world that he actually slowed Cocytus down. Of course nobody is there to see this, but Cocytus is kinda an absurdly honorable and respecting warrior like that and he greatly respected Brain for his last stand and reaching levels impossible for almost all of mankind in the new world.


I just realized why Rener tried out Gazef's sword ... can't believe I missed it when reading the LN.


When I pictured this in my head, I imagined people running around screaming. Also, I figured it would be during nighttime. Would've made it seem a lot more ominous.


It's a small detail, but I like the "That's exactly right." said by Ainz to Albedo before the intro starts. It actually sounds like he meant it rather than just getting caught up with the flow of his NPCs like in previous times.


Cocytus was already my fave, but this ep made me like him even more.


Can i get spoiler with Lakyus reaction after they teleported away from the kingdom and Charm person run off?


Doesn't exist. They're never mentioned again.


Once again seeing why Cocytus is my favorite guardian! Man went above and beyond with the respect for a warrior. Walking around Brain’s immediate area was really meaningful.


Since his body was preserved I’m hoping cocytus asks ainz to resurrect him to serve under him like the lizard men . But I could understand if he doesn’t if cocytus wants to respect brain by leaving him dead and frozen


Anyone notice the stark difference in visual quality this episode compared to previous episodes? Out of frame characters didn't look goofy. It was done properly. I didn't see any lazy, reduce budget drawings when they were in the background.


It's episode 12 does this mean we'll have to wait for season 5 to see the resolution of the invasion?