If he was serious then Dragon Emepror is probably a raid boss.


So he probably got killed as the first battle the six players fought.


No.. They were too weak to pull that off


Why? Six players can’t beat one dragon lord?


I believe entire Ainz guild went against a World Enemy once and were nearly wiped out. And all World bosses are over 100.


uhhh raid boss and world enemy are not the same thing, world enemy needed legions of players, raid bosses can be taken out by a highly effective squad as seen with cainabel


Yes ?


Wait. Hold on. You really think 6 players can’t beat a dragon lord? But 8 players can beat the entire dragon lord race?


The players that came before ainz weren't like...really weak though?




Depends on whether or not they have level 100 npcs with them


He died casting the spell.


Do wish folks kept that in mind. It's common for Raid bosses in multiple games to have higher levels than the players attacking them. This does also go for some Dungeon end-game bosses as well. ​ Using World of Warcraft a Dungeon boss would be 2-3 levels higher, where a raid boss is 5 (Resulting in the Level marking being a Skull).


Correction: raid bosses in WoW are always 3 levels above the current max player level for the purposes of hits, misses, and critical attacks. Older raid bosses will be 3 levels higher than any player fighting them above their intended level or 3 levels higher than the intended player level. Examples: in BC, player max was 70, so all raid bosses were 73. If a level 80 player went back during the next expansion, the raid boss would be level 83, though still significantly easier to handle. If a level 68 would've entered the raid, the boss would still be 73.


wait didnt they say it takes 10 dragon lords to take down a single greed king??


To be fair, the Dragon Emperor can be the strongest of their race.


It might be because before the 8GK no one could fight against the dragon lords and so they relied on numbers and their racial abilities and never tried to improve themselves. Afterwards the survivors fearing another influx of beings like the 8GK started improving their wild magic and as consequence increased their levels which now allows them to fight 1vs1 against players,it could explain how Cure Elim could fight against Ainz somewhat evenly, but this is just speculation.


That's surprising since I thought that even dragons would also have a level cap but he did responsible for summoning WIs into the NW and subsequently Players so his own power should back that up


with wild magic he can envolve to surpass the cap 100 lvl from tier magic


& How do you know that my guy..?


wild magic can be on the same tier as world items effects, it just needs a shit ton of sacrifices to be used.


Yea no, WCI have authority over wild magic


i dont think that they do WCIs dont have authority over each other and it seems wild magic as a whole is basically the WCI of the new world the theocracy implies that they believe the PDL is immune to their WCI


Wild magic is just primordial magic or you can say magic that existed before players arrived in new world it still exists but only a few can use it Tier magic is something that is a magic that was introduced by players after they arrived after all wild magic is not something that everyone can use Players introduced tier magic so that even a normal human can use it As it easy to use tier magic than wild magic(which is mostly used by dragon race) Platinum dragon lord is not immune to world class item World class item is just like wild magic is a power that use the world for it work no one can defy world even players can't(my own hypothesis) Platinum dragon lord has resistance against world class item but is not completely immune to it(because of wild magic)


It's been implied numerous times that wild magic works exactly like world items. Ainz was hit by a instakill/erasure wild magic attack exactly like a specific world item that i forget the name of in a side novel. Only reason he lived was his world item, same idea with albedo and rhe world separation barrier. Neither have power over the other. If any would it would be the dragon emperor as he was both the strongest, and the one who brought all the players to the new world, a d this bypassed all protections the world items gave them. Although admittedly at the time they were just data, more then likely they work via wild magic as that was the only magic that existes at the time and already was similar.


WCIs do nullify wild magic tho, so kinda.


they also nullify other WCIs not because they have authority over other WCIs - but because they DONT


That’s kinda what having authority means. Two things can have authority over each other.


having authority means you cant affect something?




PDL = Platinum Dragon Lord


It had not happened yet so there's no proof of that


it happened with climbs ring it temporarily adds warrior levels


So which level hundred player/new worlder used it & became a lvl105 character..? We are not even sure if ainz can use it or not bcz its belongs to the new world .As i said before we need solid proof of how this works & its limitations. Breaking character cap is not so easy that can be easily done by a ring it will required more than that


maruyama explained how it works in his blog and used cocytus as an example if you want more info just read the wiki


World separating barrier, a barrier that could not be broken unless you were in possession of a world item. It's a similar effect of depiction of nature and society but it doesn't seal the body ina powerful scroll in a hostile environment. ​ PDL through his armor used that magic and he's a mild wagic user so he cannot use tier magic.


I am not saying it's impossible. I am just saying we don't have enough proof of that


We have proof in the form of the ring that Climb and Rigrit possess that was made by the Dragon Lord's Wild Magic. WoG states it can increase a Lvl 100 character above the limit if worn.


I think wild magic can mimic world items, obviously the price to pay has to be extremely high but still... after witnessing world isolating barrier I can imagine him using even more powerful magic, he was just testing ainz that time, if he was to go all out he would've used his real body.




World items


I think it’s interesting that a level cap would still apply in the New World. I’m always confused as to whether or not the New World is more game or more reality.


The New World is real. YGGDRASIL is a game, but the Dragon Emperor thought it was alternate reality, and used Wild Magic to pull World Items from YGGDRASIL into the New World. However, YGGDRASIL players who were logged in at the time of the Wild Magic being used(the shutdown of the servers) were pulled into the New World with their World Items. The players didn't all arrive at the same time, however, appearing roughly every 100-200 years.


But people refer to creatures by their level, and have an understanding of negative karma value. And no one is confused when Ainz calls the Gazef duel a PvP. Also the Guardians seem to have an understanding of game terminology although not actually existing until coming to the New World. This is why I’m confused lol


The New World is very, very similar to YGGDRASIL, and players who arrived before Nazarick have had a HUGE influence on the development of the world. Terms like leveling up and PvP aren't commonly used, but are known about. As for Karma, that seems to mostly affect first impressions, but doesn't really have a grand effect in the grand scheme of things. The guardians were brought to life by the Wild Magic that pulled them into the NW, using their in game bios as a basis for their personalities. They also seem to have some memory of their time as NPCs.


There were other players before Ainz whose presence lead to massive changes in the new world. Forget about the cultural stuff, the entire tier magic system you know about didn't exist at first. It was introduced to the new world by the 6 Great Gods (players) who came to new 600 years before Ainz.


A lot of "game mechanics" were *forced* upon the New World. It isn't just a transfer of items and living beings, the very *reality*, the laws of magic so to speak, were rewritten or altered with the arrival of Players.


it seems like they were actually rewritten with something the greed kings did i dont know if this is canon to the LN or just the WN but monsters couldnt use tier magic until the greed kings showed up


It's my belief that the Eight Greed Kings used the World Item Five Elements Overcoming. It has the power to request the developers to change the magic systems of YGGDRASIL or, in this case, affect the New World so that Wild Magic was corrupted and Tier Magic replaced it. It would be a logical move since it would weaken the Dragon Lords' greatest weapon against them. This is a theory, though.


Pretty sure it was implied that all the Ygdrassil mechanics were appkies to the nw via the wi Ouroboros. Which is basically wish upon a star on steroids.


1. They have their own rank that different than YGG level, it about 30 lv in NW scale equal to 1 lv in YGG, it like fahrenheit vs celsius, mere number to estimates how dangerous a creature is so they can know what kind of adventure can deal with it (read the part where BR prepare to fight Jaldabaoth) 2. They does confuse about PvP, but only Gazef, Climb and Brain hear it, none of them pay that much attention for a mere words choice since just a moment later, Gazef killed


Is this from the most recent light novel? I don't recall hearing this info prior to this post, but I haven't read the newest novel.


This isn't explicitly said anywhere in the LN, but it's instead pieced together from many sources across the LN. PDL mentioned that he is dealing with his father's(the dragon Emperor) mistake, and Cure Elim called Satoru "the Dragon Emperor's filth". PDL also believes YGGDRASIL to be another world, not a game, which he mentioned to Rigrit in one of the intermissions. The Slaine Theocracy has existed for 600 years, and has noticed that players appear every 100-200 years. Also, every instance of a YGGDRASIL entity being pulled into the NW has involved a world item. The six great Gods who founded the Theocracy had a World Item, the 8 Greed Kings were similar to Nazarick, where the core of their guild base is a world item. Nazarick has the Throne of Kings and multiple world items in the treasury, and Suzuki Satoru has the Orb in his chest. The wild magic is mostly a theory, but it's the most logical conclusion since it's exclusive to Dragon Lords and has unknown limits.


Good to know. I'm not the type to put together small details like this so I really appreciate you spelling it out for me!


Nope it's literally given that , they grow stronger with age , and there lifespan are too damn long , i was pretty sure some would turn out to be over level 100 .


I think it reference line from dragon ball "it's over 9000!" maruyama-sama alway avoid to straight answer the question


Dragons as a monster wasn’t a playable race you could play a dragon kin that could transform into a dragon but never into a true dragon True dragons have stats above lv100 becuase they just get more power per level then another race




Technically, he said the strength (not the actual level) is above LV100, which is already true for Cure Elim if strength means stats.


Cure Elims stats did not seem that high though. He was pinned down by a single wind elemental at the later stage of the fight and by the dark Lamb during the start of the fight. His physical abilities were not that impressive as for his magical powers he can't even cast 8th tier spells. His limit being the 7th tier so those were not impressive either. The only thing impressive about him was his soul destroying breath attack and the shear number of undead he could control both of which were due to wild magic which can be considered its own seperate thing from conventional Yggdrasil stats.


Well yeah? Level 100 is the strength cap for players but even within Yggdrasil there were bosses that went beyond that strength


The question is if you should take him seriously or not. And if he ain't just messing with the poor guy. Considering it's just a comment he replied to someone. Don't forget this is the guy who still 11 year old on his twitter profile.


It just an estimation of the Dragon Emperor strength ! Not is real level. Touch Me too can be say to have strength over 100 because he is stronger than is real level.


Wasn't surprising. Simply logic if you played games. Fighting monsters or bosses that are higher level than you is pretty normal than games but in the end, they all have mediocre stats or skills.


I mean... even in YGGDRASSIL this is the case with Raid bosses. Only players are capped at that lvl, but hell there are exceptions to this even amongst players like touch me and ulbert with World titles that made them basically nigh unbeatable


We already knew that the new world let you break the level cap with items at least. Cocytus wearing Climbs ring would make Cocytus level 105


Is this from a blog?


Who's the dragon emperor?


The most powerful Dragon Lord, father of Platinum Dragon Lord and thought to be the one responsible for bringing players to the New World


When and where is that mentioned? What volume on LN or is it on WN?


LN 14 has PDL mention that his father is responsible for the Players being in the NW I believe. The Bonus Volume has the Dragon Lord Cure Elim mention the stink of the Dragon Emperor on Satoru.


Information about him is scattered throughout the LN and Bonus LN. In the Intermission of Overlord Volume 10 it is revealed he is the father of PDL In chapter 4 of Volume 14, during PDL's duel with Ainz. PDL as as Riku Aganeia mentioned that the source of all this strife was with his father and those that followed him During the bonus volume, Chapter 4. Cure Elim Los Malvar says Satouru (Ainz's real name) is "Filth of the Dragon Emperor" At one point PDL says his father's need for absolute power corrupted him. So It's my personal theory that the dragon emperor attempted to posses the World items but in the process of summoning them he brought the players that were holding them along too. Though I don't know why that turned YGGDRASIL from a game into reality.


>Though I don't know why that turned YGGDRASIL from a game into reality. YGGDRASIL is a game, and the New World is its own world. The Dragon Emperor's wild magic pulled world items and the entities which possesd them from YGGDRASIL into the NW.


Thanks. Might read the bonus volumes then.


I guess some player use WCI to change the system, probably the "six god" There's some WCI, one of the "Twenty" which can grant request to GM to change the magic system in the game Its called "five element overcoming" if im not wrong


Pretty sure it was Ouroboros, though I could be wrong.


Ouroboros and Five Element overcoming almost have same effect tho. While Five Element Overcoming only change the magic system (guaranted), Ouroboros can make you talk with the developer and wish something in the game. In the past some guild use Ouroboros on AOG to prevent them entering one world (they can't do it forever so only 1 month) So its not surprising if you wrong or maybe im the one who is wrong, atleast we know "Six Gods" use WCI so people in NW can use tier magic


He is only briefly mentioned in the evileye side story (Vampire Princess of the Lost Country), >!Elder Coffin Dragon Lord calls Ainz "Dragon Emperor's filth", and i believe in volume 14? PDL mentions making up for his fathers mistakes!< , or something along those lines. Obiously he is considered the most powerful due to his "Emperor" status, while the other dragons are only "Lords".


There are two ways to think about this, first would be that the dragon emperor is literally over level 100 or is it just the his main strength which is wild magic that is on par with world items that make him stronger than level 100.


Ains could win with his plan


Sasuga Ainz Sama.


I mean it wouldnt be surprising to me since he said that he wants to leave an open ending for overlord. So having these powerful beings remain in the shadows and mention them at the end or even involve them in some way in the story would be the best way to create an open ending where someone can pick up after years.


\*insert vegita's meme\*


I know you can sort of break it with WM. Like that ring that climb has would give Cocytus 5 extra warrior levels. Despite him being capped out. Maybe he means he uses WM like that.


But I thought Ainz was stronger than the Dragon Emperor? Wait correct me if I’m wrong… isn’t Dragon Emperor the same as PDL? Or someone else?


>But I thought Ainz was stronger than the Dragon Emperor? Why? 🤔 >Wait correct me if I’m wrong… isn’t Dragon Emperor the same as PDL? Or someone else? PDL is the Dragon Emperors son.


OHHH, is the Dragon Emperor still alive?


Currently, it's not known.


I’m assuming if he is, Ainz would release Rubedo on him. If it’s said that he’s on the same tier as a Group Boss from Yggdrasil.


Wouldn’t be too surprising, MMOs have things that are above the players’ level caps. Like Elites or Raid bosses. Also the setting is in the New World and while similar it could have slightly different rules than Yggdrasil.


Wait maruyama really said it wow https://twitter.com/nakashin36191/status/1557527900026716160?t=fw5-xVEsVSt4-c_SWo1ugA&s=19


op forgot to change accounts


or the original post was a screenshot and this one is the tweet


Final fight in the Overlord ln should be all of Nazarick leading a raid against the dragon emperor.


I dont think he will be above 100 just that the classes he have will be dope . I mean ainz is roleplay character he could have been more strong like touch me


What he more likely meant was that his strength was beyond that of a level 100 player, which is standard for dragons. Dragons are a speices that have stats that are way higher than other beings of their level. In YGGDRASIL, this is because they were intended to be boss level enemies that would take multiple players on their level working together to take them down. A level 100 dragon would take many level 100 players to take down. Even a level 80 or 90 dragon would be a difficult challenge for just one level 100 player.


Tbh I kinda hope the DE isn't a pushover. In my opinion the best battles are the ones where Ainz has to actually strategize and think to win them.


🤦🤦🤦 OP Please read the question more carefully. It is not the 'power level' of Dragon Emperors that is >100 rather the strength stat (which I believe is the physical attack stat) is said to be above level 100. Same as Ainz' stat for MP is above 100. The stat system is out of 100 in Yggdrasil when evaluated.


I might be mistaken but we were never told that level 100 is the cap level, just the highest level Players have reached in Yaggdrassil. And talking about Yagdrassil, didn't the players explore SO LITTLE of the entire game so there are bosses and shit beyond lv100 be true?


you are mistaken level 100 was the hard cap in yggdrasil and more than half the players had reached it that may not be the case in the new world - climb had a ring that would temporarily add 5 warrior levels and the author said that it would make cocytus very dangerous but yggdrasil characters dont seem to be able to go above level 100 by levelling normally - ainz considers it confirmed that his level is capped in the new world as well




it was 16 hours ago but level 105 would be above level 95


Maybe it's something similar to that ring climb got ?, As someone mentioned depending on wearer it boost levels so for ex. If wearer is lvl it can surpass that limit...


I mean level Yggdrasil players are capped to level 100. Dragons not only have raid boss like stats for their level, but the only limiting factor to their strength is effectively how long they've lived. You'd basically expect the Dragon Emperor of New World to effectively be the DND equivalent of Tiamat or Asgorath in terms of power.


Damn!!!! this is big!


He was the one to summon all the stuff from Yggdrasil so makes sense he’s so op


I don't know if 2 volumes will be enough to introduce him, but man this Dragon Emperor dude screams final boss in every way you spin it


This wouldn't be that surprising. We see the guy in the WN who uses a WCI to gain that World Enemy Class, so who knows what you could do with Wild Magic.


So this basically confirms that the Dragon Emperor is alive. If he did fought the 8 kings then their rule shouldn't have last a couple of decades.


No, the 8 kings can still beat him if: 1/ It is 1vs8 while Dragon Emperor has like 102 to 105 level strength. 2/ His build relied heavily on direct Wild Magic attack and defense (rather than a buff) then a World item can counter it.


The Eight Greed Kings were able to kill the Player Surshana, one of the 6 Great Gods of the Slane Theocracy. Given that the 8GK were likely all Lvl 100 and had a plethora of equipment to use, including World Items, it stands to reason they would have no problem taking out the Dragon Emperor. One of the only reasons that they were defeated was because of infighting. Had they not done that, their rule would have extended much longer. This is also one of the greatest dangers posed to Nazarick should one of the other Supreme Beings be found.


On the contrary they would likely get bodied. World items only protect the one using it not summons or allies from wild magic and the eight greed kings at most had 1 or 2 world items. Something like sould eater or platinum dragon lords trump card would take out all the eight greed kings, their summons and any nearby n.p.c except for the 1 or 2 members who had world items and dealing with 2 of them is entirely possible for a being with stats above level 100. Most likely something happened to the dragon emperor which is why he was not present during the war.


No it could not a world item only grants protection to the one who is using it not all allies. The eight greed kings at most had 1 or 2 world items. Something like Soul devourer that Cure elim had would destroy most of the eight greed kings except the one or 2 members who had world items and for a level 105 character dealing with 1 or 2 of them would be possible. He does not even need something as broken as soul devourer even something like platinum dragon lords trump card is enough.


I don’t think his level is over 100 just his strength


Than why tsaindorcus was saying that he is not strongest while talking to rigrit?


>Than why tsaindorcus was saying that he is not strongest while talking to rigrit? Tsaindorcus isn't the Dragon Emperor, he's the son of the Dragon Emperor.


whats the name of the Dragon emperor


It's not known.


Phillip still wins in a 1v1 scenario. Dragon Emperor dies due to cringe.


It's ambiguous enough that he could just mean "his strength is functionally over level 100" due to the combination of his actual level, his race, his abilities, etc. It's similar to how Guren is able to fight like a level 100 floor guardian due to his optimised build, despite being level 90, or how PDLs armour punches above it's weight because it has Wild Magic unlike your average level 80-ish tank.


Although I agree with the Guren example Tsa armor is no way above its level power wise. It has only shown a handful of wild magic spells non of which are that broken, it likely can't use tier magic(since the author already confirmed that true dragon lords can't use tier magic unless they change their race) and it did not have any martial art abilities at all. It was physically equal to a level 70 undead warrior that was buffing itself with a skill. Which is what I would expect of a typical level 80-90 tank. It likely only could use a small number of platinum dragon lords wild magic and likely can't use his trump card since it would have used it otherwise. Overall it definitely is not above its level power wise. Platinum dragon lord himself might have power above his level but not his armor. Only reason it was doing so well against pandora was because 1. Pandora trying to gather information instead of trying to go for the kill 2. The armor had high magic resistance 3. Pandora stated himself that he was equipped with weaker items so his combat ability is lowered 4. Pandora can only copy 80% of Ainzes power and on top of that he can only use 300 spells while Ainz can use 718 plus Pandora can't use super tier magic.


I am one of the biggest "PDL is overrated" people out there... and even I think you're underselling him a little here. Spells like World Barrier are far from unimpressive spells. In addition we have confirmation that PDL's ultimate attack is a thing, and the author provided a faux-description of the armours fight with Shalltear where he used it apparently; that is also unlikely to be a weak attack. Ok, it can't take out Shalltear, but it's still more than a level 80-ish character should normally be able to do.


I am aware of Pdls ultimate attacks but I think you are miss understanding something. Pdls armor can't use his ultimate attack. Only his real body can use it. Like I said his armor can only use a small number of pdls wild magic attacks. I read that Faux description you are referring to. That attack seriously injured Shaltear but the author never stated that it was his armor that used it. That Faux description was a what if scenario of what would have happened if Shaltear fought PDLs real body. Even the title read what would happen if Shaltear fought a certain dragon lord. It showed that shaltear would be seriously injured with most of her defenses and immunities completely ignored by that attack. The attack itself was described like a nuclear bomb and by the end of it she was left with one eye and arm not working and covered in blood barely able to stand. That did not happen in her fight with the armor that was merely meant to show us what would have happened if the real body came to fight her instead. In her clash with the armor all that happened was she was surprised by the armors attack and counter attacked by damaging it causing it to re treat. If the Armor could use that attack it would have done so against the fight with Ainz there was no reason not to. It did not use it because it can't use it. Also the armors estimated attack ranges from level 80 to 90 if we use the higher estimate than a level 90 character having an ability to trap the enemy in an area where the only way to escape is to kill them sounds like a reasonable ability for that level.