Zesshi mother was also a godkin.


Dang... Thanks. Stupid me. Could've easily check the [wiki](https://overlordmaruyama.fandom.com/wiki/Faine) for an answer instead. So this confirms that the more player's genes you have in your blood, the stronger you are. Should I just delete this post afterall? Or would it make a good discussion?


Maybe. Don’t think it’s a coincidence that they were both awakened God Kin and produced an offspring with a high level cap. But she would still technically be half Player and half New Worlder since both her parents are half breeds too. So I think it’s just their level caps that helped. Probably still a roll of the dice though. Honestly the Captain of the BS seems much more impressive than Zesshi , in my opinion. Dude is in his mid teens and, if the high ballers are right, he might be in his high 60’s to low 70’s. He was catching up to her fast.


He might even be just as old as Momongas character.


I don’t think so. LN says he looks under 20 and that it’s weird why he hasn’t been married off yet. So I’m assuming if teen. Than again the Theocracy laws could be a bit different.


Honestly I think level 60-70 for him might be a low ball. >we know that a gap of 5 levels or more is considered to much to overcome He could be as high as 80 and would still lose one sidedly to Zesshi who is 88


Well no shit he would still get wrecked. Point I was making is that he is far younger and is catching up to her extremely fast. That’s why I think he is far more impressive. Well assuming he isn’t capped out anyways.


I was agreeing w you— but I also believe he is at least Level 75


Maybe, maybe not. Wondering if his build is as crappy as Zesshi’s though.


I think the near impossible gap was 10 levels.


That would still place a high end estimate of the captain at 78ish


Wait.. Demiurge is going to have a field day if that's the case!!!


Zesshi's mother was a God-kin Level difference is absolutely huge as well. 11 levels is a pretty big difference, even if her build is dogshit. Her talent is rather broken as well


No as much since she has wasted levels and he actually has a focused build.


Yeah and that would only matter if he had actually trained.


What did she waste levels on?


Zesshi's mother was also a Godkin. IIRC wasn't that even a big part of the reason for the war between Slaine and the Elf Kingdom ? The Elf King went and kidnapped, raped and impregnated a godkin, if it was just some random woman the fall out would likely be nothing close to it. On top come that genetics aren't that straight forward and there are always exceptions. I mean look at people like Gazef, he was born as just some random guy but he randomly had the ability to reach a level where he stands with one foot in the realm of heroes, which puts him above like 99% of all humans in the New World.


Zeshi is double Godkin and the fact that her mom trained the fuck out of her. In the vol 15 intermission, her mom was training her to the point that her mom didn’t care if she died because she could withstand resurrection. It’s possible that Zeshi has reached her level cap because she has been pushed so much whereas we don’t know if the Elf King has


From the way he treats his children probaly. But his father made sure that it was never a Situation were he really would die. But the greed kings also probaly were super busy.


Her mother is a descendant of one of the six great gods, so a godkin. her father is the son of one of the Eight Greed Kings, in this case, a descendant of a player as well. So she's stronger because she's descended from two players and because of her talent.


Why can't she be stronger? This is not just about her having strong parents you know that make beings strong. Is also about her training real hard to become strong over the years as a fighter. Is not about the bloodline that matter much. That merely gave her more potential for growth. Her leveling up and gaining job classes still has to comes from her own hard work. No matter how great someone talent is, without hard work and effort, you will still be garbage. And Elf king was garbage as he was too proud of his strength and became lazy. He rely too heavily on his summon and even forgotten most of his spells he learn in the past. A being that rely so heavily on his summon has terrible stats compare to a Lv88 warrior like ZZ who focus on strength and speed in combat.


Pretty much. The elf king probably never faced anything that chould stand up to his summon, let alone threaten him, so in his thought process became "why should i care or bother to train or prepare myself for a fight?! I am the strongest!"


Elf King level 77 I think you hit the target


Both godkin parents, + hellish training. Elf king is lazy and put no effort in training and learning.


It seems that the whole Godkin having specific levels of power or ability to rise to a specific level is not something that is easily understandable or has some predetermined rule. Remember after all how much Theocracy tries to breed Godkin, but it mostly seems to not work. And there are also authorial claims that in, at least seemingly most cases, there are limits of levels and power usually of what Godkin can even reach, that being apparently level 60. Also it's basically Video Game characters brought to life trying to breed with actual people of another world. So that might also lead to some really weird interactions considering power limits, levels and all that are connected to souls or whatever?