This is the first Overlord theory about Volume 17 and Volume 18 I was able to read start to finish without having an aneurysm. Like, your theory isn't as insane/illegible as other people's theories and I was able to read your theory satisfied, while also not having to take 5 minute breaks just to finish your predictions. What's worst is the most sane/understandable Volume 17 and Volume 18 theory came from the guy who had a Couchytus worship session with himself... No offense.


I tried to be logical and believable and also Maruyama making any major changes to the story this close to the end would most likely completely fuck the story and leave most of readers unsatisfied. Like all those wild theories like world bosses, thousands of players and etc… Would completely destroy the fan base. Which is not in anybody’s interests. Kadokawa wants to make money, Maruyama doesn’t want death threats and fans doesn’t want another AOT situation.


Thank you for applying logic with your theories. It helps me from losing my sanity/hair.


Author intend to release Vol 17 & vol18 near each other. So both novels should be heavily related. My predictions. Vol17: Prologue. Theocracy higher ups panic after losing contact with ZZ. They discuss what to do. chapter 1: Nazairck war meeting with all guardians. Ainz give Shalltear a chance to contribute great merits in the coming war with her troops. Ainz also order Mare to wipe out the 40k soldiers of Theocracy currently stuck in the elf capital. Chapter 2: some information about Theocracy daily life. Introduction of some side characters. The nation geography, culture, religion and way of life. Higher ups considered the worst outcome and start to prepare for a impending attack after still no news from ZZ and their army in elf kingdom. They try to contact Council State to negotiate some kind of alliance. Intermission: some countries reaction to the Sorcerer kingdom increasing influence. Chapter 3: Sorcerer kingdom announce the war to the world and use some kind of justification. Maybe using the elves rescue as the reason or maybe just blame Theocracy for being hostile and had interfered with Sorcerer kingdom politics. Shalltear go on the offense with the rest of the guardians backing her. Nazarick secure the borders in case something happen. Theocracy cities are being raze to the ground. Theocracy prepare for a all-out struggle. Vol 18: Chapter 4: Nazarick move on the Theocracy capital. Gargantua might be mobilize. Theocracy bring out all their trump cards left by their gods. Like summoning powerful angels, golem and that Rufus etc. The fall of the capital seen inevitable. Chapter 5: Council states try to interfere with their army. Along with PDL Remote armor secretly observing the situation. Nazarick send some of their forces to intercept. Council state suffer some losses and retreat. PDL remote armor come out to aid them and start a fight with a guardian( maybe Cocytus) and is defeated. Chapter 6: The fall of the Theocracy. Some nations reactions. PDL is gloomy in his castle. Knowing that a lot of powerful items of the theocracy are now in Nazarick hands. Also his fake Remote Armor identity is likely revealed and Nazarick next target might aim at him and his allies. And PDL also manage to find out Shalltear is alive and actually was not killed by Momon. Therefore he become even more afraid by the scale of nazarick strength and schemes after knowing both Shalltear and Momon is part of Ainz subordinates. PDL tell this news to Blue Rose and Red Drop. He intend to immediately contact other Dragonlords now that things has become this dangerous. Epilogue: Nazarick celebrate their victory. Shalltear cry a bit. Ainz is finally at ease for solving the hidden enemy of Shalltear and got their revenge. Ainz hold a speech and decide to take Nazarick toward the future and continue world conquest. With guardians supporting him, Ainz is ready to face anything in the future. Somewhere on the continent and in other continents powerful beings are coming out of the shadows and wonder what the fuss is about. A new world war is about to break out as the Sorcerer kingdom expand further into the continent.The End. Ps: reminder that author had mention he never intend Nazarick to have any big fights with the Dragons in the current story line.


Why would they catch nazarick off guard? They literally can’t use wild magic against world item holders. (They can but it wouldn’t do anything). So you have giant lizards doing useless things.


They could attack E-Rantel under the false assumption that it would be unguarded. Also, take into consideration that Ainz wants a considerably amount of Nazarick forces to be sent to the Theocracy to ensure absolute destruction and a whole massacre. And as the post says, even if Ainz and guardians, and Nazarick of course, is protected by WCI, they can't protect all Nazarick vassals against wild magic, Soulbreaker Breath can break havoc with a surprise attack. Then TDLs could have the false assumption that they are winning, but then we would have a fight of guardians against TDLs, Nazarick already in possession of Downfall of Castle and Country could make the fight even more uneven.


As in surprised and that’s not talking about mercenary and summons being affected by wild magic


Cure Elim considered a primal elemental to be a tough opponent. If they waste all their wild magic on summons (who can be respawned) it’s just a hopeless situation for them.


I did not say they would win I said they would surprise Nazarick due to there wild magic


My personal wish for last 2 volumes is that we would see what omega and rubedo look like.especially rubedo. As far as i know: omega is some sort of shrine maiden and she is a immortal human. Rubedo on the other hand has no clear information what she is. All i know is that: - At the very least has red color based on her name. - strongest npc in nazarick - probably mechanical in nature - created using a different method than other npc. Also while we discussing about endgame of overlord i also want to mention some plot or story element that still mysterious in the series such as: - why player of yggdrasil got transferred to new world? The story mention that every hundred years player of yggdrasil came to new world. Does this that yggdrasil already exist for a long time or that player that stay until the end of server countdown time got transferred to different time period? I had this theory that yggdrasil maybe some sort of experimental medium to travel to different world considering how awful earth is in overlord setting. - what is gonna happen to blue rose? The last we see them lakyus were put on a lot of debuff so her team can convince her to leave the kingdom. Will they appear again? How they gonna play into the story? -About bellriver According what i read in the wiki he got assasinated because he found out about some secret regarding the megacorp and that secret information is already in someone else hand. Wether or not this is gonna be mentioned again or has any effect on the overall stories. We may never know.


They are probably not going to reappear, I bet Maruyama is a bit rankled up for not being allowed to kill off the cute anime girl evil eye, one of the marketing hits. He says it spared him from filling some pages on them.


I remember Nazarick deployed a doppelgänger in City-State Alliance or Dragonic Kingdom. Maybe one of these 2 gonna be appear in the next 2 vols as well


All can occur on the remaining two volumes. If Overlord were a shonen, the story lies at the moment before the penultimate flashback of the MC (PDL). Then he will gather all his friends to attack the Demon King's castle and win. Although the opposite is likely to happen this time...


Atleast they will be useful to society providing a renewable source of high level scrolls📜


CZ: Buy Dragonscrolls^(TM) uwaah.\~ Ainz: We are years away from this and we aren't going to sell them.


The ibteresting thing is in the latest vol, Maruyama brings back Albedo Death Squad which make me wondering what will they play in the upcoming volume


They would build human bridges everywhere throughout the Theocracy.


i doubt we see the war between the ST and ainz, i probably think we start volume 17 after the destruction of the country and it will be a slower volume, with something like the preparations of the TDLs and nazarick next target, also i doubt ainz will die or any floor gurdian, as we understood that world items cancel wild magic, TDLs main power


I think there is way too much build up that Maruyama can just kill ST off screen. They have been there sense volume 1 killing they off just doesn’t seem very smart from a story writing perspective. Also if the 2nd part is addressed to me I never said the TDLs would kill Ainz or any guardian. I said at most they would kill a few high level mercs with something like soul-eater breath


Well Maruyama said he intends to destroy them off screen.


Source? because that would be really disappointing


It was part of one of his posts/comments someone translated and posted on this subreddit. It's pretty hard to Google it when you don't know Japanese so I wasn't able to find the original comment


Predictions: ST destruction will be not be the focus, it will be too easy. Ainz will get info from ST archives or ST higher ups about past players that will freak him out, maybe ST knows that it is wild magic that summons players and that will shift the war towards the PDL


Seems plausible. One attack that might work for a suprise is a variation on orbital bombardment using the world item(s) Caloric Stone(s). The confusion inside nazarick would be hilarious "are they trying to surrender?"


Ngl I don’t think the destruction of the ST will take a whole volume with Ainz and all the floor guardians + others also demiurge said he had a plan for the ST so they could easily wipe them


Maruyama mentioned that he intends for the destruction of Theocracy to occur off screen. We might get some highlights, but that won't be the focus.


I skimmed your fanfiction, and all I'd say is cautioning against the idea that the Dragonlords have any kind of chance against Nazarick. The danger to Nazarick is going to come from Albedo if it comes from anywhere. There is just nothing external that can plausibly threaten Nazarick itself; at least as far as the great tomb goes. Sure, they could attack some of their new territories, etc, but the whole of the NW wouldn't even make it to the 8th floor, let alone get past it, even with Nazarick busy warring with the ST. I have written a post before outlining just a fraction of Nazarick's internal strength. Their base is functionally impregnable for the NW.


You invalidate any credibility in your argument when you yourself said you barely read anything from my post. I never said they would remotely threaten Nazarick. I only ever said they would surprise them by a surprise attack. Even a cockroach can scare a man, especially someone like Ainz, that always assume the worst case scenario.