Until this year, it basically was the 2017 cars with the Halos bolted on; while now it will be a car with the Halo being an integral part of the design from scratch.


Wonder how regulated it is. Aero halo incoming Edit: Just read further into the thread. Seems this is a pretty common thought lol


They already had options to direct airflow using the halo previously, similar to how they do with the mirrors.


Yeah, but was just thinking that before the car wasn't exactly designed to have it on there; they just added it on and tried to make it as aerodynamically useful as possible. Now with them actually designing them into the cars, I wonder if it could be one of the big things that causes a difference. Just speculation though, because my guess is the regulations around the halo are more designed to "withstand X amount of pressure" and "cover X angles", leaving lots of room for creativity.


Please correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the halo designed by the FIA and teams are not allowed to modify it?


This could be disproven by simply looking at the different halo designs by the teams. Each of them has a slightly different aero element on the halo. Off the top of my head, the Aston Martin has small aero elements off to the sides on the top of the halo. The Merc has a lip. I think only the structure is regulated.


Probably the base structure is limited and a fixed part, but they can add on different stuff, yeah.


But how would that work for a brand new design. Wouldn't the team be upset having to design around what ever the fia designed. The car that the fia keeps showing is just fia interpretation of the rules so wouldn't the halo also be that.


The base structure is fixed by the FIA, yes, as are the dimensions of mounting points and the way that it mounts to the chassis. Teams have to work around this, but AFAIK there are looser restrictions on what aerodynamic gubbins can be attached to the halo, as long as its integrity isn't affected.


x = the weight of one redbull and driver.


When they said get on top of Lewis, they meant in the championship, not on track Max!


Imagine the scenes if we got aero-halo's. While the FIA was busy taking away his bargeboards, Newey designed the most intricate halo ever.


It's Newey so it'll no doubt bend to all hell under load too.


the taller one on left looks might be hard to enter.


I’m expecting to see the halo to be used more as an aero tool next year aswell, already seen it on a few cars but I bet they can get more out of that element


They have only a 2cm area to play with on top, as seen on many cara currently - the general design is fixed


Formula engineers be like: 2cm is all I need


I miss the halo mirrors on the 2018 ferrari, looked badass


Yeah Mercedes’ seemed to add a new halo spoiler every race towards the end.


I doubt there’s much room for the teams to change much about the halo, right? I mean it’s a part that is there completely for safety reasons so I would think that it’s a pretty fixed design.


For the people wondering about using the halo for aerodynamics: It is possible but underutilized intentionally. They only have a tiny area / volume to use on the existing titanium frame the FIA gives them. So they usually cannot do much other than add small sleek elements to smooth the air or energize the surface layer for the engine covering etc. Some teams tried to do more with some complex aero elements but gave up because the carbon fiber was too fragile, and actually damaged/ tore the driver gloves when entering / exiting the car. So likely not much room for innovation if the cost of gloves outweighs the aero benefits.


if tp52 yacht designers make lifeline stanchions aerodynamic, there will be a designer somewhere making every f1 part they can aerodynamic.


The part itself is aerodynamic, it's just a question of if it's also being used to create downforce, manage airflow downstream, energize air, etc.


Am I not wrong for thinking halo’s, wheel covers, aero etc. for the 2022 car can be designed how constructors want but must meet the FIA’s criteria? So if this might be an example of the different types of various designs we may be seeing by constructors next year


That is precisely correct.


Wheel covers are supplied to teams and have to be run as-is with no modification. Halos are also the same for all teams other than a small volume around the top where teams are allowed to fit aerodynamic elements - see differences between 2021 Aston Martin/RB/Merc halos for clarity. Aero is more freely designed however comparing the next regulations to those before it, aero is tightly restricted in this ruleset with carefully chosen volumes and maximum angles defining the limits of each element, preventing teams from exploiting certain effects with the air that harm good racing such as outwash. This is the first new regs that are focused mainly on the ability to follow a car in front more closely which is why aero has to be constrained so severely




Well i thought because it is there for safety its a standardised part


The specs are standardized, implementation seems loosely up to the teams.


From what I understand, the Halo itself is two parts; the inner which is to spec and for every team the same and the outer which is the exterior body of it, which teams can slightly adjust.


The design specs for the F1 halo, including material (titanium) and all dimensions, are indeed standardized in the technical regulations, and there are only three FIA-approved suppliers (CP Autosport, SS Tube Technology, and V System). The teams buy halos from those suppliers. Teams can, however, add bodywork as long as it’s within the regs, but there’s not a lot they can really do in terms of styling or modifications.


Pretty sure the internal structure of the Halo is fixed.


Yes. So in reality the cars will look nothing like the concepts out there


That new halo looks 10 times better imo


Yes, but I'm afraid it isn't real. This type of halo has been in every demonstrational video since 2016 yet we had the fat version in real life. Still, I really hope that we'll see the one on the left next year, it looks agressive and quite cool tbf.


I agree. I think the thinner post and smaller T makes it less obtrusive. Also being designed with the car from scratch I’m sure allowed the designers a chance to incorporate it into the lines.


Sorry bud I dont see it happening...that thin piece will not survive a crash like Grosjean's


You should email the FIA and CC the teams’ engineers.


They probably tested it, the actual titanium has always been smaller than the fairing...


Well future me is here to say...shit didnt happen




The one on the left


Is the one on the right just straight from the 2021 cars?


Picture on the right seems to be a model of the first official rendering of the 2022 car. One on the left is a potential updated design


So, I've acctually been following this pretty closely since we first saw this 'new' halo design back in Oct 2019 at the official 2021 regulations press conference. I have no doubt this version of the halo was specifically redisgned to be more athletically pleasing for the new cars. However, fast forward to Bahrain 2020. The halo saved Grosjean's life by withstanding the impact of the barrier. Had the halo failed, Grosjean would have been a dead man (he even said so himself!) Following the incident, we began to see a thicker design (similar to the current halo) on the 2022 car models. I think Todt/Brawn realized it was probably a bad idea to potentially sacrifice the halo strength for aesthetics. Therefore, the slimmer design has likely been scrapped and we're probably going to see the chunkier design next year.




Model car in austin was thicker


If teams are being given design freedom, I assume halo designs will be crash tested like other chassis homologation parts right? Could we see teams come up with "slimmer" yet still robust halos?


Is that Halo still strong enough? Looks almost skeletal


You would be amazed at how the form and shape can maintain the required strength whilst eliminating unnecessary material


I don't doubt that arches can do that, but I'm just going into reveal season expecting heftier halos.


Nah. The current halo looks pretty thick because it is covered with carbon fiber. The new one seems thin, but it's probably just because of the way it shaped. https://youtu.be/sDgABnIR8TI


I stand corrected, let our next generation of car mounted flipflops be smooth and sturdy!


Just about the whole car is new so … yes?


Well yeah.. but I think OP has just noticed that the halo on each of the 2022 prototype cars are different. (Not the 2021 car)


While I would like it to look like the one on the left, I think it will look identical to last years, look at the official mockup at Silverstone.


The halo on next year's car will look exactly like the one we've been using for 4 years, it's not changing. That one on the left is purely aesthetic; we see fake parts on show cars all the time


Subtle discrepancies between the two 2022 car prototypes. Wheel covers, side pods, tire fins and halo are a noticeably different. Curious to know which halo will be used for next season


Whichever one is safer I'd imagine.


The second (green) car looks safer just cause it's thicker, but I don't know two things about how it really works tbh. The first pic does look a lot better aesthetically imo, sleeker and melds into the bodywork better.


I think they are the same thickness, but the left car's halo is taller.


Several different ones, because F1 isn't a spec series?


Correct. However, none of the current halos produced by the 3 FIA approved manufacturers have come close to looking as thin as the halo on the left. F1 2022 debut car (red and silver promo car) had the halo on the right


Halos are a spec part


Likely. The entire car is new.


The two cars in these photos are not the same cars. They both have distinctly different intakes, airbox, halo and even the size looks different.


The one on the left looks like a 2021 car concept from 2019 and the one on the right looks like an actual 2022 car model with the rules finalized


The side pods look a bit different too or maybe the perspective


I wouldn't judge anything based on that model - it's still got 13" wheels on it for a start. As far as I'm aware, the regulations for the Halo are unchanged.


From my understanding it is redesigned, yes.


As long as it's equally safe, I'm all for making it slimmer


Really do miss the halo less car. Looked so much better and you could actually see shat driver it was. But its good they are safer now


Will that prevent Max's wheel hitting Hamilton's head again?


The carbon fiber covering the halo can make it look much different than it actually is.


H-duct incoming


I guess after Hamilton clash with Verstappen it might need a bit of improvements?


Looks like they raised it a bit, I would assume partially in response to the Grosjean crash. Wasn't he having trouble trying to get out the side? This might give the drivers a better secondary exit point in a crash where the top was blocked


Higher to stop drivers getting bonked in the head with a tyre?


The halo used to look like an afterthought, because it was. Now it jusr looks beautifull, and odd without.