The in & out is annoying asf! Don't nobody wanna be that close to her!




Probably she hasn’t took a shower in over a day she smell like feet


I bet Granny is excited to have the house to herself. Maybe she can air out Leslie's room. Put on a hazmat suit and wash Leslie's sheets.


That's not actually Leslie's room, it's her aunts bed & lesLIE has to sleep on the lazy boy


I did not know that! Somehow, that is worse.


God bless her aunt! You know that room smells like stank ass & garbage crotch!




How’d you figure that out? When she’d FaceTime me she was always in that room and on that bed


Ppl who have talked to her have said it. She's in there when her aunt is at work. Plus her Aunt probably dreads going home


Hmm, I’ll have to dig into that. I called her out for living in filth in that room and she cleaned it up. I can’t imagine her aunt would be okay with laying amongst trash


Lmk what you find out


She didn’t have to get high. THAT was a choice. Does she have a job?


Nope. She can't keep a job longer than 2 weeks max


Of course not


Probably get ssi for her MR


imagine being in class with her. she probably has a stank radius around her 😭


Like in the sims when the hygiene bar gets so low a cloud of green stink floats around the sim


She probably has a take a shower and brush your teeth and wash your fucking ugly tongue and she’s farting every single freaking time


Ooooffff I stand firm on that as well lol


why is she acting like someone forced her to get high before school and also it’s school ofc it’s going to be early asf


She was live with drizz in the bathroom I guess hiding lol .. they talking in the comments about high school.. and she like I finished high school.. I was then why she getting her GED?? 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️


It’s for her Ged because she didn’t finish school


Yeah & she's got an amazing opportunity & is just gonna piss it away as usual lol


She says I finished hs but then attends GED classes barely…… that’s a contradiction for sure if you graduated you wouldn’t even be taking classes for that you’d atleast be in college or working 🤦🏻‍♀️ like why lie I also know many who don’t have either diploma or Ged they still work and function like any other adult until she actually does real adult things and gets her own apartment pays the bills and works she has no reason to complain I know teen moms more mature than her almost 30 year old lazy ass I had a kid at 17 and have my own place and pay my bills and everything


she thinks because she’s taking it at a college it’s a college class is my guess lol


She acts as if she didn’t make the conscious decision to get high before going. No sympathy here.


Pov it’s her first class…


Didn’t she say recently she wanted to become a vet tech too?? yet she can’t even handle her ged classes twice a week or whatever it is


i wouldn’t trust her around any animal.


Fr if I walked in and she was tending to my pets I’d be finding a new vet asap


Frl, like my cousin is a vet tech she said it's tiring


well the good thing is there is not a *remote* chance she ever even becomes eligible for a vet tech program




She keeps calling it college cuz it’s at the community college 😭


Maybe she should…get a job to add it to the mix and then she’ll be a functioning adult


She can't stay employed for more than 2 weeks if that.


She wants to be a 2012 stoner tumblr girl so bad 🤣🤣🤣


she still goes to school????


She is taking GED classes


The way she brags about that shit gives off “I’m in junior high” vibes 😂😂


She’s always giving very much :c


There are night classes for GED lol why didn’t she just find one of those


Grandma probably doesn't wanna drive at night & will take whatever she can get to have lesLIE NOT in the house for a few hours. Bust sadly the smell of lesLIE still lingers even after she isn't there


Acting like she in middle school or somethin.


Lawd I hope I don't run into when I move to Louisiana


I’ve managed this long.. thank you Jesus😮‍💨🙏🏼


That would be an interesting experience


Frl considering I'm gonna work in ems


WAIT, I thought she was in cosmetology school???


LMAO what? Her bangs! Nooooo lol


lesLIE LIAR CLARK no touchy other ppl's hair & no touchy other ppl's food!


Who is she kidding, She's not gonna pass the GED test.


Imagine she got in to this class over someone who will actually do something with their GED/try to better their life and she’s just screwing someone out of that opportunity


So I know what school she is going to and the number


I'm guessing it's on a college campus


She said it was. She goes to river parishes.


Yeah it’s not a bright idea to give out the name of your school knowing the amount of people that have proof of her being a pedo


Don’t go there since I’m in California lol, but she shouldn’t post it online if she didn’t want anyone to know.


Oh no sorry I was saying it wasn’t a bright idea for her to post it lol but yeah she’s not the sharpest pitchfork in the barn.


I personally wouldn’t mess with her life as she needs to get it together, even with her being a horrible person. She’s publicly posting her life on social media knowing people call the cops on her and report her. Her number has been leaked multiple times as it is too. I hope she moves on with her life and works to better herself.


Yes exactly. I agree. She needs to drop social media entirely but we all know she won’t.