The psych department on its own is decent, I wouldn’t say amazing but it’s good. Now if you have the grades to get into honors? It’s actually insanely amazing due to just the staff who runs it. Dr.Kathy Hirsh-Pasek is just great and will do everything in her power to get you into just about whatever grad school you want. She is very well known in the field and through the process of being in the class you get experience in research labs and writing a full thesis. It’s really good to show a grad school if that’s what you’re aiming towards.


Yea i’m already in the Temple Honors program so that’s very encouraging to hear


fyi temple honors is different from the psychology department honors program. an invitation for psych honors will usually be sent sometime in your sophomore year if you meet the GPA requirements.


My major is psychology (I’m a sophomore at Temple U) and I hope I’m sort of answering your question. As I attend temple: I get a bunch of weekly emails about psychology internships, which is helpful. Here’s what I didn’t know about majoring in psychology: I needed to take a Statistics for Psychology course (it’s strictly a math oriented / statistics class btw) last semester and I need to take a Human Biology course for Psychology this semester. Statistics was not easy for me but I did alright by studying math questions in the book, studying vocabulary from the book, and going to office hours to ask questions and get help with homework. I just started Biology on Monday and I saw on the syllabus that an A is an 88 which makes me think it will be a bit difficult (an A is usually around a 93-94 in my other classes).   But the professors I’ve had so far for my psychology classes have been really cool I think. Social Psychology with Professor Helion was one of the more enjoyable classes for me because social psychology deals with how people deal with socializing, how people function in society, how society sometimes views people who do certain things.   A neuroscience course (Foundations of Sensation and Perception) was another required course I had to take but it was not too in-depth or too difficult compared to Statistics for Psychology (which was harder for me). Because of way it was taught, this neuroscience course wasn’t really about psychology at all but it was among a limited number of options of required courses for my psychology major so I chose it. I’m not saying to not take this neuroscience course, but I just wanna make it clear that it wasn’t about psychology (in terms of analyzing human social psychological behavior) and it was about the anatomy of the brain, how the eyes connect to the brain, how the ears connect to the brain, and the rest of the 5 senses.   So yeah I hope I sort of answered your question the right way lol! This seemed like a bit of a vague question but I thought I’d try to answer anyway so I hope this helps


I was just looking for a kind of broad idea of the quality at Temple. Still looking at some others schools rn as well. Thanks for such an in depth response!


I graduated in 2012 with a psych/Neuro double major. I was really happy. I got highly involved with research and helped publish 3 papers as an undergrad. I'm sure the department has changed a lot in 10 years but I was very happy.


Like another commenter mentioned, definitely get into a research lab. I worked in two labs, both great experiences, and they broadened my education immensely. A con is the lack of diversity and teaching ability. I had a (psych) professor tell my class that Temple’s a research institution first and teaching comes second for a lot of professors (and you can tell).


i’m graduating this spring w major in psych and currently work in two labs in the psych department. I love it, highly recommended getting involved in labs and research offered if you’re applying to graduate school for psych in the future