Well the twins didn’t tell Ainz she was going to betray nazarick, Ainz asked if someone of Albedos caliber would be able to leak information out of Nazarick, and the twins misunderstood him and thought he was talking about Albedo. To which Ainz answered no and something around the lines of (I could never imagine Albedo betraying Nazarick) or something. Ainz even said he felt sorry for using Albedo as an example.


>that’s not simple matter I think it is something simple, a joke of the author, no other AOG member will come to the new world. Nothing will happen.


Not even Peroroncino?


He would need to carry a world item and he left his equipment in nazarick like the majority of the supreme beings.


That could be, and would actually be really interesting, but I have a small issue with it. Albedo's death squad is only coming into action in case of a supreme being appearance, and the premise of the entire story is that there are none, so what would happen if it never gets used? Sure, that would cause complications, but I doubt it would escalate into a civil war as if a SB actually got murdered


Nah. You are being scam by Maru. It was just Albedo being paranoid as always. Is how Overlord characters are. They are paranoid about a lot of things. Plus i don't think the siblings are that smart as you depict them to be. If Ainz is ok with everything, why should the twins start spouting that kind of nonsense to Demi for no reason? That is basically badmouthing your superior behind their backs and means you don't trust each other in the guild. And both Aura and Mare are too innocent for that. Also i seriously doubt there is any time for this as Nazarick had just been mobilized to begin their next war. Everyone would be way too busy. Not to mention Albedo basically hasn't done anything yet as she hasn't even put them to any task. Her unit was formed with Ainz permission. So there is zero proof of any misgivings. Is just her own paranoia at work. Is the basic comedy of the novel that all these smart characters always overthink things. Her unit even has PA and the troops are also from Ainz, so even if Demi know about the unit, he would assume Ainz, being the greatest mind in Nazairck, also has his plans for the unit. Is not Demi place to question Ainz actions. Also don't forget Albedo has always been doing weird shit to Ainz that everyone in Nazarick is already used to her crazy antics most of the time.




isn’t demiurge and pandora actor is part of her plan? I think demiurge already know about that