I've had it for nearly 2 years and still love it now as much as I did at the start. Being able to play pretty much any game and VR games through my Quest 2 is amazing and should only get better from next month with the power upgrade.


I'm just afraid with the new power upgrade the dev team is not going to care about people who didn't pay for the upgrade. But yes it's amazing. Does have it's problems but I love it.


There was a post on Reddit the other day about someone getting a VM with and AMD CPU and RTX4000 with only the boost subscription, so maybe not.


Nvidia Quadro Rtx4000 ( that it perform like the rtx 2060 more or less ) is in USA for years, but only for now ( when they moved on Ovh datacenters ) in Europe. Like for the real gtx1080s that still on Paris datacenter, you need to have fortune to grab one.


Wasn't aware of that! I was going to apologize for my comment after comparing benchmarks between an RTX4000 and a GTX1080, but then I also checked the P5000 we had here in the rest of the EU. Seems like the RTX4000 isn't such a bad deal. Still, would be nice of them to update boost as well at some point. And I'm wondering what the future of Infinite will be.


Works with Quest 2 on Starlink, couple gitters. Works pretty well. Service has been relatively the same since new owners. Others may differ.


Welcome to #TeamShadow and thank you for the kind words! I'm glad to hear that you've been loving Shadow so far. We appreciate you!


Thank you!


>Thank you! You're welcome!


Wait til you have it for a year, your opinion will be different.


I have it from the first french beta, still love it.


Ok. I will be sure to tell you what I think after a year