Temple is super urban right in Philly. If that’s for you, go to temple. If not, go to oregon


i think you really gotta visit temple first to make the decision. people either love or hate philly


Both are good schools. Do you want a traditional college vibe where the town/social life is centered around the campus? Or do you want an urban college environment where it's less focused on the campus and moreso being in a major city? If the former, I would recommend UO. If you want a city vibe, then Temple. I love Philly a lot, but keep in mind it is a gritty east coast city. My friends who went to Temple enjoyed it because they did stuff around the city like going to basement shows and dive bars and less like going to campus frat parties or football games.


Yea I’m not really into the whole greek life/ traditional college experience thing, so that wouldn’t be a huge problem. I guess the question comes down to whether I like Philly or not. Going to a high school from a pretty affluent suburb, I think it’d be pretty hard to tell if I like Philly until i visit.


Oregon. Stronger university and would be a great launching pad for grad school


From what i saw temple and oregon were pretty comparable. Does UO just have a better reputation?


I mean in terms of rankings they’re about on par. In terms of reputation I’d wager most would say Oregon is better. It’s not a top 5 public school or anything but it is a flagship and it’s really solid. I’d happily commit to Oregon over Temple. Be an awesome college experience especially with all the entertainment opportunities


Thank you! What entertainment were you referencing specifically? Just confused by what u meant


Temple’s in Philly rather than having its own dedicated college town. UOregon has its college town and and has a ton of D1 sports. College football there is awesome, for example. And even if you aren’t into that stuff, there’s something for everyone and you should be trying new things in college anyways!


Eugene isn't really a college town, it's a small city with a large university culture


Go far from home. Moving away for college is the best excuse to start over and see how you grow outside of your comfort zone.


We toured Temple for my kid and we live in PA and visit Philly a lot. I have never been to Oregon. So I can't compare. I can give you info on Temple, though. It's a very nice self-contained campus in a very gritty neighborhood. Lots of crime. A student was shot and killed while he was unloading his car coming back from Thanksgiving break; he lived in an off-campus apt. maybe a block off campus. There are definitely issues. I've lived in NYC, and I know how to protect myself. Someone without that instinct would need to get wise, and quickly, around Temple. That said, if you want an urban school, if you want a city, then Temple is worth a visit, at least. I front-loaded the bad stuff. The good stuff: SEPTA, the city's train system, has a stop on campus. It goes downtown in 15 minutes (thus avoiding all the bad neighborhood stuff). Once in downtown, you have the awesomeness of Philly - the major sports/arts/music scenes, the history (cannot be beat, the Constitution??), the food, the waterfront, on and on. Temple is a respected uni on this side of the country, and if you're anticipating staying on this side, it'll have a great network you can join. There are food trucks - so many food trucks - that offer great options in addition to on-campus dining. There's a skyscraper-like dorm, with amazing views of the city skyline. Temple does have football and basketball, so you do get college sports (but not at Oregon's level, granted). My kid is torn between Pitt and Temple, in terms of his fave PA school. I suggest a visit, if you can swing it. You'll either love it or hate it :)