As you have guessed, the power of friendship and eternal happiness aint a thing in Overlord. It sure will be a bit darker, but it's worth it. Personally, I like the new characters and the development of the world


Continue so you can challenge yourself and expand your tastes.


Oh 7vol so you already know about happy farm... Oh dear sorry but it will be darker... But still this book isn't dark. It has only a little seasoning with themes. Real dark fantasy is pretty messed up. In next volumes you can expect: >!Experiments in transplating oragns/limbs of different species, more skinning, lots of mass murders, bugs eating person from inside, mix breeding experiment and more!<


Good news. Volume 8 is wholesome.


I disagree with you he kills a bunch of "innocent" Trolls Who were just in his Cave If that wasn't enough To call him BAD He takes the corpses of those "innocent" Trolls And turns them into zombies and sends them to attack A village That lives innocent people The most impressive thing about all that the village is in is the Carne Village that he protected in Volume 1 >Good news. Volume 8 is wholesome. Volume 8 is brutal just like the others It sure isn't healthy "For this guy"


If the guy doesn't care about Lizardmen I am pretty sure he finds volume 8 good.


As overlord goes on more death is introduced and more politics Edit: i dumb make no good sentence need correcting


Is about world conquest. It's gonna be very dark and brutal. We are talking about a world here that has countless kingdom from all kind of races hating each other and trying to wipe each other out. We have arrogant nobles, kings and whatever powerful beings ruling each region. Of course it's gonna get very bloody once nazarick start their invasion. Vol 7 is nothing compare to what comes next. I find vol7 to be hilarious so i enjoy all the other novels. But you will probably not gonna enjoy any of them. Maybe you can stop at 8. Vol9 i think you might able to take it. 10 is probably ok. 11 is a maybe. But 12,13,14 are probably too brutal for you


Vol 6 or even the previous volumes not dark enough for you?


I think what makes volume 7 so difficult is how we are introduced to the characters. We meet them and learn about their lives just for it to end... badly. However, very few people felt bad about the lizardmen when that was arguably worse.   There are worse things in later volumes, but they are not portrayed in the same way, so they don't have the same impact.


Thank you , this is what I wanted to know . Yes like you said Vol 7 felt more personal than the lizard arc .


There will be a few surprises, but I don't think they have the same impact.   I can give you a few hints of some of the surprise events. I tried to word them in a way that it doesn't spoil you, but when you read it you will know. * Volume 11: >!Shalltear go burrr!< * Volume 12: >!The Holy Club!< * Volume 13: >!Unstoppable armor isn't unstoppable!< * Volume 13: >!Jald: Walking on sunshine!< * Volume 14: >!Albedo makes a new forest!<


The lizards race as a whole got to continue living and didn't end up being breeding factories or shalltear's plaything.


hundreds of lizardmen dying is better than 20 being tortured/killed?


We're those hundreds of lizardmen ruthlessly tortured or eaten or did the die relatively quickly in a war.


They all died warrior deaths for the most part. Vs the 20 or so works, some died, but some were tortured for who knows how long.   But, I still view it as 100s lizardmen > 20 humans, regardless of how they died.


Fine that's your viewpoint I respect it but I see it as very tame as it was a war and they just dies, hell pretty sure ainz resurrected all their leaders that died if I'm not mistaken, while those humans were tortured until the point of the minds breaking.


Meh, nothing much, new born children being used as shields, only to be killed by a no shit giving pope of Justice, genocide of a bunch of mole people, razing 90% of a country to the ground because they stole some grain ... Overall pretty standard for overlord


Huh? Hard to read? Bah, ridiculous. I also had once thought Overlord to be on the more gruesome side of stories but this, this is nothing, especially around that vol 7 area. When I began reading Torture Princess, I realised how lacking in gore and brutality Overlord is


it's basically a PG-13 story about evil guys taking over the world if that's something you want to read about is entirely up to you.


It will only get more wholesome from now on.


It gets pretty dark; Idk if youd like 8 9 12 13 14 Lotta death and cruelty in those. But its damn hood