I'm in the grad school for psychology there and I'd highly recommend it.


If you don’t mind what do you like about it specifically? I’m also looking to go to grad school eventually in psych, probably for school psychology. Thank u!


The department has a really great culture/atmosphere. Collaboration is encouraged. There are research assistant positions that you can get. I also just really like the faculty that I work with there. And I love the surrounding area. Eugene, Oregon, the Pacific Northwest - all beautiful! And it's nice to be near (ish) to Portland.


Why job can you get with a psych degree? I’m debating on switching majors


You can go into teaching, research, do statistical work, school psychologist, therapist, etc. etc.


The UofO Psychology program is top 10-15 in the country. Probably the strongest social science department at the University (Geography might argue they're top 15, but there's only 25 geography depts across the country and there's hundreds of Psych departments). There's other people on campus also doing things related in the Econ and B-school. The ed school is also top notch, especially for those interested in stuff like special. It's more clinical and less of a quantitative research ed school.


Ok that’s helps a lot especially because i’m planning on getting an EdS jn school psychology. Thank u!


Something to keep in mind is that the psych program here is technically considered a natural science (as opposed to its traditional classification as a social science). In effect, this means the program will require student participation as a subject in research, as well as recommend participation in your own research. If you’re looking at grad school down the road, getting involved with research as an undergrad is a great way to gain experience and strengthen your academic and professional résumé. Best of luck!!


Definitely use Reddit as a gauge 🤓