Restore the mongol empire


Next Update : $39.99 DLC for one focus tree for Mongolia


one focus ~~tree~~ for Mongolia


and mengkukuo


Actual aids to fight through northern Asia




Such a pivotal power in the war I was surprised they didn’t have one at release


The Philippines ? Either way, you *can* create a focus tree. Modding a tree in isn't too hard and the wiki has good info. The reason I haven't yet modded it in myself yet is because, well, I have, 26 times in fact, and I'm still not fully satified by the result at the 26th iteration. That and I can't make portraits for the life of me and it's kinda disheartening that all of my 15 possible communist country leader have one of two generic portrait (well, ok, 15 might have been a bit overboard, but it's not like I can make a single portrait anyway. I'm just absolutely catastrophic at any form of graphic work. My custom icons are already... questionnable).


You could add historical photos


That's a possibility, yes, although it doesn't look very good if you have several photos of variable qualities next to actual portrait. I doubt there's an ideal solution besides engaging an artist to make portraits or taking lessons to learn how to do it myself, both of which I can't do at present. To be completely honest, I'd satisfy myself with the generic stuff and makeshift solutions where need be if I could settle on a final iteration when designing the tree.


I swear someone made and shared an AI Program that portraitified images. Could be worth looking into if I'm not dead wrong about it existing.


No harm looking into it. I'll see if I can find it - and make it work. Thanks for the heads up.


There's an AI called midjourney regarding the last comment... it's in a discord server and you could try to use the prompt "X leader Hoi4 style" and see how it goes


Austrian tree where you convince hitler that he needs to come home and then Anschluss the reich




Revamped USA or Germany


The nordics really need trees


Albania will get a tree before them


albania and austria should have gotten trees not fucking ethiopia and switzerland


Well, I’m not complaining with that! Though Ethiopia can be fun, I’ve admittedly never played Switzerland. Big focus tree intimidate, and for Italy sure I’ll learn it but for Switzerland yeah right. I’m utilizing my 90 hours every two weeks of video game time better than that.


Switzerland is pretty fun, but can be very frustrating. I like how you can go down the non aligned path and then still do the fascis path after


In order from most wanted to less wanted. 1. Austria 2.sweden 3. Finland 4. Czechoslovakia make less generic 5. Belgium 6. Denmark 7. Norway 8. Ireland


> Czechoslovakia make less generic With decisions, balance of power, resistance, intelligence agencies, and tank designing they’ve been bizarrely adding everything Czechoslovakia needs to have interesting content. I know they say they don’t go back and add new content to old trees but they’ve been doing that anyway.


I’ve been playing Ireland in Road to 56 since St. Patrick’s Day and it has a pretty fun focus tree there. I’ve restored the Celtic State and defeated the UK, Canada, and USA. Unfortunately, Soviet Mexico wants to restore their borders and just joined the war against me.


Would be nice for the minors in Central/Eastern Europe to have mechanics similar to Poland after they’ve capitulated. The Czechs had a decent resistance (at least until Heydrich arrived) and it would be good to have this replicated. It’s done in Ethiopia, Poland and France to varying degrees, why not someone like Yugoslavia that basically liberated themselves through their resistance movements?


GiE Czechoslovakia could also maybe buy Togoland like they wanted to do after WW1. HOI4 needs some kind of Guerilla warfare mechanic to make resistance governments actually interesting. Way back in waking the Tiger they said they didn’t know how to do Guerilla warfare but we’ve come a long way from then.


Total agree. I think the mechanics with la resistance is good, but should be expanded. Really only interesting for france and Poland as previously stated


Czechoslovakia could start with low compliance in states like Slovakia or the Sudetenland with that going up or down depending on choices until it either becomes a full core or you trigger the Munich crisis.


I fundamentally disagree with this idea. Maybe it’s because I lived in Prague and took a Czech history class, and they made it clear that many Sudetenland people felt themselves to be Czechs, whether they were “German Czechs” or not, and that only a minority really wanted to join Germany. But again that could be just their perspective. As for Slovakia, there was some salt and feelings of resentment towards their “stronger” brother, but all in all it was an amicable union until it’s end. But it does sound interesting for gameplay perspective regardless.


I would make a glorious Irish Focus tree. Filled with historical and completely utterly nonsense


Potato based and double the buffs when combined with comunism.


Revamp Greece and Turkey’s focus tree because out of all the Battle for the Bosprous, Bulgaria got the best one, Turkey’s is okay, and Greece is just plain trash


I gotta disagree on Greece having a “trash” focus tree. They do get a lot of political power (albeit they have to use it to fix things), and the right path on their economic tree is pretty strong, especially when you consider what working with the monopolies gives you in terms of advisors. Though they really only shine when going Byzantine or metaxis, I will admit.


democratic greece is great


Admittedly I haven’t played it. Or do you mean going with the republicans and then just not going Byzantine?


i mean the megali idea, taking your chunk of turkey, and then playing a more defensive game. great time for me, and if you really want to you can fight through bulgaria/yugoslavia to get to germany/italy but I like playing defensively when playing demo greece.


Greece I feel like should always be defensive. Their playstyle just feels right for it. Even if they don’t go down the paths that give them fort construction, the mountains are too tempting to give up.


the thing is democratic greece is in a uniquely great position as it can freely expand without fear of any naval invasions because allies always dominate the med as soon as war breaks out. it can be a bit tougher as greece but you can definitely take charge and be hyper aggressive without much fear


You do have a good point with that, I’ll agree. Either way, regardless of what I’m doing with Greece, be it reforming Rome or holding historically, I do keep reserve troops in those mountains in case all goes to shit and I have to hold in a last stand effort. It’s happened once or twice and it gave me enough time to reorganize and push back.


It’s not that trash, it’s just when compared to the Turkish and Bulgarian tree, It’s the weakest one


Well, I’m not sure. I think the Turkish tree is the weakest of the three, mainly because it takes forever to get going. But depending on your political path yeah, greece can be weak like milk


Ryukyu (releasable) tree giving you war goals on everybody, and a decision to form “psych” which just releases everybody again.


Irish focus tree, revamped German focus tree and revamped Japanese focus tree.


Ireland!!!! Tree for dealing with Northern Ireland; Negotiate with Britain to reclaim it and core it, puppet it, or outright liberate it. Or, use force to take Northern Ireland yourself. Go Left; Side with Comintern to strike at the Anglo-Capitalist Hegemony, or invite Trotsky back from his exile and form the Fourth International faction to spread the worker’s revolution. Go right; Empower the PNC, Side with the Axis to aid Operation Sea Lion, or create an independent faction with Italy and Spain to fight both Communism AND National Socialism. Reclaim The Celtic Lands; Because or Britain’s oppressive policies, Celts live everywhere. Take Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Normandy, Brittany, and the Faroe Islands, and get the chance to form “The Celtic Union” (Democratic) [State (Fascist), People’s Republic (Communist), Kingdom (NA)]. Create a new power in Western Europe, and Gain Non-Core claims on New England, New York, Oslo, etc. I could also see national focuses for other things, like standardizing on English, or making Gaelic the legal language. Standardize on English, and you get a RPF boost and a Trade Deal opinion modifier. Make Gaelic the legal language, and take a small RPF Nerf but gain stability and war support. Industrial focuses to the expand ship building and Small Arms production, as well as military/research focuses to determine special forces modifiers. Use focuses to expand your special forces capacity, or grant buffs to standard infantry in order to have a larger, but poorer preforming, force. Maybe include a focus to develop armor and IFV forces as well.


A Canadian world conquest tree


Better USA


chad, recreate the chadlean khanate




Finland. Embarrassing that irrelevant Mexico and Switzerland got focus trees before Finland.


Cheese. Political power trough cheese countrys (chedar gouda brie parmasan) factory buffs due to increased cheese consumption abroud. Preferable with its own battleplan that can be cheesed to perfection for all the memes. Ie portret of the cheese gods to getore manpower.


Maybe even go as far and make it universally shared across some minor nations that got stuff. Ie local malta cheese and the cheese revolution to break free from the empire. Cheesing Luxembourg stuff like that.




Argentina. Cores on SA countries, war with the UK, axis license equipment.


A rework for Turkey maybe. Putting usefull focuses up and making sub military focus tree more usefull. Maybe a few leader changes (1936/37 is too early for Menderes and İnönü would never be communist at that time)


Better Greek one


Germany going woke


a focus tree for one of the nordic countries


A Swedish one


better french focus tree






brazil would be cool


Philippines I think a south east asia pack of Indonesia, the Philippines, Siam, and maybe Japan rework 2 (I think Japan is fine but it could probably be better) would be great.


A tibetan one: If you go democratic you can defeat the soviets and the japanese, If you go fascist you can create a bhuddist theocracy and unite the bhuddist world, If you go communist you can make an anti-imperialist crusade, And of you Go monarchist you can restore the yuan dynasty


Ireland focus tree. It would make the nation more playable. Right now, it's kind of an afterthought and just a speed bump to majors.


Portugal. Yes even more focus trees


Latín América, it would be great to see something happend on the South


Better USA focus tree than doesn’t burn my mind over how inaccurate it is.


1. An Iraq focus tree that allows Abdallah of Hejaz to stage a coup and become King of Iraq, and have cores to restore his claim over Hejaz and repudiate the Sykes Picot agreement and unify Arabia, as promised during ww1 with the help of the Axis 2. A Croatia focus tree where Prince Aimone has the opportunity to betray Italy and claim the throne of Italy using his Duke of Aosta title. Or alternatively you can give your brother Amedeo the throne, and become prime minister instead in exchange for Italian East Africa expeditionary forces 3. An Al-Andalus path for Spain where the Army of Africa revolts against Spain and when victorious, Spain becomes the Islamic Republic of Al-Andalus under a fascist military dictatorship led by Mohamed Meziane, with the ability to "restore" Moroccan independence with the help of the Axis after the fall of France


So this is biased since it is my country, but who cares. Morocco: Monarchist path: restoring greater morocco (aka take algeria, southern spain, Mauritania and mali and core them)/alternatively some islamic caliphate path where you recreate al andalus. Fascist path: ethnic nationalism, so forming Tamazgha by reunificating all the amazigh lands (morocco, algeria, tunisia, libya, marsa matruh(western egypt), mauritania and all of the sahara desert except chad). Democratic path: form the maghreb union (morocco, algeria,tunisia),by demanding the lands from france, join the allies etc../ alternatively historical path where you do nothing. Communist path: free the african proletariat from the capitalist colonial exploitation, and have an option to form a pan-african communist state. You would start the game as a french puppet and have to free yourself, and take tour land back from the spanish. Also Algeria as well deserves a focus tree.