Anime: Nice and feminine. Manga: "I'LL FACETANK ALL YOU'VE GOT!"


She is designed to be one’s of the tombs greatest npc tanks


Yes she is


I have to say anime is cool and scary looking but adding that bulk makes me wanna run away at sight


Manga is lot closer to how big the armor is in light novel. Her armor has 3 layers. These are designed to each tank a super tier spell, which would than destroy one layer. We can see partially her in armor in illustration from volume 14. Anime usually makes girl armors really revealing so from that point of view her anime armor is not that bad.


I’m pretty sure it’s a skill of herself which tanks a hit from any spell-at the cost of destroying a layer of armour. Not anything armour related. I could be wrong, but that’s how I remember it


Yes, I didnt express myself correctly. It is indeed her skill which destroys a layer of armor in order to tank a super tier spell. What I wanted to express was that the armor was designed with having layers destroyed without compromising its functionality in mind.


It’s not a super tier spell specifically though she can do it w anything that does damage instead of her health Taking any damage she will shed one layer of armor


It doesn't destroy a layer of Armor to tank a Super Tier Spell. It just Transfer the damage to Armor instead of herself. So with using it she can Tank even super tier magic with no Damage 3 times a day. Her Armor get destroyed if The damage is higher than durability of Armor.


I think your forgetting that that armor was created in a game that you could customise items to look like anything you want, that armor could have been designs to look like a sexy bunny suit and have all of the same abilities


Ummmm…. No?


This is actually true tho, Ainz did talk about how equipment can have similar appearances but different stat values to throw people off. It’s kinda like putting on a skin for a weapon/armor


I thought doing so took like data crystals or something and those were also used to customize the gear? So you could make something look however you want but lost a fraction of power because of it


Yes, but not completely changed it. Like armour will still look like armour, and you can’t have a bikini be the same as a full set of armour.


It’s strictly a cosmetic change, like a game, it runs in game logic so the Stats come from the equipment’s data not the aesthetics. Spoiler example: >!Mare fought Zesshi in what is pretty much bikini armor, yet hitting Mare in the midriff would make no difference than if he was hit in the shoulder, as Zesshi herself points out!<


That's speculation though. The difference in levels has more to do with it


I’m pretty sure that was an over-analyzation, and if she hit Mare in the midriff she would’ve done *massive* damage


Bruh the pleiades wear maid outfits as armor, and it's better then like 70% of nw armor.


Why bother comparing it to the NW, NW is full of garbage. And their gear is not very good, so… not sure what point you’re trying to make considering the Pleiades are basically decorative in Nazarick


Manga Armor Canon to Light Novel She is literally a Tank Build




I like to think that the anime version is the single layer, and the manga is showing all 3. When I think like that, like em both!


It’s so Tanky it’s so thick.


Prefer the less bulky one. Is consistent with the Lightnovel design. Nobody knows why the manga choose a different design. While Albedo is design to have the best defense capability among all npc's in the books, her armor design was never describe as bulky. Especially in Yggdrasil where armor appearance is use to trick opponents. Plus the stats of the armor is dependent on the data crystal and the metal use to make it. Making it bulky is a outdated move for designers anyway. Also Albedo does use her wings in combat while wearing that armor. As she is extremely fast and flexible during fighting. So i prefer the less bulky one.


Though if you look at vol 14 illustration you can see her armor has bulky layers.


Yeah, I think in many MMORPGs female tanks would indeed have more of the anime armor than a bulky one like in the Manga.


Yes the manga design is superior. There would definitely be some of Tabula’s trademark gap moe, as on one hand you have a beautiful woman and on the other, the same woman encased in a veritable fortress of metal


Double the gap moe, too, since that means her original settings were: *Beautiful and graceful/* *actually a slut/* *can't even tell her gender in her armor.* That's a lot of Gap Moe in one character.


I like the Manga's Pauldrons, Chestplate, Arms and Boots more - but I like the Anime versions Greaves, the skirt-like fabric and Clawed Gauntlets more. The Helmets are similar enough that I have no preference.


anime looks cool, but i really like the manga bc of how tank-y it is since that’s the purpose of it


Tbh i always just make myself think the slimer one is one layer and the manga one is all 3


Anime armor may be less faithful, but I’ve always preferred slimmer armors over bulky ones in fantasy.


Absolute heresy. Gimme a built beauty in heavy full plate swinging an impossibly large weapon or gun.




Edit: Had to go and check, and she does in fact wear heavy plate armor! Don't know what or whom I was thinking of. Anyway, not quite as feminine as I'd prefer, but her personality isn't bad. Sure.


I’m sure she leaves the helmet at home haha


I think bulkier is better because she is supposed to be a face tank wearing 3 suits of armor on top of eachother, slim just doesn’t match any of that


Yes I agree bulkier fits the lore/story better, however I personally like the slimmer design better.


Keep telling yourself that


I agree, I like it better too.


Anime armor has boob plate, automatically garbage.


It could probably be just the single layer version


Extra thicc!


DAYUM BOI SHE THICC (and I like it)


While I like the anime armor more in a vacuum, the manga armor makes much more sense with her role as a tank as well as being more accurate to the description give in the source material


Manga. Looks more like armor and Albedo deserves to have at least one thick form


She looks fucking invincible in the manga


I prefer the anime but the manga is more to her creators personality. He liked to break expectations so having such a crude armor and to take it off to reveal a beautiful woman inside it is so him thing.


The real question is how does she look in the skintight third layer of armor?


I am team manga design!


I 100% do. Not that I don’t like the anime version it’s cool as fuck, but she’s a tank. She should look tanky.


I like the Manga alot better. I think it's a really fun how you would never know she's a beautiful succubus


Still wonder how she gets the helmet on


Yah the manga design is just straight up better and actually looks like a tanks armor. That and it's more accurate to the source material.


I’ve never seen it until right now and as soon as I slid to the manga image it won me over I love tanky armour


Manga armor is for the light novel readers. Anime design is for Otakus


Oh manga 💯


She looks like a fkin tank in the manga wtf


She’s supposed to be a tank


Manga looks cool and alk but it honestly makes her look kinda slow, I prefer the anime, it blends the tankiness and the speed of Albedo quite well


I think a blend of the two would be perfect.


I dont just like it more, i would pay all my life savings to own that armor, if a genie appeared in front of me and let me chose betwen banging albedo or owning her manga version of the armor, i would be wearing the armor all day everyday


I feel the slimmer anime armor fits her pretty well. I have an admiration of big buff people of any gender so I also enjoy the manga armor. But I like them for different reasons. I am not against feminine armor as fancy armor historically has exaggerated the features of the wearers. With lots of dick armor. So tiddy armor is fine especially for customized armor. Plus as a succubus a distinctly feminine but demonic armor fits. But from the comments what I see the idea that her creator had in cannon was a very gap Moe character. And I feel gap Moe is very well done in overlord.


Dick armor is a necessity, a woman would also have armor there. Exaggerating a codpiece doesn't make it catch the weapon being swung at it and concentrate the force it is supposed to be dispersing. That is the difference between codpieces and boob plate.


I personally like the way they drew the armor in the manga since it looks a lot chunkier and to my knowledge albedo wears 3 layers of armor so I also think it just over all fits better


I agree but liking the manga is usually the case imo anime has the material in front of them and still change material to muck it up


It looks like hulk in a bucket in the manga Her slim armor fit is better imo


apparently the armor has 3 layers to it. so kinda makes sense it makes her look thicker in them.


Nah she looks too beefy. Likes she’s cocytus long lost brother Requis.


I like the anime style armor more, because it makes more sense regarding her own body form. Armor shouldn't just protect, but also allow some freedom in terms of mobility. Armor that was made to fit the individual was regarded very highly. Albedo wearing such bulky armor in the manga makes her seem like a immobile fortress and she should be tanky while still being mobile. She would also need a lot of material to fill in the gaps. The femininity in optics is a small plus point for the anime design.


I just think the anime doesn’t make sense since lore wise she is wearing 3 layers of armor, she’s not a speed build she’s a face tank.


tanks do not really need the mobility effect. that is why is a tank. otherwise it would be another class.


Just talking about the appearance in general. Tanks should have a minimum of mobility in their appearance. Albedo's manga design armor simply doesn't fit with her body form.


have a minimum of mobility in appearance? whats does that mean? the armor fits in the tank class, it does not matter if the armor fit on her body form, it's a tactical armor based on defense and high hp. beside to have skills that focus the aggro on her, it does not need anything else. i'm talkin based on a game focus armor. Overlord is based on an fictional dmmorpg,


>have a minimum of mobility in appearance? whats does that mean? Armor has to protect, but it also needs freedom of movement. If you look up at historical armor of any civilization, you will find that they had to be designed a way a warrior can still have maximum freedom of movement. The stereotype of a heavy armor, but slow fighter has been disproven several times. There are showcases of people wearing full plate armor plus chainmail, while still running around and doing pike rolls without problems. It's true that some fantasy still have that image strong of making an individual fortress like character. However in the case of Albedo and her fighting style, I feel like a sleek and yet well armored design makes more sense. She still "uses" her wings to fly, while being in armor and she also still moves at high speed with armor. Tactical armoe never is shown such severly bulky to the point that it doesn't fit the wearer's bodyform. That's impractical and considering Ainz Ooal Gown being full of perfectionist, I imagine Tabula Smaragdina also to design his female character with a certain femininity. The duality of gap moe comes to shine when Albedo has lost her armor and transforms to her second appearance similar to Demiurge and Shalltear.


According to the wiki, all it says is that Albedo transfers damage to a piece of her armor and not to a layer. That's why she is basically "stripping down" and not peeling herself like a fruit. Also just because you are a tank doesn't mean you are immobile. Ofc she has no speed build, but mobility should still be realistic or reflected in the armor.


A tank with no mobility is just a stone with spike, ignore it and you will be fine




It's a fantasy world videogame logic. Also she is a demon, typically those are way stronger then most beings. I see someone in the manga armor start zipping around the battlefield like she can as way more intimidating then the lithe feminine armor


Fantasy world video game logic can differentiate a lot between games. There are very sexist games where wearing a simple almost nothing or having some very round boob armor is enough to gain stats. About the demon thing, I think her strength isn't that special among heteromorph. Sure she can wield more heavy stuff with herself, but you also won't see a heavyweight lifter always moving around with 100kg dumbells, right? In terms of intimidation, I think it doesn't make that much of a difference, because in Yggdrasil many NPC's weren't always designed with that in mind. They often embody a trope or wish in fantasy. I feel like Albedo's full body armor maybe light in comparison to the manga design, but a full body armor in itself has normally plenty of weight. However I'm not saying you are wrong. I totally respect your opinion and I also understand the points you made. In the end it's a subjective taste of what could be better.


Well the manga is the canon armor


Too bulky


Manga\LN armour is more realistic cuz game\anime female armour designs especially boob metallic bra pretty damn stupid and against science( irl armour like that will be harmful and will work as anti shield and increase damage towards the wearer).


Anime is trash : she a tank not a kirito harem member . She also got a special to take 1 absurd atk




I think I like the manga one better, more tanky which is fitting


Watched the anime first and fell for the armor, very nice design, then was introduced to the LN armor (the tease) so far Albedo's armor is top shelf.


i've allways loved the mange design more than the anime, it has more tank energy, besides that the armor has 3 layers that protect her from deadly attacks, the last one is a bikini if i remember correctly. that armor had more sence to me. but i think the anime's armor is more based on the LN.


I just like armour


But where do the wings go?


I assume wrapped around the torso


Whose armor is this?




Ah, yeah this is definitely better then


I feel like the anime armor is one of 3 layers


Manga Armor has a massive crotch




Both are good in Thier own ways.


To question Sobin is Heresy!


I do, more practical


Nop, but I want to see her fight in her's armor.




isn't that describing the dead knight?


The LN version sounds awesome