The homeowner will simply claim they don't know which kids did the damage. They aren't liable sinplely because they held a get together


Have you tried talking to the parents? Reasonable people might be willing to pick up the bill, but actually forcing them to do something might be hard. You could probably file a police complaint and take them to small claims over it, but all they have to say is "we didn't do it" and you'll be screwed unless you have security footage or something.


Yeah this is worth a go. A similar scenario occurred years ago for my parents. No cars but property damage due to the neighbours kids having a party while they were away. They were decent responsible people so they not only paid for the damage but arranged for the work to be done to fix it as well. I realise not all people are like this but no harm in trying.


Yup, good parents would want to hear about it so they can teach their kids about consequences - guess you need a part time job/your birthday present is paying for the damage etc


I'd be surprised if you could get anything. That's why you have insurance (and parking on the road is fairly risky anyway). From the homeowners POV, why should they pay/care? You can ask them and hope they help, but legally I think unless you can prove (or they admit) who it was, or that they are withholding the info from you, you're kinda screwed. You decided to self insure for this sort of damage, your neighbour was smart, and paid for it upfront. Now comes the cost of self insurance. This is a case of 'shit happens', if the car is still driveable and the damage is cosmetic, leave it looking bad, save up and insure it properly, then fix it after when you've got money.


We had a neighbour drive into our car, we ran outside when we heard the impact and car was somehow gone in seconds. Saw on grainy video that it was a white van. Next day realised it was in the drive way three houses down, broken pieces of tail light left next to our car matched and fitted the missing spaces on their van. We spoke to them, they said not us. Insurance went after them, unsuccessful. Tough shit for us. Car was written off.


Ok good people ! NEWS UPDATE! Previous owner of car( now deceased) went and spoke to the neighbours about the damage They were horrified ! Both wing mirrors we also damaged , bonnet although caved in wasn't preventing car from driving etc Neighbour apologies and they paid for two wing mirrors - like good parents and citizens YAY! Sadly it seems a blind ham fisted oaf used his feet to install said wing mirrors and they will need work or replacement New bonnet acquired- fitting to be completed Signing off now Good luck to you all who have had any similar experiences


Wait, so the previous owner talked to them and died?


Yes- hahaha But it was several months afterwards and nothing to do with them - they bought the wing mirrors remember I like your conspiracy theory thinking though


Short story, house owners are not liable for your damage. You need to go after the kid that did it but as you don’t have their details you’re out of luck.


so what were the many reasons?


Wasn't my car , owner has passed away now etc etc Sorry they weren't super cool or interesting


Time was, depending on the neighbourhood, you could lay out the situation to the neighbours and possibly the parents would drum up the excess by docking it off the kids (amongst other punishments). These days, it’s adult children rearing children, so the first reaction is probably going to be diversionary or hostile. Insurance companies love it - less responsibility, more claims. Is bucking the trend a hill you want to die on OP.


Yeah- I hoping they aren't feral and will at least attempt to do the right thing Hell even if they got 5 kids to pay $50 each towards it and we said no more about it Im not holding my breath ....


Mandatory third party kid insurance for parents. Until then best to insure your assets. You could ask the neighbours, but without knowing exactly who did what, I can't see that leading to you getting a cheque for $300


Totally go to the parents of the kid who had a party AND go to the police. neither may care. They should.


If the home owner is sympathetic to your situation they may want to help you out. If it was me, I'd tell you to get insurance and talk to the tenants.


Not much that can be done, but take this as a low cost life lesson. My parked car was written off by a drunk driver (meaning their insurance was invalid), and my insurance was only third party. That was an expensive lesson to learn! Thankfully, my CCTV provided all the evidence police required for it to go to court, and hopefully there will be some compensation. So, if anyone reads this. Full insurance cover is worth it! And get a CCTV system while you're at it (it's perfectly legal to have CCTV overlooking the road as it's a public space).


Damm- that sux dude Good luck getting your car fixed


thanks man, totally destroyed though :)


I suspect even if you had insurance it wouldn’t have been worth claiming as the excess will be more than the cost of a new bonnet. It’s worth making a malicious damage complaint to the police in the hope that they’ll talk to the property owners - but they’ll probably be too busy pottering around in the office.


Yep, new bonnet and excess are pretty much the same ! I'll have a chat to them about it next few days Thanks