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Well first of all, just like all the stories before this, it seemed very meaningless for most part. There is always stuff that makes books sometimes feel like they progress slowly. 1. >!They go to dark elf villager, figure out what kind of race they are and if they have valuable technology. (Try to get Aura and Mare make friends while at it.)!< 2. >!They go loot the Elf capital because they are at war, run into the king and make him run away.!< 3. >!Run into theocracy nutjob and capture him, rummage trough her memories and information and declare war to theocracy.!< >!What is funny is that Zesshi the theocracy nutjob actually figured out the perfect plan for Ainz. Plant Aura and Mare as ruler of elves after disposing the king and thus gain control of another nation without bloodshed trough sheer luck. And he gets to proceed to wreck Theocracy while saving elves.!< Honestly it's not that different from the dwarves and dragons arc, just that there was a bit less fighting and more of other stuff.


Dwarves was 1 volume. Established friendly relations and a new trade route for exclusive exotic goods, and dragon transport. Now admittedly, it ended up having very little impact on the overall story..... but. It was only 1 volume. This was 2.... 2 whole volumes of nothing. They captured zesshi, which atleast so far, means nothing. And declared war. Main thing that happened was the death of the elven king. But, he only really existed in this Arc, and it is yet to be seen if it has any influence at all. I mean, I'm not even sure if the destruction of the capital, and death of the king will even effect the rest of the elven province, which were basically set up as self sufficient tribes, completely independent of the capital. So basically it's an independent, self contained story, with 1 short climax, in nearly 400 pages of fluff. Probably close to 90% of nothing. I wouldn't be so annoyed if the series wasn't coming to a close, and we have to wait 1-5 years for a continuation.


This was actually one volume split in two. It was purposefully split to lower the page count.


Why are you asking such a obvious question? Ainz told you already. He is on vacation. Don't expect something else when you already been giving the truth. lol We got to see elves and know a bit how they lived and interact. When did Maru ever claim his novels has to heavily focus on having some kind of grand goal? Ainz just goes with the flow most of the time. He want a find elves, he got his wish. What more you want? Plus at least the elf war is finish and Ainz finally manage to find clue's about those who targeted Shalltear. People that he was searching for almost the entire story. Spending so much effort and time to bait them out. And now he got it by accident. So i wouldn't call this a bad thing. That is life. Shit just happen. If you ask me, considering now that the next war will start. Ainz will probably order his troops to start wiping out the Theocracy army in the forest too. Not to mention Ainz did say he will visit them again and try to make contact and trade with the dark elves in the future. So i wouldn't call this arc pointless. Is like claiming vol 2, 4, 7, 8 pointless too.


i cant believe u cant foresee ainz's 1000 year plan. even a simple action has massive consequences u know?


10.000 year*




Ainz is on vacation and so is the plot (mostly).


WORLD BUILDING which is the best thing the author does, love the back to back convo of the Youngster Elves, Elder Elves and Kid Elves - seems like everyone is making up things as they go lol


I feel this was just to add breathing room before the big finale. Vol 14 had a lot going on already so I consider 15-16 to be a break time before shit hits the fan again.


I disagree. These volumes are a great set-up for the new improved ending. Ainz goes on stress fueled rampage, and ends own life. Ainz becomes a hermit salesman in the empire, who sells used shoes. ainz wakes up and it was all a horrible nightmare, and he returns to his refreshing life as a slave salesperson for the dystopia corporation. Ainz finally accepts his new life as nazaricks accountant after using his three stars ring to become someone else, faking his demise, abandoning his children. Ainz begs albedo and demiurge for a secretarial position beneath them, while they spend the next million years trying to figure out how this factors into his infallible plan.


The payoff of this arc is obviously Zesshi fight + Ainz wanting to destroy the Theocracy. Personally i do agree that a lot of the dark elf stuff was unneeded but it's part of Overlord's charm of doing great world building. I personally didn't care for that section of world building but i did find the scenes invovling the theocracy to be grea.t The theocracy is by in far the best written nation so far and i hope they get some good development next volume before their inevitable (although I am still rooting for them) destruction.


> it's part of Overlord's charm of doing great world building. Yes, but the dark elf stuff is anything but great world building. It' has no substance, and is way too worse than your typical great world building part of Overlord, say, the lizardmen arc, for example.


It was just a really weak volume but still enjoyable overlord content


Correction. "It was just a really weak" *volumes. And personally. I thought half or more of the village stuff was a big waste of time. Let's look at it this way. Did it focus on any of the characters we should care about, or will have any ongoing importance? Nope, that village will likely never be revisited. That alchemist we wasted our time with aswell as any throwaway character ainz bumbled into, so the author could have his unending monologues on salary man dating, japanese back breaking social etiquette, where you even need to apologise for having places to be, and epic, world shaking business philosophy discussions, that would excite any fan of.... VILLAIN FICTION DARK FANTASY, ABOUT AN UNSTOPPABLE DUNGEON OF DESTRUCTION AND THE PERSONIFICATION OF DEATH. I've seen other discussions about these books. And everyone points to the fact that the author wants to either go back to his epic salary man day job. Start writing teen fan fiction... I mean highschool rom coms, or just literally run away, because he hates overlord. And if you read the book carefully... you can see it. AINZ WANTS TO ESCAPE! That was the entire theme of both books. Escaping the overbearing expectation and retreating back to his menial role of a mindless slave.


He been brainwashed by Japanese society fr fr I don't really count those as 2 separate volumes. Just for me they aren't


Yet, you have to buy each separately. Likely for full price, and each is as long as other volumes, and likely took just as long to write.


I mean I probably won't get to buy them in my lifetime. My country is like on volume 4💀


The point is, Ainz wanted them to make some friends. Duh??


The point is for us to enjoy it, not every book need to advance the plot by miles, we all know the end of the story .. "Ains wins and takes over the world" what we need is to enjoy the ride there while looking out the windows and pointing out how many people are dying and how funny their struggle is.


You're right, not every book as too push the plot forward, and sometimes it's important to slow down and focus on what you've built before building onto it more. This arc does neither. We don't get any progression or introspection. It just introduces a bunch of forgettable characters and then tosses them aside. And this would be fine if it didn't take up the equivalent length of a whole book. The only parts of these two books which have any real value are the starts and the end. It would be very easy to edit this whole part out. Have them set out of a journey, encounter the army of the Theocracy (like they do anyways) and then beat the elf king. This part DESERVES criticism for bringing nothing new to the table.


>This arc does neither. We don't get any progression or introspection. It just introduces a bunch of forgettable characters and then tosses them aside. You mean like they have done with all other Arcs? * The Empire, we went, we conquer and now we only cut to it as a joke on The emperor stress levels * The Dwarven Kingdom, we went, we stablish friendly relationships and now we only have the runecraft joke * The Holy Kingdom, we went, we plot and we conquer and now we only have a Karen and a Best girl which we see none of them for the rest of the time. * The Kingdom, we went, we destroyed and now we have the crane wing formation to remember them. We have only one plot .. world conquest, we dont need to build upon anything every step every country we add .. is a step forward. If you think this 2 Volumes were not as good as the others that's perfectly fine but just the same they are perfectly as they are.


Isn’t learning the daily lives of the elves “new content” ? We didn’t know how their social structures worked, what enemies they had, and how they survive. So I think we got a lot of new world lore which I think is great


Go read slime.


I agree for the most part it doesn’t add overall value and to me is unnecessary. However it does highlight some things that readers may like and some stuff that may come back. 1. The fact that Aura/ Mare will never even be able to pretend like they are normal kids or make connections with others. This shouldn’t surprise anyone but highlighting it for some people may be nice. 2. Ainz getting some alchemical knowledge. This is also the same volume where they mention the theocracy can make red potions. So that could come back in the future. 3. The likelihood that elves will try to settle in Ainz’s kingdom. This will likely be a throwaway line in a latter volume (kinda like the paladins surprise about seeing the dwarfs alongside monsters when they visited)


The thing is that like Overlord has been accelerating in various ways. That being the expansion of Nazarick power, the inhumanity of Ainz, the growth of all the NPCs somewhat, even if we do not see a lot of it as it happens and only see the results of this off-screen growth in capability and intellect. And any sort of idea that there is any interesting opposition has been dashed and the plans and plots of Nazarick no longer seem to work under the idea that there must be something strong enough to challenge them so one of the fundamental pillars of what made the previous volumes slower and more down to earth so to say are gone. So from that perspective, the sudden tone shift and this huge slow down of the plot might feel rather strange for a lot of people.


>Nazarick no longer seem to work under the idea that there must be something strong enough to challenge them That's an interesting way to see it, they have become more bold and forward. ​ >Overlord has been accelerating in various ways. But i think it has to do with the fact that Overlord has marked its ending it has a few Volumes left (don't remember is it was the author decision or the editors) but overlord is ending and its ending soon.


Well yeah it probably seems that way because it's approaching it's end. Which one could argue is why more slow volumes might feel annoying or even offensive to some readers as it feels as if author is just wasting space when so much is unresolved or can be argued is unresolved.


There was no point. It was filler.


I think it is allowing as to see their day to day lives as they are now conquered and story wise allowing Aura and Mare to socialize which plot wise it isnt the best but Aura and Mare are kids so a violance heavy plot wouldnt cut it ,probably....


>see their day to day lives But we barely get to see their day to day lives. That would entail following them throughout Nazarick. We've even seen this in previous parts where we followed Mare around Nazarick has he delivers a 'secret message' to the other guardians. >allowing Aura and Mare to socialize We barely get to see them socialise. We're told they go off to play, but its never the focus. >Aura and Mare are kids so a violence heavy plot wouldnt cut it We've seen Aura massacre the humans in the Kingdom, Mare also levelled the city and killed thousands, and she even fought at the end of this same book. This point makes 0 sense.


Yeah ,my last point was nonsense:))),fair point


Yeah, fair point


I have hopes it will tie to together. Pasting a response I made to another post' "I'm hoping they go back to the castle, they can get the king and his items, wipe out all the theocracy troops there, take prisoners for info, etc. On top of that they can "save" the elves and use the theocracy's extermination plan for the elves as casus beli for pasting them to the outside world. Also to add I think this would tie in well with all the stuff with the dark elf village. The advice they took from Ainz was to send some fighters to help the capital. If they happened to get there in time they will recognize Aura and/or Mare and they already have very positive relations with them, especially that guy who really likes Aura."


It goes back to when demiurge wanted mare to help him in some experiments. We got a lot of dark female elfs just for mare.


Except for Ainz's reflection on what to do in the future and how maybe he is approaching his current situation incorrectly, I don't really see anything useful. It almost feels like filler and I'm not saying it because it's slice of life, but because it felt irrelevant in every way and the "new characters" there had no development at all and we didn't see anything transcendent or interesting from them either. That's what I'm always saying, it was unnecessary for it to be 2 volumes, just cutting out a few pages there would have made it all fit into one big volume and the overall reading would have been much more satisfying.


The 'New Characters' weren't even good. We've seen top-tier new characters like Remedios and Neia in previous chapters, but within these two books there isn't even a single character I can name. The only two I can remember are the ranger elf who fell in love with Aura (who just disappears after a while never to be seen again), and the Chief Doctor guy who literally did less than nothing.


Yeah, only the ped\*phile and the pharmacist were really "*characters*" and I'm being really generous with that. Frankly they felt boring, useless and inconsequential in every possible sense, that's something that's missing a lot here, a satisfactory characterization, except for Zesshi and the Elf King there wasn't really another "real character" apart from Ainz and the twins here, and it's not that those 2 had too much screen time either.


Well I think the Doctor is a important figure, it allowed Ainz to progress further than his class was meant to be. Which maybe is foreshadowing he might be able to go past level 100 later on.


One vol for people like me, not everything is supposed to feel important, vol 15 was necessary for the plot of vol 16,17,18. There is nothing bad in this arc, they could have just cut it a bit. The editor was not doing their job properly.


That last sentence summarises it for me. Not everything needs to be important, no. But as I've mentioned in a previous comment, you can either expand outwards or consolidate what you've already made. This arc does neither. It introduces new things only to then throw them away. These new things are each vapid ideas at best, boring at worst. You can't write a book where nothing happens and then except a positive reception. Especially when that nothing is also boring.


But if you look at it from the POV that it was a vacation, it makes sense, we got to see ainz and aura and mare together going to a vacation, and this vol did a good job(considering their personalities). I'm completely satisfied with this volume because I never expected anything serious to happen, I was waiting for a vacation arc, and it did the job for me, and it even helped to set up an arc for all the remaining volumes. If you really want to see a boring arc that adds nothing to story, go read cooking arcs in other novels, then you will understand what nothing happens means. 😂


It's just an excuse for World building. Heck, half of the novel is basically just World building. And there's nothing wrong with that.


15,16 is not good volume for 3 main reasons, Reason 1 The author gave a deadline to finish Overlord in 18 volumes. So 15 and 16 are 50% of whatever overlord content we are going to get and 80% (volume 15,16) is spent on crap that's completely irrelevant to the plot. The elf village is completely isolated and doesn't even have any value for setups like the Lizardmen or Carne Village. Reason 2 Mine and a good chunk of the Japanese fandom. Omitting the Draconic kingdom and City State Alliance. In the story ST, Elves and the draconic kingdom are interconnected in conflict but you don't hear anything from the draconic kingdoms pov. (Ex in volume 12, 13 you see how the 3 human Kingdoms interactions) Reason 3 This is a continuation of reason 1 and 2. Instead of the entire elf village section, They could have introduced the village to be in the draconic kingdom made up of refugee's from the elf forest (It could have been very simple as you need a navigator to take you yo the elven capital). This way the author could have covered already existing plotlines (the draconic kingdom) and created new plotlines to connect the AGC and the City State Alliance without wasting more volume space in the future volumes. spoiler ahead >!If it was done like this then the realization that Zesshi had about how Ainz can pop at any kingdom at any time more impactful!< .


Its call world building bro but you don't like it, do you ? So why don't you throw all overlord LN you have to bin and stick with your slime LN, it seem fit right in with you


Well, it is actually very important, without it Maruyama would have had to write volume 16, by dragging things beyond human capabilities he managed to make you read a whole volume's length worth of nothing.




I saw a comment on a video that said the sword he put down in the castle for a tp will be taken by the theocracy and have access to the capital through gate.


I agree. Truthfully speaking there was no plan at all. Ainz just wanted a vacation and to have the twins make friends. But instead, he learned some alchemy, raided the king’s treasury, catch one of the strongest warriors in the theocracy, and found out who brainwashed Shalltear. And maybe install the twins as the ruler of all elves since they have the eyes of royalty. I guess it’s funny that he actually accomplished a lot despite not planning for it at all. I guess that just how it goes with Ainz