What medium you gonna be growing in? Organic or synthetic? Tomorite from wilkos will grow you weed the same as the expensive, multi-part "cannabis specific" nutrients that people generally use. Wilkos also have organic options if you wanna go that way, their chicken manure is great value


This wilko organic tomatoe food. Using it on my second grow now works great 3 quid a bottle. Also consider bonemeal/blood/fishmeal because they're very hungry plants. Also perhaps more important IMO rock phosphate and cal mag. They love it pretty much can't get enough of the stuff but I had to go to the garden centre for that.


I use a mix of shogun and canna. Canna a+b. Shogun zenzym, Shogun katana roots, Shogun boost, shogun pk warrior, and vitalink calmag. Plagron green sensation later in flower. I grow in coco. I have also used the above in a 60% coco, 20% worm casting, 20% perlite mix


Worm castings. All natural, and will have everything you need up to flower


Same food you'd use for tomatoes or peppers.