I started with DS1 The downside is that I can't parry in any other game. Personally I would say start with Elden Ring because it is more beginner friendly. And the subreddit is I think more active Ds3 I would play after 1 and maybe 2 because you will appreciate the little things more. But in the end have fun. (Of course overall I would say start with DS1 xD)


start elden ring. ds3 can be overwhelming.


Bruh lol Even though i agree elden ring is a great choice to start with, its way more overwhelming than DS3. The jumping (and the verticality in exploration that it allows) plus the stealth plus the open world plus the weapon arts management are elements you dont have to worry about at all in DS3, which makes it a lot less overwhelming. That said, theres gonna be a steep learning curve regardless of the soulsborne game you start with so yeah, with that in mind id just go for the one that would impress them the most, hence ER.


Elden Ring is much easier overall. There's no point where you'll get stuck, because you can always just go explore somewhere else.


Well i wasnt really taking difficulty into account, i was talking more about how overwhelming the game itself may feel at first because or its world and all its mechanics/features. Youre right though, ER is definitely easier. You dont even need multiplayer to summon for help since you can always count on ashes. And it encourages exploration in case you get stuck.


I found ER harder than any other Soulsborne game. Everything is far more aggressive while your character isn't much more mobile than previous titles. I've spent almost 2000 hours between all the Soulsborne and ER, about 1000 of those in DS3. I didn't have nearly as much of a difficulty finishing any of the other games numerous times as I do with ER. Not a bad thing. I enjoy the added challenge a lot. I can see why some people may have had an easier time with ER, but I certainly didn't.


My 12 year old nephew, who had never once played any Souls title, was able to beat ER in about two weeks after school. It's really not that bad. He did what I stated: He'd explore until he hit a difficult area, explore elsewhere and gear/level up, and then get through it. Elden Ring plays more like a traditional RPG in that respect.


Elden ring is easier because you never need to bash your head against the wall, but if you do decide to bash your head against the wall then yeah it’s gonna be a hard wall. I personally went with the head bashing strat on my first and second playthrough. On my third I used a magic build and it was so easy, even tho I still wasn’t using summons, morgott was dead in 30 seconds. I can’t imagine how easy the game is with summons.


My biggest struggle with ER was the open world. I rarely play open world games because they almost all fall victim to weak gameplay loops that become insanely repetitive in short order. Beyond that. Open worlds fall victim to errible pacing for story content, and feel like you've basically seen everything the game has to offer in 10 hours or less because it is literally all the exact same thing but with different looking regions to give you some sort of variation. So while I can search every inch of every level on substantially smaller, more linear maps and find everything eventually, doing the same on a map the scale of ER, I really struggled. That was really the hardest part for me. Once I realized that the game is still basically just a linear affair with there even being a pattern and approximate ideal minimum levels to tackle certain things, and got acclimated to searching a map this size efficiently, it was fine. But this took me a long time. From a combat standpoint, the biggest thing that tripped me up was just the level of aggression of bosses and the attacks with ridiculous delay timing. But when I learned that the openings to attack bosses are easy to see as they come and exercised more patience to avoid getting hit by delayed attacks, I was fine. I still find all the ER bosses more challenging than most other Soulsborne bosses (the top 5 hardest of all aren't even from Elden Ring, though. But the general difficulty is higher l imo), but only two ever really give me trouble at all (Maliketh and Godfrey /Hoarah Loux) Primarily because I just don't summon other players or spirits really. I could and I'm not against either one, but I just prefer being solo when I PvE unless I am playing with my real world friend. The game certainly feels like it expects you to summon spirits or other players anywhere you can. So yeah. ER difficulty for me was mostly adapting to the concept of open world gaming. Combat was a problem against bosses but not for very long


at least getting lost in the world and easily farm runes is better than linear based experience.


EXACTLY my opinion below which is getting downvoted. It is still a beautiful game regardless if DS3 is easier or harder than ER but the old crowd just like to cling on to the illusion that the game played by more casuals (ER) is also easier.


The 2 things that make ER "easier" are the spirit ashes (which are easier to make use of than the occassional NPC summons from DS3 that also require you to be ambered up), and the fact that if youre stuck, you can just go anywhere else to level up, get new abilities and then come back to try again, in a natural way that doesnt feel like grinding or farming at all. DS3's more linear path makes it so you have to beat whatever boss youre stuck at without giving you much room to do anything else (the path does branch out to several areas at different points, but nothing like ER). Thats pretty much it though, personally i found ER harder than DS3 but that might just be me. ER is a lot more overwhelming though for sure, there are just too many elements to take into account at once. My first soulsborne game was Bloodborne, and that one overwhelmed me just by its mechanics alone, cant even imagine starting with ER. The only reason i recommend it as an introduction to the franchise is because its world is too gorgeous, and i just know theyll fall in love with the game if they stick to it enough to figure it out.


Elden Ring is the most accessible, has probably more combat options than any other game I've ever played and is absolutely massive. Dark Souls 3 is a lot more tightly designed, with very little filler content. It'll probably take you half the time to complete, but personally I prefer Elden Ring


I think you should start with Demons souls first. It’s the easiest game in the series.


DS1 is good if you want to play the series in order, but it's also more cryptic than the newer entries. But DS3 is much more casual and it holds your hand at every instance. No stamina management, just roll fifteen times. No getting lost as it's so linear. No cryptic stuff like figuring out how to access Four Kings or the Artorias DLC, or how to make infusions and boss weapons. Elden Ring is a great way to start, but the long combos of bosses and delayed attacks and the hard end game bosses might be too much




Wait for Armored Core VI


As someone who started FromSoft games with Elden Ring and worked my way back to the other games, I say start with DS3. I don't know why people act as if the older souls games are more difficult, when the enemy and Boss AI for Elden Ring is far more sophisticated. I was surprised at how simple boss movesets were in DS3 coming from ER and practically 1 shot 60% of the main game bosses in DS3. Plus DS3 is a really beautiful game too with a more linear progression compared to ER or even DS1 and found it less overwhelming compared to a massive open world.


If you want to play all of the games, I would start from the beginning (DS1 and up). If you're trying to just play one game only, I would say pick from Bloodborne, DS3, or Elden Ring. If I had to pick one of those 3 I would pick Elden Ring because it is more accessible and beginner-friendly because of the plethora of ways the game can be made easier. In the end though, there isn't a bad choice to be made. They're all fun as hell


DS3 is my absolute favorite but ER's even more smooth gameplay and QOL improvements and jump button have spoiled me. I voted DS3 first.


I usually suggest Elden Ring first, then DS3, DS1 and DS2 (in that order). Or Elden Ring, DS1-2-3. And if you get bored of Dark Soulsing in between, spice it up with Sekiro or Bloodborne somewhere in between.


I started with sekiro and after it I played ds3




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Started in order if you really want, but if it's going to be your first ever souls game start with Elden Ring, it's the perfect entry point to the souls games, while it is smoother (in terms of gameplay) to Dark Souls 1, 2 and 3 it allows for greater approach to bosses, if you truly start loving the game and want more then you can hop into DS3, DS1 and later DS2 or go to the other games like Sekiro/BB.


As someone who started with Bloodborne, play demon souls, dark souls 1 or Elden ring first. I almost quit on the first boss In Bloodborne. Didn't play the game for a week. So definitely start with either of the easier games I've listed above. Or if you wanna throw your face against a wall repeatedly playing Bloodborne, Sekiro or Ds3 first, go ahead.


Dark Souls 3 and Elden ring are the easiest to get into, but its best if you start with dark souls 1 and play all of the titles in order, you will get a much better experience this way.


Elden Ring if you like open world RPG in general.


Elden Ring is the best game of all time. DS3 is a very good game.