It was 7 floors full of Mercenary monsters. Traps. Guardians. Floor Buffs. Debuffs and many other things that worn-out the Enemy and killed many of them. Then came the 8th Floor. With Victim's Debuff. Rubedo and 8th Floor Hierarchy with Aureole Omega's buff. Which wiped them out.




Pretty sure it was never said how many of them died in 1 to 7 floor. And it isn't just killing them that is important. Destroying their resources and weakening enemy is also important.


Web novel ≠ light novel. LN never said how many of them died from floor 1-7.


Do we know if any of the SB got involved because that could also hurt their forces too


1- their guild base is one of the biggest if not biggest. 2- they were experienced player and adults so they were smart in their strategies. 3- they had lot of NPC and each one made according to the floors conditions. 4- they knew how to properly set traps (point 2) 5- they used lot of money to buy lot of items. 6- floor guardians provided resistance. 7- rubedo is a trump card, she wiped out many, before they could even fight guild members. I feel rudebo is someone who has a timer system and within that time period, she is strongest in every aspect and also most powerful attacks and defense. She is made using some world item (apparently).


Combo between victim/8th floor hierarchy/rubedo/aureole omega


I will leave some data, not necessarily valid for the LN. ​ The level cap in \[Yggdrasil\] was 100, and since a third of the 1500 people were at that level(WN) ​ Ainz recalled the largest scale trump card on the 8th Floor.Most players would call it a cheat, and would rival the World Champion. And that was the reason why after 1500 people attacked, they did not regroup and try again. Did the time come to move it. (WN) They separated the strongest to treat them individually. Dozens of the 1,500 members were killed in the Black capsule,Seeing thousands of kyouhukou family members appear out of nowhere, many launched attacks on their allies and others disconnected because they could not stand their beauty. ( WN/Arcadia 498) All 41 of them were there, so Momonga didn't kill them all. Most of them were killed by the 8th floor.(WN/ Arcadia 2256) It's just that the existence of the **eighth floor is extraordinarily strong**, and the fact that **MP has almost diminished** is an important factor. (WN / Arcadia 2377 ) If 100 of the Top 500 players of Yggdrasil invaded, the likelihood that Nazarick would be breached is quite high. There is no need to even think when 150 Level 100 players decide to attack.(WN)If Ainz activated the strongest force in the tomb, all the members within Level 8, it would be impossible even for 150 players to win. But the price would be too high, hence he cannot simply use it. (WN) When I said "**Arcadia**" I was referring to the author's comments on the site where the WN was first published.[http://www.mai-net.net/bbs/sst/sst.php?act=dump&cate=&all=18721](http://www.mai-net.net/bbs/sst/sst.php?act=dump&cate=&all=18721)


Iirc it wasn't exactly said the beings in the 8th floor would beat her one v one. Just that Ainz-sama said that if she goes crazy he'll need to give them a WCI to defeat her


We can only speculate; many died before, they used important cooldown, waste their trump card, got debuff and they were not full hp/mp then they have to face the strongest npcs in the difficult environment...


The Ariadne system. The novels this was actually explained in detail. So if you're familiar with Aureole Omega, her main job was to watch over the portals used to traverse the floors. In the game this would be a loading screen as you go from one floor to the next. However, those portals are all linked to each other so theoretically if you were on the first floor and went through a portal you could wind up on the 4 or 5th floor if Aureole wanted too. It was in this fashion that when Enri, Nemu, and Nfriea came to visit they did not have to traverse all the floors to get to the 9th floor. Now comes the Ariadne system. This was a system that was built in Yggdrassil to keep players from making a base that was impossible to go into. There had to be a path the led from the entrance to the heart of the base. This in conjunction with Aureole. She kept sending people back to the 1st floor. The only way people could progress to the next floor is if they went through the portal all at once. So imagine 10 people go in the gate on floor 2 9 of them would be sent back to 1 and only 1 would make it to floor 3. So then that person would have to wait for his team of 9 to go back through the monsters and traps back to the gate and have those 9 on floor 2 walk through. 8 would be sent back, and 1 would get to floor 3. So 2 on floor 3, and 8 back on floor 1. What I just described was just 3 floors. And everytime you go through a gate you risked being sent to the start. So massive teams of people had to run through this horror of a dungeon multiple times just to have a chance of getting further by 1 floor. As you know they where able to get to floor 8 because we know Victim was killed triggering the buff on all monsters in Nazerick and a massive debuff on the intruders. Rubedo was awakened fought the group of however many people had been lucky enough to make it this far and killed them. So let's say you were one of the lucky few that made it to 8 and Rubedo killed you......NOW YOU HAVE TO GO THROUGH THE WHOLE DUNGEON AGAIN. Except now this time it's Worse because you're being rebuffed everything is getting buffed...and Rubedo waiting for you on 8 is healing and getting all her abilities back while you waste more resources and more importantly time to HAVE A CHANCE of getting to floor 8...the dungeon was basically a Dark Souls except everytime you die or walk through a portal you get sent back to the beginning.


The players were not from guilds higher in rank? They had to fight in a area that benefited non-human characters. Every player would have to have environmental resistance for each of the different types of floors. Groups were teleported and split up so npcs could handle focused groups of invaders.


Victim dies and then Rubedo steamrolls them


Well, in the webnovel Ainz with his WCI alone had killed half those numbers during the defense battle on the 8th floor. One of the WCI abilities is also to destroy equipment of the invaders. This actually tells us a few things. Firstly AOG members can take part in the defense battle if they want to in whichever floor they want. Mainly because they have the guild ring, so able to go anywhere on the battlefield and retreat is not uncommon in battles like these. The fighters among the guild members probably would enjoy taking part in some of the battles among different floors. Even if they die, as long the guild respawn points aren't captured, the guild members dying shouldn't be a issue. Plus they have certain items for resurrection too. The second thing that tells us is that if the guild is truly in danger, AOG members would not hesitate to mobilize their arsenal of dangerous weapons into the war. Meaning they will make use of certain WCI or other unique dangerous items to kill more enemies. Otherwise what's the point of having them if not use it for emergencies like this? Lastly this also tell us is that because the 8th floor has to most powerful defenders there station, AGO members will send most of their trumps card there to reinforce it to make sure it's not breached. And if finally the 8th floor fall, it basically means the guild has already lost. The AOG members will regroup and wait together on the 10th floor for the enemies to arrive for one final struggle. This is why most invaders after they lost the war claim AGO were practically cheating. Due to how impossible it was to get pass the 8th floor. The assumption is that not only did the 8th floor has tons of powerful boss level defenders, Victim, Rubedo, but also AOG members using several WCI's and their trump cards probably also totally wrecked them all there.


they splurged


If you consider that on every floor you lose at least 75% of your numbers to teleportation stalling and trap, then still have to clear the floors and all the broken mechanics of the 8 floor. You can win by stalling and slowly picking of players.