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Here we see that ZZ claiming to seek someone to defeat her was a lie all along. In truth she just want to deny her own power, to deny the blood that run through her. She wanted her mother love and hated her father for causing her so much misery. While fans actually claim ZZ real goal was to seek a strong man to defeat her and want his children. As if anyone would even believe such a lie. She just didn't want to get married and being bothered by the theocracy higher ups that's all. ZZ was a extremely loyal soldier and take pride in her position. A person like that won't just accept a man from some other race or country just because they are stronger. That would never work. ZZ would die willingly for her nation in the line of duty. Is why the theocracy entrusted her to protect the 6 gods treasures too.


I feel like Ainz would brainwash and sent her out to kill everyone in ST ( hopefully after Ainz took her talent ) as revenge for the Shalltear brainwash incident and black scripture captain would try to stop her maybe even managed to kill her at the cost of both his life and most of the black scripture's members. It'll be tragic in a sense that she massacring the people who she's very loyal towards without even realising it since she got brainwashed I'm not entirely sure if Ainz will keep her tho since atm she's incredibly rare being an awakened godkin that have the blood of 6gg and 8gk in her veins but at the same time Ainz is super pissed at the end of the volume. Resurrection is always an option tho and the author did said that her fate won't be too bad


She isn't exactly needed for the war itself. But i do think mc will extract the necessary information of the Theocracy defenses, forces and it's remaining trump cards from her. Maybe Demi would be entrusted to that task. I hope not. Shalltear should be the main focus. She is the one who need her revenge and redeem herself in combat. Likely she and most of her underlings would get the see a lot of the action while the rest of the floor guardians act as support and keep a eye out to make no one interrupt or escape the massacre. The most logical course of action right now is to send a force to wipe out Theocracy army that is stuck in the elf capital first. While they are still confuse and not aware what is happening and busy with capturing the remaining elves. The second step would be then to secretly surround the enemy nation and secure all borders and then order Shalltear to commence the attack. But if mc do intend to keep ZZ, is likely he will just wipe most of her memories and allow her to stay living on the 6th floor. But is hard to say. Considering Ainz needed a lot of convincing from Aura to finally allow the bear she captured to live at the 6th floor. Mc is extremely cautious when it comes to introducing strong beings into Nazarick because he think it might endanger the weaker npc's. Overall, i think the best ending for her is to just die peacefully in her sleep. Without knowing what will happen to her country. She gotten her revenge and did her duty as a soldier faithfully. She can't ask for a better outcome. Death without suffering from Nazarick is the best you can ask for if you are a enemy of Ainz. Both her story and arc has ended.


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The thought of Ainz happily looting the treasury whilst the Theocracy's trump card is being toyed with by the Psychopath that is Mare brings a warm feeling to my heart and a smile to my face.


Mare is a sweet boy who can wreck.


I dont think i was the biggest fan of 15(being about equal with 4), 16 was pretty good. I would put it around 10 and 8.


15 was honestly pretty boring in my opinion and I typically like random almost slice of life moments. But man, the last fight in 16 slapped hard. I canโ€™t wait for it to be animated


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I start hearing Ruler of Death (Ost of Overlord anime) when The EK start to realize Ainz Power๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚.


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Was it mentioned that the bahmouth level was 87, did I miss it or was it not mentioned?


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I'm confused. Why is Mare is not affected by TGOALID?