Love his offensive game. But, he’s the worst defending big I’ve ever watched


Majority of the time it’s like he’s not even down there how guys just easily score on him. There are pillows with more presence


I don’t understand why he can jump on offense but seems to be unable to jump on defense


According to 538's RAPTOR metric, he's literally the worst defensive C in the NBA this season (-2.9 RAPTOR).


Thank god AD is back


AD got injured because he had to drop 40 while being our only rim defender. If Rob doesn't bring another big that can protect the rim, he'll get injured again.


Or AD just isn’t gonna risk it and half ass it on defense. Wouldn’t blame him he’s on the only dude on the front court attempting to disrupt shots


Yeah. Kinda don’t want AD sliding and jumping in the paint to play defense because people can’t defend. He’s gonna land on a foot or get banged up again.


Possibly the worst big defender in the league. He has zero presence in the paint.


He’s 6-10 or 6-11 w a 7’6 wingspan 😂😂😂 what a joke. There’s no reason he should be as bad as he is.


He's never had to be good at it, so he's never decided to get good at it


He's either completely out of position or does not even try to provide any vertical defense.


He just has slow feet. Can't get off of the ground quickly enough.


He straight up gets bullied by little guards. Ja Morant who is listed at 174 pounds put his chest to him and he got pushed back like 10 feet


People who question why Lakers need Myles Turner, well, this is the reason. Thomas Bryant is a good solid backup Center who can get buckets against backup Centers in second units. But if you're having to depend upon him as a starting level Center you're screwed. With Turner, you get very good rim protection and 3-point shooting. Two things this Lakers team desperately lacks.


TB has been balling in the absence of AD but my god seeing him on defense is so painful.


And to think some guys don't want Turner 🤣


We have Turner at home lol


Guys wanted to give Bryant 4/80 mil 😭😭😭😭😭


Even crazier than that. Jones has a played option next year 😭


Rob pelinka he's done it again


He’s so flat footed & timid on defense. Seems as if on offense he understands plays that are drawn up & runs it well. On defense there’s to many factors & he’s always late,behind.


TB is great for what he is. And I like is offensive punch. But we need Turner. I’ll beat this dead horse till the deadline even if it’s on deaf ears. And if Rob has to trade TB to do it, then so be it. If we really want to be a title team, good isn’t good enough. Under no circumstances should they settle for TB as our starting Center.


He’s also shooting 40% on 6 attempts from 3 this season. It’s such a no brainer with our roster. Big man defense + reliable volume 3 point shooting? Sign me up!


BBQ chicken alert


Get Turner ffs


Every single time Zubac went at him, I knew he would score. Surprised the Clippers didn't exploit that matchup more often.


Anytime a guard went at him it was automatically 2.


The eyes can deceive but the numbers don't lie.


My grandma could easily score over him


Man plays defense like he doesnt have hip joints. Stiffff


how is it possible to have virtually zero ability to defend. being 6'10'' alone you'd think would help somewhat you're telling me if he spends an entire summer working on his defensive fundamentals with the best trainers he can't improve?


The amount of centers that have had career nights against Bryant in the past 10 games alone is crazy. He made Steven adams look like an all star lol.


Makes sense, he’s an awful defender, great on offense though!


Yeah see this is why I don’t want Bryant as a starter. I like him don’t get me wrong but there’s no way his defense can hold up if we make the playoffs. Ideally he goes back to the bench to have that super lineup of Russ/Gabriel/Bryant. Really felt that trio made a difference in many games earlier in the season


He’s just doesn’t jump when contesting layups. And we can’t even make the excuse that he can’t jump quick enough to contend - he jumps pretty well when he’s dunking the ball


Bryant for shooting and AD for defense


He looks really weak out there defensively. When he gets contact he is just out of the play entirely


Yeah he's a big reason the team is losing even worse than Russ to be honest. It's a shame because he has elite offensive talent for a big.