don't forget rage quits whenever he starts losing


Ah like 99% of players


99% of my matches have 1 guy afk the entire match except halfway through when his level 5 ass lenroy jenkins himself straight into a garchomps mouth, then back to afk.


I like the level 4 Charmander after 5 minutes of game. Like, there are creeps everywhere in our base, but let's go die against other players! Even in ranked, there was an opposing level 8 Piloswine until around 2:00 (I think he evolved after we killed Rayquaza), such a fierce opponent!




61 fair-play points…


Is he gonna be a running gag on this sub now? 😂


If so I am in full support of it


I second this sentiment.


I third this announcement.


The fourth approves as well.


Can I be the fifth to approve?


You can be the sixth if you wish.


Nah, they'll actually be the seventh


I supposedly eighth this statement.


And my axe makes us a proper fellowship.


I fifth this motion as well


Even in another community like twitter he also being made fun of lol




Happy cake day


I mean it’s fun to point and laugh at stupid people, so…






Well he sure makes me wanna run and gag so it tracks.


Hey, if he wanted to get popular with his objectively wrong opinion, he accomplished his mission.


I sure hope so lmao


For at least a little while.


Imagine going into a 2v1 underleveled, dying, and then calling the game manipulative and P2W. That’s not p2w, you chose to spend 100+ dollars on the game because you rage quit and bought stuff that you literally get for free.


I only say thanks once when my lane "partner" takes all 4 bunnelbys and then dies with all the xp they so desperately needed


I say thanks to the teammate who is living in his own world


The absol that hides in the bush and only attacks when his team got wiped out and the enemies are already peeled but still dies anyway. God, I hate hero ball


How shameful, a disgrace to absol mains.


Bro he upgraded leftovers 💀


I also upgraded leftovers Although it was the last one or so to get to lvl 20


It’s the only one I don’t have at least lv 20 yet, part of me wants to get it there just so all items are at the final effect tier, but also the last time I used it on anyone was around a year ago lol


Just a heads up, it’s possible to have all the items on level 30 by now. So nothing is wasted lol.


I have all at level 30 except leftovers and rocky helmet which are 20. Don’t want to power up on the off chance a new item/s come in that are good so I can power up on release.


I think I have lefties and rocky helmet at 10-15 still. 💀💀


scope lens pika aswell 💀


I have no idea… 😉


He's talking about the Guy who said Pokemon Unite is pay to win. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=keoRX-Lni5s](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=keoRX-Lni5s)


Dude doesn’t deserve more views on that video lol


Someone link spragels' reaction video to it instead. Give our resident content cowboy some love and enjoy his unbiased teardown of the bs.


Does deserve it based on his previous videos, but not this one


His tech videos are extremely good imo but he clearly doesnt know shit about gaming. His playstation vid also sucked ass


I was mainly talking about the Samsung video, but yeah


Using subscribers as tool


It is not very friendly to new players anymore with the combination of boost emblems and the high cost to level held items, that much is pretty factual. Doesn’t excuse how utterly stupid his choices were, but the game is, overall, more pay-to-win than a MOBA should be. A lot like how League was way back when with runes, if you didn’t have a full set you were going to eat shit, and if you were plugging down on getting runes early you weren’t going to have enough IP to get champs, and the cost to get IP for both was preeeeetty high - for a single type of champ. Which generally locked you out of being able to play other champs since you’d be playing suboptimally and generally outclassed. There is a reason that Riot did away with this system and one of the primary reasons was that it was P2W and actually scared off a lot of more casual players since it put a very large rift between them and seasoned players who invested “wisely”. Now, the level 30 item enhancers help a ton in enabling a new player to get an immediately accessible build. 3 level 30 items almost immediately puts you relatively competitive, and that takes a bit of the pressure off - but that pretty much locks you into a single Pokemon playstyle and type until you level up more gear, and leveling gear is fuuuuuucking expensive, speaking as someone who has foregone any and all new avatar fashion to plug it all into item enhancers. Over the course of about… I’d say like 8 months of regular play (I dropped the game between seasons 2 and 3 because score shield meta was severely annoying to deal with in 1 and made me not want to play for a while) I have 10 level 30 items. Out of 19. Needing half a year while completely ignoring one of the shops in the game altogether just to get an item list half maxed is a bit too much to say it isn’t to some extent pay to win - yes you can get the stuff for free, but you’re woefully under-equipped in the meantime. And I haven’t even said much about boost emblems. And some people might say they’re really not that important - and depending on Pokemon, I’d say you can make them work without emblems. And then for others, they make the entire world of difference. Glaceon is the shining example as her meteoric rise and subsequent nerf showed. 0.5 second nerf to cooldown is not much on paper - but it’s all that was needed because Icy Wind wasn’t taken into consideration as changes were made to the game. The combination of CDR boost emblems, purple buff change, and shell bell made it so that you could keep an 8 stack Icy Wind up permanently both in and out of combat - without all 3 of these factors together, you could maybe accomplish it at very low pings, but mid to high pings would not respond fast enough and you’d lose your stacks. Now she can only accomplish this with boost emblems that give a base CDR reduction, but you lose out on important buffs to her then that make it way less worth it. That is just a small example of the impact boost emblems have now had - if you have the right set. And you do not come with a full set of what you need right off the bat. Remember: a game becomes P2W when the amount of time it takes to become relevant in it is unreasonable or inconsistent, and where those who have played for far longer or who have plugged in money have an overall better chance than you at winning outside of just having higher skill. Unite most definitely has hallmarks of advantages for long time players, and catching up now usually means plugging down something or staying weak for extensive periods of time.


>Doesn’t excuse how utterly stupid his choices were, but the game is, overall, more pay-to-win than a MOBA should be. I mean, have you guys played other f2p mobile games? this is hands down the least p2w out of the ones ive played, but idk what you guys are playing thats more f2p friendly than this. star wars galaxy or heroes and marvels future fight, you have to invest a shit ton of money AND grind practically every day just to stay relevant. Top ranks have to spend big $ for more 'energy'. Those are the two most popular that ive played but all of them are similar 'spend $ for entry into this game mode'. the only f2p game ive ever played that didnt charge $ to play more is SMITE but thats not a mobile game. they get their money through exclusive limited timed skins and a thriving competetive scene which i assume is the same strategy with LOL. Havent heard abolut DOTA is yeeaaars but im gonna assume all 3 are about the same.


>Doesn’t excuse how utterly stupid his choices were, but the game is, overall, more pay-to-win than a MOBA should be.I mean, have you guys played other f2p mobile games? this is hands down the least p2w out of the ones ive played, but idk what you guys are playing thats more f2p friendly than this. star wars galaxy or heroes and marvels future fight, you have to invest a shit ton of money AND grind practically every day just to stay relevant. Top ranks have to spend big $ for more 'energy'. Those are the two most popular that ive played but all of them are similar 'spend $ for entry into this game mode'. the only f2p game ive ever played that didnt charge $ to play more is SMITE but thats not a mobile game. they get their money through exclusive limited timed skins and a thriving competetive scene which i assume is the same strategy with LOL. Havent heard abolut DOTA is yeeaaars but im gonna assume all 3 are about the same. Least PTW mobile game I have played is a gacha game called battle cats, because everything is obtainable without paying, and the rarest units called that have a 0.3% drop rate are super situational and aren't necessary. Also, uber drop rates are super generous, considering that some of the best units in the game are ubers. Also free currency in catfood and tickets is handed to you when you log in sometimes and you can save your energy that you have to play longer.


MOBA’s can’t and should *not* be compared with other free to play or mobile games, nor should they be designed as such. Same for any overtly competitive game where the primary focus is PvP. Games in which you have a PvE aspect as primary and PvP as secondary have more leg to stand on since the primary selling point isn’t to beat other players, it’s to beat new game content - and even for games such as Hearthstone or LoR where you will eventually plan to play against other players, there’s still at least content there in the meantime to keep you busy. But for MOBAs all there is is fighting other players (don’t pretend like bots count, it’s like beating a limbless dog in-game), and when you’re pitted against a real person, and that person just flat out spent more money for the best gear to out-stat you, that is what has killed so, so many free to play multiplayer games in the long run - outside of the most rabid fans, old players will eventually leave once they’re tired of the game, and you have already driven away any potential new clients because not everyone wants to plug in money just to win a game - I’d actually hazard to say most people don’t. I’d name a couple of old F2P shooters I used to play, but I literally forgot their names and can’t find them again because they’ve long died due to the P2W guns they kept adding which gradually murdered people’s enjoyment. Having P2W aspects in PvP games is a very difficult line to walk and maintain and it makes it harder to grow your community, which is why most primarily competitive games plug their efforts into cosmetics - they don’t affect gameplay (mostly, unless say a certain skin makes certain abilities invisible in certain areas due to color palettes) and they allow for fairly safe income. Skins have proven to sell across all these games fairly consistently, and ideally Timi would plug more effort into the cosmetics department and price them a bit more fairly rather than making more uneven game components.


Agree with most of what you said, P2W elements should have no place in PVP games in an ideal world. But that's how the devs make money, and that's what keeps the game running. The boost emblems probably need some tuning so newer players won't get smashed by older players, but held items are in a good spot right now. It can help casual players who want to pay to get the upgrades ASAP get a small advantage, but for really competitive players it won't make much of a difference. Plus, truly competitive players probably have already maxed them out already through grinding, and tournament mode already gives you maxed out items.


The advantage someone gets from multiple choices, doesn't make the game p2w. Its like saying yugioh is p2w. You want the highest win rate deck? go build that, dont then come back and say "but now I can only play this" like you literally are only aiming to win. Its such an asinine point to even make. as for "staying weak" you are fighting against people who are generally at your level of progression. 3 maxed out items is godlike since most pokemon can make use of the same 2 items (being the defensive ones like BB and FB). None of what you've said is an indication of p2w at all. You gain zero advantage by having 20 different pokemon, 100 items or fashion wear lmao. What gives you any sort of advantage that I can pay money for right now?


Boost emblems for starters are completely random and can be paid for via purchasing more energy tanks to roll for more of them. You essentially have a gacha mechanic staring you directly in the face that also directly affects gameplay, and I pointed out a prime example that it has already had drastic impact on play, I really don’t see how you entirely missed that section. Sure, the gacha mechanic is topped at 30 rolls a day - doesn’t really stop someone from just rolling the rest tomorrow, but I’ll give you that it’s more of a slow burn than an all-at-once pump. Keep in mind that while you and I may have been spoiled by the completely freakish amount of energy tanks given out during the first anniversary, new players wouldn’t have access to that, so their acquisition of boost emblems will be drastically stunted. As for items, you are correct that most Pokemon can function to some extent at least moderately with a number of items - you could have also said muscle band since auto attacking is pretty ever-present so the AS almost always goes to use and the bonus damage on autos is flat and non-scaling, meaning whoever you are they’ll still make use of it. Attack can end up being a wasted stat but the pros can outweigh the cons. Question is: are these items always optimal? Answer is most of the time no. It’s passable, almost all the time, but not always optimal. That’s still pretty limiting, which still keeps a player weaker. And having a load out suited for only one type of play can limit your agency as a player, since you can end up having players on your team that also only play one single style - being inflexible with your options will inevitably cost you more games unless you’re so freakish you can solo carry your way up to Master top 100 or you get someone else to have your back. Against players of equal skill, you will feel the weight of a suboptimal build. It can be hard to appreciate that impact because comparisons are less immediate to be drawn (you can’t exactly equip and unequip items like you’d be able to do in League in the middle of a practice game to compare damage numbers and durability), but they’re absolutely notable. I’ve gone into matches with the wrong boost emblems several times already, and their increases aren’t nearly as drastic as the effects items add in - but I could absolutely tell when I didn’t have the right emblems. Whether you want to acknowledge it or not, new players are at a disadvantage.


If the Pokémon can function and you are a new player how long do you think you should HAVE to play to get more? Should the player just not have to play and get more? I never understand where this point is going to go. It always sounds so meaningless. You start a game disadvantaged, such as in quite literally any and everything you will ever take part in. How you and others are able to make progression is the main point. Why are we comparing a newer player to players who have been playing far longer? The reason I’m so much more advantaged than any new player isn’t because I bought a blastoise skin or leveled up an item, it’s because I’ve played for 2 years. 2 new players starting out would be a much better comparison and the money spent there means so much less just as a player whose spent money being compared to me, means so little. Spend as much as you want, after the first few weeks, your purchases have netted you nothing over me. Again a lack of Pokémon options are not a determining factor in winning or losing. This idea supposes that your the one who will carry the game and that’s generally not how soloq works, your individual play matters but you are up against a team of 5 while working with a team of 4 who you have no communication with. Your playstyle and Pokémon mean much less than the teamwork your team can exhibit. New players SHOULDNT be equally advantaged to older players. Against other newer players, unless that person is spending in the hundreds of dollars in his first few weeks is not at all disadvantaged in any meaningful way.


I can understand this attitude if you’ve never played a competitive game where there’s no monetized outside mechanic affecting gameplay. Let’s use League as an example, the toxic cesspit that it is - but that’s for a reason outside of its actual gameplay and mechanics. A new player comes in, plays some norms, gets their account to level 12, and… that’s it. They have unlocked the entire slew of game altering mechanics there are, from runes to summoner spells. They do not have access to ranked matches at this point. They get access to ranked at level 30 and with a certain number of champs unlocked, which are pretty readily provided to them, and all of their in-game currency is free to go to that - because everything else that would directly impact gameplay is provided free of charge. It wasn’t always like this. You did used to have to level up to unlock all your runes/masteries. And before those were merged, you had to buy runes with in-game currency you earned - and they were fairly expensive, to the point it would be fairly smart to, you know… maybe get a currency booster to speed it up? But the company running the game dropped this, and their stated reason was because after 8 years they recognized that these rune mechanics put a rift between players taking advantage of those mechanics and those that didn’t, which played an enormous part in performance in *ranked* matches and meant that not only did it negatively impact the games of players not utilizing the runes mechanic… but the games of the players on their teams, since they’d essentially have an already weaker teammate. Now, runes are reworked, free, and full sets are readily available to everyone. And that’s just League. DotA2 has no outside boosters to affect performance. Neither does HotS. Those are just the MOBAs - Apex Legends also has no outside boosters that improve your damage output or shields or anything else. I’d assume Fortnite also doesn’t have any of those, but I’ve also never played it so I’d just be assuming. They don’t have these kinds of outside mechanics because it negatively impacts competitive integrity - if all the tools that affect performance are not equally available to all players, then you do not have a truly accurate measurement of skill. A long time player should perform better than a new player not because of their boost and item collection but because they’re better at the game. And if someone new is innately better than someone old, then the new blood should be allowed their rise. That’s how competitive integrity works. So for your question of “how long”, the answer is “immediately”. Before this comes up, I will specify champs/Mons/heroes/whathaveyou fall outside this realm. Having to unlock new characters doesn’t affect anyone’s performance with that character in the game versus anyone else, and the characters are all equally available to every player in the same way, no random odds. If there were characters that were blatantly stronger than others that you wouldn’t be able to play due to not being a high enough level or having a pay wall between you and them… like, say, new Mons being unable to be bought with aeos coins immediately… then we’d have more of an issue. But that actually isn’t a huge problem as of yet. Timi has done an impressive job of releasing new Mons fairly tame and manageable since the week-long lockout. Not that it couldn’t become a bit of a problem later, but as of current it’s really not that notable, and a week isn’t that long to wait anyway even in the event that a certain Mon is released as problematic.


I also have games where I went in with the wrong or opposite emblems and still come out on top. The stats are negligible and more of a fun customization factor for the game. Maybe crit emblems and cdr have a slightly more noticeable effect but those were already toned down considerably. That said, you would never fight on equal ground on moba in the first place. This isn't a fighting game like Tekken or sf4. Suppose hypothetically both you and your mirror matchup at the bottom lane are of equal level, emblems, and battle/held items. You would never engage in a 1v1 fight to the death anyway unless you have some kind of advantage. My point is emblem is not that big of a deal. Like 99% of your opponents are going to have mixed quality of emblems and maybe less than 1% are the whales with max gold emblems.


And I’ve also had games where I went in with the wrong or opposite emblems and still performed well. That doesn’t, however, mean that the difference isn’t noticeable, and I doubt you’d be willing to go into every game from now on dragging the wrong gear around - it offers an edge, a noticeable one, and you’d recognize that consciously or no. The stats aren’t as negligible as you want to convince yourself they are. They do add a nice angle that I personally like, but it’d have been better to have the fleet of them readily available to all players to experiment with. As for emblem quality, yeah that won’t play in *too* much, a gold emblem basically is just two for one, silver has 1.5x the stats of bronze, and I myself have mostly silvers and a few bronzes for my pages - the individual stats, unless purely beneficial (IE -SpA for a Mon that only uses Atk), also come with downsides to them that can for example make someone squishier as a tradeoff for them killing faster. What doesn’t come with a downside are the % boosts from sets, which stack with item effects, and with full sets can give you an item+‘s worth of stats, which can then feed back into the scalings on effects in items as well as just your normal scaling. These are much more of what I was focusing on, and are far less defensible of a mechanic. I enjoy the mechanic as a concept - but I don’t like that it’s not particularly accessible to other players due to having to rely on random odds to roll the right emblems.


Pretty sure you can get enough emblems for any of the combos with like a week of playing, which seems... fine to me?


> Keep in mind that while you and I may have been spoiled by the completely freakish amount of energy tanks handed out during the first anniversary, **new players wouldn’t have access to that** I said this in the original post in this thread. What I meant when I said this is that they do not have the overflow of energy players who were around for the anniversary had (and probably still have, I’m still working the energy off myself), which means their acquisition of boosts will be stunted. I want it known that none of these allegations I’m putting forth are complaints on my part specifically. I’m more than well off at this point having regularly played at all the right times, and I’m sitting at about Master 1650 waiting out the end of the season. These are concerns I have for new or returning players that missed sweet spots and the accessibility for them to either join or rejoin the game while maintaining their own viability as players competitively. A new player can get 21 emblems a week out of 151 (and growing) with no energy capsules. These emblems are not guaranteed to not be repeats, nor are they guaranteed to be particularly viable ones (per example, the uselessness that is the Parasect emblem). This is also assuming they play enough a week to eat up all 2100 energy, and that rate is decreased in quick matches and if they *lose*, which they are quite simply more likely to lose if they don’t have access to competitive gear, meaning even their acquisition of gear can be stunted by poor odds. I want to emphasize that I lead into all of this saying that Unite is “more P2W than it **should** be”. As a MOBA, its primary selling point is generally skill and competition, which you would want the integrity of each to remain untainted by outside forces (IE access to or a lack of necessary resources). Unite is not by any means the most egregious example of P2W in competitive games, and I have fully admit that the edges old players get over new players can be negligible (as I said, running some Pokémon and builds does not suffer nearly as much as with others, such as running utility based Mons and builds). But it *is* limiting, and it *is* a competitive edge which can be tackled with money.


At this stage you are just emphasizing on stat numbers in which I stated before - they are negligible. You are trying to say a new player who pays to get tons of good emblem is going to have an edge over a f2p new player who doesn't have the resources. First of all this isnt a 1v1 game where individual stats matter a hell lot more, and secondly, the new p2w player isn't going to climb any better without the basic knowledge of a moba, and this was highlighted in the mrwhosetheboss video isn't it? I do agree introducing this emblem system is rather pointless if it is designed to hamper new players integration into the game but at least the stats are negligible and it pretty easy to get the designed colours that you want. A gold emblem isnt that much of a difference from a bronze and each emblem also have a negative downside to balance the overall stat in the first place Anyway did you know that all pokemon base normal attack is modified by the physical attack stat? Regardless of whether its skill is special attack based.


> this isn’t a 1v1 game Obviously not. But that also doesn’t mean that 1v1’s don’t happen, and as for avoiding those boost emblems also give an additional advantage in MS emblems. There’s a *lot* of benefits to boosts. The numbers look small on paper but games have proven time and again that small numbers can equate to enormous changes. Using Tsareena as an example, a boost to her attack means: - increased shields on empowered cast - increased healing on empowered cast - increased AoE damage for all casts (her empowered stomp by the way is a **300%** scaling) And you need to remember: this is to all instances of damage, from the start of the game to the end. Small changes can affect the end damage chart enormously, even if it’s hard to appreciate them in the course of a single fight. Kind of like compound interest - it seems small to start, but your end results can be staggering. Also, that last bit… I said “-SpA”, as in minus. Atk based mons don’t use SpA whatsoever, meaning any - SpA +Atk brown emblems are purely beneficial (and whatever other color emblems you want that are -SpA +Atk after you get 6 brown ones). I’m well aware special attackers still use the attack stat, *except* you forgot Glaceon - her autos deal SpA damage and scale with her SpA.


To be honest, your examples only applies when you are against a mirror match up 1 on 1. And from the way emblems are designed they are meant to customize the individual pokemon to be abit better at what they are good at like the tsareena example you mentioned. Anyway back to your point on how "unfair" this feature is to new players. I already mention that skill and moba knowledge plays a much more important factor in a win rather than the small stats increase that you kept insisting the stats from emblems to be game changing. I see it as some form of game progress that is fun to tinker with, but we can agree to disagree here.


I mean, they give it out to the first anniversary for a reason. It’s an anniversary. It’s an event. Just play until the next one to get those bonuses (or new ones). They are promotional. It’s like when you buy an item that goes on sale for promotional reasons. After the promotional season, the store will raise the price to the “original” price. You can’t really tell the store to continue selling you that item at the sale price. Yes, we all would love have that much energy to roll for emblems all the time, but that is only for promotional reasons to attract more players. You snooze you lose. That is more of a capitalism problem than a pokemon unite problem. Also to gain equal skills, most “new” people would probably have to do as many battles as the “old” people, therefore gaining enough rewards for items and emblems, therefore will have similar builds to people with similar skills. That’s why there is a ranked system. Match making is the number one problem in this game, but that’s for another time lol. There are pros to being a new player. Y’all have guides out there for you. We were in the trenches figuring this game out when it was launched lol. Many of us upgraded leftover to 30 lv lol. You don’t have to do that if you read and watch guides. There are ways to get good without paying lol.


> Y’all have guides out there for you I’m not new. I even stated I played since S1 and release. Guides also benefit everyone, not just new players - that is an equal opportunity benefit for MOBAs since the game continues to evolve. The only ones it doesn’t benefit are people who already know everything in the guide, but even then it affirms suspicions as to what’s optimal or not. > play until the next one The anniversary was the largest event to date. Astronomical odds are going to be to get a similarly sized event they’ll have to wait an entire year again. Your analogy is also a false parallel. A more accurate analogy would be if League introduced a new mechanic with runes where you could apply additional rune types outside of game, and during the release of the mechanic made it easier to acquire different types of these runes, but then that died out after. Unite is not a store. It’s a competitive game. Competitive game health should not be subject to capitalistic issues, especially when there are a plethora of proven ways to make money without affecting game health (IE new cosmetics, new Mons, etc.). > they’ll have to do as many battles as the “old” people That’s really not a defense of the systems. I have essentially said “Not having all tools available stunts the growth and ability of new players to participate in the game” and you replied with “well they’ll have to play that many games to git gud anyway, so who cares?” Let’s give an example case: you go to play a game of monopoly with a friend. He says that he just played one with another friend yesterday and he gets to start with a couple of properties that he had in the previous game. Is the game now fair and balanced?


Gurantee everybody in this sub is gonna be sweet defenders of is as they are manipulated themselves lmao (Probably gonna get thousands of downvotes)


There is a different between correct criticisms and blatant lies used to get views… We are making fun of the latter. Especially when it is so obvious and dumb lol


Please learn what p2w means. Thank you.


This!!! Thank you for saying this, people don’t realize how true this is


The only way it seems remotely pay to win would probably be in the grindyness as far as unlocking new emblems, pokemon, and upgrading items. But the strongest point is how long it takes to upgrade items, but its still not p2w imo since there are so many other things still in control that are greater contributors.




Well I also come from Fire Emblem Heroes... So that's my reference point.


Yikes, that's stupid. Disliked.




Why is this getting down voted lol


Some guy posted a pic of his account and it said that he had 61 merit points. If it's true then the video is full of spite for the game and no other reason. The ultimate rage quit, almost topping Lavos.


Uhh NO ONE tops Lavos, for he is brimming with joy distilled from detachment.


Who's Lavos?


The evil creature of Chrono Trigger


That dude kept dying cause he kept on trying to fight 2+ people by himself and then came to the conclusion that it was an issue with the game and not his skill lol


Some guy posted a pic of his account he had 61 merit points


Are there multiple parts where he is really playing the game? I only saw a short bit with his pikachu, where he's going as close as possible to fight 3 opponents without using any skill at all (and not selecting his new skill) like a complete noob, but couldn't find much more


Not to mention 61 fair play points??? Somehow??


The same people that sarcastically spam “Thanks!” the entire game after you get their wild Pokémon they claimed in their head


i feel personally attacked


You forgot *runs into a 3v1 against an Absol* "I need to pay to upgrade my leftovers because this game is so predatory"


As a fuckin Pikachu lmao


Full disclosure, I have lost to bots a few times due to choosing a supporter or defender before realizing it was a bot match and then needing to rely on bot attackers to get kills


Naaah, now you know you lose to bots because they spend real money. They probobly just have lvl 30 Leftovers.


I loved him for his tech videos lmao, but this was a BAD BAD call


Same, like "how could you betray our community like that?" Shame 😔


Me too; I love his tech fails videos in particular. Usually he's pretty on the ball, but WTF happened here? There have to be a million better examples of P2W games than Unite! (/>_<)/


What I need context


Watch Chris hero's newest video




??? Why dislike chrisheros


Someone people dislike him he insta bans people who won against him in stream for very stupid reason like whe. They say GG. but I like him. He plays soloQ and it can get frustrating but I do hope he takes jokes and digs at his losses in a casual way


Quick question, what's wrong with this content creator for you to suggest that?


I think he's confusing him for a wwe guy somehow


That's what I'm thinking, Cris is incredibly knowledgeable and skilled at this game, and he's wholesome to boot! Never BMing or raging.


But Chris Hero the wrestler is fantastic with an insane level of knowledge. What was the deleted comment?


Saying not to support of give Chris hero views


Watch Spragels then


And he complained about the game just because he died on the enemy side in a 2v1 battle


Cookie is fine, but the other two item options are just terrible. Unite doesn't care about your money, it cares about your skill. Which that guy clearly lacked as he was playing Zard.


[https://imgur.com/a/Y0p3bgD](https://imgur.com/a/Y0p3bgD) "Cmon, its cus the game is predatory and trying to steal your wallet, totally not because i suck or anything"


He scored 0 point and did 1 assist, even the second worst player has twice the damage, 4 kills, 3 assists and score 150 points!


He's even playing Zard, the master at doing absolutely nothing


This guy is to Unite what The Verge guy is to PC building. Lol.


We started at Potion Charmander, We’ve devolved to Leftovers Charizard 💅


To be fair, he probobly dont even play the game by himself, as 12mln youtuber he have stuff, that play and take footage, and he just make the story and lie for views.


Well, then he shouldn't say that he did play it. You can't blame people for using it against him


He said he was playing for weeks, so either he's really bad or he's a liar. No in-between haha


I'm 95% sure that he didnt played more than 1-2 games by himself, and i would not be suprised if he didnt play at all. He is just a showman who want make video that have a lots of views. He make up story, his employees take footage and edited it, and they made viral hit. True dont realy matter to people like him, just view and comments, and liyng about game made him more traffic than making another game about Diablo or gatcha games.


Nowadays, who plays games without watching guides??? This caveman....


You know what's the worst part? There are multiple valid reasons to talk about devs greed so to speak, but examples he's bringing out are just out of nowhere. Like, since when we lose pokemon if we don't pay for them again? It's just a lie. If he wanted to talk shet about the game, TiMi gives him enough material already. No need to make own one


Hmmmm yes use sp.atk classes on a attack-based pokemon. What a genuine


I'm concern about people in his comments section more🤦


Ikr. B-but, the advantage of level 30 items. It's usually the people who barely played PU either


maybe he should make a video on media manipulation lol


He spent more money on it than any other f2p... He said so multiple times.


"for the majority of the player base, paying is still the key legitimate way to make progress" a statement wrong on so many levels taken straight from his pinned comment


We need a post flair for him


bro hear me out he is my favorite youtuber but he made mistakes even my cousin cant do


So what is all of this about can someone tell me what all these posts are about?


some guy made a video on P2w games, but for some reason used Pokemon unite as the example and called it manipulative, predatory, and even said it was similar to drug dealers.


Can I ask who this is referring to?


The man gives potion zards a bad name


This post definitely not talking about Mrwhosetheboss.


He better bring potion too. Picnic zard, he has his drink, his apple, and his NERD GLASSES TO SEE, HAHA NERDDDDD


I usually enjoy his tech reviews and as a fan even I have to admit this was a major L. Awful take.


Charmander is awful tho, items can't help it 😭 I definitely focus on getting to Charmeleon asap


He has no game common sense tbf. Farming audinos as a char on their side of a map with half health inside 5 minute mark is a terrible idea


For sure lol


The guy was a clown, no doubting that, but Crisheroes is also a whiney rager, so it's a bit like a pot calling the kettle black


His video aside unite has a ton of problems. Yes it's better than other games like diablo immortal but this game is 100% pay to win by definition. A new player will never be able to unlock all Pokemon on a free to play account and will easily take a year + ATLEAST to get all items to level 30.


The thing is, there's no need to max out all the items, most are already really good as lv 20, and lv 30 are just not worth it or just not impactful at all. Which MrWhosTheBoss lied about, saying it raises stats by 15%, When in reality, it's like about 0.5% most of the time. There are only a few lv 30 item that could actually be important, but the game literally gives you 3 free super enhancers to get 3 for free, so again, this youtuber lied about requiring $12000 in order to progress/have a competitive advantage at all. Its kinda sad how in his "apology" he says that he knows nothing about unite but still decides to act like he was in the right.




Sorry but I use leftovers in every build of every pokemon I play... it gives like +240 hp and some hp recovery. It’s so good 😂


just use focus band/buddy barrier dude


I could try it. I just like the hp recovering every sec instead of when it’s low or only when I use unite move. It is what works for me


NRI Indians in a nutshell


Why don't you watch his other videos before you start blaming this on his ethnicity


people getting offended over a youtube content is funnier tbh. Welcome to the internet... I guess.


I will now pretend like I have not been beaten by bots ever and laugh as if I understand the joke! Rofl...i thought my choice of Float stone cookies and shell bell is a troll move on a Charizard but this guy...a simple watching of a Spragels video in October 2021 should have prevented him from spending that much. A simple google search should have fixed everything but...now I will pretend like I am not a joke playing this game and pretend I am a newbie who just happened to know how the game works! Choice specs Charizard pa more!


He overextended into the flux zone as sludge bomb venu and blame the game for p2w


You mean my random in solo queue?




Check out the pinned comment on that vid because he responds


His "apology" was literally: I know I'm wrong about pokemon unite and has never actually played it before. But trust me, its still pay to win for most people and my point still stands.


Lmao yeah


It's not like the game *isn't* manipulative. It is. But yeah this shit's ridiculous.


*flashbacks to matpat and hollow knight*


Not the specs leftovers charizard.


Oh I've seen some of this person's videos before. Pretty sad to see this tbh.


He is a massive idiot


I lose against bots alot. Granted it's the expert legacy trainers because the game keeps putting regular bots in my team, but still.


*switch to controversial*


I replied with my honest views about this game and on his video, but no one really read it... But I do feel that starting from the anniversary event, the devs have made the game more difficult for p2w players by increasing cost of new licenses and not refunding the cost for old ones they provided during the event. I am glad that its not just me who felt that the video was incorrectly portrayed and his bad experiences were because of his inexperience of the game and lack of patience.




I love how everyone’s shitting on him for this, this is an amazing community


Imagine what would MrWhoseTheBoss' reaction to this be...