**Volume 2: The Dark Warrior** >Any Players in this world would want to help out humanity. That was why Ainz was on guard against Players and kept his distance from the Slaine Theocracy. ​ >If there were no limits on the inhabitants of this world, if they could surpass the maximum level of one hundred in Yggdrasil, then Ainz and the vassals of the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick would not be able to defeat them. And that would definitely— > >“It’s not impossible...” > >Ainz felt it was possible that the Six Gods who appeared in the Slaine Theocracy six hundred years ago were actually Players. Although he did not know why they had appeared so far apart from Ainz, if they counted heteromorphic beings — which had no maximum lifespan — among their number or if they possessed classes which extended their lifespans, there was a very high chance that they had survived to the present day. If the Six Gods were still hiding in the Slaine Theocracy, and if they had begun power leveling others using the power of the Six Gods — i.e. helping them with the abilities of powerful Players in order to gain experience faster than normal — from six hundred years ago, it might well be possible that there were people in excess of level one hundred. > >If that were the case, the reason why the Theocracy had not yet taken over the world might be because there were other beings of the same caliber lying in wait. It might even be the case that being level one hundred meant nothing. As he thought about that, Ainz’s nonexistent gut began cramping up again. If the Six Gods really were Players, then he had to try and get on their good side while he lacked information about this world. According to the members of the Sunlight Scripture, the Imperial knights attacking this village were imposters from the Theocracy, which meant that saving this village was making an enemy of them. > >“Was helping them a mistake...” > >As he had surmised, gathering more information was a top priority. The only reason that he is now declaring war on the Theocracy is because he learned that they are responsible for Shalltear’s mind control. Protecting the “children” left behind by his friends is the only thing Ainz cares about. The Theocracy forced him to fight and kill Shalltear. So, now they must be destroyed.


but theoratically if they baited him and in reality they have an army of world champion players this means that ainz would go into his death. Is he really ready to risk it all just to avenge 1 guardian?(obviously the ST is much weaker but from his perspective anything might happen since the info gathering in this world is difficult)


Ainz has been shown to become completely enraged and irrational when he feels that his friends have been disrespected. Albedo created her “Supreme Being Hit Squad” after seeing Ainz's reaction to Foresight’s lie about his friends. She saw that Ainz’s emotional reaction whenever his friends are brought up is his greatest weakness. Forcing Ainz to kill Peroroncino’s daughter is the greatest insult anyone has made towards his friends. As a result, Ainz has become enraged and irrational.


I don’t know where you got the idea the Theocracy has an army of world champion players. They only have 2 Godkins as their ultimate weapon. Weapons, equipments from the previous players (6 Great Gods) as we can see in Vol 16 is quite weak compare to Ainz’s. Therefore, it’s safe to say the guild is average not even a top one. Even if Theocracy deploy their full force, army with the best equipments, items or even World Item, it is but a small fraction of Nazarick power. As for the info gathering, I don’t get why you would assume it’s difficult for him.


He didn't know, that's the whole thing. It's a new place with hundreds of unknowns he didn't want to risk anything. But Regardless of how it is Ainz made a personal Vendetta against those who brainwashed shalltear, so regardless of strength he was going to kill them whoever they were. Like if shalltear remembered the Black Scripture then ainz would've begone the manhunt to know where these people are then he would found the ST sooner. But because Shalltear forgot it was grasping straws. Plus we knew for the longest time that ST did it, but not Nazarick.


ok but if he does not know much about their full strenght how can he be sure from his perspective that he is not attacking 1000 touch mes?


I think he has a grasping of their strength. He just read zesshi memories, i'm sure he must have seen some memories telling zesshi is the strongest in ST


>how can he be sure from his perspective that he is not attacking 1000 touch mes? Cuz if they do have 1000 touch mes, they could've spared 1 to the party that mind controlled Shalltear & that 1 touch me could've just subdue Shalltear instead of having the party used a world item on her.


I dont think so.. Even ST said they can't defeat ainz (from what i remember). And nazarick have many world items, op npc and summons.. So I don't think we should be worried.


>but what is different now then it was a few volumes ago. The different is he got confirmation on they were the ones that used the world item on Shalltear. >I mean only the fact that he is angry can not change his plans What do you meant by he "can not" change his plans? His orders are still absolute within Nazarick. If Ainz said "nah, I don't feel like attacking the ST anymore, lets withdraw for now & do this on another week" & his forces would obey without a doubt.


Well, before Ainz knew about the whole Shalltear thing, he didn't really have anything against that nation. Maybe a bit wary, because they might have players who created that country. And Ainz wanted to build friendly relation first before resorting to any violence. Ainz wasn't really eager to wage wars unless he is sure of his enemies strength. And so far he knows not a lot of that country. He also lack manpower and his guardians are overworked. Why would he suddenly destroy them for no reason? Goal was conquest. He might have even appreciate their inventions and development of magic compare to other countries. And their commitment to protect humanity. As a undead, Ainz has all the time in the world. His whole world conquest doesn't have a time limit. Why should he rush things? And he wasn't wrong. Because if Nazarick had strengthen their control of their territories and stabilize all recently annexed area's, the Theocracy might have eventually bend the knee like the Empire once they realize resisting is pointless. Plus Ainz love to avoid doing more work. Also this kind of tactic has been use a lot in wars. You never go for the hardest obstacles. You first go for their easier prey. And once you take care of the weaker ones, you surround the stronger prey and go after it. Most military tacticians rarely choose to pick the stronger ones for a fight first. They first weaken the enemy potential allies and test the water to see what their response would be after seeing the weaker ones collapse.


Ainz is emotional, if something happens to things or beings he cherishes, he didn't think much, he just reacted out of anger and gave the orders. This is not the first time he has done so. Only those who believe that Ainz has no emotions because he kills strangers without feeling anything, think that Ainz lost his emotions and feelings for his race.


Ainz doesn't want to go around conquering people in general. He basically got forced into various invasions for the most part. Yeh, ok, he still has moral responsibility for them, but it wasn't like he was keen to conquer them. When the Empire surrenders he's like "why tf would they do that? Huh? This sounds like a bother to deal with. I'll get Albedo and Demiurge to sort it out".


A couple things. First off, Ainz has no interest in destroying nations for no reason. He destroyed the Re-Estize Kingdom because he got swept up in Demiurge's misunderstanding. Before that point, Ainz was carefully considering how to interact with all nations around his. He was afraid any action he took would mess up something Demiurge was already working on. Secondly, as others have pointed out, Ainz specifically ignored the Slane Theocracy because he was wary of player influences he was sensing from their nation. Reading Zesshi's mind after the events of vol 16 give Ainz all he needs to know in order to attack the ST. Is he throwing caution to the wind a bit? Sure, but him having to kill Shalltear was a major trauma for him. Most of the decisions he's made since were affected by that event, so finding out the culprits and making them pay is important to him.


the plan was conquer the ST not destroy it, we have always know the ST is way weaker than nazarick. he used the empire because the ST is a human supremacist country it would be extremely difficult to make a good ally or subordinate without having the rest of the nations under control, nazarick is perfectly capable of destroying all nations around it simultaneously, but the idea is not to destroy but conquer