Same, feels like a waste of time because I never find anything I actually want


THANK YOU (RE: clothes) I can never find the “right” thing. I have an idea but all the shit people sell looks the same. Why can’t people sell normal clothes instead of what’s trendy?


I don't know how everyone looks so put together all the time while I struggle to buy a single shirt or pair of pants, and I still end up hating 75% of what I do actually buy


Same here. I mostly have black t-shirts and leggings, because that’s the only thing I’ll definitely like. I’ve pretty much accepted that if I buy two things, one will be a “waste”, and I keep the tags on for the entire 30 days and return them at least half the time. I pay for two to find one that I like. Right now I’m just going to keep what I have until I absolutely have nothing to wear though, to see what I actually need. I’m not in a place in my life where dressing well is important and I’m about to move to a different country so it’s a good opportunity to sell and get rid of clothes. If I move with only a few leggings, t-shirts, and a sweater I’ll be happy.


Second that! I often end up getting only half the items on my list. Between overly bright lighting, screaming children, rude adults, and baffling store layouts, I go into sensory overload and flee. Not that all the other shoppers are obnoxious, but it only takes a few to ruin the experience. And that's not even counting people who won't wear masks and/or socially distance. I don't understand the love of shopping as recreation.


Hm, I've enjoyed getting my washing machine 5 years ago, because before that I havn't had my own for 10 months each two times in my life. Being able to do laundry whenever I want to, is a luxury for which I'm happy every day now.


This is why I do everything online. I can get better information there than a biased or uninformed staff member, and it's often cheaper too.


Yeah, I did it all online but come time to collect they let me down. Plus I have access to a truck so saving on delivery fees is usually a plus..


Completely agree


I have not been grocery shopping or to a target in 8 years . I Google for best price for things I need , use sub and save with Amazon and get groceries delivered. It gives me more time for music , art , biking or hiking


Yes. Shopping bad. Not shopping good. (Pardon my conciseness. A true minimalist uses as few words as possible)


Why waste time say lot word when few word do trick?


IA (That’s ‘I agree’ in minimalist speak)


👍 (That’s “I agree” in true minimalist speak)


Clicking the emoji icon to select the hand?? Way too many clicks. Not minimal.


^ (replacement for thumbs up)


I feel a battle in my brain constantly about this. The one part wants to go shopping and it’s bored. But at the same time I don’t want to because of the reasons stated. It’s so annoying. And especially when you actually need new clothes or a mechanical job done or alike. It’s so intrusive and annoying




Checked online-had stock, called to confirm but no answer (staff shortages)


I went with my girlfriend to help her buy a car recently. It was painful and reminiscent of my (failed) attempts to buy a house. There is no inventory, nothing new is being built so no new inventory coming, prices are sky high, and the dealers know it, so they price used cars way above what they are worth. I've heard that dealers are now buying up used cars and "refurbishing" them because they know there will be no new cars for a while. But if you need it, you need it unfortunately.


I like being able to afford the things I need, and not buying crap I don’t has allowed me to do that. My husband and I enjoyed taking time to find the perfect fridge when our elderly one was on its last legs. I’m lucky I can plop down 2k on an appliance that will be used every day and last a long time.