Yes, our theory is that he is one of the six Gods. (kinda confirmed, but we still need to hear about it in canon LN)


Likely one of the 6 great gods since they were players


I believe it is implied that said player is indeed one of the Six Gods of the Slane Theocracy. I remember that when the cover of volume 16 came out, there was a lot of talk about it on the Discord of Overlord.


.-. what?


Maybe he is a represent of sunlight one?


What. Who???


We aren't sure if Niko Nyan is canon or not in the main story . Is likely Maru and So-bin decide to just use this armor design for ZZ and have it as one of the 6 Gods gears as it look cool. The only thing we know is that ZZ said this belong to the God of Wind. So chances are the character Niko Nyan might not exist here in the novel. I don't see how a cat person would have been one of the 6 gods anyway. Dude was clearly someone from the cat guild while Surshana was a freaking Overlord. Also if Niko Nyan truly had existed, the theorcracy would have tons of cat statues all over their nation and would have easily embrace the beast races( considered the guy is probably a furry lover) . Instead what we got is a racist nation that is bend on killing other races.


Considering other authors have put deep lore-orientated characters into the IQ movies, it's not far-fetched that maru decided to follow in suit.


But why can't an Overlord be a cat person? He might be roleplaying as an undead version of Team Rocket leader.


Would be funny if he is the leader of the group that got isekaied into the NW and years later, during the fight against the 8GKs he died, but in reality he got isekaied once again into that Quartet world and he's been stuck there forever xD