“I told my cousin which is a lawyer” - I wonder if her cousin also got her high school diploma and then attended college to get their GED.


Frrr I mean the store closed but it was bc of the owner not wanting it anymore.. she really though she did something


Even if this had an ounce of truth to it, a lawyer couldn’t shut down a store because an employee was rude. That’s not how anything works on any planet besides the planet that is Leslie and it’s brain.


i kinda hate hearing that the place closed because YOU KNOW in her twisted head she’s satisfied thinking “ya, i did that”


No fr!! Lucky she’s to stupid to figure it out


I can’t believe she is a grown woman. I haven’t seen anyone act like her since I was in middle school.


fr same, well i mean mentally she’s younger than a middle schooler


Wow first she needs to learn how to write properly! Her paragraph gave me a headache how there wasn’t any punctuation.


I’m surprised Leslie didn’t lie and say she was enrolled in her community college to become a lawyer 😂


Don't give her any ideas she already wants to be a vet tech


That's a big no from me! I've seen the clip where she smacked a cat for "biting her" that cat didn't bite her, she was just pissed bc he didn't wanna be held by her nasty ass


Can just imagine the silence (peppered with the occasional cough and loud, labored breathing) as it takes her a half hour to type this


Stoppp I can so see this.. and don’t forget her chewing her tongue


maybe the chewing tounge is something she can’t control, and it’s part of her autism


who says she has autism?


there was a post that she has special needs


she is not autistic afaik, she’s obviously delayed mentally but i think it’s more intellectually than anything


i thought she was special needs because of a call of someone and her father


autism is not the only “special needs” for one tho and for two, supposedly yeah her father said she has the mind of a 4th grader or something. i don’t think it’s entirely true. leslie seems to know right from wrong but she has no book smarts.


She's definitely mentally fucking defunct. Other than that, that's it. Don't take up for this pedophile on her snark page. Go save the world somewhere else


LMAO. Classic Leslie threatening you(illegal), calling your work (harassment) and leaving a libel review (which can be considered illegal in some areas)


Trying to get someone fired from their place or work just cause you’re petty and mad is so foul… I doubt you’ll get in trouble but if you do pls show them these screenshots. Also side node but her name on google also being queen badass is sending me 😭


This was a little over a year ago but I showed my boss at the time and she thought it was so funny


Thank god! And if I was your boss I would’ve probably burst out laughing too 😭🤣


& given you a raise & promotion lol


I bet that dumb Ass Twatwaffle was stuttering as she was typing this up..Fucking Clown😂🙄


No legit.. I have 2 other threads (idk how to work this app) that show the TikTok she made of me and about how she called my job. I was rollin the whole time this was going down


where’s the tiktok


If you go to my profile it should be there.. ones ss of a chat and the other is the TikTok


LMAO 🤡💀💀


Really, really, *really* rude?! Three whole reallys? (Realies?) and AND you catched an attitude with the mighty Queen of Badassery? How *dare* you?! Lucky this happened a year ago or the lawyer-cousin woulda had you *in cuffs*!


Ik I’m lucky to be walking free😮‍💨


I was about to ask if someone could correct her grammar and discredit the review.


This would have been the perfect opportunity to remind her of how winded she gets just from breathing. I anyways find it funny when lard tries to act tough. You’re 25 Leslie, not in high school despite the age group you’re attracted to. She’s exhausting. Give her a time and a place to meet you, set up a camera in the distance. She won’t show but if she does, it’s alway funny to watch the fupaqueen exist outside of her weird TikToks.


LMAO “catched an attitude” 😭


She always says she’s gonna beat someone’s ass .. like girl we know U won’t and can’t ur too slow physically and mentally to do so


Could you just see her trying to fight.. first off her grandma would have to drive her to the fight and second off I could casually walk in circles around her and she’d get winded. Her only advantage would be if she sat on me


Come here bitch *heavy breathing* Imma *breath* mess *breath* you *breath* up *heavier breath cuz she had to speak* Nah seriously. One “swing” from her and she’d be having heart palpitations


That's a very freaking painful weigh (way) to go!


I imagine it feeling like a giant bolder falling on top of me


Everyday I remind myself that she’s pushing 30 and it boggles my mind that she acts like a 12 year old


she’s mentally 9-10


So does that mean her behavior should be excused? Earlier on another part of this thread you mentioned her tongue chewing could be her autism. Now you're even lowering what you perceive her age of mentality to be. She's a cull. It's really just that simple. But regardless of her mentality or anything else, she acts and behaves in disgusting and abhorrent ways. I do not care what is wrong with her. She's a piece of garbage.


She's almost 30?!?




Isn’t it funny how she always gotta involve her family in everything??!🤣when something goes down she don’t like or feels threatened she’ll say my family is this & that🤦🏼‍♀️🤣she sounds like she the one is scared🤣that why she always gotta have her family fight her battles🤣& I find it hard to believe that her family is in everything she says they are🤣she is a pathological liar at it’s best🤦🏼‍♀️😂


They can't stand her annoying ass! Especially if they're going somewhere, you'll notice she's ALWAYS sneak to get them on video & when I tell you they get PISSED THE FUCK OFF! her "friends" hate when she does it to them as well. You'll always hear, I TOLD YOU I DONT WANT TO BE IN YOUR TIK TOK! & of course she lies & says...you're not!


Omg lmao in one of her lives she LITERALLY SAID she knocked out 9, no I mean 10 teachers & 5 no 8 students bc they was bring a bitch to me. Like c'mon you can't even hold a bb gun or anything else for that matter. Lmao knocked out teachers & students with her fist & no charges were filed? C'mon now lol


She can’t even come up with believable lies😭 like girl supercalifragilisticexpialidociously fr right now.. you’d be winded getting out your seat


She ain't got time for it yet here she is in someone else's DMS 🤣


She's grown, she needs to be putting all this energy into a job


She really said catched an attitude? & it's THEIR! she could get into so much trouble for threats like this! 👍 I'd definitely be going to the cops ESP since "it's the same state" She can't even kill the gnats that surround her stank ass


How does she threaten and harass unemployed people 😂


Same way she does it to minors & literally everyone else!


You’re right, unwarranted nudes from her are definitely a punishment


It’s so funny watching her threaten you knowing that she’s just trying to get the head start at intimidating you…because if someone were to fight her, I don’t think she’d show up. And if she did? She’d suffer a stroke just trying to walk there


She’d have to get her grandma to drive her to the fight😭


So sick of people giving her a pass. Press damn charges for her threatening you or harassing you. Atleast show up like she said, and beat her ass. She treats people this way because nobody ever does anything. Unfortunately it's gonna take someone "showing up" for her to ever learn.


OMG, all the people on TikTok or her lives sucking her nasty ass make me sick. I have zero positive things to say about or to her. If I'm commenting it's hateful as hell. I am not proud of that. As a matter of fact, she infuriates me to the point where I'm having to refrain from watching her bullshit. Everytime I do, I feel my BP go up😂😂 but yea, I definitely have an issue with hate watching Lestard.


If this wouldn’t have been a year ago I would.. I also wasn’t driving 4/5hrs to watch her struggle to get out a lawn chair and fight me


I'm about 12hrs away and that B**ch speaks to me that way I'll be in my car so fast lol. She knows nobody is gonna do anything, that's why she treats people the way she does.


Ik she’s all bark no bite which is why I laughed at her.. gas is way too high for it to be wasted on bubble bass lmao




Has anyone ever seen the episode of South Park were they go around cow tipping? I imagine it would be easy to fight Leslie by using the same technique. 🧍🏻‍♀️


That’s what I was thinking. Or slowly walking in circles around her


i wonder if this is the same “cousin” who’s a cop 🤣🤣


“catched an attitude” CATCHED AN ATTITUDE… CATCHED


“ bring it on bitch “ LMAOOOOOOOOO what is this a cheerleading movie ?😂😂


The improper grammar on the last slide is killing me pftt. If you wanna sound all big and bad, know how to spell


Well this explains why she hasn’t gotten her diploma yet. She’ll never pass the English section


i can’t believe this girl is 25 bro. she acts like she’s 13 fresh outta middle school


You done “catched an attitude “ lmao


oh what is she gonna do sit on me💀


Yeah, I’m DEFINITELY going to take a review seriously from someone who calls themself Queen Badass. 😂


“The worker catched and attitude with me” 💀💀💀


Catched an attitude


That’s a long sentence….


This is disgusting behavior. I have never seen her post, but this showed up on my reddit page thing


this is me when my heroin dealer has to cut me off


“Catched an attitude”