People change all the time, but generally if you want to graduate on time you should have your major locked down by the beginning of your junior year. Ultimately will depend on what you switch your major to. You will need to consult with the advisor of the college that you plan on majoring in to see if there is any overlap in your coursework and set a timeline for your graduation.


What other majors are you considering? Our majors at Klein College only require 40-50 credits, which can be completed in 2 years. It's easy to request a change of program through your TUPortal. If you want to hear more about our majors, DM me or email us at [email protected] https://klein.temple.edu/academics/undergraduate-programs


If you’re switching to a completely different major, check the graduation requirements for the college you’re changing to. I switched to Computer Science need 90 CLA/CST/ENG credits.


Is there a place on the TU portal where I can do this?


do what you're passionate about and interested in rather than just making your decision based on how much money you'll make


eh in this scenario, i feel like this piece of advice can only take you so far. i’m a psych major myself and i would not encourage anyone to get a BA/BS in psychology if they are not interested in pursuing further education, even if they enjoy the subject itself to a certain extent. finding work in the psych field with just a bachelors limits your earning & job prospects, and even if you were to pivot to a different field to work entry level stuff, people with other degrees are more equipped for those jobs. OP has the right concerns about money with just a psych BA.