You should only do upgrades one at a time and make several prints inbetween upgrades, I would suggest returning the printer to stock and do the upgrades one at a time as suggested, this will identify which componant is at fault which will make solving the issue much much easier, trying to troubleshoot this would be a shot in the dark with the current set-up.


Did you run a PID autotune? The glossyness of the one on the left leads me to believe it's printing at a much higher temp, around 20C. Try doing a cold pull to make sure there's nothing blocking the nozzle then print a temp tower to find out what temp that hotend likes to print that filament.


Hello there thank You for Your advice, PID done for bed and nozzle. I do suspect bent lead screw. When lowering bed I can see wobble on the left motor. Hope this is the case.


Zoomed in, it does look like a pattern that would point a leadscrew issue. If you get a new leadscrew, roll it on a known flat surface to see if it's warped before installing it.


Thank You all for suggestions and feedback, At the moment the issue is still presented but I do suspect bent lead screw. When lowering the bed I can see the wobble on the left motor. Hope this is the case.


Crazy question, did you redo Esteps and extruder multiplayer.


I had exact same problem after upgrading to v6. The problem was I have installed hotend with all metal heatbreak, after changing back to ptfe/metal heatbreak problem solved and print quality came back


applying some high temperature boron nitride paste to the union between the heatbreak and the heatsink will solve your issues, its the same with the Microswiss, I think the Dragonfly I am using at the moment comes with this already applied, it comes pre-assembled so I did not want to dissasemble it and when it worked fine out of the box I just left it alone.


Thanks for Your reply, could be the reason, but i have V6 or Revo on 3 other machines Bowden setup and no issues here , only differences is length of the bowden would it be the issue ???


Seems like classic heatcreep to me, I had similar issues before beefing up my hotend fan to mitigate the extra heat dispersion that the all-metal heatsink was holding and transferring up the filament.


What firmware with what slicer?


Simplyfy3d Marlin 2.1.x


Check to see if your anti-backlash nuts are binding. The spring may be a little too stiff