If Lorde wanted to she could’ve been more famous, instead she did the opposite . The attention span of the general public gets smaller every year. Lorde likes her private life. And when you give them nothing they “forget” about you . She’s a musician first and a “celebrity” second, which honestly is probably more healthy


Lorde was never super mainstream anyway. Never had the same level name recognition as the lady Gaga’s and beyonces. Which is fine cause her music still slaps


I agree she’s not a megastar but she’s way more mainstream than people here like to think. How many artists (including a lot of recognizable names) can go to a major label and produce something like Solar Power? There’s very few that are afforded that level of freedom. That shows her commercial dominance and marketing power.


What is your username about?


When Lorde was at her peak in popularity during the Pure Heroine days I was still in high school and was shit on A LOT for liking her music. I remember Team was playing on my school bus and some girl said “what is this, can we turn it off?” and everyone agreed 🥴 interestingly I stumbled across her account on instagram years later and she had an obscure Lorde lyric on her post so secretly she was or became a Lorde fan lol Anyway my whole point is even when she was popular she had her own dedicated fanbase and was only known for Royals so I feel like her retreating and only making music for herself and for her fans was how she was always going to do it


she was more popular than people remember. South Park even turned her into an ongoing “character”/gag back in the day. Her music made their way into a lot of soundtracks for tv shows and movies iirc


I remember back in 2013 or maybe 2014 I was shocked when I heard a commercial use Glory And Gore as I thought her other songs were basically unknown. I was 14 and PH was the first album I ever fully listened to so I didn’t quite understand at that point that it was not rare for people to listen to entire albums and that people knew of other tracks 😂 I thought every song that wasn’t a single was only known by a small number of people lmao so stupid


I was like that too. For me, i had that realization for Lady Gaga. Back when “just dance” was over played on the radio, I thought I was “special” because I know of her other songs like paparazzi, love game, etc. And then I found out everyone knew those songs too 💀


Her name is still well known and she has managed to be far more successful than her Indie pop peers (sorry Charlie XCX and Carly) but she isn’t super mainstream anymore. Her first album was massive and she was considered a main pop act, and Melodrama still hit number one on the billboard 200 and was pretty stable. But Solar Power kinda ruined her commercially so I guess we’ll just have to see if she decided to release a new album sooner rather than later and if it’s closer to what the people want


i don’t think it’s logical to compare charli and lorde, charli is doninating the hyperpop and helping other artists to expand in that genre. she is the queen of hyperpop and pc music. they are both amazing at what they do, let’s not compare two successful women in this industry who are trying to make a change:)


Charli isn’t dominating hyperpop… she’s neither dominating the genre nor is she making hyperpop music


looool exactly... idk why people including charli think she's bigger than she is... Charli's making catchy pop music rn, hasn't made "hyperpop" since Pop 2


Lolll that’s wrong . How I’m feeling now was lichrally more hyperpop


I guess… pink diamond and c2.0 and anthems Edit Let me listening again now and the whole album is v hyper pop. I take it back.


Lorde may be more famous than Carly or Charli, but not more successful. Carly has the biggest hit out of all of them (Call Me Maybe was far bigger than Royals) and went on to release 2 critically acclaimed album Charli, on top of having more hits than Lorde, has also been much more profili and steady with critical reception. Pop2, Charli and HIFN are all critically acclaimed. Lorde, on the other hand, after a 4 year hiatus wasn’t able to replicate neither the fame nor the success nor the acclaim of Melodrama. So yeah. More famous? Sure. More successful? Eh


Not sure about call me maybe being bigger than royals. They both topped the US chart for 9 weeks and were massively successful in both artists home countries. They both went diamond and royals won 2 Grammys including Song of the Year and was more impactful in the music industry. It changed far more of it than the bubblegum pop song call me maybe. So I doing agree with you saying it was far bigger than royals but I agree with rest


They both topped BB 100 but Call Me Maybe was listed as #2 on the year end list (meaning second biggest single of the year), Royals #15… On top of that, CMM has 1,4 billion views, and Royals 800 million, meaning CMM has almost double the views and it was only released a year and a half earlier than Royals. Yes Royals won Grammys and CMM didn’t but I never argued CMM was better I just meant it was more widespread and a “bigger” single which it undoubtedly was, CMM was one of the biggest singles of 2012 whereas Royals isn’t even top 10


The reason royals was number 15 was because it was split in its years (since the chart ends and begins in November and not by the end of the calendar year). The best way to check is the decade end list. Call me Maybe was #13 while Royals was #18. Call Me Maybe is higher but it’s not a big gap, certainly not like shown in the year end charts. It debuted in July (but didn’t rise to the top till late October, basically it split its number ones between the two years) call me maybe charted first in March and then peaked Number one in June. This is where it was having its run which it did consecutively. Then it started to fall but almost all of its higher run was in 2012. Royals hit number 20 The next year end. So it was a top 20 year end single Two years in a tour row. I still agree with your point that it was bigger but only slightly. Also on Spotify Royals has over 100 million streams More than Call Me Maybe. Again not nearly as much of a distance as it is with YouTube but it’s still higher


Does Charli have more hits than lorde? All she’s got mainstream is Boom Clap. The closest thing to another hit is maybe 1999 but even that is far less popular than Team


Fancy, which was #1 on the BB100 like Royals AND #4 on the billboard year-end chart (for reference, Royals wasn't even in the top 10, it was only #15), Boom Clap and I Love It, which to this day is a staple in clubs


Interesting topic/conversation, OP. As someone who only knows Pure Heroine, can someone maybe explain the differences/growth that Melodrama and Solar Power(ed)? displayed? I plan on obtaining a Melodrama vinyl, even though I haven't heard a single song, based solely on the praise it has received and the fact that it's the follow-up to Pure Heroine. I don't hear much, good or bad, when it comes to Solar Power(ed) so I'm hoping someone who is familiar with all 3 albums can give me a good rundown of things


Pure Heroine is a teenage girl's mind travels. Freedom, an ode to the simple and complex pleasures of life alike. Deep reflections painted as artsy and lowly-saturated grafitti. Melodrama is a young person's heart and smiles' emotional discontent beautifully laid on the table. Life is neon-colored - just like lasers, just like poison, just like love. Solar Power is an individual's soft concern with the current state of the earth decorated with maturity. Uncertainty is yet again a common theme this time, but it's accepted even more brightly than in her previous bodies of work. A (primarily acoustic) comforting experience treating uncomfortable topics.


Perfect. Surpassed all expectations of my request


Pure Heroine: maturing, sorting out your feelings, making your voice heard, finding your people, leaving the easy times behind and entering a new world Melodrama: absolute peak ecstasy, strong emotions, love and heartbreak, drinking and dancing, ultimately the crash of it all and the inevitable emotional breakdown Solar Power: healing, coming to terms with your emotions, going back home, finding what's really important in life, reflecting on your journey and the world around you


Love it. Thanks!


She wrote pure heroine when she was a teenager basically, and melodrama later on after some life experience. And since then she’s been spending a lot of time in the sun I guess.


Lol perfect summary of Solar Power 😭


Lorde hasn't been relevant since her debut tbh but it's fine - her fans know what a legend she is. Lorde didn't have enough gimmicks to hold the public's attention for years on end like Gaga, Bey, Rih for example. Gaga pulled heaps of stunts and switched up into jazz, into acting so she's held attention well. Lorde doesn't seem interested in that and even if she was, neither Melodrama or Solar Power spawned any hits so she's been out of the public consciousness for nearly a decade now tbh.


I’ve posted before that I think Lorde may happily move on to other passion projects or artistic mediums. I can see her being a food/travel writer. Or a really cool stay at home mom. She is financially secure, lives in one of the most beautiful places on the earth, she is still young and beautiful. Let’s face it…she’s in a really good position to do whatever she wants. Even if that is to stay home and bake bread.


I mean she’s still relevant but not even close to how she was on her Pure Heroine era


What a horrible phrasing for a title 👀


What do you mean?


I don't have any big picture contributions here, but based on personal experience: I only knew Lorde by name and the initial Royals fame, and didn't know anything else until recently. The cult following is *strong*, because the posts about Melodrama even *years* after was still influencing my timeline. This was like months before the Solar Power release. This got me listening to her discography years after her latest release and hooked me to be on the lookout for her releases. I'd say it's her cult following that's really keeping her on the mainstream consciousness. But tbf she isn't the only one to release every so years only so I think we can give her a break haha especially since every release makes a mainstream impact anyway.


i love this woman more than my mom but nope she kinda tanked bc of the awful album so no shes not anymore 💔


I love solar power


In terms of sales, in the Music Business, Solar Power was a stinker. I feel she got famous and rich. so took time off to get stoned on the beach. Unfortunately it doesn't make for music art that sells. Is this the end for Lorde's career? No way in hell. She's amazing. Hopefully her boyfriend will steal her scarf, betray her to Scooter Braun, and dump her after kissing her in the dark. Because that shit sells. lol My faves from SP are Mood Ring and Secrets from a girl.


Lorde is relevant to pop music in terms of innovation. Her album Pure Heroine changed how pop music is today, we all know that. But in terms of popularity or streams etc, she isn't that much. She's far away to be a taylor swift, ariana or a dua Lipa for example who are big artist on streaming services.


Yes but also depends. Depends on the approach you want to take. If it's about the mainstream shit, no - she's not and I'm glad about it. If it's about the content and making truthful music, definitely yes.


No, it's just that many stars have some point at which they seem to be everywhere for some time. Usually when they hit stardom to begin with. Lately I was thinking there's pretty much no way to accurately convey to modern teenagers what it felt like when Lady Gaga first showed up.


How would some of you guys that are familiar with all 3 albums rank them, on a scale of 1-10? I only know Pure Heroine and would give it a 7.5 or 8 out of 10. I think some artists that have stronger albums are Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Chvrches, and Charli XCX. I'm very eager to hear Melodrama because I think it would propel Lorde onto that list, personally, for me


Pure Heroine and Solar Power are both an 8, maybe a 9. Melodrama is an 11 out of 10.


Awesome! That's what I like to hear...music is my #1 passion and NOTHING beats when a masterpiece is produced. Chromatica was close, keeping my fingers crossed that Melodrama is the next jewel I uncover


Damn, now I'm worried that it won't reach your expectations. Just keep in mind that my answer was very subjective. So yes, subjectively, I absolutely see Melodrama as a masterpiece. And that's something I don't say very often.


That's enough for me, my friend. I appreciate all the responses and feedback


All 3 are 10s


For frame of reference, how do you rate- Lady Gaga's Artpop, Lady Gaga's Chromatica, Katy Perry's Prism, and Charli's How I'm Feelin Now?


and I hope you're right, because I'm about to shell out $100+ on a vinyl copy of Melodrama :)


please do not spend that much on the vinyl unless it’s the blue deluxe!! it’s price fluctuates so much but within a months time you’d probably be able to get it for as low as $25 nearly anywhere. amazon, walmart.com, etc.


Advice much appreciated! I'm really into colored vinyl, is Melodrama available on anything except blue? That's the only one I can seem to find


no, unfortunately not :( it’s a stretch but perhaps she’ll do something this year for the albums 5 year anniversary but again, i wouldn’t hold my breath. i was able to get the blue one on amazon a few months ago for only $50 but it took a while of constantly checking and was honestly just luck. however, never say never if that’s something you’re interested in!


i get what u mean but i just enjoy music in order to enjoy music. i don’t think it matters but that’s just my opinion. :)