That’s a geocache! People go around looking for these things with some directions and clues. They can be this, where it’s just a name, or sometimes have little prizes inside


This seems so fun!!! Once it stops snowing I'm going to maybe go on some hunts :)


Go ahead and get you a free account and do some reading. It is so much fun and if you have any people in your life that you like but struggle to find things to do with, geocaches are like little adventures. Pay attention to size and difficulty ratings.


Is there a preferred app for this?




Carry little prizes with you when you go out! Just add something if you take something out. It can be fun pencil erasers, marbles, cute paper clips, foreign coins - I bought some mini bungie cords and added those for a while. Have fun!


Very quick overview of the hobby: The company loves to describe it as a "treasure hunt" but it's better to think of it as "a worldwide game of hide and seek". Some geocaches are quite large, like the size of a bar fridge. A "regular" size is about the size of a shoebox. But the majority of the ones in urban areas tend to be small - smaller than the one OP found. The smallest are the size of the tip of your little finger! It's best to think of the experience of finding the cache as the "prize". It's quite rewarding to find one that's hard to find! If you have any questions, feel free to pop over to r/geocaching or the official forums or there may be a local Facebook geocaching group where you live.


If you Take Something, Leave Something else of similar value. $1 - 2 is a typical value, but some caches also contains a 'First To Find' prize, which is a reward to whoever finds it first. That doesn't count for the TSLS rule. (I've left SD cards and similar as FTF prizes before) Just DO NOT leave anything that smells(animals will try to get at it), anything that can expire, knives(even 'toy' folding knives with 1" blades) and think very long and hard before leaving anything of a religious nature. A good rule is to consider 'What if a 5year old found this?'


Even in my small town of 10,000 people there’s at least a good couple hundred around here!


Yeah and i hope op did not take this with them home cause that would he unfortunate for future geocachers


I love the little prizes one. You put a little trinket in and you take something out. Have a whole collection. Used to take my nephews geocaching a lot. They loved "treasure hunting". For people interested, just download a geocache app and create a free account a see whats close by. Tip: do regular caches as a beginner. Multi caches are sometimes a bit hard since it takes you from place to place. Oh and if you cant find it then check the comments to see who found it last. 1/10 times it's just gone. But it doesnt happen a lot. Have fun! (Btw its a pretty corona proof activity to do as adults or with kids)


I'm amazed at how many other Geocachers have commented in only 42 minutes


I miss geocaching. But it was kind of tough to explain to the cops why you were in a park at midnight with maps, flashlights & boots. I learned more about encounters with law enforcement that way.... but I loved it!


I also loved geocaching, until people in my area decided that it was a great idea to keep destroying and pissing all over them.


Boooooo on them.


Had a lot of fun those early smartphone years before people really figured out how to use them to enable their trashy behavior.


People ruin fun. I hate people.


Fuck people, lets get rid of them so we can have fun again.....wait!


When tech is new, only the friendly, nerdy open-minded people are into it. Then when it gets more popular, the trashy behavior people join and ruin everything. Look what happened to the internet. It used to be cats and memes, now it’s twitter & daily mass cyberbullying


Yeah a lot less intentional damage when you had to own a dedicated device for GPS.


This!! The hobby changed for the worse when anyone with a smartphone could find a cache.


Nah the cyberbullying was there long before cats was a thing. It was an essential part of the internet in fact to get people to learn the rules. Then came Eternal September


Story time. We planned a geocaching trip to Winnipeg from Minneapolis back in the fall of ‘06. We had four dudes, six GPSs, five laptops + a touchscreen computer between the two front seats showing a map, and a binder with zoomed in pages with red dots all over them showing the targeted geocaches. We approach the border. The border police wave at us—to pull in. My buddy, for some unknown reason, thinks they’re waving him through. He goes for the border. They get PISSED and emphatically as a nice Canadian can do, insist on us pulling over where they immediately swamp the car and start tearing it apart. We spent the next several hours sitting inside while four of them just stared at us. In come four other dudes, not geocachers. They are all shady as fuck. They get called one by one to the windows where we overhear the same conversation: “Remember when you were asking if you had a criminal record and/or DWIs and you said no? Well according to the MN State Police you…did this thing…on this date…never lie to a border agent; you’re free to go.” —- We were all questioned in interrogation rooms in the back about the computers, GPSs, and maps with little red dots all over Winnipeg and the surrounding area. We explained Geocaching and what we were doing. They seemed incredulous. They kept us several more hours…just staring at us…then let us go. —- We found several hundred geocaches that weekend and drank a bunch of Molson Canadian. Good times.


Well, at least you have an awesome “almost got arrested” story.


The guy with the DUI was free to leave, but they didnt let him in Canada. A weird rule but I respect it.


DUI is an indictable offence in Canada which is *hand waves* broadly equivalent to a felony charge in the US. People convicted of an indictable offence are barred from entry in the same way the US will bar people convicted of something considered a felony.


TIL Failing to report a DUI can bar you from getting into Canada.


I think even reporting it will still bar you


Having the DUI at all will bar you from Canada


Like you can't even travel through Canada if you've had a DUI?


You can apply for "rehabilitation" after 5 years after your sentence is over, or you will automatically be considered rehabilitated after 10 years. But yeah, if you're not rehabilitated, you will likely be denied entry to Canada even to just travel through it.


I’m not 100% sure on the rules for going to Alaska, but it’s taken so seriously that, iirc, Bush Jr had to get an exemption to visit with the prime minister


Indeed. I remember seeing massive signs about people with DUIs when taking a boat from Seattle to Victoria, BC back in the day. They’re hella serious about it. Must be nice.


It’s up to the Canada Border Services Agency. They may let you in with a DWI on your record, but if something isn’t adding up when you are crossing, they will use it to turn you away.


I once found a cache that was literally a package made of duct tape stuffed inside a guardrail in an isolated parking lot. I opened it up and did my thing before putting it back. As I go to leave, a cop stops me. I then had to try my best to convince him that I wasn't stashing drugs. Once he believed me, he said he was gonna go out and try it with his daughter, but he was real suspicious for a moment.


I remember seeing a post on what is thing, guy found a cache, thought he had singlehandedly busted an illicit ring of some sort, took pictures of it and smashed it.


Hah, about the guardrail.. I won't identify the location, but we had one of our geocaches blown up as a matter of public safety. We (we as in my dad and my younger self) put one in a pvc pipe wrapped in duct tape and used a magnet to put it behind a guard rail, between a walking trail and a highway. Admittedly, not the smartest place to put it. Or put it in a pipe looking object... Some lady saw it weeks later and called it in. Local police, state police with bomb squad, and fire department showed up and decided it needed to be destroyed. My dad notified them when he learned after the fact, nothing came from it. I bet they looked at him like he was nuts though, as geocaching wasn't really popular in our area at that time.


Stupid muggles


Mon geocaching similar story. I worked at a supermarket when I was 16ish. I grabbed grape jelly on the way out since we were out and walked to a mid point to meet my girlfriend and sat on a park bench next to a playground and a bowling alley. It wasn’t even dark. Cop comes over an asks what I’m doing. I explain I’m waiting etc. he asks what’s in the bag and I tell him. He says to me “slowly open the bag and show me. If it’s… Jelly then I have no more questions and I’ll leave.” I showed him and he left. I just like that my actions lead a cop to say that line to a child straight-faced hahaha




"Come back with a warrant if you want to see my jelly."


"Officer, I don't know how to tell you this, but...I don't think you're ready for this jelly."


Hah! I was just telling my accidentally broke into Canada story tonight! I was broke, had nothing but CAD currency coming from New Brunswick to Maine. Got through the border station just fine. But then, I thought, maybe they have an ATM over there in duty-free in between the countries. I couldn't get back though without kinda ignoring a sign saying go this way, but it was just a few cones in an empty parking lot. I didn't think it was a big deal. They did. I had a bunch of security run out with guns drawn (pointed down). They asked what the hell I was doing and I explained my stupidity. One of them said, "Wait, didn't you just come through?" I said yep. They were a lot more chill knowing I'd already been cleared, but I got a lecture and had to wait. Never found an ATM. Spent the next 36 hours hungry on busses to Indiana without any cash. This was 20 years ago before vending machines took credit cards.


I rolled through that same checkpoint years ago with my buddy on an extended road trip. We were already pretty disheveled in a packed car and answered every question in a very suspicious way since we didn’t have specific plans and had quit our jobs. “Where are you coming from? Bay harbor, Boston, Albany, NY.”Where are you going? NB then NovaScotia. For what? National parks mainly. Where are you staying? We’ll camp somewhere. What do you do for a living? We are currently unemployed. Please pull over. That makes sense.” They stripped that clogged up car down good. The 2 high points being when they got under the drivers seat there was a box of utensils that included kitchen knives had broken through the box and wedges right there. So I had unknowingly been driving with unsheathed knives under my seat. Her only response was “that’s dangerous!” Not even the slightest concern of us being murderers. I would not have trusted us hahaha after like 45 minutes of pulling stuff out the one dude opens the trunk, which is cartoonishly packed that a thermos and 3 other things fall out immediately. He looks in dismay and just slams it shut. On the way out I asked why they stopped us and the dude just looks at me and says “come on…” Not a bad 2 hour wait all things considered hahaha


Haha! Great story. My trick was to look too stupid to be their kind of dangerous.


Yeah, he was right.... you were the most suspicious thing that week, probably.


> drank a bunch of Molson Canadian Damn, sorry you had to go through that.


I mean, honestly, if you were a cop, what would you think?? 🤣🤣🤣 Like, how big of dorks are you guys? And I'm like.... 🖖🖖🖖


We used to do a weekly night caching outing with the state geocaching association. One night there are like 25 of us in this tiny neighborhood park. Two people were visiting from out of state for work and joined us. We’re all in there looking for the cache and one of the neighbors called the cops thinking it was a bunch of kids drinking. Just as the cop comes up and asks us what the fuck we’re doing, one of the out of state visitors yells “I got it!” and pulls out a 2 foot long bong from a downed tree. Cop is like well what do we have here folks?! We ended up finding the actual cache soon after and explained it to him. Cop took the bong with him and we went on to another cache nearby before hitting a bar for beers.


This isn't an Xbox controller!!


What the frick?


Now that's a meme I've not heard in a loooong time. A long time.


It wasn't that long ago whippersnapper, back in my day....


I ordered an XBox card remote!


I feel bad for the poor high schooler who is forever wondering what the heck happened to their bong that was hidden in the perfect spot.


You really ruined some kids week lmao


Was it like the clockwork orange cop? "Well well well, well well well well!"


In my area the local cops got into geocaching. Would have fun with people pulling up on them and then being like “did you find it yet?” And if you were having trouble would help out. Then someone would create a cache called “are you watching pd?” And then they would create one called “yes we are watching”. We had a pretty big community at one point, but there was some drama in when the company got more money grabbing and local moderators went on power trips and most of the community disbanded or got into other hobbies instead.


I’ve found caches with business cards with the names crossed out from police officers with notes like g’day from the WA police. Clearly they either do it to or have had reports of people and containers and had a look themselves.


I watched a guy at a cache on our property (on cctv cameras)when I was working a loss-prevention job. I printed pics of him and made a little picture book and went out and put it in the cache.


Lovely dorks we are! <3


It's even more fun explaining to Border Patrol agents while you're night caching in Arizona!


I had a pretty decent stint with geocaching a handful of years ago. But never at night. I figured that would make it even harder. Is there an advantage or allure to caching in the dark? Would be kind of sketchy spooky.


No muggles maybe?


I didnt think about that. I just thought maybe there was kinda a hidden thing about caching at night. Like maybe you can't find some unless its dark out. The best ones I've found were waaaaaaayyy off the beaten path. Had to walk off a bike trail thru grass as tall as myself. Negotiate some creeks and end up at a big hollowed out tree in the middle of some overgrown woody area. The ones that make you feel like Indiana Jones are the best.




Boy. You were really going that extra mile making it hard to find by planting the cache under a dead body.


No wonder I never find any. I always stop when I get to the dead body.


I stumbled upon a geocache before I knew what they were. Up on Tin Cup Pass in Colorado there is an old metal ammo container we found while wandering around. There was a business card inside from a restaurant down the road from my house, a state away. Wild. I go find that box every year I travel up that pass.


I still have a couple of geocache tokens or whatever you call them, the ones you take from one location and move to another. I feel awful, my ex left them with me and I always mean to take them to a new cache when I get chance but I'm so forgetful. I got a few of them out there but there's still a Gumby one and this little coin I need to free. One of them came from America to the UK and I really wanted to take it back to America when I went back there, but I totally forgot it back home.


Soo many go missing for this reason exactly. People won't be upset to find out you've kept them this long, they'll just be happy to see them alive again.




How do you get into it?


There's an app and it's quite straightforward. The only thing is, you need to be lucky enough to have plenty of caches around you. If you don't and like the idea, you can be the first to start placing them in your area.


You download the geocaching app from ground speak onto your phone, get a pen and select a cache to navigate too from your location. You read the description and use a hint if available to find the container My best advise is to look at the logs on the app and check that it recently been found... it saves time on looking for what maybe a missing cache.


Gosh, good question. There was a semi-official site at one point. I'd google it and research. It's always on public or permitted property, it is done through GPS coordinates or clues, you can pick a level of difficulty. The descriptions will let you know how complicated it is and whether you need to bring a little item for trading. When I did it, back in the early 00s, it was big with middle aged couples who'd use it as a date outing, so you can even find handicapped accessible adventures. Also, it's a great way to learn about the area you lived in. For instance, once, I got to explore the ruins of an old school and the clues gave a history lesson about its demolition, where things were... it is a pretty neat hobby!


Yeah-10-12 years ago when my friends and i geocached in college, we would occasionally check out a gps device from the library but they glitched out in wooded areas so most of our finds were from clues/guides


Oh man! That made my day!


They're like, "Are you on drugs or hiding a body or like......" and I'm like, "No, it's a treasure hunt from the internet! I put a bead in a film canister and got a lapel pin!" "Riiiiiight, can I see some ID?"


For some reason I read that in Patrick Warburton's voice, then laughed until I coughed.


Now read it in Neil Patrick Harris’ voice from Harold and Kumar


Muggles are everywhere!


Haven't run into the cops yet, but I did get some curious looks from a utility worker when I was crawling into a drainage ditch.


I have a geocache planted inside the gated off area I guard I get human interaction that way


ooh, I just imagined you (for some reason as a middle aged white bald man with girth) standing guard all solemn and serious while a geocacher just standing around debating if they should talk to you.


Everything bout that is correct except for middle aged lmao


Me too lol


Hey that's a geoca... oh wait, nvm.


Like a moth to a flame!!!


It's the names and dates of the people the flashlight killed for taking home the geocache.


signed it and put a buck in there, brining back tomorrow


Go to geocaching dot com and make an account, you can see the name of the cache you found if you search the area map on the website, see if there’s other caches around you and start this new hobby. It’s a great way to find new places to hike/walk/explore in a new town or parts of your town you’ve never seen before Edit: fixed my link from geocache to geocaching




I did some of these with my kids last year, and the muggle part in particular was hilarious for me to watch them try to be smooth.


Just want to let you know that you are a great parent! My dad would take me out geocaching and it was always so much fun, helps develop critical thinking and navigation skills. I totally thought this was just a weird part of my childhood so seeing others do this is so cool!!!


This is the perfect activity with kids, if with kids look for caches that are regular or small, micro is what this person found but regular or small might have a toy or two that kids can trade, also bring something to leave like a small toy, think hot wheels size.


Unless they seem genuinely curious. I’ve turned a couple people onto it by talking to curious muggles.


geocaching dot com just in case someone is confused about the link


Do you still have to pay to use the app? I liked geocashing but can't go often enough anymore to want to pay for it. (I am basically constantly sick these days and get maybe 3-4 months a year I can be active without feeling like dying.)


You've never been forced to pay. However there are premium caches that you can't view if you don't pay. The way it works, is the person hiding it gets to choose if it's a paid cache or available for free. Some people like doing paid ones because it lowers the chance of vandalism.


Finding premium caches with a plebian account is my favorite activity


How about now Benson


A geocache….good find but you need to put your name and put it back for others to find 👍


will do


Please do this. We lost so many caches. Place it exactly where you found it, please.


Always the worst when you spend ages looking for one and it’s just not there


I lived in an apartment building overlooking a train station for a few years and there must've been a missing geocache logged as being there because for two years I would see random people snoop around one particular pole on the path to the station but would *always* leave empty-handed. (I did consider that it was a drug drop-off point but...the empty-handedness didn't seem to support that theory and these people never went on the train after.) I geocached for a few months and it was a fun way to explore my city. Really recommend it for anyone remotely curious :)


That's why one of the biggest rules about planting a cache is that you're supposed to maintain it. It needs to be checked regularly.


Even after you die? Sounds like a hard gig to me.


*Especially* after you die.


If you die. It dies with you. Or you die with it and become part of the cache.


Update my cache and its locationg to my grave. Attach my memoir to it.


I'd argue that being dead ensures you have more than enough time on your hands to maintain your cache.


Once I went looking for a cache that had a trackable "wishing" to go to a state I'd be visiting in a week. I was really disappointed when I found the cache had been stolen in the two weeks since the trackable had been put in. :(


How do you lose them?


you forget to cherish them


Suite reference, dude.


People take them


exactly Like this post…


People take them or throw them away thinking they're cleaning up. Frustrating for people searching and those that set up the location


Is there not a commonly accepted set of symbols or markings or whatever that identifies something as a geocache? If I find this just randomly in a park it's going into the bin because it just looks like trash.


Also, if you have an account, you should notify the person that their cache is looking like it needs to be replaced. Or if you know someone who has an acct.


But make sure you initial it first and get an account and go to that one and mark as found and comment TFTC! Edit: I see from your other comments you have done so. Well done.


Needs some waterproofing


I did it for about a year. I have a couple of 3d printers and make various geocache boxes. I need to get back out there and start doing it again.


3D printer owning geocacher, checking in!




***You wouldnt download a person***


I found one once, accidentally. It looked like a bolt on a door and it was super magnitized so you wouldn't know it didnt belong there. It was in downtown Boston. I only knew what it was when I was outside my building on a break one day, and a geocacher came by and took it off the door. I had to stop him and ask about it, and he told me all about it and about the hobby itself. It's actually fascinating!! Cool find dude!


I remember those magnetized bolts. Those were a bastard to find! But so satisfying once you understood the hint and located it. This thread is giving me nostalgia big time…….


I'm not geogacher myself, but someone i know has been very heavily in to it for +15 years. I love randomly looking for & finding cashes while not even knowing there might be some. I've found around 5 (ish) that way with most insane being inside moss covered stump middle of the forrest. I just tough that it looked a bit off and boom there was tupperware box hidden in it :) Edit: I'll add that i've been part of finding a lot more caches while enjoying outdoors with those friend, so i'm not new to the thing.


Hey Op do you know that this is a geocache or do you need 40 more comments telling you that?


What's a geocache? /s


Geocache is a card that "allows the player draw two cards!" /s lol


No, that's Pot of Greed!




It’s a Geocache mate. Go put it back where you found it.


Had to take it home to open it, will place back there tomorrow


I'm glad someone told you what it was! If you don't know you can download the app on your phone, It's a real life treasure hunt! Did it for a couple years


Print a copy of this thread and include with it..


I misread this as fleshlight and spent a few minutes wondering why on earth people would use a random fleshlight in a park then of all things write down that they had used it


Yeah glad it wasn't that


Me too. I was wondering why not a single person was asking OP why they picked up a park fleshlight then stuck their fingers into it to pull something out, as if dozens of people were prioritizing the need to point out it's a geocache and glossing over the absurdity of a fleshlight geocache.


Our family picked this hobby up when the shutdowns happened with covid. Saved our sanity. We spent many days out searching, about the only thing to do in the outdoors while staying away from hoards of people. Explored every park and nature preserve in a 30 mile radius.


Geocache or voluntary hit list?


Glad I’m not the only one. My brain immediately went, “Oh, that’s a kill list for sure.” Maybe I listen to too many murder podcasts lol.


Yes. That would be a great plot for a horror movie. People are just out hiking enjoying geocaching only to unwittingly add their names to a serial killer hit list. It would be ruined by producers and turned into a D movie by being made in first person perspective like Blair Witch Project, released on YouTube, and called "Cache Me Outside".


Blair Witch Project was quite innovative at its time and performed quite well in the main stream audience considering its extraordinarily low production costs.


i thought it said fleshlight and had a lot of questions






“Heres a list of the names of people who used it before me”


LPT: always pick up and inspect fleshlights found in the wild.


Interesting Ive never heard of geocache before today that is pretty cool concept


We love using a trillion dollar satellite system to find tupperware hidden in the woods.


just a worldwide scavenger hunt really


Let’s bring it back!! Geocaching or bust 2022


As an avid cacher I can assure you that it never went away!


Oh good! I haven’t done it in years but with everyone saying how much they missed it, I was starting to worry!


Yup, just ran into two cachers this weekend on a hike.


>Geocaching or bust 2022 Is that like a year-long No Nut November-style event?


Yes. At least around me.


You’re a “muggle”, but it’s not too late to become a geocacher :)


Just downloaded the app :)


To start, look for caches that get a lot of “hearts” (favorites) with low difficulty and low terrain. The highest difficulty terrain might be, for example, accessible only by SCUBA or mountain climbing… Geocaching can be great because people who create caches often choose unique and cool locations you might not be aware of even in your own hometown! On the other hand, my wife and I returned from a cache run to find that locals had called the police on us — we must have looked suspicious, LOL


Or the international space station.


Could be worse; my wife and I went out caching in the hills today - found five, and on the way back she slipped on some icy rock, had to be carried about a km by ambulance staff, about 3km in an off road vehicle, and is now in hospital waiting for an op to repair a broken ankle. She’s a bit worried that we won’t get the “Reach the Peak” competition this month.




I’ve found some of my favorite hiking places through Geocaching! Might need to do it again…


Thank you for the advice! Good luck hunting


Just make sure if you find a trackable (aka travel bug which could be a coin or small figurine with a code on it) during any swag/treasure swaps you log them and move them to another cache if you decide to take one. Many of them have been on the move for years and go all over the world. It’s pretty neat to see how far they have come and what their backstory is. We make a point to try to find some when we travel longer distances to move to a cache in our area and vice versa.


It's fun. We spent a lot of time early in the pandemic doing it, got the kids and us out of the house without having to be around other people.


And if you're on Android give C:Geo a shot. Unlocks showing all caches in the area available to free users, enables most of the premium features locked from the official app, and adds a few more the regular app doesn't have to boot. Regular app looks better and 30 bucks a year isn't bad at all for premium though.


Thanks for the tip. This post just got me inspired enough to finally download the app and I already spent an hour looking at ones I plan to start finding tomorrow. I might pay for premium after I find enough of the basics but have plenty to keep busy in my area for a while.


Geocaching!!! This was a fun hobby. I lived in Downtown Dallas and there were tons of them. My favorite was in a tree above the Cattle Drive statues in Pioneer Plaza. It was a really good spot to see the piece and the park.


Geocaching. It's a game/sport. Put it back, please.


I love finding geocaches. I never actually try to find them but have just stumbled across a good half dozen in my life.


I love when people find a geocache and don’t know what the hell it is. I wish I would have discovered my first one on accident


Geocaching! I've been waiting for a post like this.


Write your name and put it back!


I hope you signed the log and sign up on the website! We love new cachers!


This might be a geo-cache :) fun lil hobby some people I use to know enjoyed. You'd go to the website to look up where peeps left their geo-caches and then go find them, put your name on the list of peeps who found it and then put it back.


I used to Geocache with my wife. Like... 20 years ago. But then people started stealing the drops : (


geocache location near me got hit by a car and the cache is gone. end of an era.


One near me got removed because someone saw it and thought it was a bomb. Bomb squad went out there and everything. Then they took it away.


Congrats, you found a geocache!


I forgot all about geocaches. Thanks for reminding me!


This makes me want to start geocaching again


Put that thing back where it came from or so help me...


It’s called a GeoCache


Everyone is calling it a geocache, but there is also a similar low-tech option called letterboxing. Basically the same thing, but without GPS. With letterboxing there is usually a rubber stamp though. Either way, I'm glad you're putting it back!


You found a geocache! Now put it back where you found it, please.


Hey guys, does anyone else besides me think this might be a geocache?


Haha I came here to say what others did already - welcome to geocaching! Now please put that geocache back where you found it 😀


Or people he buried using that flashlight


That's a geocache. Put it back!


Geocahce mate, put it back