The HB is just there for the free education.


blocking simulator


-418 yards in kneeldowns. Well done


In college sacks count as rush yards lost


17 Thousand is a whole career lol


Might be time for a bump in difficulty, but nice!


Not sure if this is my game only, but if you run 4 verts enough, there will always be a play where the coverage is a zone and 3 things will happen. 1. The wr is wide open. This will result in a 25-35 yard gain. 2. Jump ball scenario with the safety. 50-50 ball. 3. Ball stays in the air too long and the dbs surround the wr. Usually an int.


To each their own, but that’s why I specifically don’t run four verts. It’s broken in game and I want the game to be a fun semi-realistic challenge. Not just cheesing the fuck out of a broken play to rack up insane numbers. You do you though dude. Enjoy the game how you want to play it.


I usually look for my TE and WR to the right to be open, if not I take off and gash the defense for about 20.


Run four verts, roll out to the right, the CB will stop covering his guy and will come down to spy the QB, WR left wide open. It’s a TD about every time. Game is not perfect. Once you start to figure it out you have to handicap yourself a bit or it just becomes too easy.


I play sometimes 15 minutes q I only get four play on offense and I have to pick from the sections that computer picks for me. Then I let the computer play the rest of my drive


15 min quarters.....you monster!! Good work!


I’ve never played on 15 min quarters. I play on 6 min quarters and some games take almost 45 mins to an hour. How long do 15 min quarters games take? 2 hours? Seems absurd lol


It’s simple you can speed it by letting the computer run the game for you


A game going to OT and the score being 91-85 is amazing lmao


Mike Leach is that you


This was done on heisman difficulty, 15 minute quarters, and scheduling the hardest schedule in an attempt to keep the cpu engaged for as long as possible. I ran a lot of 4 verts, slants, and curls. I also found that when the formation is a 3 by 1, sometimes there will only be 2 dbs initially to that side. In this scenario if there is 1 safety then run 4 verts, otherwise a curl also worked well. Play action, screens, and deep balls to the rbs worked very well at times and was also very frustrating when drops would happen. Screen passes kept the defense honest since I never ran the ball.


4 Verts is more broken than you realize. If you audible into a 4-verts, the defense will also audible into press man-to-man about 90% of the time. So this means, if you have speedy WRs, all 4 will blow past their DB for easy scores every time. I’ve played this game too much lol


I haven’t played in years but I do remember the 4 verts coverage being broken. I would “ban” that play from your play calling or do some house rules on how many times you can call it a game, but that’s just what I did to enjoy the game and have some realism. All that said, if you’re having fun - that’s all that matters!


Yes. 4 verts essentially broke the game’s coverage schemes. Some on here even call it a “cheese” play.


Yep even if coverage is there you can usually hit the tight end in the middle of the field by leading the pass there, or a pump fake to pull the safety and hit the deep pass


When I run that I can only throw it at the end of the half and or throw it to the gb unless I lost twenty yards


15 min quarters is wild, how long was an average game?


It all depends if you play the full game. If you only play the offense side about 1 hour


I didn’t even think of that, makes sense!


I play on rookie and always use four verts or any of the Run and shoot plays.


63 interceptions!?


mans was averaging 10 TDs and 5 INTs a game lmfao


Idk if it’s just me but I think I have the cpu coverage sliders too high but when I use 4 verts the cpu db’s play like the super bowl is on the line


With a 99 ovr defense, you still seem to give up a lot of points. And may I ask why your SR FB with 1 catch and no rushing attempts wasn't an automatic redshirt?


15 minute quarters. offense is insanely overpowered in the simulation, so running the game that long will result in terrible defensive stats no matter what. also his strength of schedule is insane


I get that, but the guy gave up 75 to 6-6 S Carolina and only beat 7-5 Texas by 2 scores. I can only assume in this reality S Carolina has a great offense because they dropped the 2nd most points out of everybody. Somehow he only gave up 20 to #2 Bama.


I never understand the break off point for where crazy stats won’t get the heisman and when it will.


Love using Rice in dynasty. Love the old English R


Is the game even fun/worth playing at that point??


He did have a couple games within a possession or two and even one that went into OT, so some games are actually keeping him engaged until the end.


rice was indeed close


Rice is close


Why does Texas play Rice?


Death, Taxes, and Alabama losing to Rice.




I've never seen that many neg passing yards on a good team before lmfaoo


1200 yards a game! 😆


Me with my “equalizer” playbook which is all 5 wide. Found an old spreadsheet a while back with a past dynasty and man Tajae Sharpe put up the stupidest numbers possible for a WR. Edit: pulled it up. Year one: 195 receptions for 3008 yards and 31 TD Year two: 207 receptions for 3233 yards and 32 TD Year three: 247 receptions for 4396 yards and 55 TD.


Food reigns supreme! Lol


Mike Leach’s dream achieved


I always find it interesting when people say 4 verts is a cheese play. To me, by that logic there are several passing plays that are cheese plays. Stick in 3x1, any sort of crossing route or play that hits an inside receiver across the middle or in the seam at about 10-15 is money. So yeah, if verts is a cheese play then you could say that about a lot of them.


Am I the only one that’ll play a game as one team for a half be up 42-0 then try to make the comeback?


Only eight 1000-yard receivers? Scrub




Quick question for OP, does Rice have their fight song in the game? I might start a dynasty but am very picky if they don’t have fight songs.


Probably played that on freshman


You do you, but this doesn’t look fun in the slightest