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I’m really sorry this happened to you, your mom, and your family. They should’ve properly showed your mom how to use the feeding tube. Putting the feeding tube in the small intestine is something they do. The purpose for that is, it reduces the risk for aspiration and increased the chances of “successful feedings,” so they weren’t wrong to put it in the small intestine. I am in no way saying that it isn’t the hospitals fault, but it is very easy to place blame on someone when a loved one dies. The only thing from my understanding and the information you’ve give us that they did wrong was not teaching your mother how to use the feeding tube correctly, and possibly overlooking the cancer when they diagnosed her with GERD. The symptoms progress very rapidly but the cancer can take several years to grow, so it’s very possible they could’ve caught it a few months before she did. Did they happen to do an endoscopy when she got diagnosed with GERD or any other sorts of testing? Again, I’m terribly sorry for your loss. I’ll be thinking about you OP.


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