Well that's something unexpected. Reminds me of deep rock galactic. I think "horde mode" is the wrong name for it though, as its more of an extraction event within the mission than a separate mode.


It's implementation looks like some of the events that Ark had on one of its maps.


Implemented first pass of mount prototype Committed missing saddle class from mount prototype commit Fixed mounts not forcing clients into third person perspective when entering saddle. Fixed bumpy camera movement when riding mount Can no longer strafe left and right while mounted. Added HeadBlocker collider to mount. Moving backwards on a mount is now 80% slower. Made buffalo AnimBPs movement start/stop less glitchy. Fixed prototype mount damage source location being in the wrong position. Added fur to buffalo mount. Mounts can now play idle montages when not ridden Notes on mounts in the patch notes!?


The buffalo are not that fast. Maybe it would be fun to use but I can't think of it as a faster mode of travel. We just need the buggy.


It’s safe to assume a tamed buffalo will move pretty quick—definitely quicker than running at least. Hard to judge a feature before even the first pass has been implemented. It could be great for improving painful travel times.


Feels like a troll from the devs


A copy of the text in a comment would be amazing as Steam is hard to load up on a phone. If nobody can, it's okay, I can wait until I get home, but I would greatly appreciate it.


Yay ! Firefall's thumper in Icarus ! With bows :p There will be TONS of meat :D


The exotic cap limited to 3? So you can only get 3 exotics? Suspect im missing something, isn’t this pointless for 3 exotics?


It's 3 waves, not 3 exotics.


Oh thanks for that


That what I wasn't sure about either. Is that 3 per wave? Or 1 per wave maxing out at 3 waves then changed to the enzyme? I guess I'll need to test.


You need to complete 3 waves to get exotics, I completed a geyser (all 3 waves) with a total group of 5 people and we received 29 exotics. We are completing more today as it stated it "levels up" each time you finish a geyser


Am I the only one who can't join a session with my friend ? It says "Unable to locate the hosted session - 008", never got the error before the update


try verifying your files in steam


On Discord the devs are aware and fixing it. A work around is to Remove your character from Prospects, then rejoin.


Whenever I have removed my character, I can't rejoin with any character.


Does anybody know if you can find the geysirs whit the radar? And if so are you abled to find them on the outpost aswell?


We played on an old outpost last night (it won't let us join on the prospect we are on, but we could on an outpost. We saw 2 of these while there. Very easy to spot


Oh cool so essentially you could do all of them and after 3 waves for each geyser get around 29 exotics each?


Does anyone else have that the game has to download maybe 1GB but patch 50GB of the game every single week? I really don't understand why the game has to be patched basically completely every single time... Is there something I can do about this?


I think it's something to do with Unreal Engine or how Steam handles the download. Unfortunately nothing you can do and something we all have to deal with :(


Hey there! I just installed this game for the first time and can't find any sessions to join. Is that "normal"? I'm wondering if something is wrong eg firewall settings.


That's normal. You can only join sessions from your steam friends. If you're looking for randoms to befriend and play with, I think there's a Looking For Group channel on the official discord.


Oh! Thanks so much