It depends on the program and the institution, really. If your new major overlaps a bit with your old one (mine was from Chemistry to Biochem), you would have an easy transition since almost everything transfers over. I think for liberal art colleges, there're a number of General Studies courses that are required regardless of which major you are in. So those would go over easily. The major-specific ones though, I don't think they will apply. If you have spent your freshman and sophomore year clearing General Studies courses, chances are you'll graduate in 4 years just fine. If your first 2 years of college are just psy classes, you will most likely need to take extra semesters to graduate in this time frame.


After this semester is over, I will have taken 7 psychology courses plus 1 seminar psychology course overall. My whole freshman year, I took GenEd courses that are required for everyone. Last semester I took 4 psych classes and 1 gened and this semester 2 psych classes, 1 gened, and biology class (which was required for psych). I have also taken 9 gened credits before college, while in highschool.   soo, that’s like 22 psychology credits and 37 GenEd credits. I think Marketing requires 124ish credits but that includes GenEd credits… Also, maybe some Psychology credits could transfer over to Marketing cuz I was required to take a statistics class for psychology, and I know that would be required for a business degree like Marketing… So that’s another 3 credits that might transfer over to Marketing. So, that’s 40 credits. Therefore, if my math is correct, that’s 84 credits I need to take in 4 semesters (cuz I will be a junior this fall). 84 credits / 4 semesters = 21 credits… So there’s no way that I could graduate when I was supposed to. Unless my math is wrong here. edit: just realized that 15 of the 124 credits for marketing go toward electives, so if I could potentially subtract those 15 credits, I would only beed to complete 69 credits in 4 semesters… But that’s still too many.


No need to look at the number of total credits you need to graduate. Focus on the requirement courses of your new major. Clearing all of those and you're pretty much set for graduation, anyway. 69 credits 4 semesters is pretty doable, actually. Your workload each semester will need to be in the 16-18 range. Some school offer accelerated courses during break that are like 3-4 weeks that you can take and lessen the load during the actual semester. Don't get intimidated by the upper division courses and let that make you think you can't handle the workload. Personal experience of a biochem major (don't know how much that will apply here), even tho they are harder in concept, the structure are more lax and the profs at that level are pretty chill. Be smart about which prof to pick for your classes and you'll be fine, even w a max courseload 👌