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Look, no one here wants to see your feet. We are really, really, really tired of seeing feet on this sub. It's possibly the least interesting thing you could show us. Is dependent acrocyanosis (discoloration of the lower limbs on being upright) associated with POTS? Yes, in about half of us. Does it mean you have POTS? No. It's a nice piece of circumstantial evidence to share with your doctor, but it's not by any means conclusive. Here's what we really want to know, and what truly matters: What's your heart rate doing when you move from lying to standing for a few minutes? What other symptoms do you experience when you stand for too long?


Why you go in on them like that. They are looking for advice. We all been there where every new symptom was posted here. Didn’t have to go in like that 😂


I gave them advice, only a small part of which was community self-defense in the form of "please stop showing us your feet." The rest should be quite useful to them, if they take it up. Also, I have never posted my feet here, despite my username. You can go check.


I would have assumed you liked feet, barefootwriter. Take it easy.


Happens very often to me especially when I’m hot or standing on my feet for too long. Been having this the past five years pretty sure it’s from pots have you tried compression socks?


are you diagnosed with pots? for me it’s not my full foot just my toes


But for me it’s my whole foot and the ankles too. Basically blood pools to my lower part of my body


that’s what makes me think it’s something else yk bc it’s never my full foot


Hmmm I’m not sure but my sister has swollen toes. The doctor was a pediatrist and had a different diagnosis of pots. Have you thought about seeing a foot doc??


If it’s only the tip of your toes I would look at r/Raynauds


Yup potsie for about four years now


Blood pooling is when blood kinda hangs around in parts of you for a bit. Often happens in feet and lower legs cos gravity. Sometimes hands too. Or your head if you live upside down. Makes them look sort of red or purple. Might make them feel warm, cold, itchy or burny. Should improve if you elevate them. Should also go pale for a moment if you give them a poke. It's hard to tell what other people's feet are doing cos we don't know how they normally look, but I'm guessing these are more red/ purple than your usual. It's not specifically POTS related. It can happen for a variety of reasons including normal ones. Like a normal amount of poor blood circulation cos you've been standing around in the same place and that's what bodies do. Or cos you have a bit of bad blood circulation. Stuff like that. Kinda like blood rushing to your head when you do a handstand but it's your feet instead. Sometimes our bodies just have a bit of a harder time fighting gravity. But yeah it is also pretty common with POTS. If you have other symptoms that might indicate POTS it's worth getting them looked into. And the feet thing might be worth mentioning for context. Maybe it's POTS. Maybe it's something else. Maybe is kinda nothing and there's just some little stuff going on that's still in the range of normal. Whatever the case the way to find out is by getting it checked out. You don't need to know what it is before you see somebody. That's what doctors are for. All matters is that you have stuff going on that's negatively impacting your life. If you don't have any other things going on, don't get dizzy or worn out easily, don't feel woozy or out of breath from small things like standing or walking up a couple of steps, don't feel like you're working on way less batteries than everybody else, if the only thing you're noticing is the feet I wouldn't worry about it. Maybe mention it to a doctor whenever you see them or check in with a pharmacist if you want a bit of reassurance or if you feel like it's really frequent or intense. But yeah I wouldn't worry too much about your overall health just cos of a bit of blood pooling. And don't worry too much about posting either. Yeah this sort of stuff pops up a lot and yeah it can get kinda annoying seeing people's purple feet all the time. But it's new to you and it matters to you. So it should matter to us too. This is a support group after all. You might want to check to see if there's an FAQ thread in this sub (I can never remember which groups have what) and you can also try using the search bar at the top to see if there are other posts talking about what you want to talk about. Could help you find some more answers cos posts with the more basic/ frequent questions tend not to get too many comments and you might find some comments from other people by looking at different posts.


There is no FAQ. I took a stab at writing a draft a while ago. https://www.reddit.com/r/POTS/comments/vcb2dm/is_this_pots_a_draft_faq/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share


My feet, like from being in the shower sometimes get a red blotch on top and other times my toe tips/nails turn purple or bright red.


They're feet? There's nothing wrong, you could go in for a pedicure, but other than that, you're fine, and please stop showing us your grippers