Find model name, search in reverb or eBay or google


Seriously... it takes longer to take photos and make a reddit post than to do that. And all anyone here is going to do is just do exactly that. OP can do it themselves.


Just googled it out of curiosity. There's a couple listings for this kind of amp. OP is either lazy or want some karma


No, I looked on reverb and eBay. Also good searches. I see info on the crate but nothing about price for either. If you have nothing to contribute to the question why b Say anything?


100 to 150 as long as they work, maybe? Looking around there isn't an exact match for those products for sale. Clean 'em up and see what you can get I guess. Good luck!


Thanks! That’s what I was thinking. I’ve been looking around online but can’t find anything for sale to compare any pricing to. Appreciate the help!