He would do a great job, but I care more about Infinite than the TV show and the game can’t afford to have any of its major devs/team members redirected to something else


Came here to say this


This comment is just a more elaborate “this”


Had a five word requirement on my book report.






He can at least read the script and tell them no


Hopefully one day soon they will have the ship sailing smooth and maybe he can get involved, like Naughty Dog & Neil Druckmann did - he directed a few episodes for The Last of Us as well. Imagine if Neill Blomkamp guest directed a couple of epsiodes as well


This. And the show is rotten to the core. Gotta start over


I imagine that’s what’s happening behind the scenes anyway. Guarantee they’re going to stop having infinite be their primary game and announce halo 7 in the next 18 months. No coming back from what’s happened to infinite.


Releasing a new game would probably be worse PR


Lol what is this opinion. The moment they announce a new game this sub is gonna spark into hope mode and pretend they really believe "this time it will be different." I've been a Miami Dolphins fan for 2 decades, I've seen this 20 times before.


I mean, they can definitely save it. The game just needs more content and people will flock back. When I say content I don’t mean new fucking armor, I mean things to do. Firefight would bring in the PvE crowd. As much as people hate the idea, a battle royale obviously has mass appeal. As it stands there’s just fuck all to do in the game once you play it for about 5 hours. The gameplay is the best halo has ever been but the content does not match up.


I'd be happy with just maps and a few guns and super fiesta. Firefight is meh, Warzone would be okay, Battle Royale might be great but it will pull players from other games modes. Just give me like 10-14 arena maps, 6-8 BTB maps and the Saw and Covenant Carbine. To be clear, I'm not against Firefight, but.would prefer it to be like a year 3 release.


> Firefight > Year 3 Release 😞


I mean, ideally all this stuff would be available now, but with the rate things are going I personally would prioritize other stuff first.


I think you’re underestimating how many players enjoy Halo primarily for the PVE content. The fact that there’s not even one co-op PVE mode is the main reason I’m currently uninstalled


“We’ll wrap up the endless storyline in a Fortnight audio release, and just move onto a whole new plot line for 7.” 343 probably


This is quite possibly one of the dumbest things I've read on here. Just thought you should know


Thanks, that’s nice of you to say!


Downvoted for being right


Ah yes, that's how that works.


I guess we’ll see!


About that...


He'd probably do a better job but until we can flash clone Joe Staten to head up every Halo project, best to keep him in the most important Halo project.




200,000 Joe's are ready, with a million more well on the way.


Spartan Kenobi: "I don't know of any Spartans ordering these"


Honestly how is it that hard for 343 to find competent people in high level positions who actually care deeply about Halo? Halo was one of the biggest things in entertainment when 30-40 year olds were growing up.


I agree with SageWaterDragon's point. But as someone pointed out a while back, these sort of decisions are influenced from a corporate level. 343 Management are going to be following the vision(s) of these corporate types and how they want content to be managed and produced. For example, a senior exec is going to care less about the plot holes in a series if a handful of focus groups that have never played the games or read the books give their OK. It sounds edgy, but at the end of the day the way to compel companies like 343 to pick their writers better and rethink productions, is by expressing written by turning to alternate mediums or accessing Halo material via other sources.


I'm sure that most everyone working at 343 is a competent person who cares deeply about Halo. That said, finding a studio's worth of people who are competent, care enough about a single franchise to want to work on it for the rest of their career, and are also team players who are able to settle on a singular vision of what those games should be is difficult. I imagine it was easier in the Halo 4 days when the objective was "continue making games like Bungie's," and even then they suffered from multiple key creatives simply not gelling with the team. Can only imagine what it's like now. Staten has the advantage of being someone that most everyone at the studio already looked up to, I imagine what he says goes with less friction.


It's the same thing happening to battlefield, they don't hire anyone from the military or any real fans to help.


Let's just get a cloning hammock, faster and clones die only if they see a giant donut


Scrap the show and give us a live action adaptation of The Fall of Reach


They'd ruin that too. I say let this whole fan fiction edition of Halo : Master Cheeks sit in the corner for all time. Don't let these writers/director/crew anywhere NEAR anything else Halo. They made their bed now they have to lie in it...with a traitor.


Scrap the show was meant to imply that the people involved wouldn't be returning


Or noble team before reach


Don't get me wrong I love noble team. I just think Fall of Reach is such a good intro to the Halo universe


Having a full season one with noble team fighting the covenant, including thom, would be a great setup to a second season retelling the fall of reach, and have quite an impact when everybody dies at the end


Integrate them both, they were there during the fall of Reach so why not!


Great place to introduce them, but I think Chief and Noble deserve their own stories that focus on them


Because halo reach completely fucks with the timeline of the fall of reach because bungie didn't care.


Contact Harvest and merge that with Cole Protocol would be good with fall of reach being season 2


I'd love for 343 to canonize and for someone to adapt A Fistfull of Arrows.


Or noble 6 before reach.


Every episode is just 6 wiping out a rebel or covenant base, or sneaking around to get info.


A lore based origin story show of Noble team would be awesome!


And have Alan Ritchson be a Spartan just to layer on the Reach.


Fuck that, give us a good animated Fall of Reach


Nope. Id rather Infinite be the best it can be than the show.


See the problem is... Season 1 kind of tainted whatever comes next. Want to make this work? You'd almost have to reboot a retelling of the original story. And if you continue onwards from what's there you'd need to change sooooo much it will feel jarring. But whatever it does, we can never forget about how bad this season was. Best is if Season 2 will never happen. Joe would save Infinite. And in the meantime write short stories for a new Legends.


Eh, can't correct that badly of a burning ship. I'd rather it go away or get a new show entirely.


Dude at this point grab a random fan on the subreddit and they'll write a better story


I'd say literally anyone with 3 or more games beat, and 3 or more books read can write a better story that doesn't create problems with the lore just so they can fix them.


Does listening to more than of the audiobook versions of the books count? If so, I gotta work on updating my resume.


Why would Joe Staten want to work on that shit?


Don't taint Joseph Staten's name by associating him with the show lol.


Stop dumping everything they fuck up on Josephs lap. Its not fair to make him the designated bailout guy every time the main team fucks up.


Honestly, the show needs a full retcon at this point. That is *not* master chief despite whatever tf kili wolfkill said. This show completely misunderstands what halo is about, and with the entirety of season 1 being the foundation I say demolish it.


They would have to rip up the Silver timeline and I dont see them doing this. It would need to be soft rebooted imo.


No. This can’t be one of those shows were you have to tell someone to sit through a terrible first season to get to the good stuff. It’s done and we should just let the show die and forget about it


Nah let him fix the game first. The show can just languish in the Microsoft's growing closet of shame.


Nah, scrap the show entirely. A fresh reboot would be better than trying to pick up the pieces of this first season


Forward Unto Dawn season 2? Hunt the Truth season 3? Legends 2 adapting some stories from the evolutions books? Stomping on the heels of a fuss would be so cool to see. Damn I love so much of the work that 343 has done in the past. Been a hardcore fan since the halo 3 days and odst is probably my favourite game, but 343 has made some incredible media too. Where did all that talent go? Or is it just being squandered by mismanagement?


I'd prefer to just pretend the show doesn't exist


It's already ruined, why bother?


1. hire joe staten 2. wipe season 1 and restart 3. one of the best sci fi shows ever


Idk, this series is messed up beyond belief. I don't think there's any saving it


The show not being canon would have been the perfect opportunity to explore Staten's original lore of Forerunners being Ancient Humanity, instead of... Copying Star Wars and Mass Effect ?


The show has already written itself out of canon in more ways than I can count


The poor guy is already stressed enough from getting Halo Infinite into a playable state when he came on the team a few years ago.




We need him for the games


Nah. I feel like this show is fundamentally broken. He should just fix Halo as a game series.


Please no. He's a writer, please let him use his skills fully by letting him write a canon novel alongside the juggernauts Troy Denning and Kelly Gay are if he wants, don't waste his skills on an inferior media...


lol a novel


You understand that it's the best part about Halo right? Even above Bungie's games, and by far when talking about stories. Don't talk if you don't know anything about Halo. That's the fucking thing that can never get criticized because it's that good.


I’ve read every single one of them. What the vast majority of people would like is better games and shows.


Ok then what? That's a different matter. Where did you see I said he should drop the games to focus on novels? Just said he can do that if he wants instead of wasting his skills on a trash show. Downvote all you want, I don't give a shit about the majority's opinion. Not gonna change why I like what's best.


People still defending this show lmao


Infinite cannot afford losing him, he is the only reason why the majority of the community is still playing this game and hoping it will get better




Scrap the show entirely and start from scratch with a whole new team in charge. Shoot take it away from 343 entirely for crying out loud.


All I want is Nathan Fillian as Buck. Some possible cameo that character is based off their likeness.


No, couldn't care less about the show. Him being the creative director of future campaign expansions means we might actually get a truly great Halo campaign again. He can stay where he's at right now.


No, keep him focused on the game that desperately needs help.


Id personally much rather have Joe working on the games


No point in trying to salvage that trainwreck. They're better off starting over. And don't waste Staten's time on a TV series, let him fix the mess at 343.


Meh, I don’t think this thing can be saved. The damage is done. I think it’s best if we all just forget this ever happened.


Won’t fix season 1


No, the show is not redeemable.


I’d personally gut the whole project. Fire everyone involved with production. Producer, Director, Writer, Show Runner. The actors are fine I guess, though I feel bad for Kwan’s actor as that part would entirely be written out, she gets Chief to the ring and that’s it. Done.


Yessss or atleast oversight on the writting


Nope, too late.


Some of you guys are so... naive? Like do you really think every single problem with this franchise can be solved by pumping Staten juice into it?


Let the show die


Mans already gotta continue working on cleaning up the mess that is Halo Infinite we can't expect this man to try and fix the even bigger mess that is the Halo tv show


Ive decided the TV show doesn't exist.


Season 1 made me so sick of this TV show that I wouldnt be able to enjoy Season 2 even if it was the best season of any tv show ever made. Its like if you had the best cake ever, but one layer of that cake would be made from shit, then I would not eat that cake even if the rest was made from the best dough ever.


I really hope Season 2 is the best thing since sliced bread so you can keep bitching about everything tasting like shit.


Joseph Staten has really done some awesome job in all his years working on Halo, but can we please stop it with these cringe af posts?


Circlejerk material right here folks get it while it’s hot


lmao you guys still wouldn't like it


Huh u want the guy from ‘the Meg’ to write for the halo show?


Agreed, but he wrote “They’re wolves. Back from the hunt”


lol no. writing for video games =/= screenwriting. I couldn't stand his novels, I doubt him writing a TV show would be better.


Nah, better to scrap this show and start from scratch. I’d rather have him write for a movie.


I wish they’d scrap this show


It's too late, they can't undo all shitty things that happened in the first season.


No way, season 2 is just fanfic.


Yea sure why not. Remove him from the studio that makes the games to solely work on a TV show that is only available in the US while ignoring the majority of the fanbase who just wants to play the Halo game.


He would make the show great, no question about that, but one man can only do so much. Let him continue doing the Lord's work on Infinite.


I think he’s probably busy with Infinite He should definitely get to take a look at scripts and provide feedback though


No I don't think they could fix the show. Also the game is struggling as it is. No need to take the most important member off the team lol.


the tv show is the least important thing to me. keep him where he’s good, on the games.


if he's smart hes going nowhere near it unless they pay him big money for the shitshow it is currently


I believe he's quite busy with Infinite


My head canon is they saw how badly everyone HATED Kwan Ha... So they rushed her stupid storyline to end and gave us two not that bad final episodes


My head canon is they saw how badly everyone HATED Kwan Ha... So they rushed her stupid storyline to end and gave us two not that bad final episodes


Joseph Staten is the MW2 Ramirez of the Halo community. "Staten do everything!"


They don’t want to follow origin why would they do this? They want people who have not high to do with the game


No, have Staten focus on halo infinite. Just hire a competent writer for the Tv Show. Writing games is different than writing for a show


It would be better to cancel it, and pay someone else to do a movie franchise that adapts the games with writers that care about Halo, with this show being the guide for not what to do


No second season, it needs to be completely rebooted


nah, keep staten on infinite. scrap the show


or just dont fucking do it. this show deserves to die for how fuckin bad it was, leave it at one season and dont try to continue this shit


Meh. I’ll wait til they reboot the series in another 10 years.


My idea. Season 2 is just adpat Combat Evolved. I mean it's already been adapted into a book. Then have season 1 be a dream while Master Chief is in cryosleep during the escape from Reach.


The second season would have to be a reboot to be good😂


Season 2 Ep 1 *Fade in on a closeup of a helmeted Master Chief awakening on a battlefield after being in a coma for an indeterminate amount of time* “Cortana?” “Yes, Chief?” *Chief looking around in a daze* “It didn’t actually happen, did it?” “What are you talking about Chief?” “ I think when I was unconscious, I dreamt that I was a fellow named John Halo. I was compelled to repeatedly remove my helmet, remove my inhibitor chip, walk around naked, and I had sex with someone” “Chief, don’t be ridiculous. That sounds totally unlike you.” “You’re right, Cortana. I’m glad to be back to reality. Let’s continue the fight”


I'd rather have his efforts focus on the future of infinite. This story has potential, the show is dun out here...


Or just reading the fuckin books and be true to the source material, it’s basically already written for them Instead we’ve got this bastardized interpretation of the Halo universe and iconic characters


Shit put me in charge, I’ve played the games and read some of the books which means I’m leagues ahead of the current writers 🙄


Staten is wonderful but he can't bear the entire franchise on his shoulders. I'd rather him focus on Infinite anyways.


He's too busy trying to make sure the Battlefield franchise doesn't fucking die LMFAO. Poor dude, being requested to revive like two franchises at the same time


How do you fix what’s been done. Scrap this crap and start over.


He would do amazing on season 2 then suddenly disappear for season 3 while they had a new writer come on and retcon a lot of his work because he decided to just disappear and not have the story already written out for the next person.


No. Staten needs to hold Infinite together for now. The best person for a TV-show paced story is none other than >!Tobias Buckell!<. >!Cole Protocol!< had the best pacing suited for any adaptation.


Joseph Staten has no idea how to write a TV show. Completely different beast than writing a book or video game. That's not to say he wouldn't do a better job but it isn't likely. One guy can't write an entire show, at least not with how TV operates today. This show reeks of a terrible writers room/table.


Master chief has already been ruined. Too late


So stupid.. why would he ever join writers who have explicitly said they don’t wanna follow his story


Uhhh how are they going to continue from what happened? Not gonna spoil anything but kind of kills future progression


No he wouldn't - you can put sprinkles on shit but it's still shit. Let halo die already.


Oh yea it’s mm coming toghether


I have a bad feeling that season 2 is currently already in production so I doubt we’re gonna get anything we want


I pray they just cancel this terrible show, we don’t need the IP being dragged through the mud any more than it has.




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I would love to see a different writing team (or at least a different showrunner) instead of pulling him away from Infinite. I will probably be the only one championing a season 2 in hopes they can learn from their mistakes. I'd rather see more Halo if things improve instead of killing it before they get a chance to listen to our criticisms.


Chief oy acted like chief when chief was not chief I.e the last 5 minutes when cortana did her thing


Hell naw bruh make a whole new series


If you came to hear me beg… you’d be right


No. Just end it now. Have mercy on us. End it now.


Why? So we can have anything of narrative substance told through memories and audio logs in the TV show as well?


Or better yet, keep Staten on Infinite because the game needs all hands on deck, not focused on this corporate, generic sci-fi show only made to grab a quick Buck.


To be honest, did you really think infinite was that good of a story? I mean, it was pretty blah IMO.


I would have thought that having Kiki Wolfkill involved would have been enough.


He can't be at two places at once. 343 doesn't even make the show


Fucking remove Wolfkill. After that deadline interview I have zero faith anything changes in the future for non-game Halo media while she is helming it.


Just cancel the show at this point, like fuck


Forget that. Let Joseph Staten write his own timeline with a new cast.


Um. Have you seen the cinematics for Lone Wolves? Staten's clearly educated enough in playwriting to right functionally competent scripts...but good Lord the concepts are skin deep at best with shallow dialogue. Memorable shallow dialogue, but shallow.


I mean it wouldn't undo any issues with the first part or make it canon which I feel like are the most important things people would want from the series but neither would happen even with this


only God can produce a 2nd season that can follow the 1st and not be terrible


why? ​ there's no redeeming this piece of shit, why would anyone want anyone to waste time on this? better to just forget it exists.


Why the hell didn't they just do this to begin with


This show can't be recovered. It's like Star Trek Picard; it feels nothing like the original material.


No matter how good it is it can't erase season 1 to little to late


Only way this dumpster fire could be saved is if Chief wakes up in his CE cryo-chamber from his wack ass dream.


My man can only do so much and I rather have him focus on the games than the show tbh


Just ask the guy that did the ODST short back in the days. He did a great job with way more budget.


Scrap the show. Make it from scratch, start a new storyline. There's no saving this show.


nah ill pass no one will save this shit show it already has an awful base and premise.


I’d rather they just don’t make a second season and completely start over. Nothing against Pablo himself but I’m just not a fan, I’d like a complete recast of the whole show, a completely new group of writers, show runners, etc. Basically, anything that had to do with season 1 should be thrown out and replaced.


Stop watching this garbage.


yall are crazy. Other people can do a good job, Joe's got enough on his plate as it is. But also. . .I'd rather just a hard reboot of the series. They accomplished a goal, People wanna watch halo stuff, it can drive viewership on title alone. Now that we know that we can invest in a halo title that ISN'T about master chief, leave him to the books and games, and maybe dope cameo's. Let's get some universe building and tell some stories of other characters. ​ Hell if we have to stay in universe for the series we still have reach in one piece. Lets get a closer book adaptation to its fall than the game.


Why r u asking 343? I doubt they have anything to do with this show


I don’t understand the massive hype behind him. Like the game hasn’t really improved at all since he took over lol


Hopefully it won't be as bad as halo infinite


Joseph Stalin


Is 343 even in charge of this stuff? No, right?


Just give us a cartoon animated show.


Don’t even bother, just forget about this whole deal haha


just kill the silver timeline thing like how Marvel did to the Inhumans shiw and reboot the series. it's the only way.


I'm typically not super negative about this stuff but it's kinda already ruined, at least for us.


Technically it wouldn't reduce the likelihood of a sex scene; Johnson gets laid at the end of Contact: Harvest.