Not so proud boy doesn’t want his picture taken. Also, I laughed at, “old man wizard”


"You shall not pass" gas you racist old man. Love that New York welcome. Great job everyone.


The “Freedom Convoy” (right-wing nut jobs) got a similar welcome in Toronto last year. People went out on their apartment balconies, threw garbage at them and told them to GTFO. They wisely turned around and left.


Any clips of this? That sounds amazing. Way to go Toranna.


Toronto Police had garbage trucks blocking streets and directed said convoy to a out of the way location. Quebec police wouldn't even let them into the city so the convoy morons got themselves a field. Also Google " Balcony Guy " , for a Canadian Heritage moment.


Thanks, I didn't know about balcony guy. The one from Ottawa? He's a delight.


“Fuck you right there.” Hahaha what a gem.


And fuck you, and fuck you! When he told them to go kill themselves I lost it. Been there buddy, sometimes you're just temporarily out of fuck yous and you need that little extra. Also liked 'fuck your cunt wife'. It's not the lawful good choice, but I'm here for it.


"I'm here to help people, not get assaulted" well, help some people. specific people. and specifically not certain people. but yeah, just your typical white supremacist out to help the "community"


When you go around screaming about hate and intolerance don't be surprised when it finds you. New Yorkers can be slow to rouse but God help you when they do. If the cameras and authorities weren't around those two might have ended up as nothing more than greasy stain on the pavement.


New Yorkers don’t often unify around a common cause like this. But when they do, they are a force to be reckoned with!


"I'm here to opress not be oppressed."


“Go back to Long Island” 😂💀


I'm unfamiliar with the northeast. Is long island the florida of new york?


It is exactly that.


That explains long island ice teas then


You take that back. LITs are trés sophisticated.


[It's classy](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DA2bOneWAAEOMNi?format=jpg&name=small)


They have no business tasting as good as they do


I made the mistake of downing one in 30 seconds during my 21st birthday. I had no idea bc they just tasted so good.


Where do you think all the old people in Florida came from?


Floridian - can confirm. Their accent is fucked. I met some transplants and seriously had a hard time understanding them.


Lon giland.


Lawn guy land


Are you trying to keep us outta Del Boca Vista??


I just realized that I know a LOT of neighbourhoods in NYC juste because of Rap music


Love it! New Yorkers love rep their neighborhood because each area has its own vibe. Biggie - Bed stuy Nas - Queens Bridge Nicki Minaj - Southside Jamaica Queens “Southside raised me/Grew up out in Baisley/Queens and it’s crazy” 50 Cent - Southside Jamaica Queens “We both came up on the gritty streets of Jamaica Queens” Tribe Called Quest - “straight from Jamaica scene/Jamaica Queens” “back in the days in the on the Blvd of Linden…” Wu Tang - Staten Island (Shaolin) Run DMC - Hollis Etc


Ol Dirty Bastard reppin the Brooklyn Zoo


Shame on you when you step through to The Ol’ Dirty Bastard, straight from the Brooklyn Zoo


Yo that username is *magnifique*


Big L repped Harlem, MF DOOM was from Long Beach


MC Shan - The Bridge I don't know if he was the first to rep a specific spot but that song sure caused a splash when it dropped.


Queensbridge Projects, which is in Long Island City, Queens (which isn't "out on Long Island" -- it's at the foot of the 59th Street Bridge aka Queensboro Bridge aka Ed Koch Bridge)


mos def - its the B to the R the O the O-K L-Y-N is the place where i stay


It is in fact New Yorks wang.


Staten Island is the Florida of NYC




There are some very… conservative areas on LI


I think that's where all the racist Italians live oh wait I was thinking of Staten Island


SI is the worst 🤣


I grew up in Levittown, which is often used as a prime example of redlining and institutional racism in history books/documentaries. Long Island also had (unofficial) Nazi training camps before we entered WW2 against them. Depending on your point of view, LI is arguably *worse* than Florida.


In NY, Idiots like the Proud Boys live in Long Island, Staten Island, or upstate. Parts of LI and upstate are nice. I spend my summers out east. But there are areas packed with conservative trash that you drive through or fly over to get to the good parts.


As a long time NYer. I knew this was going to be the top comment.


>I don’t live in Long Island Funniest part guy didn’t realize it was an insult.


LI doesn't want them either. We have enough to deal with with our own shit heel facists the "Loud Majority"




There’s a mole within the proudboys! Guy trolling at the end, asking the police to provide them a metro card -since they are stranded in NYC


That's Walter Masterson, he was featured by the J6 committee when he was interviewing ppl that day. Guy is a national treasure, definitely check out his content.


He makes some funny ass videos just straight trolling people without them realizing it. The other day he interviewed that wack job lady who said “now the libs are teaching our kids about empathy!” And he was like “EMPATHY!!?? Disgusting!”


OMG... How dare indoctrinate the kids into thinking about cause and effect of their actions on others. Too far sir too far this time! 😅 /s


https://www.tiktok.com/@waltermasterson/video/7210812423790480686 For those who want to see it. I could only find a TikTok link.


I knew I recognized that voice!


Maybe ~~let~~ make them fight their way back to Long Island, à la 1979's "*The Warriors*"?


🎶🎵Proud boys 🎵(bottles clunking) 🎶come out and pla-ay!🎵🎶


That's cool but let's be clear, the proud boys are not the protagonist in this new Warriors movie. We're rooting for them to not make it to the end of the movie.


Oh man, now i really want to see the proud boys get slowly picked off by groups of weirdos on rollerskates, and mimes, and people with facepaint carrying baseball bats, only for the last one to be finished off by the guy who actually did kill Cyrus.


I remember Ricky got him pretty good for failing Grade 10 but I didn't know he finally killed him. TPB got dark.


they're like that marginalized gang - the orphans


Escape From New York starring Wish Snake Plissken.


That dude makes some fantastic content! “Hillary Clinton, wants to take all of our Oreo cookies!!!”


Not sure how that's trolling. The cops have helped Proud Boys avoid paying subway fares before.


“I NEED THE POLICE TO PAY MY SUBWAY FARE! I NEED THE POLICE TO PAY MY SUBWAY… Does anyone have a metro card? Who has an extra metro card for me?” That guy is a professional troll, walking with the proud boys…


It's Walter Masterson. Fucking legend.


>The cops have helped Proud Boys In DC MPD Lieutenant Shane Lamond gave information to Proudboys leader and even differed to the PBs on sharing information with his own department.


The Portland police department gave them a whole bus + driver.


Also saw videos of cops help organize proud boys n their like to load into back of uhauls to leave location. Which is bullshit cause your not allowed to transport people in uhaul moving trucks.


The cops don't need to know the law, and they wouldn't follow it if they did


Why wouldn’t the cops help their coworkers?


Guys name and YT channel is Walter Masterson


Just so folks know, this is in the West Village, an important historically gay neighborhood, near the AIDS memorial and Stonewall where the gay liberation movement began.


They’re also in front of the former St. Vincent’s hospital where a lot of people lost their lives during the plague years. https://www.americamagazine.org/faith/2020/01/24/catholic-hospital-pioneered-aids-care


Is this the St Vincent referred all the time by emo/punk rock bands


Annie Clark?


It shouldn't matter where they go. They should always be treated this way.




I mean... I'm legit confused.... Did they think they'd be welcomed? Or did they want to see a Broadway play and had on their proud Boyz merch and all hell broke loose?


I heard “We came to help people” once or twice. So I am also confused.


They were there trying to “protect” people from drag shows. They didn’t realize that drag shows are absolutely welcome in NYC, but fascists aren’t. Edit: NYPD is the exception


This but also ever since Hitler Youth Aspirant Rittenhouse's trial every one of these fascist loving douches claims to be a "medic" or "EMT" and that they are "here to help" as they are picking fights, waving guns, and threatening people's lives. They think its a get out of jail free card.


And it mostly is, because the cops are on their side.


*I was applying medical aid with my rifle. What is so hard to understand? Anyway I got to shoot 3 people so win-win.* Kyle "Goose Stepping" Rittenhouse


"It fires a healing salve that cures all wounds"


Tangentially related; a bar in my small 20k city held a ticketed 21+ drag show. The local christofascists' visceral (albeit nonviolent) reaction was almost as entertaining as their reaction to city council telling them the city has 0 jurisdiction over private businesses (in TX) holding shows. Of course only until the legislature finds the next minority to strip of 1A rights, as other red fiefs have already done.


They live in their own schizophrenic reality from the internet, who knows what they are thinking but it’s not rational


Don’t put their bullshit behaviors on people with schizophrenia!


They’re in the west village at one point it’s literally the capital of the gay world lol


Prolly here planning for 'the arrest' activity. Why not do that shit incognito? Buffoons. EDIT: Spelling due to mobile. Thanks u/JohnnyMiskatonic for sparing my blushes.


>do that shit incognito They are *proud* and need everyone to know how *proud* they are.


They should have a parade to show everyone how proud they are. They can call it a pride parade.


There are many levels of "proud". Maybe a banner that reflects those levels ... a Purple stripe for pride of heritage, a blue stripe for proud of facial hair, a green stripe for pride of rural areas, a yellow stripe for pride of holering ... and so on ...


Pretty sure they came to disrupt drag shows or whatever like they do in Florida except DeSantis approves of that.


I would love to see them *try* to disrupt a NYC drag show. Those queens would take turns beating the shit out of them, and death dropping on their unconscious bodies.


I live in a much smaller community, but we had Proud Boys come out to a drag story time event to “protest”. They were armed with paintball guns, tasers, batons, mace, and even some real assault rifles. The cops sat back up on the roofs of buildings and just watched. Thankfully, the crowd that showed up to *defend* drag story time was more than twice the size of the hate force and we drove them right the fuck out of town, despite all their weapons. Story time was uninterrupted. They’re cowards.


To paint themselves as victims


I’m from NY and they are smart to be where they are. Lucky it wasn’t in the Bronx or Jamaica Queens things might not have gone so smoothly


Reminds me of waaaay back in the day when a bunch of these fools were on Jerry Springer, talking smack, and this one woman just invited them to say that in her Chicago neighborhood, see what happens. Never seen an entire group go from cocky to nervously smiling and looking at security with pleading eyes so fast lol. They couldn't even handle the thought of one black woman talking down to them and just spazzed. Nazis have always been cowards, and always will be cowards.


I’m in to punk music they always get stomped when they come to shows. If you hold a Nazi flag the USA should label you as a traitor and kick you out of this country


Fuck yeah, that's what punk was based on - fuck the establishment, fuck the haters, and ESPECIALLY fuck the Nazis. Punks are some of the nicest, sweetest people you'll ever meet.


Yeah! Party Animals had a song called Die Nazi Scum we need more music like that lol


[Nazi Punks Fuck Off by the Dead Kennedys pretty much set the tone](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyc62g7YQM0)


Classic! I like the part where they just told em to fuck off. People have to be so complicated these day - allusions and hidden meanings and creative writing,.. bleh. Let's get back to basics. Just tell 'em to to fuck off.


And who can forget this classic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fg5IsQKBE4g


A majority of punk and rock wants to at least present as anti fascism (since I know there is exceptions here and there) I will still never understand how conservatives will warp themselves into believing they are mostly on their side of things. My former best friend was "woke libertarian" all our high school days and then veered harder into maga as the 2016 and 2018 elections approached. I was the one who introduced him to Disturbed and his most favorite bands all our school time were System of a Down and avenged sevenfold yet somehow managed to still be a huge fan but start spouting pro war and hate propaganda. Being a system fan but justifying war over diplomacy is just a carbon copy of Paul Ryan RATM 'fan.'


Maybe invite them there? 🤷🏼‍♂️


You mean have a drag queen story hour. PBs and other fash will invite themself.




Like that scene in A Bronx Tale. “Now yous can’t leave”


Queens. I think Queens would be a great place for them. Just saying.


Facts..in fact come to Southside


You joke but the white supremacists I've met in this area have been from queens.




Disappointed that it says "you" and not "yous".


The GIF maker failed us all. "Yous."


Aren't the NYPD pretty big sympathizers of the proud boys though?


Don't worry, the NYPD is usually more interested in doing as little as possible to be actively harmful




Brooklyn stand up!


This is what happens when you live in a bubble/echo chamber


I vividly remember this video during the lockdown of a woman at a bank who refused to wear a mask. Police come to escort her out and she's trying to rile up the other customers and nobody responds. Most ignore her, some just laugh at her and tell her to fuck off. The look on her face: she really believed that her viewpoints were popular because of the Facebook groups she frequented. She was fully convinced that if she did this the 'silent majority' would rise up and help her. Turns out the silent majority was not with her.


[for those curious](https://www.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/m3t2pk/antimask_karen_refuses_to_wear_a_mask_and_leave_a/)


That cop is fucking awesome. “Do you believe in this?” “The laws, yes.” That’s a pro Also when she’s on the ground “this is police brutality people!” Everyone (groaning) “no it’s not”


"Are you trying to speak Spanish?" 😂


I love the "Jesus Christ" when he closed the door to his vehicle with her in custody.


I remember that, it was a great video


EVERY appearance by these assholes should end this way. It should be hard for them to shop, dine out, go to High School football games, or even hit the firing range. Everyone, everywhere, should get a free pass on uncivil behavior towards them.


Lmao they're literally so sad. What a dejected bunch of little nazis.


I love New York City


After everything this city has endured lol what the fuck is a proud boy?






Philly would pelt them with D cells


If Philly isn't afraid to throw batteries at their own team and snowballs at Santa then the proud boys would absolutely get it.


We ran patriot front out of town a few years ago and the past two times the proudboys have announced gatherings in philly they didn't show up due to the size of the counter protesters. Fucking little scared baby's.


"We'll go right into Librul Ground Zero and show those snowflakes" Yeah, showed us who are the real weaklings, all right.


It’s worse than that: they “deployed” themselves to NYC to “help” foment a violent response to a pending indictment of the Burnt Umber Dunderhead. It won’t work this time and it won’t be police dying.


No, see, they're trying to help people. The violence is coming from the intolerant left who hates freedom and wants to indoctrinate your kids to be trans and kill all white people. At least, that's what my crazy right-wing aunt told me. And she's a housewife who's never had a real job and never lived anywhere but rich suburbs, so I reckon she's a pretty good source for these things.


Just pathetic. Love to see people run them outta town. Also, these days you have to be absolutely brainless to wear a sweatshirt like that in public. "Hey, look at me, I'm part a domestic terror group."


These guys probably come from towns with a population of 50 and a family tree thats a circle. So they likely go out in public like this all the time back home.


I'm convinced that's why so many small-town people believed Trump won the election: "Everyone [that they knew]" voted for him, so "of course he won". Well, that and Fox News' lies on the subject.


These fuckers should have been given the Philly treatment the moment they showed their pathetic faces.


I Love New York ❤️🍎❤️


New Yorkers have never been ones to shy away from saying how they feel about someone


Proud boys is cringe to say, type, think. It wouldn't be bad if it was some tolerance group. No, these are grown men that bought the Maga starter pack and didn't have enough left for a good club name.


The Proud Boys were founded and named by loathsome cunt Gavin McInnes, the fascist pseudo-journalist who once repeatedly shoved a dildo up his arse on live television to "prove" how tolerant of homosexuality he was; it's a reference to the song "Proud of Your Boy" from the Disney musical Aladdin. It's important to remember that it's *supposed* to sound silly though, it's one of the many ways fascists try to gain the support of dopey centrists who think it's all just a troll, just a bit of funny ironic bigotry to make fun of uptight liberals. It's the same reason they coopted the OK symbol, and tried to co-opt drinking milk, they take innocuous, harmless things and tie them directly to fascism so fucking morons go on the internet and type things like "see, liberals even think the OK symbol is racist, they call everything they don't like racism."


McInnes likely still runs the Proud-boys, but claims not to after a past violent incident in New York. This is so he doesn't lose his green card and have to go back to Canada where his organization is rightly considered a terrorist group.


I vastly prefer the directness of northeastern folks over the friendly politeness of others.


Everyone loves a good ol’ New York welcome.


You should see the welcome party they get in Portland, Oregon. It's even less polite.


I wish that were true. In actuality, they meet up with ppb to ensure they have protection any time proud boys are in Portland. Should you even defend yourselffrom them you'll spend a night (or more) in jail, and they will be escorted away to cause more trouble.


Did their magnificent war beards not protec them?


Those beards look like they're too lazy to shave. It looks unkept, I've seen homeless people take care of their beard better and I worked at LAHSA.


Look at all these poor persecuted republicans being treated wrongfully for being bigots.


The racist wizard needs to keep better track of his shit


Proud Boys used the Hillbilly division in NY. Tactical blunder.


Do they have any other divisions?


The cousin fucker division according to Fox News executives.


Please dont send them back to Long Island they not welcome here either


Oh man, I wish that was true...I hate this place


Born and raised in NYC. went to public school here, and even college. My first job out of college was in Suffolk. It was a fucking culture shock for me. I couldn’t believe how people live so close to the city and yet never stepped foot in it. So many of my coworkers were terrified they would get killed the moment they step foot out of the LIRR in any place but penn station. They’ve never seen or interacted or anyone who wasn’t like them.


"go back to long island" really meant "go back to Suffolk county"


Take a spin upstate... the further north you go the further south it feels.


There are places way upstate that are quite eye opening, if all you've ever seen is lower NY. I'm talkin legit country hood. I saw 4 single wides welded together, with an Amish family in a horse n buggy going over the hillside into the sunset kinda shit.


Grew up in Suffolk county in a very liberal family. There's lots of good folks there. Lots of shit-heads too. But don't send more shit-heads there, the place needs them like a hole in the wall.


Bunch of pussies


They lack the warmth and depth.


They have no personality’s n no one liked them before. So they conform to only place they can copy everyone n get friends so lame


Life‘s not so easy when you’re not in some backwoods bars with all your boys club circle jerking each other is it?


Notice how effective it is when a community mobilizes against fascists. It takes the wind out of their sails and makes them look powerless. The people who showed up and told them to get the fuck out scored a victory, regardless of whether or not they were willing to get physical. DeBaTe doesn't do this; action does.


Meth Claus looks so dejected while walking away.


Those fuckwads need to get out of my city.


I've never been there, but I already like your city!!


NY has restored my faith in humanity... living in the middle of maga country, this is SOOOO satisfying 👍


When there's a couple of POCs, the Pride Boys love to gang up on them, like 15 on 2. But they feel persecuted when the tables turn, look for some racist cops to escort them home.


> racist cops you can just say cops


Fuck them fascist.


Not that proud if he keeps hiding his face.


Not so keen on their free speech now, are they?


I love how these events are the only time they’ll willingly wear a mask.


Happy to see these fuckers put in their place. No room for hate.


That made me smile. " we are going to walk you to your car and you are going to leave"


Fuck the proud boys. Bunch of pussies playing dress up.


Really owning the libs


Proud boys = sad little bitches


But I thought all the liberals were pussies why do they look so scared?


Someone really needs to start a fantastic gay porn streaming platform called Proud Boys. It'll be hilarious seeing these wanna be macho dudes running around in gay porn merch.


Translation: “I came here to intimidate people, not to have people stand up to me!”


Proud Boys just became the Punchbag Kids.


Good job New Yorkers!


"We will fucking kill you." "Get the fuck outta here." "Oh. Okay. Bye."


Get tha FUCK OUTTA hear!!! Love it!


too bad nobody had any rotten tomatoes. Would have found a good use for them


This warms my heart.


“Go back to Long Island” haaaaaaaaa 😂




New Yorkers aren't rude, they're efficient. Stop on the sidewalk in midtown to explain exactly how to get somewhere and point it out on the map? Takes too long, got places to be. Drag them to the nearest intersection, point and say "three blocks, turn right, 5 blocks" and then disappear into the crowd like a ninja? Much more efficient.


These guys are terrorists in my country


Yeah they better hang out with the cops because they are the only one that like them there.


Is Proud Boys literally just two-three proud boys? Cause if this is them showing up, it's pretty underwhelming to be honest.