All of us caught Covid. That was the hardest two weeks of my life. No help since you don’t want to expose anyone else, and everyone is some weird different kind of sick. My wife and I both talk about that time like it was a wartime deployment. Covid fatigue is like nothing I’ve ever had before. That plus sleep deprivation…0/10 do not recommend. Edit for typo.


Omg, this was us too. I still don't know how I made it through. It was pure survival mode. And no sense of taste to even enjoy ordering in some comfort food during the misery. 😆


Hahah yes! The DAY BEFORE we all realized we had Covid, I got oatmeal from McDonalds and was like WOW this oatmeal is really good, I should get this next time. It's been 4 months and I still can't taste lol.


Yep. Fuck Covid


I had COVID almost 2 years ago now and I'm still dealing with chronic fatigue. Add being pregnant on top of it, and after kiddo is born lack of sleep.... Gonna be wild I'm sure 😭


Oh goodness, godpseed to you. I still can't taste fully lol. Adivce you didn't ask for: Overnight sleep in shifts (if you have a partner and can swing it), try to get that baby to nap in a bassinet as early as you can, and when you get the choice to do a chore or sleep...sleep.


Yeah, thankfully my spouse is great and we'll probably be able to do that, depending on what happens with their work, but yeah! Definitely gonna give myself permission to nap as often as I can manage lol


Omg we got Covid last summer when baby was 8 months. I was in the middle of a big project at work and both my bosses were out so I had to limp through the week exhausted and sick, on call all day, with an exhausted sick baby who only wanted me. My husband was also sick working from home, it was hell.


Happened to us in the first couple months and again at 6 months. As if the sleeplessness was not enough… It’s where you really earn your parenting stripes. Just a note that as soon as you start feeling sick. Mask up! We managed to prevent transmission in both instances to key family members who could then help us on the peak of it.


My daughter caught RSV at 5 weeks old, since I was breastfeeding I was alone with her in the hospital 24/7 (husband was with toddler). She couldn't sleep in the hospital crib, only on me. I literally did not sleep for 4 days. I've had two newborns, thought I knew what it was to be tired, that was next level. Then the whole family got a stomach bug a month later, and it put my husband in the hospital for a week. So alone with the two sick kids once again! Then we all got COVID a month after that, luckily no one hospitalized that time. It's a rough ride sometimes.


And then daycare, and you are all constantly sick, and everyone is on antibiotics for different infections, fun!


Every month we come down with a new sickness. Rsv, two bouts of stomach bug, pink eye, and numerous head colds all in a few months. And I used my sick time for maternity leave. Yay America


I am dreading the daycare diseases! We start in two weeks so at least we’re not in cold and flu season? Lol


We are a couple months in at daycare and it’s no joke! Stay hydrated, keep up with your vitamins, and cross your fingers.


I’m terrified of her starting to socialize with other babies for this reason


My son got the fun luck of getting an ear infection every time he got a head cold from daycare. We practically lived at the pediatricians office for six straight months until we could get him tubes.


My husband decided not to wear a mask on an airplane, while I chose to wear one. Unsurprisingly, he picked up Covid. Not long after, our baby was sick and then I got sick. It was honestly awful and I get mad at him still just thinking about it, and that was like 4 months ago. Taking care of a sick baby while you’re sick is the worst. 😭


Ahhh man I know, this was such a shock to me too. I now get the fear whenever my baby shows the first signs of a bug. And of course my husband gets the man flu at the drop of a hat and then I have two sick babies. Haha LOL. It's really, really hard though. Good luck!


All three of us caught COVID during Christmas. I felt like I was dying and still had to take care of a sick baby. The worst thing in the world. Hope you both feel better soon. You’ll get through it!


I feel this so much When my baby and I got covid when he was 6 months I suddenly had a new understanding of parenthood/motherhood. Also breastfed and it was survival hour by hour


Currently son is feeling better but I’m still sick, and that’s actually been the worst. He’s ready to go out and do things and I just feel so miserable! Poor kid has been cooped up in the house all week and I’ve had no help while either of us are sick. Sometimes parenting really blows.


My daughter is 1 and we haven't been sick at the same time thankfully. I got sick for the first time since she's been born just a couple weeks ago actually. And I will say that me being sick with a healthy, energetic baby running around everywhere, was BRUTAL.


Lol almost worse than her being sick too. At least she matches the vibe 😅


All of us had Covid back in November and it was the worst week of my life. It took me 2x longer than anyone to get better, because I was so exhausted trying to make sure my daughter was ok. Good luck! I hope you all feel better soon!


Going through this too, but I'm a single mom w full custody of my 7 month old.. sending love and light. This illness season is ROUGH


Yes. Being sick and having to take care of a baby is a level of exhaustion and misery I didn't know existed lol. Takes forever to recover too


This has been the last 4 days with my 2 month old! It sucks when they finally fall asleep in your arms and you sneeze or cough 😭


I just woke her up blowing my nose 😫


We all had food poisoning when baby was about 12 weeks old. I think if someone came along and said they could grant me death, I would have taken it.


Seconding! One sweet death please. We were hit with a week long stomach bug. Thankful baby didn’t get sick but the times I was trying to breastfeed and had to yeet the baby into her crib so I could go get sick on the toilet, it was so awful!!!


Similar boat here when my baby was 7 months old. She’d been in the ER a couple days before with a food allergy reaction. I was breastfeeding and had to immediately cut dairy, eggs, and oats from my diet — a big chunk of my usual meals. We must’ve picked up a stomach bug at the hospital, about 48 hours later we were all in very rough shape. I couldn’t hold anything down and would get super nauseous when she nursed. Bonus salt in the wound: I ordered unflavored pedialyte via Target delivery, but they subbed it with the Advance blend or whatever, which has fucking milk in it. Only my husband could have it.


Sleep when baby sleeps. Puke when baby pukes.


Cry when baby cries ✅


When both My baby and I had hand foot and mouth, and my wife works nights... Good times.


Happened to us at 8 weeks. I hear you. Hope you feel better soon! It’s so tough!


Oh god it is THE WORST. Especially if you have d&v. This has happened to us 3 times this year so far, we all get unwell at roughly the same time so it’s horrendous.


Yes, it’s a challenge like no other. Even with help it feels so difficult.


We have Covid so we can’t even ask for help 🥲


Holy shit, experienced this for the first time 2 weeks ago. It was awful, we both had the flu and were dying and it was so hard to help her when i just wanted to sleep😫


I got a hangover ONCE.....never ever ever ever ever ever again.


Absolutely not


Heard that. I debated making a post about my experience but it ultimately would have just been so long. We don’t even have any family nearby and we (wife+10 m.o. at the time) all got Covid in December. It was a horrible month.


So before my wife had our daughter I was like the most useless person when I was sick like I was bedridden levels of sick and I wasn’t being dramatic but damn I’d that baby bein upset/sick when I am doesn’t cure whatever I have to a certain extent it’s crazy


This is when they should give out medals for parenting.


Currently sick and praying my son don’t get sick


I got food poisoning and I told my husband to just stick the baby on my lifeless boob while I suffered


We’ve been lucky *so far*. Our daughter has been bringing home the expected parade of illnesses since she started daycare a month and a half ago. Somehow I always get sick before my daughter does. She brings whatever-it-is home, I get sick and recover, then she gets sick and recovers, and my wife is always last in line. So at least one of us is healthy enough to watch after the baby.


Haha, telekinesis would come in handy so much, can’t tell you how often I’ve been feeding the little one and are desperate for a sip of water, why are our drinks always out of reach! Or even the TV remote, would work for that too! 😂 Hope you feel better soon 🤞🏻