Her poor Granny she doesn't deserve to be put through the stuff Leslie puts her through she didn't want to be put on the internet and Leslie did it Leslie is fucking scum


Exactly & if you notice the ppl in her family & even her friends don't wanna be in ANY of her videos. Even the one guy at taco bell said you better not have me on camera & she said "no I don't, it's ok" (or something like that WHILE she's got him on camera! With her friends you can see, she'll look over real quick to see if they're paying attention & as soon as they're not, she'll flash her phone real quick towards them. You can hear both family & friends verbally say don't record me. It's like she's trying to prove so desperately that she has friends & family & she "hangs out with them" Embarrassing & fucking annoying, doesn't care about boundaries unless their hers, fuck everyone else 😤


Wait...the audio playing, was that Leslie's doing?


It's a sound bite on tt


granny: bffr 🧐