I can guarantee you that just making the characters different characters won't magically make the writing and script better lol. You'd just have a boring Jun


Or just write better characters


This is a good point, but hearing Jun be the founder of the Spartan IV program and not having him anywhere in the games with the siv's is just wrong.


Itd be more accurate to say he was a recruiter and trainer. Mostly like Mendez but also a bit more involved.


WAIT WAIT WAIT. Jun made the spartan 4’s!?!?!


When everyone gets mad they don’t read halo lore this is why lol. huge missed opportunity


For years I’ve been wondering if any reference was made about him post-Reach. SOB


I remember reading a short blurb about him somewhere that covered him post Reach the game. I want to say... Halopedia.


Jun is present in some of the more recent books. We don't know his status currently as he used to be stationed at the training facility that was destroyed in Infinite.


Mostly cause the lore since 343 took over has no standard and quickly turned into inconsistent mess like the old star wars legends


No, he’s just a recruiter. The founder and current CINCSPAR is Musa, a failed SII.


Musa sends his regards.


Jun isn't a recruiter; he's Chief of Staff for Spartan Operations. So like, one step below Musa in the pecking order.


He served as a recruiter for the first classes at least. He recruited Palmer, Buck, and the rest of Alpha-Nine.


Agryna feels like a kindergarten teacher. Constantly smiling, and has a singular tone that one uses to talk to toddlers. Palmer was way better. (Also the height thing had nothing to do with Chiefs real height ffs it was about the legend they made him out to be. If you met Zeus and he was like only a foot taller than you it would be weird. She obviously respected him which is why she doesn’t arrest him when directly ordered to.)


Agryna’s behavior is just a directing issue. The quality of direction would probably be the same if it was Palmer or anyone else.


This. Agryna is a "boring character" because of the script and direction. Replacing her with an existing character will not change that and magically make the multiplayer cut scenes more interesting.


Jun's accent can make anything interesting


“I once met a soldier who told me he thought of his weapon as a time machine. He wasn’t killing the enemy, just sending them forward to a time when they were no longer alive.” Imagine it in a regular voice, then in Jun’s voice. There’s a reason it was Jun who said it. He makes it sound amazing.


I trieda regular voice and I ended up with sarge frob RvB lol Still works...


>has a singular tone that one uses to talk to toddlers It's ruining the immersion. It doesn't feel like you're being trained to be one of the most deadly and efficient soldiers in the UNSC. It feels like you're being one of the "new troopers" in one of these star wars rides in Disney World. In Reach they had some banter, which is fine, but they maintained military tone and some sense of respect. Spartan IVs however, feel like wannabe Power Rangers in space, they are too goofy/relaxed for a super elite soldier. They feel very arrogant at times.


I feel like she's a direct response to the Palmer hate honestly. I mean it was a decade ago and still people latch onto her over her single line in the campaign and it's insane. But hey she "disrespected" Chief so when they wiped the floor clean of their characters and swiped them under the rug they weren't going to make the same mistake and did as 343 often does and harshly 180s based on vocal feedback and thus we get a spartan who feels like she's treating us really highly for no reason besides we're the self insert. At least as Noble Six or Rookie or Crimson there wasn't just constant praise there was more there- like hell our introduction to Alpha Nine in ODST is getting clocked with a sniper from a nap. I hope they give her a bigger role or something to do instead of just being this character added in to really just replace Palmer without upsetting people who think waaaay too deep into simple banter.


>If you met Zeus and he was like only a foot taller than you it would be weird. I actually hadn't thought of that. Maybe because I'm such a simp for Chief but it definitely came across as "You're old and you've been replaced" for me. Palmer in Halo 4, I felt, had a superiority complex and I figured that she didn't arrest Chief because A. Captain Del Rio clearly is a fucking idiot and loose cannon and B. Because she's gonna need a helluva lot more back up if she's gonna try to arrest a pissed off Chief. She clearly knows how to read the room lol. She's actually grown on me after hearing about some of her lore tho.


To be fair to Del Rio, his ship got pulled into a planet lured in by the voices of a long lost hero and AI, crashed and had their ship overrun by robotic teleporting killing machines literally disintegrating people, and as wrong as it is to us knowing the Didact I'm not surprised Del Rio's first instinct is that he needs to get back to Earth instead of singlehandedly throwing this one ship and it's crew at a threat that could be incredibly powerful or not even because this long lost hero isn't exactly trustworthy in his eyes and came with a rampant AI that threatened the ship followed by the hero disobeying orders. He was an ass about it sure, but looking at it from his perspective I don't think his decisions were honestly that unreasonable


From a realistic military point of view. He was 100 in the right and wouldn't have been reprimanded in any way.


I could be wrong but I think he was only reprimanded because he tried to abandon the chief and run to earth? Otherwise he was perfectly within his right to order the surrender of the rampant AI Cortana, but chief is chief and a simp for Cortana and wouldn’t let go.


Lasky did say specifically that fleetcom didn't like him abandoning you on Requiem


Breaking the first rule of the soldier’s creed is egregious enough, doing so to humanity’s greatest hero and icon is just icing on the shitcake. He’s a POS either way for leaving a man behind.


Forgot where I read this from and not sure if it's canon, but I think there's a saying that the brass didn't really like Del Rio, and his appointment as the captain of the Infinity was a result of political compromises. Lasky was the favourite but he's too green at the moment to command the UNSC's flagship, so he's made the XO instead. Del Rio's abandoning Chief gave Fleetcom an easy excuse to replace him and make Lasky the captain.


Not only did be willingly leave a soldier behind, his arrogance also lead to New Phoenix being composed.


He had the biggest gun the UNSC has in arms reach of the greatest threat the UNSC was facing at that moment. The correct thing to do would be to radio home or send one of the smaller crafts home to warm fleetcom and fire on the Didact before he could move onto the next step of his plans. He was out in charge of the Infinity to keep its construction on track. ONI viewed him as a manager, not leader and always had Lasky in mind as the real captain for when Del Rio screwed up. Bet ONI didn't think Del Rio could loose a whole city through his inaction.


He also was in charge of the UNSCs greatest and most powerful ship and over 10k personal. Humanity was already backed against a wall and finally recovering and now he comes up against a living forerunner. A race whose technology was being discovered and reverse engineered into our own. I wouldn't have risked the Infinity against an unknown enemy like that. Fleeing to learn more was the best choice. And truth be told. The infinity was no match for the Didacts shop. It's main cannon barely punched a hole in it's hull.


It's very interesting how different people read that scene. The face Palmer has when she says that line only spoke admiration for Chief in my eye. Poking fun at him was a soldier way of breaking the ice while pointing out the obvious: you're a legend but you're still one of *us*.


The reason that so many people took it the wrong way (which honestly seems to be limited to the people on this sub) is that people lack social skills here. Not only was it obviously a friendly jab, it was also very in line with how the ODSTs talk to each other in Halo 3: ODST. It's not like the UNSC military is this super serious thing where no one has any sense of humour. Hell, marines make quips like that all throughout the games.


“If I find out you have x-ray I’m gonna kill you” yeah I think people are taking the things the marines/Spartans say way too seriously


Sgt. Johnson talks to Chief exactly like that, even early on before he's really been established as a character. No one ever called Johnson a bitch.


I imagined she was about to gently touch his arm and say "hey buddy let's go please don't hurt me"


> but it definitely came across as “You’re old and you’ve been replaced” for me. Del Rio was of this opinion but Palmer was sort of bantering. She didn’t mean it like “you ain’t shit”. To me, it was an icebreaker with a double meaning. She is a Spartan now, she’s grown from a regular person so she feels like she’s closed the gap to a degree, and secondly, nothing in the world could lived up to the wild expectation that she had for Chief.


I don't know why people latched on to that line so hard. Palmer is honestly fine in Halo 4's campaign. It's Spartan Ops where she really sucks, just constantly shitting on everyone and everything. Not that she was the only one. Dalton, Roland, Miller, Palmer, and Majestic are all just insufferably whiny.


"Anakin Skywalker! I was expecting someone of your reputation to be a little.... taller" "General Grievous, you're shorter than I expected" that's all it was, a height line like that in star wars only Chief was in character just stare at her and not talk back. nothing insulting or rude. sorry I saw someone defend Palmer and I wanted to join because I will die on that hill


Palmer was a great character. She only sucked in Spartan Ops


"Egg Heads" Mission starts. Repeat for 64% of Spartan Ops Missions.


Yes! Someone else says it lol. Palmer got a bad rap cause she was introduced with a bad line, but in actuality she was one of 343’s better characters in my opinion. To her, chief should’ve been a giant because she thought he was extraordinarily capable.


Agreed and I feel like that line is outta context for a lot of people, you have just found master chief who is pretty much a god to humanity, stories make him bigger and better than what he is, he’s still just a modified man. Bring back Palmer!


I was looking forward to Agryna because she was immediately less hostile toward everyone than Palmer. But then they never stopped making her act like she's mothering a toddler. I feel like 343's writers might only have a vague understanding of human emotions and are incapable of portraying anything more complex than what you see on a playground.


I just thought it was an “Escape from New York” reference. It wasn’t until I went online I realized people hated it.


Escape from New York, Star Wars a New Hope, Revenge of the Sith were the first thoughts I had.


She acts like what a motivation speaker would do when visiting a middle school


I didn't have internet back in the Halo 4 days and I'm glad about that. I never had any issue with Palmer, she was just any other military person with the bonus of Jennifer Hale.


I also didn't mind her in Halo 4. I don't know this but I think the real problems started in Halo 5 multiplayer, but I was never played it so I could be off here.


It was with Spartan ops in Halo 4 when people really didn't like her


Ahh. Also something I spent little energy on


Also the Escalation comic


Was she actually like, bad in that? Her criticisms tend to be "'Disrespected' chief", "eggheads", and then lastly "she hates halsey" but the last one always felt odd because like... in universe Halsey isn't the same fan favorite character she's rightfully seen as a dangerous war criminal who seemingly defects to the enemy.


Her hatred of Halsey is taken to 'personal grudge' levels. She goes awol on a mission to kill Halsey to fulfil her vendetta against her, only to completely fail like a chump and resulting in the UNSC loosing their half of the Janus Key (Remember that thing? The MacGuffin with every piece of Forerunner tech in the galaxy) to Jul 'Mdama. Great fucking work there Palmer. Woman acts like a petulant child and not an experienced commanding officer of a contingent of super soldiers she supposedly is.


I think you really need to freshen up your memories on those things. Palmer followed orders by ONI higher ups and they didn't lose a half of the Janus key, they gained a half of the Janus key.


To be fair, she didn't go AWOL they were ordered to eliminate Halsey and it was lasky who disobeyed those orders. Her hatred of halsey isn't exactly unjustified and neither was the vendetta level of hate. Halsey is a war criminal someone who people could consider and absolute monster due to her actions, and now they have found out that she was "working with the new covenant". Furthermore Halsey, who is a "monster" who created spartans believes that the 4s aren't real "spartans" despite them being just as capable as their 2 counterparts. The only real difference between 2s and 4s are the conscription age as both of them got augmentations with 2s being slightly more effective. We see an example of a 4s effectiveness at the beginning of 5. So it kinda makes sense why she would hate halsey (she can be quite a bitch too i mean, have you seen halo reach?) EDIT: about the janus key, they didn't lose any half of it. When halsey got it, the mey was quickly confiscated by M'dama and when thorne arrives, she made sure to give him one half. They are then shown to have it at the end of the cutscene.


I mean it was oni that ordered it and Lasky said no hood said not too


Yeah I remember that one, but I couldn't remember the name of the comic. Also less people pay attention to the material outside the games


People got tired of the whole egghead line but honestly, you'd be surprised at how many people cite literally her one line in the campaign as the reason they hate her. Halofollower talked about making a video about her and man some of the comments were just sad and disgusting really and all from people who've just held this weird hate for a fictional character over 1 line


>People got tired of the whole egghead line but honestly You say that like it was [just one line](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBqMyQWFp-c)


The one line they talked about was about the line in campaign. Where she just had a bit of banter but people reacted as if she disrespected the whole life of the Chief.


Lol what is this egghead line you speak of, and why was it so hated?


She had a recurring thing in spartan ops referring to the random scientists you'd sometimes be helping and always referred to them as eggheads and I guess people really hated it


I feel like I’m straight up not understanding the joke though. What the hell even is calling someone an egghead supposed to mean haha?


Oh, I guess it's just slang really? Like calling someone a nerd more or less, like those guys are a bunch of eggheads


Considering IRL militaries constantly make fun of other branches and groups (Chairforce, Jarheads, REM\*s, etc), it's not really out of character, either.


Damn some people will really get mad about anything, huh?


As someone who's been chipping through Spartan Ops, it's probably just a side effect from the first five chapters being reused multiplayer maps with excuse dialogue. Eggheads was a common word, and so that became annoying, because Spops was an boring experience early on. Sure it became better after the sixth chapter started, but most people didn't play that far.


It just means an academic or a nerd


That's kinda the point of the criticism though. Like you could swap her out with literally anyone she hardly has a unique personality. It's just a writing issue really. Think of Lord Hood in Halo 2, he's in like what 2-3 cutscenes but he still stood out as memorable and unique. Idk why but a lot of 343's side characters kinda feel like an after thought. They remind me of smooth SpongeBob


Hood didn't really became memorable until Halo 3 tbh. And if people didn't react with a brain aneurism to every 343i after they say a single word then they'd get the chance to build on them, instead fans demand them to strip them of any possible action to take. Same happened with the Didact so he was composed in a comic instead of being the main villain for the games to come.


The "I thought you'd be taller," line was just... there? I feel like that's a pretty common line in film and TV, but people just took it and were like ,"I hate this character."


Yeah, I remember playing through the game and laughing at that. It was funny to me, I thought she was a personable character who was actually treating Chief like a human being. It wasn't until getting on this sub that I realized some people saw it as an insult, like they didn't realize saying 'I thought you'd be taller' to a 7-foot tall, world-renowned super solder, was sarcastic. I took it as 'Oh, she's funny', but some people seemed to take it like she'd just spat on Chief's visor.


"Dying is gay, I'm out" Jun-A266 (probably)


That sounds like Jun, indeed


In my opinion Palmer was better, Agryna just feels incompetent in comparison, the way she talks like an special education teacher feels out of place


Same. Hale is talented, and while "generic hardass" isn't original I don't feel like I'm being patronized like a child by a Spartan Commander


I just prefer Jennifer Hale any day


She is a tad too nice, but tbh I prefer her being nice to yet another hardass, because lets be real everyone would complain shes a Johnson and/or Palmer knock off. Its a little refreshing.


I mean... I think that's why though She's the safe character for the soft reboot that shouldn't be ruffling any feathers or risk another decade of hate over a joke


Fine with me tbh. Youre exactly right, Palmer got so much hate for teasing Chief about height (it was in a blatantly joking manner), all while Johnson stays roasting everyone in his path, Chief included, and is applauded for it.


She was made as a response to Palmer, the community didn't like a mean hard-as so they moved to someone with a nicer demeanor, people won't like anyone in that position until more mp story stuff happens




Palmer had/has the potential to be such a better character. What a waste of Jennifer Hale. How do you cast Commander Shepard as a Spartan and just do nothing with her.


By being 343i.


My problem with Agryna is it seems like she’s never fought a day in her life. She’s far too calm and happy despite the dire situation of the UNSC and even her friend in critical condition. She reminds me of a tutorial NPC Edit: I know she literally is the tutorial npc, but it’s like they didn’t think of building her character at all past that.


Yeah, we see her getting saved by spartan IVs in London, then suddenly she's the head at the academy with no explanation of how she got there or who she is. The whole talking like a high school motivational speaker thing is strange too. "Hey, the infinity, chief, and most of the other Spartans are MIA. Here's a pep talk and go train in the simulator."


It's all super forced. It really comes off as appealing to the new age of babying everyone and not ruffling any feathers. She isn't given any story and has no personality other than "nice lady." And I'll be honest, her voice actor's performance in those new cutscenes was not great either if you go back and focus on it. And yet again we have a video game company putting a Black woman in a spotlight role without thinking of anything beyond that. To me it seems super clear that they went in with the idea to have a strong Black woman character first and foremost and forgot to do anything beyond that (yet again...). It's shameful how these companies have treated Black characters recently. Just plopping them in seemingly out of obligation and not doing them any justice by making them **characters**. Make it so she struggled through the Spartan program and that gave her the drive to keep trying harder and harder to become a leader. Maybe her struggles brought attention to her and she was guided further by one of the Spartans that saved her and that's how she learned how to lead. There's a million things they could do and right now she's just a nice lady who says cheesy shit and grins at you creepily. She should act like a combat vet that's trying to get you in fighting shape to fight *the Banished*. She should be paranoid about failure and pumping up morale like we saw in that original trailer. The version of her character from that trailer is nowhere to be found in this game lol. She's entirely different.


I mean thats spartan 4's for you. Its literally an in universe gripe combat veterans have with them


((Squint)). ok. This is one of the most unaware posts I’ve seen in this sub in a while. SHE IS A TUTORIAL NPC.


Jun would be pissed that they screwed up his armor kit and the rest of Noble teams kits.


Doesn’t matter who they create, if the writing is poor, so will the performance.


I like Agryna more than Palmer but the way Agryna talks and her weird facial expressions in cutscenes is very off.


Yeah. I think it's the direction. Or she's a close talker.


I see people’s points on jun not being super memorable, however i definitely would have liked Jun being the leader and seen in the multiplayer over Agryna. It would have been an opportunity to give him more exposition and probably would have grounded the multiplayer a bit more seriously rather than how super positive Agryna is.


I genuinely can’t take Agryna seriously. I don’t know if it’s the writing or the VA but it’s just…off. The comment she made about Irratus having a tantrum inside the UNSC equipment made me cringe pretty badly.


Palmer was only bad in Spartan Ops and that it was it. She was fine in Halo 4 and 5 but wasn't given a whole lot to do. Agryna sounds like she's speaking to a seven year old in every situation and it gets very annoying after a while


It’s kinda hard to take such a strong stance on her character when she is literally in like 3 cutscenes of the game. She needs her own DLC or to be in an actual halo campaign before ruling her better/worse than Palmer


Does he tho ? I just remember he's a sniper, and that's about it. Sure he is cool but he ain't exactly known for a memorable personality


He is/was Admiral Musa's right hand man while also recruiting and scouting for the SIVs. He seems to have a job he likes doing.


But does that make his *personality* memorable? None of that is mentioned in the games so I don't think it's even relevant.


It's more of he was established to be doing something way before Agryna even came into existence. They most likely don't have any idea what to do with him as he kind of disappears during Reach. Having him originally show up as part of the Spartan branch was just something they planned to do, but never finished. It's basically 343 tying up characters that have been left hanging from other books or games.


Yeah one of my few gripes with Reach's campaign was that its the first time in a halo game we had a squad of Spartans and while there's some Character exposition and development, in reality there's not that much and its pretty bare bones. Like it could've been done better and gone further in depth.


*Reach* is great. However, *Reach* also needed at least another two or three missions before Long Night of Solace to really let us make those emotional attachments to Noble Team.


Agreed. I feel it’s definitely nostalgia talking when people put the Noble Spartans on pedestals. I played through the games blind a few months ago never having played them outside of multiplayer reach in the 6th grade, I didn’t really feel an attachment to any of them by the end of the game. Their deaths were pretty brutal and the final lone wolf sequence is legendary though


Thats what I'm getting at their characters and deaths could have been more memorable had we had more time to learn about them and care about them


But the story isn't focused on Noble Team


People only think they’re so well developed because most of these guys were 8 years old when they played it


"Cool guy with skull mask who says badass oneliners = personality and character" —9 year old me




I mean the post is talking about Jun as if he’s any more complex than Palmer. I didn’t say I expected complexity, that doesn’t mean I can’t say he wasn’t complex. Weird ass rebuttal dude


I actually agree with you. Reach the planet was the focus of the game, not Noble team. Bungie left us to decide and imagine their individual personalities by dropping little hints and tid-bits here and there. It makes no sense to grow and flesh these characters out when they’re all gonna be dead in a couple missions anyway. Reach is my favourite Halo and I love the limited character development. Further character exposition would have just diluted and detracted from the main focus of the game which was humanity’s losing battle of Reach.


Yeah, the only one with a bit of character was Jorge. The rest were just the normal stereotypes you see in all military fiction. A tech head asking questions that higher ups don't want them to, a stern leader, the edgy guy with the knife and some other edgy design choice and the typical sniper guy that doesn't have much to set them apart exceptnfor being the guy with the sniper.


He’s already the head recruiter for Spartan IV’s.


Thats character development in the books which 90% or so of players playing have either never read or don't even know it exists. I hate to say it but it essentially doesn't count when most of the community isn't exposed to the medium.


That's basically Chief too though.


Especially when you see all the same people use the same criticism for the games all the time but then use it as an excuse for things like these.


None of Noble Team had any real personality, they were just... tropes. Big guy, leader, cyborg girl, edgelord, sniper dude...


Jorge had personality. There was more to him than just large size. I think he had more character interactions than the others too. With the professor's daughter and Halsey.


I always thought that too. Wasn’t he the commander of that station?


Yeah he was the head of training and commander of Spartan training facility that Leonidas blew up.... There's a chance he's dead and a chance he's not.


Yes. There's a good possibility that Jun has been blown up. [https://www.halopedia.org/Jun-A266#Created\_conflict](https://www.halopedia.org/Jun-A266#Created_conflict)


343 and off screen character deaths name a more iconic duo


Yall really comparing a character with less than 10 mins of screen time to someone that actually in the campaign and in spinoffs?


Gotta love how anytime someone doesn't like a character in this franchise, people jump directly to "Kill them" instead of giving them the chance to become better characters. I'd rather the current writers be left in charge than you guys lol


Yeah and everytime those characters get replaced they get annoyed as if they hadn't demanded that the characters should get axed for years.


They could just make her better since it’s so early into her development (based on how long we expect Infinite to be around). But, I also love Jun so either would be fine.


Okay hard disagree. Well yes she is not nearly as good of a character as Jun with her having barely any screen time and her story only comes from one backstory and bits of dialogue between characters but she has no one near as bad as commander Palmer. Just from the one cinematic Academy cut scene alone I already like this character way more than Palmer she’s not a great character but she’s not bad either I like her. Spartans save her so she decided “okay I’m gonna become a spartan.” and I’m glad they actually tried to give some backstory to a very minor character. And I feel like it’s kind of unfair that people hold her up to campaign character standards (which is something way too many people do) when she’s only appearing in the academy and seasonal story cut scenes so her character for obvious reasons won’t be as good as characters in the actual story especially since there’s no Side ops or anything where we get to interact with her much.


She's barely in the game rn, its a bit too early to say stuff like this.


Honestly Jun is probably the most forgettable member of noble team


I know when I tired to remind my wife how each of them died, I forgot that Jun existed for several minutes simply because he didn't die, and then it took me another 5 or so minutes to recall when he leaves when I suddenly recalled the scene where he and Halsey leave. And I'm an extended lore geek, so I really should have if he was more memorable. He's kind of like a Romeo without a personality and with an extra cool accent. I totally rock his ghillie suit in Reach and the similar neck cover cloth in Infinite, though.


Personally I'd say Jun had a subtle but strong personality


I’m glad I’m not the only one to forget about him. Totally missed that he didn’t die until I finished a few playthroughs


That was the point tho, he was supposed to be like that, it’s why he didn’t die.


That's a good thing considering his role as a sneaky snipey boi But seriously, he doesn't have many big moments in Reach. He's usually off doing his own thing and we/Six never really spend time much time with him. Even in the first mission you go off with Carter and Jorge and Jun isn't in any of the cutscenes.


Such a missed opportunity....Jun being a Commander in the first season "HEROES OF REACH" would've been perfect.


Jun is most likely dead


Would be so cool to have Jun back. Though I think outright killing Agryna is a bit too much.


I have no problem with Agryna. Nor, do I have a problem with Palmer. The only character I really had issue with was Del Rio, and I was supposed to dislike him, for basically blowing off the on the ground intel of the most experienced and in the know person for the situation they were in. (Maxim 2: A Sergeant in motion outranks a Lieutenant who doesn't know what's going on.) Other than that, I had no problem with any of the new characters so introduced, and I would love to see a lot of the dangling thread characters come back. The Didact, The Warden Eternal, Whoever the Created rally behind now that Cortana is out of action, Exuberant Witness, even Fireteam Osiris would be cool to see return. Honestly, something I would like to see in the games? A human alien alliance. We know it's possible, and I'd love to see a massive melting pot style starport in setting. I also thought the opening cutscene to Spartan Ops was one of the biggest moments of earned narrative triumph for the whole franchise. Infinity blasting out of Slipsace and singlehandedly bisecting a CCS carrier, showing the universe that humanity was able to stand tall finally and on their own terms. ​ A pity the rest of the audience seemed to dislike it.


My biggest issue with Spartan Ops was that I could barely get through a mission without the game disconnecting one of the players. Not sure what the matchmaking settings for that mode were, but it always seemed to pair me with people running off Walmart wifi.


Cause that wouldn't fit with cannon... Oh wait


Oh come on, this is just your nostalgia talking. Jun is absolutely not an interesting character either. He doesn't have much of a personality and gets barely any character development. He is no better than Palmer or Agryna. Just use Jeff. Or better yet, make actual interesting characters. I mean honestly, who cares about all this canon lore BS anyway? If you can't make new interesting characters, give us old ones. Have Johnson do it for all I care.


Because in-universe Jun was on the S4 training station that Leonidas blows up in a hologram cutscene with Cortana Unsure if he survived or not


It's funny when Halo Infinite Multiplayer Season 1 cinematic trailer release, everyone praise Agryna in the comment section on YouTube. And now reading these comments here it's total opposite.


Is Jun a fan favourite though? I couldn't care less about him in this sense. And of course he has more personality, we've seen Agryna in all of 3 cutscenes. It's hardly comparable.


I mean, I wouldn't even say he has more personality. If I had to describe him all I could think of that he's the "guy with a sniper" stereotype and that he has a cool accent. There's not more to him.


DAE iconic character. 343 should stop making characters and just leech off of old characters /s


Honestly. At least Palmer showed skill. She was arrogant as F, but at least they managed to show her in action. Agryna is... not sure even.


Yeah, case we've barely seen anything with her in it.


agryna acts and talks like she’s teaching a kindergarten class, not fucking Spartans


I liked Palmer. Found her annoying sometimes but overall she wasn’t a bad character in my opinion.


Jun has as much or less character than Agryna or Palmer and would not solve their issue of “wooden Spartan IV commander” type. Just bring Palmer back and actually make her interesting instead of constantly making replacements.


I would have taken an AI of Johnson, its MP make it fun!


I love her, she has the motherly but tough vibe.


Didn't he die though?


Wouldn't call Palmer boring but definitely dislikeable. Also I wouldn't call Jun iconic but definitely badass with a long backstory


Palmer is really annoying, Agryna is super soft. We need someone more kick ass without constantly giving us shit. Jun is good, but he has too much previous characterization, he deserves a more complex role once we finally see his return (WHICH WE SHOULD). It's tough to follow up Johnson, but I feel someone like him would've been great. What I don't want is someone generic. At least I can say Agryna isn't some generic dude bro or some tired ass yelling sergeant who's constantly on your ass. Something I want and expect at some point from Infinite is multiplayer co-op missions, like raids. Make the commander one of the characters you might fight alongside. That would really help make players care about them.


But jun isn’t all that interesting either….


I miss Palmer. I think she was a fun character and her introducing herself to Fireteam Majestic is pretty great. (Also she's Jen Hale and wearing Scout. C'mon.) I don't know anything about Agryna, so I can't really give an opinion.


Jun isn’t a good character. I don’t even think he talked in reach, let alone had a personality.


I was okay with palmer


Stop killing off characters just because some people don't like how they're handled. Just handle them better.


You fucking fuckers are so fucking petty its unbelievable. Get a life and stop complaining about petty shit.


Or we could have more narrative about Agryna before condemning her? We've had a grand total of 3 scenes with her. Give it time like the rest of the game. Y'all are forgetting how prone Jun is to betrayals in the Reach Campaign and takes every opportunity to ruin any chance of Stealth unless you run much faster than him.


At least Palmer had some sass and personality to her, whether it made her likeable or UN-likeable in the end is up to interpretation. Agryna has none of that. She's just a flat, boring, uninteresting character. Bringing back Jun or Palmer would've been an infinitely better idea.


Jun might have died on Laconia Station I think?


Yup his current status is unknown. Yet you're getting downvoted for providing up to date lore information. I see what too many "correct" comments getting buried in downvotes on this sub, it's absolutely ridiculous


Thankfully it’s back in the positives now


Yep, we're back to the period between the release of Reach and Initiation where Jun's whereabouts and survival are unknown lol


It's unknown whether the station he was on was actually Laconia. According to the newest Halo Encyclopedia, Leonidas controlled two other Spartan training stations (Naxos and Virgo) that apparently survived, so it's possible that Jun did as well.


They hated u/ZANZlBAR29 because he spoke the truth https://www.halopedia.org/Jun-A266#Created\_conflict


Naw, he just jumped out of an airlock, held his breath, and swam to the nearest UNSC ship


Argnya is worse then Palmer as Palmer at least had some sass to make her stand out, still felt kinda like she was in the military, and was supposed to be used to show that chief isn’t special anymore (before being shown to be short before the chief in the last cutscene). Argnya is just boring and offers nothing interestingz




What makes you think Jun wouldn't have the same lines as Agryna? Agryna was a blank canvas before infinite's release, but she has been written this way. Now if the Spartan Commander HAPPENED to look and sound like Jun, what's to say he wouldn't be written equally as patronizingly positive with no personality. This would just be replacing Agryna like they replaced Palmer. Edit: spelling


>What makes you think Jun wouldn't have the same lines as Agryna? > >Agryna was a blank canvas before infinite's release, but she has been written this one. Because Jun isn't a blank canvas.


I mean to say with a blank canvas you can make as interesting a character as you like (as the writer). But it’s the writer that determines that and sometimes it’s regardless of where they came from. Take Luke Skywalker. In the original trilogy, loyal to a fault, overconfident in his abilities but somehow still delivers in the end, strong sense of morality. In the sequel, apathetic, abandons everyone and everything he cared about, doesn’t help (much). And Luke is a far deeper character than Jun.


I definitely wouldn’t call Jun iconic, the few times he appears in his own game he’s uninteresting. In fact I don’t like any of noble team except for Jorge and I laugh at Kat’s death scene every time. but I agree he’d be a way better fit than Agrynya, I’d like for Jun to actually be a good character for once


just say you’re misogynistic lol


I genuinely have never understood what the problem is with Palmer or Agryna. I just don't see it. No, they aren't compelling, but neither are most people you meet in real life? They do the job.


You hate women


We've barely gotten to know the character and people already want her out 💀 Let them develope her character and improve her instead of "We need to get her out so I can have muh ICONIC character".


Jun is so boring. Dude has cool armor and that's about it.














It sucks knowing we are going to be stuck with her for a long long time


Honestly if I were an exec at 343 I'd just take a page out of the star wars handbook and throw in fanservice characters like Jun left and right. That's how you make money.


Instead they took a page out of the Star Wars (sequels) handbook and introduced boring and poorly written characters lol


But he's not black or a woman


I don't think anyone's problem with Palmer was that she was boring, people didn't like her cuz she played the stereotypical hard-as commander role, made a joke about Master Chief not being larger than life, and called anyone with an above average IQ an egg head. I think Jun would be great in the role but I don't think you have to kill anyone off they just have to change some lines to give her more depth. Completely derailing from a planned story is how we got Halo 5's story


Agryna is so much worse than Palmer lol