The fact that she constantly talks about this and genuinely thinks it’s a flex πŸ’€πŸ’€


Especially since she admitted that he’s left her on read multiple times since that night πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€


Where'd she admit it? I need to watch lmao


Her live from yesterday right after the cops showed up πŸ˜‚


They "saw" each other a few months ago & only on a Friday night..lmao that's considered a friendship? Ok..


I seriously doubt he porked her, like everyone was saying there's NO WAY she'd be able to do it in the truck's passenger seat. I weigh 150 & wouldn't even be able to do that! She was also talking about how she thought she might be pregnant. I guarantee she'll run with this lie & destroy even more ppl with her fucked up lies


πŸ’€ with her health issues being pregnant is the last thing she needs


She throws a fit when grandma asks a simple question. If she had a baby who had collic really bad..I don't want to think about that


You said porked!!!!! I haven't heard that in a hot minute! You are my hero. 🀩


Was she in class doing this? I wish a classmate would get their pov I’d die 🀣


actual question here does she ever meet someone that isn’t her friends ex because every time she mentions a new person she’s interested in it’s ALWAYS a friends ex


Think people rub her beard while they fuck her?


She's got dandruff really bad bc she barely bathes & wonders why she's so itchy. Ppl usually say "take one for the team" I'd be ohh ooppps I done struck out! But you didn't even swing! Well I saw it in a nightmare once & it's a horrific beginning to end & trust me when I say I struck out, I'll strike myself out lol


pls no one is tapping that, doesnt she like not shower


woah kinda looks like she actually washed her hair today


& trying to lure him back with a promise to suck his πŸ† still doesn't make them friends. She's that desperate & apparently he is as well. Also, ain't no way she looks or does whatever, make her better on any level. It actually makes her look worse, even more so