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I guess all that is left is the final Arc, see you all in 1-2 years. Back to the cave.


bye mate, i'll linger for a bit longer before returning to my own cave, see you last volumes


Glad to be here in the early gang, see all of you for vol 17 soon <3


That "soon" is as unrealistic as the the Holy Kingdom movie coming "soon"


An Era is ending and I feel Melancholic. Overlord is ending soon while Spider ended a while ago and Mushoku is on its last volume already. It feels like it was just yesterday that vol 1 of these series were released and they are now ending today...




Kumo desu ga Nani ka




I thought we were going to have to wait until next Saturday, a pleasant surprise


And so, Zesshi had experienced a sasugasm, as she realized that everyone had been dancing in the palm of Ainz's hand. Have to feel bad for Theocracy, not only did they lose their best fighter, but they don't even know how/whom they lost her too. It's unclear if the elf-king revived and escaped or if Pandora's Actor caught him (or his corpse) but it could easily appear to Theocracy that Zesshi lost and was taken away by the elf-king. All in all, Zesshi losing like this is by far the worst possibility for Theocracy.


I'm hoping they go back to the castle, they can get the king and his items, wipe out all the theocracy troops there, take prisoners for info, etc. On top of that they can "save" the elves and use the theocracy's extermination plan for the elves as casus beli for pasting them to the outside world. Also to add I think this would tie in well with all the stuff with the dark elf village. The advice they took from Ainz was to send some fighters to help the capital. If they happened to get there in time they will recognize Aura and Mare and they already have very positive relations with them, especially that guy who really likes Aura.


At this point a cassus belli isnt necessary and if anything they will just say the Theocracy attacked the Sorcerer Kingdom (Shalltear), same way as with the Kingdom it doesnt matter if people dont believe them its happening either way.


At no point is it really necessary, they can steam roll everyone anyway. However, he wants to be a country that's seen as a paradise for those who submit and destruction to any who oppose them. Shalltear is enough of a reason for Ainz but if they want a reason for the outside world it won't work. First she was a vampire and on top of that slaying humans and attacked the theocracy people, and the world doesn't know that vampire as one of the Sorcerer Kingdom (it didn't even exist) so it really isn't a good casus belli to the rest of the nations. And really it's a free side benefit anyway, getting the king's items which Ainz wanted and wiping out the theocracy troops there would be the primary goals. Having a good reason to wipe them out and get the elves under their wing is just a bonus.


Slane Theocracy is well versed and aware that mind and memory reading is a thing, they even kill their ranks if questioned under duress. Zesshi goes missing, Zesshi has intimate knowledge of the Slane Theocracys movement, actions and motives towards the Sorcerer Kingdom and Ainz. The Sorcerer Kingdom attacks furiously. While speculation, such a thing doesn't just happen for no reason.


Tbh i doubt the Theocracy will get the news of Zesshi missing before Nazarick starts the invasion.


Elf king revived while zesshi was pressing him, then zesshi killed him again


Is that what happened? I was very confused why he "bloated"


The revival doesn't restore you to full health.. That's why he bloated.. He was resurrected on a too destroyed body


Yup, really sucks for them. This is exactly what the Vice captain of the holocaust scripture was talking about before he died. If you are going to die you NEED to make sure the information you gained gets back to your superiors or else your death is all for nothing. Zesshi clearly never learned that lesson or else she would have at least teamed up with a second member that could detach in an emergency and bring back intel. Actually thinking about it... THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED TO SHALLTEAR TOO. So many people not taking care to have safeguards against this. Even Mare didn't take precautions. If Zesshi had somehow beat him then Ainz never would have known how. He'd similarly think the Elf King did it. Both parties were hugely careless in that regard.


No, Mare immediately contacted Aura about it, by the time they arrived the battle had already ended


If I'm not mistaken Mare went to inform Aura of Zesshi's appearance but was cut off due to Zesshi's ample experience. As Ainz pointed out during his fight with the Elf King, reaching for an item mid conversation can be seen as reaching for a gun, Zesshi smartly put a stop to the post haste. The conversation with Aura only took place post battle. As Mare more or less instantly stated the "human" was defeated... unless you believe Aura stood there for the entire course of the battle, from the moment Mare first met Zesshi until the moment it ended. (If that were true then she got the first call before the fight, stood there with Ainz on her back for like 4 minutes, then finally got confirmation the fight was over before saying anything to Ainz) No, he only got the information out after the fight was over. Once everything was said and done... after two trump cards were used against him. If Either of those had been something he couldn't counter there wouldn't have been a phone call to Onee-san. There would have just been radio silence, Aura tracking their trail to the fight, and then a missing childs report followed by bone daddy brand milk cartons now having a picture of Mare on them. Now don't get me wrong, Mare fought super well, that was one of the best fights we've had so far and Mare is more than capable of taking care of himself. But that doesn't change the fact that IF (very big if here, we're talking Ainz Paranoia big) someone had been able to beat Mare while he was alone, then no one would be able to know why or how. They would just be left with the false impression that Elf King had spirited Mare away while simultaneously turning himself into a puddle of blood, a very... unique ability indeed.


Mare attempted to communicate but Zesshi took that as a hostile action, as Ainz had previously warned them might happen. and attacked so he could not communicate. When Mare gets a message through to Aura, he indicated he has already won the fight so that contact happened after.


Yeah, Zesshi turned out to be quite smart and at the same time a bit dumb, she brilliantly deduced that everything that happened so far was a plan by the Sorcerer King, but believing that she had a chance of winning she decided to fight instead of flee, which ironically ended for condemning her nation.


She saw Mare heal herself with a spell she knows about. Then she questions if Mare is undead. Zesshi is pretty dumb.


To be fair, she takes several hits to the head there, so maybe she wasn't thinking straight.


“Boy, I bet this girl’s never faced anyone strong so she never had to learn tactics.” Unfortunately for Zesshi, neither “greater self-awareness” nor “reveal irony” were among her skills.


I will point out that it wasn't that Zeshi was dumb, but that Mare was really smart and played her really well. Mare copied the same tactic Ainz used against the elf king, he fought differently than his specialty actually is, used scrolls and items like Ainz to give the enemy a false sense of the extent of his abilities and just wore out Zeshi slowly, is like the saying about slowly boiling frog so when he realized he is in danger it is already too late. Mare made Zeshi think she could still win until the very end so she would not try to run away before giving Mare information about her skills, basically he just was imitating her master, specially because Aura and him mentioned how scary Ainz ability to manipulate the elf king was.


Yes they were really glad that they watched ainz fighting in front of them they learned his tactics and mare applied it immediately.... He barely used any magic and skills compared to zasshi who used all her arsenal against mare I really thought ainz was giving him instructions till the end


Hmmm, a strong subordinate of the Sorcerer King who has companions at her level here? *Better not retreat*


She had a skill that never failed her before. I can understand her confidence


"Truly strong people didn’t use multiple sets of serious battle gear generally." Kek. I wonder how Zeshi would feel knowing the truth of Aniz having more than one set of gear. Granted, it is of lower rank.


I'm here thinking she's calling me a noob for having several different builds in the games I play.


She defiantly called me out for playing elemental daul blades.


Zesshi is a braindead blast dualies player.


>!BRO THE EPILOGUE WHY YOU HAD TO DO ME LIKE THAT HAHA.!< ​ >!Good one though. Caught me offguard again lol !<


Ngl I actually fell for it. Neuronist is gross and extreme. I was fully ready to believe she would do that.


hahaha I fell for it too although I was wondering why Neuronist didn't start with her signature torture. if she's the one to torture people she's got an near infinite number of methods but she always start with that one to honor her supreme Being.


Jokes aside, >!Zesshi actually being tortured and lobotomized combined with Ainz finding out about the theocracy would’ve made for a fucking terrifying ending. !<


What orifice did Neuronist actually use to gain the info? It was pretty vague for me.


The entire Neuronist entering orifices to get info was a joke. However, going with the joke, the orifices on the human (elf and half elf) body are eyes, ears, mouth, nose and anus. Neuronist went in the back door.


>The entire Neuronist entering orifices to get info was a joke. However, going with the joke, the orifices on the human (elf and half elf) body are eyes, ears, mouth, nose and anus. Neuronist went in the back door. Whoa. You forgot urethra. One of the Workers that invaded Nazarick apparently had his urethra invaded by Neuronist. Kidney stones don't pass thru the anus...


That's what I thought, just making sure.


I'm not sure. But since she has like tentacles hanging around her face? I'm guessing that's what it meant by "olfactory organs". The tentacles are those, specifically the ones hanging around the face. kinda like a long mustache.


>!lol, i came to read the comments to see if hitori's pulling another one of those epilogues, thanks!<


It was too close to Nazarick standards that I didn't find it suspicious... So, it seems Zesshi didn't know she's Ainz' POW.


1. Best Girl Mare is the perfect trap. so many times the word "Trap" is used in the fight. Thank you Bukubukuchagama! 2. Best Girl Mare keep trying to offer Zesshi. Nazarick's great employee benefits 3. Vol 15 and 16 should be one book. this is just me but too many pages dedicated to Elf and Dark Elf world building and in the end. the Twin doesn't seem to care about making friends. 4. Zesshi is really strong by the New World's standard. She can probably beat most of NPCs in Nazarick under 100 level. Its too bad she face Best Girl Mare and Mare saw the battle between Ainz and shalltear fight thus all Zesshi's >!trump cards is useless!<. 5. i have high hope for the next Vol dealing with Theocracy will be better like the Holy Kingdom arc or the Witch of the Falling Kingdom arc. the author seem to do well with "destroying a country" story. The Half Elf God-kin arc is basically Ainz's vacation 6. Thank you. Hitori


I mean, her trump card really is OP. If Mare didn’t already know about TGOALID and was able to counter them with auto-revive, he might’ve actually lost despite being a higher level. It was simply a bad matchup for Zesshi.


IIRC it doesn't have to be an auto-revive. Any resurrection spell/skill used within the 12 seconds after the Death spell would cancel the instadeath.


Wiping out the Theocracy without much hassle is pretty much a foregone conclusion. They lost their greatest asset and now Ainz is bringing all his power to bear to wipe them out. That's why I believe the assault won't even be shown in the next volume - just the aftermath, and how the Dragon Lords react to it. I think they will be the main focus for the remaining volumes.


2. Ainz offered the same to Elf king but was lying so it stands to reason Mare was lying too. Unless Mare didnt realize Ainz was lying so was copying him, but earnestly.


Was hoping her spirits would be crushed to the point of actually accepting to surrender, Mare brings her to Ainz who mistakenly thinks Made made a friend, and she ends up in Nazarick completely terrified to be around Mare but has no choice.


Yeah got to agree that far to much time was spent on the Dark Elves with very minimal pay off. The Lizardmen and Dwarves added a bit plus their stories were far better. With only a couple volumes left plus much bigger fish to fry I don’t see them having any impact again. I’m actually surprised someone else had TGOALID that came to the New World due to the inefficient role play style build, however Surshana seemed to play up the death god angle a lot.


The lizardmen and Dwarves were at least stories with a plot. The dark elf parts had no goal or conflict in them, they just were. I had to force my way through most of it.


judging by his old blog thats actually the kind of story he prefers to write just pages and pages of deeply detailed minutia of silly misunderstandings in an otherwise serious setting


Gotta say, that was a very enjoyable fight scene. Zeshi really tried every single avenue to win but just was outleveled and outgeared. I'm curious if Mare isn't accustomed to pain since he used a heal after taking fairly little damage. Judging by zeshi's inner dialogue it shouldn't have done much to him but then again, getting hit in the stomach hurts.


It also could have been mimicking Ainz's fight with the elf king, misdirecting his opponent into thinking he'd taken heavy damage. Aura and Mare were talking about being in awe of how Ainz controlled the fight, so it stands to reason Mare took this as an opportunity to put what he learned to practice.


He is mimicking Ainz How cute How adorable


Pretty sure you're correct. All the little grimaces and pained expressions were Mare's attempt at acting hurt, and it's already been established that he's a bad actor. Zesshi had enough battle experience to realize something was off about Mare's reactions.


Ainz always preaches that gurdians should learn to do things they are not experienced in. Mare always avoided physical Activity eben through he is physical quite able. So this speaks for how much he care for ainz orders.


Mare died once when it was a game so he was accustomed to pain. I think that is just the way he is programmed by his creator.


Well, now I'm even more happy Ainz unintentionally foreshadowed Albedo's plan to Aura/Mare a while back.


Oh shit, you're totally right, I forgot about that. They were no doubt at least slightly suspicious before but after that scene in front of Ainz I bet at the next emergency meeting they mention they saw her venting to everyone.


Too bad the story will likely end with Slane Theocracy, without Albedo's plan even being put into action, maybe without even a real showdown against PDL? Will the Night Liches and DL from the recent interlude make another appearance? All these plot threads seem like they should have their own volume, but that's not happening.


Oh, RGB Skull Chan has another shot at being epic in the future anime, heck ya. Amazing Cameo, 10/10.


Ainz ridding Aura with Gamerskull by their side will be my wallpapaer as soon as the anime comes out


Maybe they will swap, in this LN the RGB skull did absolutely nothing so maybe in anime it will defeat Zesshi lmao.


>!"Epilogue" "The long way around" You had me in the first half, sheesh.!<


Apart from the last half, that would’ve made for a pretty terrifying sequence if they resorted to more direct methods of information extraction.


>!welp gg Theocracy lol! Hope the next realease is gonna be at least three volumes for the theocracy war though!<


Maybe in both books if it turns into a war of the council state + theocracy. But if it’s just the theocracy then it’ll probably be in one novel like how the kingdom was. I mean without Zesshi it shouldn’t be that hard to wipe it off the face of the earth. Only the world items may cause an issue right?


There is still rufus left, who is probably the strong practice partner zesshi was comparing mare to


Mare single-handedly obliterated Zesshi, theocracy's trump card. Now that the entirety of Ainz Ooal Gown has decided to wage war on the Theocracy, I can only imagine what they'll do to rufus. This is different from all the wars before. This time, Ainz personally declared war. It'll be a massacre on such a level that the Eight Greed Kings would look like harmless puppies lmaooo.


i just hope we get to see more of my boy gargantua, i want him to run wild on the theocracy.


I'm like 90% sure we have confirmation that vol 18 will be the last, so only 2 left.


And since Maruyama is a funny guy, probably just one left, splint in two like this one


Amazing!!!! We finally get confirmation of the elf king and Greed kings connection. Zesshi's skills and talent! Ainz getting a piggy back ride and conflicted about maybe being carried like a princess. But that ENDING!! Theocracy here we go! Though if Zesshi, their trump card, could not defeat an underling, what real hope do they have? Either way, we wait for the next sasuganess. See you all next volume!!!


Yeah it was pretty iffy before we knew how strong Zesshi was, and now it’s foregone conclusion. My guess is Theocracy will last no longer than one volume, and vol. 18 will be final boss fight of Ainz. vs. PDL.


The Theocracy has World Items. That's really the only thing that might let them fight back a bit.


Maybe the "guardian deity" (probably rufus) is strong too




The chef is basically the baddie from the Cuphead dlc lol


Albedo and shalltear gonna be super jelly of Aura 'cause >!So, he ended up getting carried on her back.!< thanks for the chapter


The shadow demon meeting in the corner like "ayoooooo you guys won't believe what I saw with aura sama"


Ainz: “I like you, Aura.” Also Cocytus has that taste as well, for some reason.


I was pleasantly surprised and pretty impressed by Zesshi. I was totally expecting her to be some arrogantly unthinking, horny simpleton, but it was very nice to discover that she has some actual character depth, understandable motives and is actually weirdly humble, cautious, tries to keep her composure and actually tries to think and strategize in disadvantageous situations despite her relative lack of field experience. Guess I just appreciate that there's more to her than the original "I wanna lose a fight and get knocked up" silliness. What can I say, I actually like her character a lot more now. Plus it was so satisfying seeing her stomp the Elf King to death. Well, no matter, I ain't getting attached to her since she's gone the way of any who stand against Ainz and is now probably getting tortured horribly, but that's Overlord for ya. Pretty hyped for the next volume too. Enjoyed her fight with Mare. Also didn't expect Zesshi to be able to use martial arts. She honestly did better than I thought, I honestly expected Mare to just one-shot her and call it a day. Well then again Mare was kinda half-assing it for most of that battle, after all a 12 level difference is just way too big of a hurdle, even with her talent. I don't think Zesshi's build is all that good, (Not terrible, but not great either, just meh) Its biggest weakness by far is all those Cleric levels, they are just an absolute waste of perfectly good levels. The rest though, Inquisitor and Executioner, while not pure melee classes still both spec into her melee build quite comfortably and offer some neat skills. Her Assassin levels aren't the worst choice (Though far from the best) but they would probably help further boost the effectiveness of her Executioner class's critical hits. Too bad for her that the skill Mare used that changed his skin color was probably to make him immune to bleed and critical hit damage, plus his armor, while not his usual gear, was specifically designed to make his resistance to pure physical attacks skyrocket (In some ways that armor was, for this specific fight, a better choice than his otherwise superior regular gear) But yeah, those Cleric levels were utterly useless, at best the physical stat boosts those Cleric classes offer wouldn't even exceed a level 7 - 10 warrior (Basic this on Ainz' spellcaster levels granting him the physical stats of a level 33 warrior) Maybe a little more since, at least in D&D clerics can semi-spec into the role of a tank. I will note it was said that had Zesshi learned buffing magic instead of healing magic, she'd have performed slightly better against Mare, but yeesh, that's still a lot of wasted levels she'd have been WAY better off investing in melee focused classes. Oh well, that's the peril of New World style leveling. Still, I'll give her respect for her efforts, she wasn't the dumbass I thought she'd be, in fact she was, in her own strange way, fairly smart and analytical, certainly better than the horny moron she was first portrayed as.


Tbf, in Zesshi defend, she didnt have player luxury, she can not pick and choose what class she want. She probably obtain Druid class when Slaine still have no idea about her potential and just shoehorn everything they got to find what suit her


Re: Zesshi’s cleric levels, it would’ve been helpful in terms of giving her heals and letting her outlast out other opponents. Unfortunately in this fight Mare has even more sustain so it worked against her.


I agree completely. Zesshi's build seems ridiculously strong against regular living creatures, but Mare's \[Elemental Form - Earth\] just completely counters her entire build. But yeah, I'm so positively surprised by her character. She's way cooler than I thought, and as you said she's pretty intelligent. I was hoping she'd surrender in some capacity the whole time, so I was audibly cheering whenever it turned out she got captured alive. Hope it's not the end of her character to just be stuck in the frozen prison for two volumes.


The Cleric levels are probably a prerequisite for the Valkyrie class. Shalltear has them as well and Ainz rates her build as a first class p v p one.


>They were called Eight Greed Kings not in praise, but in scorn, because they were stronger than anyone else. The weaklings tried to paint over their great deeds and destroy their glory through such petty acts. Kind of sad that Decem died.Demiurge could have gotten so much info from him.At least they got Zesshi.And the Theocracy is fucked


He could be resurrected


Hopefully.He is a bitch but he is usful.Maybe PA can scrape off enough of him.


funny and gross scene with pandy scrapping the king from wall and floor while complaining in german.


"It was his ability to read a hundred moves ahead while playing his opponent like a puppet through invisible strings; what they should fear most was his scheming mind." Seeing so far ahead while deceiving even himself, Satoru, Sasuga Ainz-sama!


>!Bro I've been waiting for so long to see Momonga pissed again and boyyyyyyyy did we get to see that at the end there! Theocracy about to catch those mf boney ass hands!!<


Do we know exactly what he was pissed about? Did he just found out that it was the Theocracy that mind-controlled shalltear?




I can't help myself but remember this interaction between Ainz and Cocytus about revenge: **Ainz-Sama:** “Repay good unto good and evil unto evil. Is that not to be expected?” **Cocytus:** “An. Eye. For. An. Eye. And. A. Tooth. For. A. Tooth. Then?” **Ainz-Sama:** “Correct. However, did you know? That phrase was originally meant to warn against **excessive retribution**, so I did not use it. That’s because I intend to pay them back with interest.” Well... my fellows... prepare yourselves... for **EXESSIVE RETRIBUTION**!!


It’s here babbyy


Now I’m all hyped for a Theocracy ass whooping and I gotta wait at least a year. Woe is me.




Damn, poor Zesshi. You really fought your heart out girl. Honestly, I'm really glad her character turned out to be a genuinely just and level-headed person. A massive reversal from the creepy belly holding scene. Makes Nazarick taking her out all the more impactful on the reader.


Yeah, Zesshi, it was definitely a trap


We have to give her credit for that, she discovered the truth, that everything that has happened so far is part of Ainz's plan, even the readers for the most part ended up being deceived by it.


Imagine Zesshi kept mumbling everything is part of Sorcerer King's plan and how smug the NPCs would be hearing that.


I imagine Aura and Mare hearing that and finally coming to the realization that this was the reason that weird and unexpected trip in the woods happened in the first place. And they would surely feel embarrassed for not seeing the obvious clues that Ainz left on the way for them to understand or something.


As soon as word got to Demiurge he would sasugasm so hard then realize even more to the plan now that he had been given some of the pieces put together.


Lmao yeah, for me seeing Demiurge Sasugasm never gets old. I also like how it gives us a view into how sophisticated Demiurge's plans are, yet despite that he can't out do Ainz


That's why the epilogue of Albedo and Demiurge reacting to the vassalisation of the empire will always be my favorite scene. Demiurge just realizing how outclassed he is, is so hilarious.




Damn, Theocracy better prepare their bunghole


They feared the apocalypse, but inadvertently caused it themselves, poetic.


So, they're going to war with The Theocracy immediately, eh? Our bone daddy is going full genocide route. I hope the last two volumes will be just enough for us to feel justified about the conclusion of overlord.


Well I mean Ainz already said he's going for payback once he knows who used WCI on Shalltear


Yeah. Two novels. I assume one for the Theocracy and the other for the council state and the dragons. But there’s sooooooooo much the author can keep writing about. Maybe the author will come back with short stories in the future, but that’s just me coping.


Guys what if >!They send Pandora's Actor in the Theocracy disguised as Zesshi, he could act as a trojan horse, secure "downfall of castle and country" on his own and let the entire Nazaric's army throught using a gate in the heart of the Theocracy (or slaughter them all alone).!< >!Of course we can't be certain that Zesshi was the only challenging opponent there (but based on how she was treated we can assume that was the case), neither we can be sure that they posses only one WI.!< >!Yet i found it very likely that the one night might be all it takes for the Theocracy to be wiped out of the map.!<


I like how you think, it would make for a great story.


Just imagine if they just use >!"Downfall of Castle and Country" on PDL in the final volumes because Ainz just wanted to be super sure that he would win. (Dragon Lords aren't immune to World Items, right?)!<


Downfall of castle and country... The bastard foreshadowed it from the start!


That is hilarious and I want it to happen. I really don’t want to read another slow paced story like we just had. Something catastrophic and chaotic happening would be refreshing


What is albedo up to? I assume it’s her hit squad looking for his guild members?


She refers to a single operation though. I wonder if they actually hunted someone down? I pretty much certain it wouldn't have been a player, but ainz knows about the kill squads creation just not its purpose. What did she do with them that was so unforgivable?


The mere notion of hunting down the Supreme Beings, of which Ainz is part of, should be enough yo count as unforgivable. It is not what she has done, but what she plans to do. If I were to say that I am planning to kill your friends because they abandoned me, then you would most likely think that I am unforgivable. It's something akin to this.


i thought the line of thinking wasnt that she wants them dead because they abandoned her but because they might cause ainz to also leave.




That's the whole joke of the author. She is never gonna find them so it's basically a wasted effort and the team she made is probably gonna be end up as a special unit task with doing dangerous missions around the world. Like a black-op unit task with hunting or killing dragons and other powerful beings. And everyone is gonna praise mc to able to foreseen the future once again.


I’m a bit terrified it is going to lead into a bad ending. >!Aura and Mare seem to be confused and think that Ainz has secretly told them Albedo is suspicious, and then in front of them she starts acting suspicious as soon as they come back. I really don’t want the guardians to end up fighting each other because they find out what Albedo was planning and deciding to eliminate her because they view it as a betrayal of Nazarick.!<


to rub salt to the wound, a long time later aura marries ainz the goal of all dark elves is bones.


this fight show us that Mare use all the knowledge he gain form Ainz vs Shalltear and Ainz vs Dacem.>! its like ainz know there is enemy like Zesshi so he lets all NPC watch the fight. Without it NPC wouldn't know about TGOALID skill (and to counter it) and look how Mare confuse his enemy so Zesshi wont run and choose keep fighting is straight copy of how Ainz make Dacem lost!< ​ Sasuga Ainz-sama...




It's interesting how both Zesshi and Elf King were defeated by the same strategy: getting tricked by the opponent to waste their resources thinking they could win with just one more push. Like father, like daughter indeed.


Wow, first of all I have to admit that Zesshi was quite smart, she managed to deduce that everything that happened until now was part of Ainz's plan, even leaving that port city alive in volume 14, it was certainly a brilliant deduction on her part , even a large part of the readers were misled by it. But what surprised me the most was that she had *\[—The Goal of All Life is Death*\] and *Einherjar* as skills, even more so that it made Mare suspect purely by chance that she was relating to what happened with Shalltear. Speaking of bad luck lol. Although it's a bit tragic, at the end of the day the character was giving her everything in the hope of being able to save the Theocracy but ironically she ended up condemning it, I would say it's kind of poetic but I always misuse that word so better not. Also, I find it hilarious how while watching a desperate battle from Zesshi's point of view (which surely didn't last even 1 min) at the same time Ainz was suffering emotionally from being carried by Aura, peak comedy right there! Although I personally feel that it was a shame that Zesshi didn't get to see Ainz in the Elf King's castle, she was already falling off the precipice of despair at that moment, and that would have been a grand finale for that.


Yup, Zesshi was dreading the fate of her nation while Ainz was off playing mario cart. Pretty much perfect.


>Yup, Zesshi was dreading the fate of her nation while Ainz was off playing mario cart. Pretty much perfect. Damn, I had not seen it that way, seeing the real and mundane problems of an all powerful demon king is one of the best things about the novel after all.


Zesshi's talent is OP. If she were allowed to, she could theoretically use Touch Me's World Break and Ulbert's Grand Catastrophe. And maybe even wildmagic. If Ainz' goal is to continue accumulating strength in the NW, then Zesshi is a jackpot. Tho I doubt she'll survive after Ainz found out she's affiliated with the brainwash incident.


I thought the skill “The Goal of All Life is Death” that Zeshi has is from her scythe? And her Einherjar skill comes from her lesser valkyrie class. I don’t think has any skill copying talent. If she did she would have tried to use it against Mare. edit: nvm she does have the talent to use other peoples’ trump cards but she has to wield their weapon… i think.


Correct. Her skill is unique in a sense that it is insanely broken. It allows her to use the skill of the person who she wears their equipment. So yeah, she could be wearing a piece of TouchMe, a piece of Ulbert, and maybe something from Peroroncino to get some of his perverted skills.


Also their trump cards skills usually have extremely long cooldowns as their biggest downside, Zesshi she could potentially just use another a different trump skill while the others are cooling down. And she could make effective use of the quickswap cash shop items Ainz used in the Shalltear fight, effectively giving her a massive pool of OP skills to choose from.


I believe back when Ainz used Wish Upon a Star from his ring, he realized that in New World the wish could be anything (unlike in-game where it gave you a set of choices) and that he could even wish to take Nfirea's talent (to use all items while ignoring requirements). Granted, I'm pretty sure the Author realized the loophole this creates (find someone wit a talent to cast spells without using XP, steal that talent, then use it to cast the base WUS spell to take more talents, assuming he can hold more than 1), and it was never spoken since. But Ainz still has 2 more charges on his Ring (and I think a second ring from one of his guild mates) and with him having gear from most of the 41 SBs Zesshi's talent would provide an incredible value.


You're right that the author probably won't go that route since that would make things too easy, and probably has some implicit limits to what the scope of WUS is. Otherwise Ainz can just cut the middleman of talent and just wish for a lot of EXP with the item then go ham using the normal version, like a wishing for more wishes from a genie.


Ainz is way too cautious to use charges on an item like that unless he absolutely has too. Something on par with what happened to Shalltear.


Holy fuck I can't wait for Ainz vs Elf King, Mare vs Zesshi, Aura vs Ursus Lord and everything that happened in between to be squeezed collectively in half of a 20 minute episode. It's gonna be EPIC!


>!The armor’s defense could generally be said to be a sum of the infused magic in it, the metal used to forge it, and its special abilities. At the very least, that abdomen should still be protected by the strength of the magic power in the armor. Still, it lacked protection from the material used to forge the armor. There was no doubt that the defense there was weaker compared to other parts.!< >!Then why was she wearing such a thing?!< >!She was probably leading the opponent’s attacks there by intentionally exposing it. It’s highly possible that this was a trap in waiting.!< ​ Well, she's not wrong.


*Big Brain time* right there lol.


Holy shit we have reached it. The moment we've all be waiting for, and my God it was glorious! So much to say, so much to love, yet so little space to write. Sasuga Mare-sama. I mean we all knew he was a beast, but the fact that he was able to defeat Zesshi so thoroughly despite being an AOE magic caster. Damn he's impressive. All the while making cute noises and desperately trying not to kill Zesshi. I loved it! But Zesshi had a few surprises huh? The Goal of All Life is Death and Einherjar? She is no joke. But I wonder if her version of GOALD is neutered somehow? Since she did not destroy the building they were in, or maybe it was because Mare countered it? Either way, plenty of surprises in that fight, even if we did know how it was going to end. (Also, was laughing my ass off with Zesshi's realization of a fragment of Ainz's 10,000 year plan. Sasuga Ainz-sama!!!) Alright Hitori, you got me. I was so focused on seeing how Zesshi's interrogation was going to go down I totally forgot about your specialty spicy epilogues, and this one certainly was spicy. Though I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Neuronist possessed such... interesting abilities. And there we have it folks! Ainz has finally extracted the information on the Theocracy. And holy shit he's mad. I can only imagine how much worse Zesshi's life is going to be now. (as if she wasn't already going to be experiencing hell) Looks like Ainz has sound the alarm. Nazarick is going to war, dropping everything else and annihilating the Theocracy. How are they going to top their last clean up? With Ainz fully invested in this one, perhaps he'll take the charge personally? (Maybe finally get to see angry Ainz taking out the trash, dealing out punishments, getting his hands dirty?) I honestly can't wait. Once again, thanks again Hitori for the amazing translations. I hope to see you all again when Vol. 17 drops. I know I'll be anxiously awaiting it. What a time to be alive!


Ainz cast an AOE insta death spell so it killed the air and surroundings. Since Zesshi cast the single-target ‘Death’, it wouldn’t affect the building. That’s my understanding of it, hope it helps!


death (spell) Cooling: 8 hours Limit: 2 times a day If you still remember, is an 8th level instant death spell, which was used by Ainz on the demi-human leaders during Vol.13 (Holy Kingdom Arc). This is the minor version of , a 9th level instant death spell that Ainz used to kill Gazef.


Zesshi didn’t destroy the building because TGOALID buffs a Death spell, and she used a single target Death. Ainz destroyed everything around him because what he buffed was Call of the Banshee, which was AoE. Also, what do you mean? Is the Neuronist epilogue fanfic?


Ye, that's why the second epilog is marked lol


Well I gotta say, I feel sorry for Zesshi. She was a really cool character, well developed and hyped for over 10 volumes. Her final Sasuga at realising Ainz's brilliant plan was fantastic. If only she had fled and relayed what she knew to her country they may have lasted slightly longer. Also Mares fighting style is really something. Just throw caution to the wind, tank damage and obliterate his enemies. As brutal as expected coming from him. Oh and Aura now tops both Shallchair and Couchcytus as the number one seat, specifically the seat of a vehicle. Auras basically an F1 race car or maybe even a fighter jet as Ainz said... maybe an **Au**ro**ra**, ya that fits I think. Capable of mach 5.


I saw it as Mare copying Ainz to make Zesshi feel like she had a chance to beat him. He even utilized scrolls and gave her false information based on him utilizing only a few spells before relying on scrolls.


Yes, you are absolutely right. Mare was definitely emulating Ainz's fighting style. Zesshi was left guess the whole fight and despite her obvious and exstensive experience was completely unable to pin down even basic facts about him. One could say everything about Mare was a total mystery, his origin, race, alliance, gender, class, and abilities were all concealed during the exchange to the point Zesshi just kinda shut off her brain at the end since guessing felt pointless to her. I do wanna add though, when I said "throw caution to the wind" I didn't mean fight without a plan. Just meant that he was utilizing his superior defensive abilities to draw Zesshi in close and then follow up with counters. A very valid strategy often used by fighters confident in their toughness. I only meant that caution of tanking any damage was more or less disregarded in favour of counters. Obviously it was non-consequental damage since he had many many options to heal. :)


Pretty sure Mare was trying to copy Ainz's style of probing opponent's abilities to the limit without revealing much of his. What a capable pupil.


He really is. After only one viewing he was already manipulating information like a champion. You know you're doing a good job of confusing an enemy when they have to stop the fight to clarify if you are undead or not. 😆


It's really tragic that by having those 2 abilities that caused Mare's interest and by being captured now the Theocracy is doomed.


Albedo is the only female guardian left that Ainz has not ridden or sat upon. Shame!


I think she'd prefer he let her ride him.


She did! Albeit it was the PG13 version when she tackled Ainz and not much happened because of unbreakable magical clothes.


Am glad I was able to read Vol 15 and 16 before I ship off to boot camp. (I was worried I would be blue balled) It was also nice these were the first volumes I was reading part to part. But now we're approaching the end and I am 100% ready for it! Let's enjoy the end times together my friends.


Good luck out there soldier, and when you come back, may the next chapter be waiting for you.




NW-ers can growth but not NPCs because they tied to Guild Base, fixed value, Ainz already tested it (a dude cook long enough can gain at least lv1 in cook, Yuri tried all day but never make somethig edible)


I really want to see the Theocracies reaction to Zesshi not only being defeated but also captured.


Probably just despair. Like, your trump card just got captured by the biggest enemy faction. Then you get a notice that said faction (Sorcerer Kingdom) declared war upon your Theocracy, shortly after they annihilated the Re-Estize Kingdom. ...ya, nothing to do here other than run away as far as possible before killing yourself before they can capture and torture you for eternity. Death is the only path of least suffering for the people at the Theocracy at that point.


It was tragic to hear how she really didn’t want to be defeated. Her previously kinky nature we saw when we first met her was a lie. She even had people she cared about over the years(possibly love interests) but they died from old age and she continued on. At least she got her revenge on the elf king. I really do love all the development we’ve gotten for Zesshi. But understanding her more now just makes it so much harder to see her in this state. Really interested to see how the next novel will unfold.


Am i the only one who feel pity toward Zesshi and Theocracy? Because theocracy accidentally step on tiger tail and they're gonna get razed to the ground by Ainz and nazarick


Yep, it's ironic and tragic in more ways than one. Everything the Theocracy does was to protect humanity, but because of their way of doing things they ended up by pure chance crossing paths with Shalltear, and ended up sealing their fate there. And let's not talk about Zesshi, it's a bit sad to see her try so hard and give everything to try to protect the Theocracy, but by specifically having those 2 abilities (which caught Mare's attention) and having been captured, she only managed to condemn the nation that she wanted to protect.


Let’s not forget that they sent soldiers disguised as The Empire’s to massacre the completely innocent Carne Village only to lure out Gazef. The Therocracy’s methods are shrewd, but because of that they would eventually bite more than they could chew.


True, I personally think killing Gazef was the right thing to do in that context, but that doesn't take away from the fact that it's just as you say.


I felt more pity for zesshi


I mean they're running a genocidal war on the elves to wipe them out/take slaves and displace them from their capital just so they could have a backup city for their citizens. Kinda hard to feel bad for racist genocidal slavers :P


The next novel will undoubtedly be about the destruction of the Theocracy. Obviously having already lost their trump card they are heavily outgunned. However, we haven't heard anything about the Six Great Gods guild base yet. There could be entities there that could likely put up resistance. Things like golems, more god-kin, and whoever Rufus may be.


I mean, they were screwed even with that, if anything, now their level of desperation is going to reach a new level.


Overall, I really enjoyed the volumes, but perhaps not my favourite. I see the criticism of the dark elf village being drawn out as fair, but Ainz is Ainz. Give Ainz too much time to think and he just goes down the rabbit hole, put him on the spot and he is the natural leader the Guardians know him to be. I think it may have been nicer to have more written from the point of view of the dark elves and exploring their thoughts and behaviours but the volumes were probably long enough for characters that won't have a significant impact furthering the story in later volumes. Fight scenes were fantastic reading. Loved Zesshi realising the 10 000 year plan while Ainz rides Aura after rifling through the treasury for good loot. Peak. 1st epilogue best epilogue Thanks translation team!


now I can look at the character sheets. my god, look at his chin. the pharmacist is such a Chad. he looks a bit like buddy from the incredibles. now I ship them. disguised Ainz x pharmacist baby!


Bless hitori sama


Thanks Time to for wait volume 17 now


2 years or 3


Thank you for your hard work again.


>A weapon to bonk with The best translation ever


> The girl—her niece was holding a black staff, a weapon to bonk with. Yes Mare, Bonk the Pedo-King.


It was a pleasur, maybe it was slower than other books, but i really enjoyed both of them. Thanks Hitori-sama


Such a well written fight, maybe the best in the novels next to Ainz vs Shalltear. Other than the half of amazing worldbuilding and characters, it builds up to fights like these to make up the amazing other half of what makes this series great. Mare best boy.


This is best chapter so far. Thank you Kugane Maruyama for such a awesome novel and thank you Hitori for the translations. And also thanks to Mods and good folks here. See you all in next years.


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I shouldn't do this but I fucking read this entirely on working hours while sitting in office and on office wifi, couldn't even wait till I reach home.


Aura piggyback ainz ? What a time to live


Been refreshing all day for this


Same, now just to wait for the Epub


I can imagine demiurge having a brain aneurysm from uncovering Ainz’s “plan” about the eleven kingdom and the slane theocracy


Aura carrying Ainz on her back … I want to see it 4K full HD xD.


>Zesshi dies Nooooo >She’s still breathing Yessss >She’s going to Neuronist NOOOOOOOO


I think I’m too drunk to read this it is so late I envy the burger time coast


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Any news about the final version yet?


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And now we wait for 1-2 years :(


I honestly feel no pity for the Theocracy, I remember the first volume translated by skythewood, even before Shalltear got mind controlled they were the ones who attacked Carne. They got greedy thinking they could do such a thing and get away with it. I am now looking forward to their destruction, as they say Karma is a bitch.


Did you abandon the final version that you promise to deliver? Because if so, a notice telling us would be nice. Instead letting everyone wait like this.